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									                       What is spider vein?
Suggests spider veins are tangled group of Spider veins are also known as telangiectasia or
venulectasias. The way its name tiny veins or blood vessels that intertwined with each other in different
shapes like branches of tree or web of spider. Sometime it radiate in different direction from one point.
Generally spider veins occur on thighs, calf and lower part of body. However, in few cases it appears on
face alto particularly on nose and cheeks. You can say it is smaller version of varicose veins. However
their symptoms are far different. Spider veins appear just beneath the skin surface in red, blue or purple
color. The key factor that causes spider veins is venous insufficiency. Spider veins are mere cosmetic
problems hence one does not require surgery for it. However, having spider veins on a face makes you
uncomfortable and thus requires surgery or treatment. People belongs to glamour world require
treatment for spider veins because their profession demand so. So if you are deciding to treat spider
veins go through this article and know the available treatments for curing spider veins.

There are various reasons that cause spider veins. The increase blood flow through veins dilates the vein
and they intertwined. Different people have different reasons for getting spider veins. However, it is
seen that women are likely to affect more than men.

Most of the women suffer from spider veins after pregnancy. Due to expansion of uterus during
pregnancy the blood in the body increases which ultimately pressurize veins and with heavy blood flow
the veins dilates. With every pregnancy the risk of developing spider veins increases. However you
cannot blame pregnancy alone for spider veins there are other reasons such as hormonal changes,
puberty, menopause, and taking birth control pills also leads to spider veins.

Furthermore, if you have family member with spider vein history or if the child is born with weak veins
the chances of getting spider veins increases. Obesity, prolong standing, prolong sitting with crossed leg,
wearing tight clothes or undergarments are other reasons that may cause spider veins. People who get
exposed most of the time in sun due to various professional reasons face risk of getting spider vein.

It is believed that spider veins are mere cosmetic problems and in many cases it is true. However,
sometimes it causes you other physical problems and it becomes serious if spider veins accompany
varicose veins.

The symptoms of spider veins are very easy to recognize. Spider veins are black or blue in color shapes
like tree branches, spider web or radiate in different direction through single point. Unlike varicose veins
it doesn’t bulge out under skin. However, you can see and feel its appearance as it grows just beneath
the upper layer of skin. It often occurs in lower part of body due to back flow of blood however in many
cases spider veins have been seen on face and nose. Its existence sometimes surprises the person
because it grows without any pain or indication.
In some cases spider veins causes serious ache or burning sensation due to prolong standing but it gets
fine after relaxing sometime. However, many times the throbbing leg ache doesn’t stop with rest hence
it is advisable to consult doctor.

Difference between spider and varicose
There is myth among people regarding spider veins hence it is better to understand spider veins before
treating it.

    1) People often misconceptulized spider veins with varicose veins. Spider and varicose veins are
       totally different from each other. However their causes are similar but their appearance,
       symptoms and treatments are different. Varicose veins are blue, red and purple in color and
       bulged out on skin surface. Whereas spider veins are small, intertwined web like veins in blue or
       purple color. It does not bulge out on skin.
     Spider veins are cosmetic problems in most of the cases but varicose veins troubles you
     physically and the health issues grows with time and age if you have varicose veins.

     The treatment in the case of spider veins is necessary only if it causes physical problems or if you
     need beautiful skin. However, in varicose veins it is necessary to get treated otherwise problem
     worsen with growing age.

  2) Another myth regarding spider veins is that it occurs only in old age however the fact is spider
     vein can occur in any age. There are many young adults who face the problem of spider veins
     due to hormonal changes, pregnancy, and obesity.
  3) People of then believe that spider veins are problem belongs to women world. Only women are
     prone to get spider and varicose veins. However, men and women are equally affected by spider
     veins as well as varicose veins.

     With advance medical equipments and techniques spider veins can be treated easily without
     pain. There are many options for treating spider veins & varicose vein your doctor will guide you
     to opt one procedure that suits your condition well.

     Sclerotherapy is the most common treatment used for spider veins as well as varicose veins. The
     needle with chemical liquid solution is injected in your vein by doctors. This chemical swells the
     vain wall and seals it. The shutting procedure reduce the blood flow and slowly in few days or
     weeks the veins fade away but left little scarce on skin which fades with time.
        Laser treatment which is widely known as EVLT procedure is popular among patients. While
treating spider veins with EVLT procedure incision in not required because EVLT uses laser light. Strong
burst of laser rays into veins which make your veins fade away in few days. It is popular among patients
because it doesn’t require you to get hospitalized, and after treatment within an hour patient can
resume his/her daily chores. The other benefit of EVLT technology is that it left no scarce on your body
and can be performed at doctor’s clinic.

Spider veins is not a decease it mere an ailment that can be cure with advance medical equipments,
medicines and under able consultation of doctor.

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