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                               Published by DK on 5th October, price £30.00
                                   With a foreword by Fabien Cousteau

                    “…through improved knowledge of the ocean system and its
inhabitants we can… work towards curing our planet’s faltering health. By taking simple
steps… each one of us can have a significant positive impact on the future of our planet
and on the world our children will inherit. It would be much healthier for us to learn to
dance nature’s waltz than to try and change the music.”
                                                Fabien Co ustea u

Man was captivated by the ocean long before the Greek poet Homer wrote his epic tale of
ocean adventure, the Odyssey. Through the centuries this endless fascination has driven
us to delve into this foreign realm in search of answers, but despite the amazing
achievements of explorers, scientists and oceanographers over time, we still have barely
ventured through its surface. Even now with the advent of modern technology it will
take several more generations to achieve a knowledge similar to that we have of the land.

The incredible world that exists beneath the surface is explored in Ocean, a stunning
photographic celebration of the home of over 90% of the world’s biodiversity. With a
foreword by renowned oceanographer and grandson of Jacques, Fabien Cousteau, and with
contributions from the world’s top experts on ocean life, Ocean reveals the wonders of
the world’s last wilderness. Over 1,300 breathtaking photographs work with accessible
text to create a fascinating profile of over 540 species, a rich diversity of marine life that
is under increased threat from the growing ecological footprint of our species during the
last century.

Ocea n is the latest in the best-selling series that spawned Animal, Earth, Human and
Universe, and opens with a photographic essay celebrating the drama and beauty of the
oceans; the Ocean Environments section looks at the main zones of the oceans (Coasts &
the Seashore, Shallow Seas, the Open Ocean & Ocean Floor, and Polar Oceans); Ocean
Life examines the life-forms that inhabit them, and Atlas of the Oceans contains detailed
maps of the world’s oceans. Over 200 geographical locations are covered, and all
sections are illustrated with amazing photographs capturing the spectacular beauty of the
world beneath the sea.

Double page feature spreads throughout the book provide a more detailed focus on various
key issues including global warming, sea level rise, Hurricane Katrina and the migration
patterns of whales.

 Fabien Cousteau is visiting the UK on 4th, 5th and 6th October and is available for
interview. Fabien is best known for his work with ‘Troy’, a shark-shaped submarine
    designed to observe sharks in their natural habitat, and is a spokesperson on
                                 environmental issues.

For further informatio n, to request a review copy or an interview with
  Fabien, please contact Serena Stent on 020 7010 3553, or by ema il
                                                 FABIEN COUSTEAU

                            Born with adventure in his blood, Fabien Cousteau, grandson of Jacques
                            Yves Cousteau (the legendary "father" of SCUBA diving) started his
                            underwater life practising ‘buddy-breathing’ with a family friend on his
                            fourth birthday. Always seeking the thrill of discovery, he was part of the
                            crew of his grandfather's ships, Calypso and Alcyone at the age of 12.

                            He has taken part in expeditions to exotic places all over the world, and
                            joined his father Jean-Michel and Deep Ocean Odyssey, as the

                            third generation to carry on the tradition of adventure and exploration in the
                            deep ocean, pioneered by his grandfather more than half a century ago.

Recently he co-launched Deep Blue Productions, which is working on numerous projects related to
exploration and environmental awareness through television and other media.

Fabien is best known for his work with ‘Troy’, a shark-shaped submarine designed to mimic shark
behaviour and observe sharks in their natural habitat.

During his spare time Fabien is working on designing and building Ocean’s Educational Institute as
part of the complete renovation of Governors Island in New York City, the biggest land based
renovation project in the city in the last 100 years.

Fabien shares his time between France and the United States, and when not conducting fieldwork he
enjoys wind-surfing and cross-country biking.

                                             C ONSULTANT

John Sparks is a curator in the Department of Ichthyology at the American Museum of Natural History
and an adjunct professor at Columbia University in New York City.

Other contributors include Richard Beatty, Kim Bryan, David Burnie, Robert Dinwiddie, Frances
Dipper, Philip Eales, Monty Halls, Sue Scott and Mike Scott.

What the press say…

 “A fabulous achievement of editing, design and production, and the final answer to geeks who claim that
online data makes printed reference books obsolete….A book that will satisfy for a lifetime.”
                                                       The Independent on Animal

“ Excels in presentation…has superb photographs and graphics that speak eloquently about the worlds’
diversity, with easy to absorb information on ecology, geology and geography.”
                                                                 The Times on Earth

 “For heavyweight elegance and far-reaching authority combined, the flag-ship titles on Dorling
Kindersley’s list remain difficult to beat. This year, Universe spectacularly extends DK’s run of pictorial
encyclopedias into outer space, with solid text and superb design.”
                                                                    The Independent on Universe

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