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									               Vol. 1, Number 1 / February 2010                                                                                diofdl.org

             Clarion                A Diocese of Fond du Lac Edition of Episcopal News Monthly

           a community of disciples enthusiastically leading all people to transformation in jesus

Russ' Reflections                                                                  Vestry School Expands Offerings
    Studying the Anglican Covenant                                               Vestry School will be held                     There will be three
                                                                                 on Saturday, March 6, from             60-minute workshop ses-
                                                                                 9:00 am to 3:00 pm at Liberty          sions with lunch between the
Beloved in the Lord,
                                                                                 Hall in Kimberly (just east of         second and third sessions. A
At our Diocesan Convention this past October the delegates passed a              Appleton on College Avenue).           number of entry-level work-
resolution that stated in part: “this Convention affirms General Con-            This year's school features the        shops are designed for the
vention Concurred Resolution 2009-D020 regarding the proposed An-                theme "Congregational Vitali-          new vestry member, with addi-
glican Covenant; in commending the current and any successive drafts             ty" and offers more workshops          tional workshops planned for
to all dioceses for study and comment” and to “commit this diocese to            than ever before.                      the returning vestry member.
broadly study and comment on Covenant draft(s) as requested.”                           Keynote speaker is                      These workshops will
         I believe this is important because a Covenant may be God               the Rev. Bob Honeychurch,              focus on “how to” areas of
                            working through all of us in the Anglican Com-       Program Officer for Congrega-          ministry that contribute to
                            munion to help heal divisions and to work
                                                                                 tional Vitality at the Episcopal       becoming a more vital con-
                            toward keeping the Anglican Communion a
                            strong worldwide witness to Christ’s mission         Church Center. Fr. Honey-              gregation, including “Caring
                            and ministry.                                        church will also lead work-            for Clergy,” “CAT Survey,”
                            The most recent draft of the Covenant is now         shops to provide ideas and             "Church Treasurer Basics,”
                            available for review. You can find a link to it on   resources, website links, and          “Church Treasurer Payroll,”
                            our diocesan web site, diofdl.org. If you do not     tools to expand and enrich             “Defining Church Minis-
                            have computer access, ask your priest or some-       ministries to celebrate the in-        tries,” “Doing Youth Ministry,”
                            one in your congregation who does to print off a     credible richness and diversity        “Health Ministries,”
                            copy for you. With the Introduction, the draft is    of our congregations.
                            about ten pages.                                                                            Vestry School continued on Page C
The Covenant as a whole is an excellent opportunity to learn about
the basics of not only the Christian faith, but the Anglican/Episcopal
Church as well. The first section, “Our Inheritance of Faith,” refers to
elements of our faith, including Holy Scripture, the Creeds, the his-
toric episcopate, and our common prayer and liturgy, as well as our
apostolic mission. It very much resembles the catechism in our Book
of Common Prayer. The section ends by talking about how members of
the Communion can live out this faith.
         Section two of the four sections speaks to “The Life We Share
with Others: Our Anglican Vocation.” The focus is on our relationship
with God and our reliance on the Holy Spirit as we fulfill the living out
of our Christian mission, serving others in the name of Jesus Christ.
This section brings to mind the elements of our Baptismal Covenant.
         The third section of the Covenant, “Our Unity and Common
Life,” helps us understand the role of bishops in the Church, as well
as the importance of the instruments in our Communion: the Arch-
bishop of Canterbury, the Lambeth Conference, the Anglican Consul-
Reflections continued on Page B

                                                                                 Bishop Jacobus received four members into the Episcopal Church
                                                                                 during his annual visitation to St. Paul’s, Suamico, in November. Pictured
                                                                                 here (from left): Mike Hoffman, Dana Hoffman, Bishop Jacobus, Delores
                                                                                 Hylock, Tony Hylock, and the Rev. Jim Conradt, Vicar.

diofdl.org                                                                                          February 2010 Episcopal News Monthly/Clarion A
Reflections continued from Page A

tative Council, and the meeting of the Primates of the Communion. This section gives us an

appreciation for the structure we have in the Communion and concludes by speaking to the
interdependence necessary for keeping a strong and healthy Communion.
        The title of the final section of the Covenant is “Our Covenanted Life Together.” The fo-
cus is very much relational, in how we, as a Communion, might remain together as a people of
God, even when we have differences of opinion.                                                                   Our Ministry: Clarion reviews and previews news, activ-
        In response to the mandate of our Diocesan Convention resolution, I am working with                       ities, and events in and affecting the congregations and
the Deans of the Deaneries to see how we might best study the Covenant as a diocese and draft                    people of the Diocese of Fond du Lac. It also serves as a
comments that might be helpful to the Anglican Covenant drafting committee and the Execu-                            means to create written dialogue on issues affecting
                                                                                                                                      the whole Church.
tive Council of the National Church.
        Please watch for announcements in Clarion and in your congregation’s newsletter and                       Our Mission: Clarion is written to, for, and about the
bulletins as the Deans and I work at putting together some plans to accomplish this.                             people of the Diocese of Fond du Lac. It is designed as a
This is also important at this time as congregations elect delegates to our fall 2010 Diocesan                   means for members of the diocese to communicate with
Convention at their annual parish meetings. Those delegates elected by the congregations will                     each other; for the diocesan staff to communicate with
                                                                                                                 members of the diocese; and to introduce new members
be electing our diocesan deputies to the 2012 General Convention which will be dealing with                              and friends to the people of the diocese.
the Anglican Covenant on the national level.
        Please take a look at the proposed Anglican Covenant, and watch for opportunities to
                                                                                                                              Editor: Gordon Brown
have discussion regarding the benefits of such a document.
                                                                                                                             Clarion committee
+The Rt. Rev. Russell Jacobus
                                                                                                                      Bishop Russell Jacobus, publisher
                                                                                                                            Gordon Brown, editor
                                                                                                                       Matthew Payne, assistant editor
                                                                                                                       Carol Gottard, resource assistant

                                                                                                                 Clarion welcomes submissions from congregations
                                                                                                                  and individuals from throughout the diocese. Mail
                                                                                                                 to: Clarion, 1051 N. Lynndale Dr., Suite 1B, Apple-
                                                                                                                 ton, WI 54914 or e-mail files to clarion@diofdl.org.

                                                                                                                                  Diocesan Office
                                                                                                                 Diocese of Fond du Lac
                                                                                                                 1051 North Lynndale Drive, Suite 1B
                                                                                                                 Appletomn, Wisconsin 54914-3094
                                                                                                                    Office Phone: 920-830-8866
                                                                                                                    Office Fax: 920-830-8761

                                                                                                                 The Rt. Rev. Russell Jacobus, Bishop
THE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL of the Diocese of Fond du Lac oversees the operations of the diocese be-
tween Annual Conventions. It also functions as the Board of Directors of the Diocese of Fond du                  Lay Canon Matthew Payne,
Lac, Inc. Members are both elected by the Convention and appointed by the Bishop.                                Diocesan Administrator
The “new” Executive Council for 2009-2010 met in November at Intercession, Stevens Point. Meetings are
held around the diocese and also via teleconference. Those pictured here are (l-r): The Rt. Rev. Russell E.
                                                                                                                 The Rev. Diane Murray
Jacobus, Bishop and President; the Rev. Samuel Nsengiyumva, St. Peter's, Sheboygan Falls; Nancy Kuhn,
                                                                                                                 Diocesan Youth Ministries Coordinator
St. Peter's Ripon; Bill Gagin, Grace, Sheboygan, Jim Workman, St. Anne's, De Pere; Anne Peterson, St.
Thomas, Menasha; Ray Dodge, St. Anne's, De Pere; the Rev. Wilson Roane, Retired; the Rev. Joe Mazza,
Retired; The Rev. Peter Bird, Holy Trinity, Waupun; the Rev. Dcn. Sue Burman, Holy Trinity, Waupun; The
Rev. Brian Beno, St. Paul's, Cathedral, Fond du Lac; Barb Drewry-Zimmerman, St. Paul's, Plymouth; the            Vicky Stauber-Pufall
Rev. John Cell, Blessed Sacrament, Green Bay; the Ven. Edwin Smith, Canonically Resident; the Rev.               Diocesan Office Secretary
Jim Trainor, Intercession, Stevens Point. Those members not pictured are the Rev. Thomas McAlpine, St.           vstauber-pufall@diofl.org
Peter's, Ripon; The Rev. William Bippus, St. Paul's, Marinette; the Rev. Dean Einerson, St. Augustine's,
Rhinelander; Nancy Conradt, St. Paul's, Suamico; the Rev. Nigel Bousfield, St. Mark's, Waupaca; Sudi             Diocesan Website
Johnson, St. James, Manitowoc.                                                                                   episcopalfonddulac.org or diofdl.org

                                                                                                                 Diocesan Listservice
                                                                                                                 Send an e-mail with "Subscribe" in the subject line
                                                                                                                 to diofdl-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.
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    Foreign Missionary Society, Inc., 815 Second Ave, New York, NY 10017. Periodical postage paid in
                                                                                                                         Summer Camp Dates
    New York, NY and additional mailing offices.

                                                                                                              Pastor Diane Murray, Diocesan Youth Minis-
  Clarion, in its 27th year, is published 11 times per year in conjunction with Episcopal News Monthly, the   tries Coordinator, has announced the dates for
     national newspaper of the Episcopal Church, by the Rt. Rev. Russell E. Jacobus, Bishop of Fond du        our diocesan summer camps 2010 to be held
     Lac. Gordon Brown, Editor / Printed by AFL Web Printing, Voorhees, NJ.                                   at Camp Lakotah near Wautoma. Please start
                                                                                                              talking about camp now. Brochures and forms
  Please send all materials for publication in Clarion to the Diocesan Office, 1051 N. Lynndale Dr., Suite    are available at diofdl.org. Here are the dates:
     1B, Appleton, WI 54914 or send a plain text file to clarion@diofdl.org.
                                                                                                              • Senior Session (completed grades 9-12, ages
                                                                                                                15-18): June 13-19
  To change subscription information contact Episcopal News Monthly Circulation Department, P.O. Box          • Middler Session (completed grades 6-8, ages
     2050, Voorhees, NJ 08043-8000 (800-374-9510 )or e-mail elife@aflwebprinting.com.                            12-14): June 20-24
                                                                                                              • Junior Session (completed grades 2-5, ages
  POSTMASTER: Send change of address to Episcopal News Monthly, P.O. Box 2050, Voorhees, NJ                      8-11): June 20-24
    08043-8000.                                                                                               • KinderCamp Session (ages 4-7 and an
                                                                                                                 adult): June 24-26

B February 2010 Episcopal News Monthly / Clarion                                                                                                               diofdl.org
                Staying in Touch with the Elderly
                  Can Help Keep Them Healthy
                                       By Wayne L. Winistorfer

A new study indicates that the elderly are                                                                • Solicit volunteers among the congregation
less likely to experience the symptoms of de-                                                             willing to make regular contact with the
pression if relatives keep them updated about
important family matters. The results of this
                                                      Elders aged 85 and older                            elderly. These volunteers, "Church Friends,"
                                                                                                          should then be matched with elderly congre-
study can be applied to the elderly members
of our church family. Elders aged 85 and older
                                                       are more vulnerable to                             gants who have common interests and/or are
                                                                                                          likely to make a connection with one another.
are more vulnerable to stress and depression           stress and depression                              • Instruct the Church Friend volunteers to
than any other age group. This vulnerability                                                              contact their elderly friends daily or several
can be attributed to the loss of relationships       than any other age group.                            times each week. Encourage the Church
with family and friends through death and                                                                 Friend to keep the elderly member informed of
geographic distance. The elderly may find                                                                 the life events occurring in the congregation.
themselves isolated and out of touch.                                                                     These should include both positive and nega-
         Researchers at the University of Michi-     feelings about daily hassles, such as declining      tive life events.
gan examined how stress and depression               health, forgetting things, too much time on                   It is also a good idea to provide basic
affected individuals over age 85. The study          hands, and not enough energy. Among these            information for the Church Friend volunteers,
results identified that staying informed of          very old people, researchers found that issues       such as signs of depression to watch for,
changes in positive life events — such as a          of stress and depression vary over time.             emergency contact information, and a list of
new baby in the family, a personal achieve-                   The authors noted several limitations       substitutes to fill in when making regular con-
ment by a relative, or improvement in a family       to the findings, including that respondents          tact with the elderly member is not possible.
member's health — were significantly associ-         in this study did not live in institutional or                If the results of this research are ac-
ated with changes in depression.                     assisted-living communities. People who live         curate, sharing with the elderly the news of
         The study used responses from 193           in the "natural" community are more likely to        the positive life events in the congregation
elderly people living in the Midwest. Interviews     function better than their counterparts who          may help combat depression. Sharing nega-
were conducted in four sessions, starting in         live in group settings.                              tive life events will likely have no effect on
1986. The elderly were rated based on their                   What does this mean for our church          mood or attitude, so even sharing "bad news"
levels of depressive symptoms, daily hassles,        families? What can we do to help?                    can strengthen the relationship between the
positive and negative life events, and               • Identify the elderly in our congregations.         Church Friend and the elderly individual.
psychosocial resources. Examples of nega-            Consider: are they alone (single,                             We can make a positive difference for
tive life events include hearing loss; death of      widowed, have a living spouse who is signifi-        the elderly members of our congregations
a friend, relative, or pet; major illness; or loss   cantly debilitated, children all living in other     by simply making regular, caring contact.
of a favorite object. These negative life events,    states, etc.)?                                       Source: Journal of Research on Aging. Ω
however, were found not to be significantly as-      • Determine if these elderly members have
sociated with symptoms of depression.                someone (family, friends) who can check on           Wayne L. Winistorfer is a member of the
         The researchers also examined re-           them regularly? If the answer is NO, the el-         Diocesan Health Ministry Task Force and
sponses regarding the elderly participants'          derly members of our congregations need our          Trinity, Oshkosh.

                                                                                                          Vestry School continued from Page A
                                     The Backpacks of
                                                                                                          “Spiritual Disciplines for the 21st Century,”
                                       St. Ambrose                                                        “Ways of Adult Christian Education,” “What a
                                                                                                          Vestry Does,” and “What Every Vestry Member
The members of St. Ambrose, Antigo’s                 esan ECW effort to use ones similar to those         Should Know About Church Finances.”
Episcopal Church Women (ECW) recently do-            that were originally distributed at the Province             The cost is $25/person ($35 after March
nated backpacks filled with essential articles,      V ECW meeting held in Appleton in 2008.              1) and includes continental breakfast and
such as a nightgown, slippers, warm socks, a                 St. Ambrose ECW members knew                 lunch buffet. Registration deadline is March 1.
towel and washcloth, and various toiletries to       that the victims of domestic abuse often leave       If Vestry School needs to be cancelled due to in-
AvAil, an agency that helps victims of domestic      home with little or nothing. The backpacks           clement weather, notice will be posted at diofdl.
abuse. The backpacks are a part of the Dioc-         were filled with donated new items and items         org by 5:30 a.m.
                                                               purchased using funds raised at the        To view a more detailed listing of workshops
                                                               Annual Bazaar and by selling the           and to find out how to register, visit diofdl.org
                                                           c calendars from the National Episco           and click on Vestry School under Upcoming
                                                               pal Historians and Archivists,which        Events. Ω
                                                               featured St. Ambrose as one of 50
                                                               churches pictured. Ω

                                                              (Text and photo by Carol Feller
                                                              Gottard, a member of the St.
                                                               Ambrose ECW.)                                         Healing Service

                                                               St. Ambrose ECW members Loana              The Rev. Marie T. Gray is celebrating a weekly
                                                               Heinzen (left) and Sue McKinney (right)    Healing Service in the Chapel at St. Agnes
                                                               with Sarah Cofer, Volunteer Coordinator    Hospital, Fond du Lac, every Tuesday at noon.
                                                               for Avail, display backpacks donated
                                                               for their clients. The photo is taken on
                                                               the steps of the St. Ambrose vicarage,     The service is from Enriching our Worship -
                                                               which avail leases for their outreach      Book 2 - A Public Service of Healing.
                                                                                                          All are welcome. Ω

diofdl.org                                                                                          February 2010 Episcopal News Monthly / Clarion C
        St. Thomas, Menasha, Calls New Rector                                                                 Building Projects at
                                                                                                         Sturgeon Bay and Jacksonport
The Rev. Ralph                                             He was ordained a Deacon in 1994
E. Osborne has                                     and a Priest in 1996. Prior to ordination as an    Thanks to enthusiastic support from both the
accepted the call                                  Episcopal priest, he was an ordained pastor in     Sturgeon Bay and Jacksonport, Christ the
to serve as Rec-                                   the Church of the Nazarene from 1985-90. In        King-Holy Nativity congregations, major im-
tor of St. Thomas,                                 addition to his duties in serving the congrega-    provements are under way at these two Door
Menasha. The call                                  tions, over the past decade he has served on a     County churches.
to serve was made                                  number of diocesan committees and commis-                  In Sturgeon Bay, walls that once sepa-
by the Vestry and                                  sions, including the Diocesan Board, Deputy        rated the living room, dining room, bathroom,
affirmed by the                                    to the General Convention, Cursillo for adults,    and kitchen of the former vicarage have been
Rt. Rev. Russell E.                                and Happening and New Beginnings for               torn down, opening the space for better use as
Jacobus, Bishop                                    youth. He has also been active in a number of      a fellowship hall. New flooring was installed,
of the Diocese of                                  community activities, serving as Chaplain for      and more improvements are in store.
Fond du Lac. Fr                                    the Greene Fire Department and a member of                 At Jacksonport, plans are being fi-
Osborne will begin                                 Rotary.                                            nalized for a fellowship hall, new sacristy,
his duties on Feb-                                         "I was drawn to St. Thomas’ use of         a kitchen, and (at long last!) heated, indoor
ruary 14.                                          the word ëpartnerí in its search process," Fr.     bathrooms. Enough funds have been pledged
         Fr. Osborne comes from the Diocese        Osborne stated during interviews. "Jesus           and received already that the septic system
of Central New York, where he has served as        sent his disciples out in pairs. I am looking to   has been installed and a well was scheduled to
Rector of congregations in Greene and Oxford,      partner with believers to encourage, confront,     be drilled in December. The new addition will
New York. He obtained a Master of Divinity         celebrate, and pray for each other as we do        be located entirely behind — and hidden by —
degree from Nazarene Theological Seminary          our best to follow Christ."                        the historic church. Ω
in Kansas City, Missouri, and also holds a                 Fr. Osborne is married to Cindy. They
Master of Arts degree in Counseling and a          have four children, ages 18-27, and a brand
Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Literature.           new daughter-in-law. Ω


              Church Periodical Club: 1888-2010
                  122 years old, but really only as old as its last book grant

                                       By Karen D. Powers

Attention! Every man, woman, and child in the Diocese of Fond du Lac! Send me $5 per person
immediately! Let me tell you why.
          The Church Periodical Club needs your financial help to continue its work of supply-
ing the written word. Perhaps the number-one rule in journalism is “don’t bury your lead in the
middle or the end of your story.” I believe I may have been doing just that. This is my 19th arti-
cle in Clarion about the CPC. Nineteen articles and an alarming number of people in our diocese
still tell me they’ve never heard of the CPC and didn’t know we needed financial contributions.
          In October the CPC in the Diocese of Fond du Lac was able to provide $191 for Spanish
language resources to Cristo Resucitado, Diocese of Costa Rica, with which Fr. Barry Whenal
and Fr. Tom McAlpine are intimately involved. Fr. Tom also has a Hispanic ministry in Ripon.
How many more books and resources could we be providing with just a few dollars from each
member of this diocese?
          We do great things. I’ve related stories in this publication about foreign and domestic
seminarians; our nascent ties to the Wells Fargo Stagecoach Company; our work with commu-
nity literacy councils; our outreach to places as far away as Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, Haiti, and
the Sudan and as close as places here in Province V: Chicago, O’Fallon, Freeport, Pekin, and          St. John's, Wisconsin Rapids, honored former
Rantoul, Illinois; Kalamazoo, Iron River, Houghton, and Ann Arbor, Michigan; Sparta, Pewaukee,        Clarion editor Dave Natzke during coffee hour in
and Oshkosh, Wisconsin; and St. Louis, Missouri.                                                      November, 2009, to celebrate his receipt of the
          I’ve related reading as a legacy and how supporting seminarians today is a legacy for our   Bishop's Cross at Diocesan Convention in October.
grandchildren tomorrow; how Earl Hamner, Jr. (best known for his writing on two popular televi-
sions series, The Waltons and Falcon Crest), as a young man as in the 1930s, helped unpack
over 300 library books courtesy of the CPC for his small mountain town in Virginia. I’ve written
about CPC grants funded by our own St. Alban’s, Marshfield, St. Peter’s, Sheboygan Falls, and                        CPC: WHAT TO DO
Trinity, Oshkosh.
          Did you miss any of these stories? Contact me (kpowers1@new.rr.com), and I’ll send you      Send your contribution to the Diocesan Office
another copy. Here’s one more:                                                                        with “CPC” in the memo line. Make checks
                                                                                                      payable to “Diocese of Fond du Lac-CPC”
  The bright lights and wide freeways of Los Angeles would scarcely come to mind as a world           and mail to 1051 N. Lynndale Dr., Suite 1B,
  without books, but a world without the right books can be just as challenging.                      Appleton, WI 54914-3094. You can be a part
  The School of Theology at Claremont, California, includes Bloy House, a center of weekend           of this affiliated organization of The Episcopal
  theological education. Lay people with full-time jobs during the week live and study at Bloy        Church. If you would like to be more involved
  House on weekends.                                                                                  with the CPC or are interested in becoming
  Each year, the Los Angeles Diocese gives Bloy House a Church Periodical Club grant. One             your parish representative, I can tell you more
  year, hymnals were donated for use in the chapel by all the students at Claremont, not just         about the work of CPC. Ω
  the Bloy House students. Another year, CPC provided many of the books needed by one per-
  son, a student for the priesthood from Viet Nam. Still another year, the gift was books for a       Karen Powers is Fond du Lac
  visiting scholar to take home to China.                                                             Diocesan CPC Director, Province V CPC
                                                                                                      Representative and a member of Trinity,
It’s not hard to find a need for books. Sometimes you only have to look down the freeway.             Oshkosh

  D February 2010 Episcopal News Monthly / Clarion                                                                                              diofdl.org
         Cursillo News                                                              With Kraut, Please
               By Bob Cleworth                                                                 By Jim Workman

Monarch 66 is set for May 13-16 at Spencer         Three hours before the start of each
Lake Christian Center in Waupaca, and Nancy        Packers home game this season a group of
Kuhn will serve as the Rectora. If you are in-     St. Anne’s, De Pere, parishioners showed up               “Of course,we never
terested in serving on Team, please go to our      at the Volunteer Gate at Lambeau Field to
website, www.monarchcursillo.org, and down-        work at the Munch Zone concession. It is a              know the score until the
                                                   kid-friendly stand, and the menu includes, of
load the Team Commitment form, fill it out,
and send it in with your Team fee to Nancy's       course, brats (with or without sauerkraut), hot           game is over, though
address listed on the form, ASAP.
         We will not be having a Cursillo in the
                                                   dogs, nachos, pop corn, and a variety of drinks
                                                   (no beer) and other snacks.
                                                                                                            crowd noise is a clue.”
fall of 2010, so if you have someone you are                The original intent was a major fund
thinking of encouraging and maybe sponsor-         raiser for the church, and it has been that. We
                                                   get a fixed dollar amount per person and can           at the end of the game, a daunting task after
ing to attend the next weekend, start talking
                                                   earn more if we achieve a certain level of sales       six hours of cooking, fetching food, or act-
with them about it now. Candidate forms
                                                   and/or win the week’s bonus award.                     ing as cashier, dressed in our brown Packers
are also located on the website and need to
                                                            It has also raised St. Anne’s visibility in   jerseys, brown hats, black aprons, and black
be filled out, given to the parish priest, and
                                                   the community and, perhaps as important as             slacks
returned by the date listed on the form.
                                                   anything, allowed the volunteers to meet and                    Of course, we never know the score
Candidate forms, along with priests' forms
                                                   work with fellow church members they might             until the game is over, though crowd noise
and candidate fees, are to be sent to my
                                                   not otherwise get to know so well. Much ca-            is a clue. As Mary said when the Packers’
address listed on the back of the form.
                                                   maraderie is created in serving the one or two         next game was away, “I’m finally going to see
         The name of our Consumer Electron-
                                                   hundred folks waiting in line at half time.            a game.” The Lambeau experience is a real
ics Recycling Fundraiser, "EcoPhones," has
                                                            There have been many repeat volun-            thrill, and this has been a worthwhile experi-
changed to "Recycling Fundraiser" and they
                                                   teers, but much credit must go to Mark and             ence for those who have participated. Ω
will now accept working and non-working GPS
devices, netbooks, handheld game systems,          Mary Ortmayer, who have overseen this effort.
                                                   They, and others who have been trained as              Jim Workman is a member of St. Anne’s.
radar detectors, and electronic book read-
                                                   leads, must account for inventory and receipts         De Pere
ers, as well as cell phones, laptop computers
(Pentium III or higher), digital cameras, and
video cameras, MP3 players and gold, silver,
and platinum jewelry. I have almost enough
collected to send in my first shipment, so I'll
                                                                         St. Anne’s, De Pere, Member
let you know how well we do. Also we are still
collecting inkjet cartridges.
                                                                           Is Volunteer of the Year
         Please remember that we are complete-
ly funded by donations, our fundraisers, and                      ‘No' isn't in vocabulary for on-the-go George Murphy of De Pere
weekend fees. Please support our fundraisers
and be generous when making donations.                                                         By Andy Nelesen
         Upcoming Ultreya’s are: February 21
at St. Peter's, Sheboygan Falls; April 18 at                                                              disabilities through the Miracle League of
Intercession, Stevens Point; June 13 at St.                                                               Green Bay. In addition to being a buddy to a
John's, Wisconsin Rapids; September 19 at                                                                 player, Murphy helps Miracle League Director
St. Ambrose, Antigo; October 17 at St. John's                                                             Paul Liegeois with the organization and is a
Wausau; December, Invite a Parish.                                                                        fill-in umpire.
         If your parish would be interested in                                                                     "George is just a really heartfelt guy,"
hosting an Ultreya on one of the open dates,                                                              Liegeois said. "He has his heart into it. He's
March, July, August, or November, please                                                                  always there when you need help. He's a tre-
contact Nancy Kuhn nckuhn@charter.net, our                                                                mendous sidekick for me."
Ultreya Coordinator, to get on the schedule.                                                                       Murphy said his wife warns him about
Fellowship for Ultreya’s start at 2:00 p.m. with                                                          trying to do too much.
the Ultreya starting promptly at 3:00 p.m. and                                                                     "My wife keeps telling me that I have
                                                   George Murphy figures he racked up 430
ending at 5:00 p.m. Please bring snacks and                                                               to learn to say 'no,'" Murphy said. "I'm the
                                                   volunteer hours in 2009, and he has no plans
your recycling items for our fundraisers. See                                                             kind of guy who will never say 'no' when I
                                                   of slowing down. His reputation as a tireless
you there! Ω                                                                                              think somebody needs help — so I end up
                                                   team player has made him the go-to guy for
                                                   several groups.                                        doing things for people."
Bob Cleworth is Lay Director of Monarch                                                                            His efforts include construction proj-
                                                            "George Murphy is like an Energizer
Cursillo and a member of St. John’s Church                                                                ects for Habitat for Humanity, Community
                                                   bunny," said Mary Kay Dodson, Director of
in Wisconsin Rapids                                the De Pere Christian Outreach Food Pantry.            Rebuild Together, and Options for Indepen-
                                                   "Except that instead of beating a drum, he             dent Living. He gives time to Paul's Pantry,
                                                   constantly looks for ways to help people."             the American Red Cross, and the Green Bay
         REV. WALTER RETIRES                                Murphy delivers food for the pantry           Cerebral Palsy Center.
                                                   twice a month, and often gets involved with                     "I feel like as much as I've gotten out
                                                   pantry clients' other needs.                           of the community, I need to give back to the
                  The Rev. Verne Walter,                    [He] recently helped clear out items          community," Murphy said.
                  Rector of St. Alban’s,           cluttering a woman's home before it could be                    Murphy has been married to Joan for
                  Marshfield, for the past         remodeled for better accessibility. Murphy             25 years. They have two adult children: Sean,
                  five years, has an-              spent $340 of his own money and coordinated            and Kelsey
                  nounced his retirement           efforts to build a wheelchair ramp (see photo)                  Murphy also serves on the vestry at
                  from active ministry, ef-        for a pantry client who recently had both              St. Anne's. He is a loan-compliance officer
                  fective in February.             feet amputated. He also helped retrofit a new          with Associated Bank.
                  He and his wife, Ruth,           window for a client in a trailer home, reach-                   Murphy said God plays a role in his
                  will move to California to       ing into his own pocket again to pay for the           volunteer efforts.
                  be closer to their family.       window and supplies.                                            "I'm a pretty religious person, so I
                  We send our prayers and                   "It's his enthusiasm and willingness to       think I do it because He wants me to do it
                  wish Verne and Ruth the          help," Dodson said. "Anytime I've asked him            not necessarily because I want to do it.
                  best in this time of tran-       to help with something with food pantry, it's                   "I think it's a way to please Him and
                  sition in their lives. Ω         'Yeah, sure, I'd be glad to.' It's the care that       reflect upon what He wants from people." Ω
                                                   he shows for other people."
                                                            Murphy said his children are grown,           Reprinted with permission from the Green
                                                   allowing him time to volunteer. His summer             Bay Press-Gazette (photo by M. P. King)
                                                   is spent playing baseball with kids living with

diofdl.org                                                                                           February 2010 Episcopal News Monthly / Clarion E
                                                                                                           St. Peter’s, Ripon,
                           Congregations, briefly                                                             to celebrate
St. Olaf’s                                         Supper, which raised $800 for the Disabled
                                                   American Veterans. . . . St. Augustine’s is
St. Olaf’s and other local churches have start-    among the local agencies joining in support of
                                                                                                      St. Peter’s, Ripon will celebrate its
ed a food pantry, Tomorrow River Community         the Northwoods Alliance for temporary hous-
                                                                                                      sesquicentennial beginning with a Mass
Kitchen, housed at Peace Lutheran Church.          ing.
                                                                                                      commemorating the beginning of the congre-
                                                                                                      gation Sunday, February 14, 2010. The
All Saints,                                        St. Luke’s,
                                                                                                      sesquiceponntennial celebration will conclude
Appleton                                           Sister Bay
                                                                                                      with a Mass celebrating the 150th anniver-
Michelle Condit was commissioned as All            For the sixth year, St. Luke’s has sold Chrsti-
                                                                                                      sary of the church’s consecration and an all-
Saints’ new Director of Youth Ministry during      mas Wreaths to benefit Sunshine House in
                                                                                                      church reunion Sunday, January 23, 2011.
a service on January 24. . . . Distributions       Sturgeon Bay, which provides services that
                                                                                                      In the 11 months between, other Masses
of over-stocked soups donated by Bay Valley        include personal care, transportation, work
                                                                                                      and events will be held to commemorate the
Foods have provided food valued in excess of       services, supported employment, and other
                                                                                                      sesquicentennial of one of the oldest congre-
$20,000 to various food banks throughout           activities to Door County citizens with special
                                                                                                      gations in Ripon and the Diocese of Fond du
the community. All Saints has covered the          needs and/or disabilities.
cost of transportation.
                                                                                                               The Rev. Dr. Fayette Durlin founded
                                                   Christ the King/Holy Nativity
                                                                                                      what then was called Grace Episcopal Church
Cathedral Church of St. Paul,                      Sturgeon Bay/Jacksonport
                                                                                                      on Ripon’s Gothic Mill Pond February 13,
Fond du Lac                                        CTK/HN “adopted” four Door County families
                                                                                                      1860. Wisconsin’s Secretary of State signed
In December, The Fond du Lac City Council          and two senior citizens during the holiday
                                                                                                      the congregation’s incorporation papers June
approved a special-use permit to allow the         season. The amount budgeted for fourth-
                                                                                                      13, 1860, five days after the cornerstone of the
operation of a Winter Warming Shelter on the       quarter outreach was nearly doubled by ad-
                                                                                                      church was laid. The church was consecrated
second floor of the St. Ambrose building on        ditional generous donations from parishioners
                                                                                                      January 23, 1861, seven months after
the St. Paul’s campus.                             and friends, and another $500 came from the
                                                                                                      construction began.
                                                   tithe of a gift from the people of the Church of
                                                                                                               The first Vestry of the church included
St. James,                                         the Atonement in Fish Creek. . . . Significant
                                                                                                      Alvan E. Bovay, one of the first trustees of
Manitowoc                                          construction or renovation projects are under
                                                                                                      Ripon College, founded in 1851, the developer
The Outreach Committee is supporting a pro-        way at both location (See Page D.)
                                                                                                      of “Bovay’s Addition” on the 400 block of
gram called “Give Kids a Smile Day,” through
                                                                                                      Watson Street in Ripon, and one of the found-
which local children in need can receive free      St. John the Baptist,
                                                                                                      ers of the Republican Party, founded at the
dental care. Members of the congregation can       Wausau
                                                                                                      Little White Schoolhouse in Ripon in 1854.
donate new toothbrushes and toothpaste.            At its fall dinner, St. John’s ECW presented a
                                                                                                               Durlin, who started a church school
                                                   check for $1.000 to the Women’s Community
                                                                                                      in 1864, served at Grace until 1865, when
St. Thomas,                                        Capital Fund. Half of that amount came from
                                                                                                      he moved to Janesville. Later in 1865, the
Menasha                                            money raised by the women at their cookie
                                                                                                      church’s name was changed to St. Peter in
The Rev. Ralph E. Osborne has accepted the         sale and $500 represented a matching gift
                                                                                                      honor of St. Peter’s Cathedral in Ripon,
call to serve as Rectorof St. Thomas, effective    from St. John’s.
                                                                                                      Yorkshire, England. Durlin returned to St.
February 14. (See page D.)
                                                                                                      Peter’s in 1873 and served as rector until
                                                   St. John’s,
                                                                                                      1883. He died August 31, 1901, and was
St. Matthias,                                      Wisconsin Rapids
                                                                                                      buried at St. Peter’s September. 4, 1901.
Minocqua                                           The Great Cranberry Pie Sale, is a decade-long
                                                                                                               St. Peter’s current rectory, the second
The Literacy Task Force of Northern Wiscon-        St. John’s tradition that typically sold some
                                                                                                      in the congregation’s history, was built in the
sin holds its monthly board meetings at St.        250 pies each year. This year, with advertis-
                                                                                                      early 1900s. The former church building now
Matthias’. . . . St. Matthias’ Thrift Shop has     ing and publicity, the sale took in $,2700 (less
                                                                                                      is the parish hall, renovated in the late 1930s.
purchased a 50’ x 100’ property adjacent to        $500 in costs) and made 403 pies — includ-
                                                                                                      The church and parish hall were renovated
the shop that includes a small house and           ing some for the Walker Cranberry Company,
                                                                                                      again in the late 1970s, when a basement was
provides a number of opportunities for use.        which donated the main ingredient. Ω
                                                                                                      dug underneath the sanctuary and parish
St. Augustine’s
Rhinelander                                                                                                    The February 14, 2010, Mass and the
Nearly 90 people attended the Veterans’                                                               Mass Sunday, July 4, will use the
                                                                                                      Episcopal Church’s first Book of Common
                                                                                                      Prayer, published in 1789. The 1789 Book
                                                                                                      of Common Prayer was used by Episcopal
                                                                                                      churches nationwide when St. Peter’s first
       Church Mouse with a Cause                                                                      opened its doors.
            By Ruth DuFrane                                                                                    Another special Mass will be said
                                                                                                      Sunday, June 27, on the Feast of Sts. Peter
The St. Nicholas Faire of the Cathedral of St.                                                        and Paul, honoring St. Peter’s patronal saint.
Paul the Apostle, Fond du Lac, was held on                                                            The bilingual service will be followed by a
December 6 and was very successful again                                                              reunion to which Ripon College alumni who
this year. (See the mice at www.cathedralmice.                                                        are Episcopal priests will be invited.
com).                                                                                                          Other special Masses will be said May
         The raffle mouse was “I am a Survivor,”                                                      16, honoring the election of the congregation’s
a pink breast-cancer survivor mouse. Each                                                             first officers, and August 29, in memory of
form of cancer has its own color, so if you                                                           Durlin.
need a different color for a different cancer, I                                                               The sesquicentennial celebration will
will try to make one in the correct color.                                                            conclude with a bilingual Mass commemo-
We received many requests to purchase, so a                                                           rating the sesquicentennial of the church’s
mouse similar to the raffle mouse was de-                                                             consecration Jan. 23, 2011, followed by an all-
signed for sale.                                                                                      church reunion to which present and former
         If you would like to purchase one, we     All orders must be prepaid. You will be noti-      members of St. Peter’s and their families will
are taking orders. The cost is $20 with one-       fied when your mouse is ready for pick-up. To      be invited. Ω
half donated to cancer research.                   have it mailed, please add $3 for shipping. Ω
         To order, send your name, address,
and phone number to St. Paul’s Cathedral,          Ruth DuFrane is a member of St. Paul’s
51 W. Division St. Fond du Lac, WI 54935.          Cathedral, Fond du Lac.

F February 2010 Episcopal News Monthly / Clarion                                                                                           diofdl.org
                                                     To Help the
       Diocesan Calendar                              Homeless
Please add these dates to your
congregation’s calendars, bulletins, and         Saint Augustine's, Rhine-
newsletters, as appropriate.                     lander, has contributed
                                                 $1,000 to “Need It Now” to
Feb 5-6 Deacons’ School, St. John’s,             help meet the immediate
        Wausau                                   needs of homeless people
Feb 6   Commission on Ministry, Appleton         in Rhinelander and the
Feb 7   Visitation, St. John’s, New London       surrounding area. Pictured
Feb 8- Clergy Retreat, Monte Alverno,            here Howard Hutchin-
 10      Appleton                                son presents a check for
Feb 10- Joint Standing Committee on              $1,000 to Ann Wahlers of
 12     Nominations, NY                          the Northwoods Alliance
Feb 14 Visitation, St. John’s, Shawano           for Temporary Housing
Feb 19- ECW Retreat, Norbertine Center
Feb 20 Diocesan Trustees’ Meeting,
        10am-Noon, All Saints’, Appleton           Sisters and Brothers
Feb 21 Visitation, Intercession, Stevens
                                                     Sign Agreement
Feb 21   Cursillo Ultreya, 2-5pm,
         St. Peter’s, Sheboygan Falls
                                                 The Sisterhood of the Holy
Feb 28   Visitation, Minnesota as                Nativity (SHN) and the Broth-
         Communion Partner Bishop                ers of the Order of the Holy
                                                 Cross (OHC) have signed an
Mar 2        Clergy Day, 10am-2pm,               agreement putting the Broth-
             St. Thomas’, Menasha                ers in charge of managing St.
Mar 6        Vestry School, Liberty Hall,        Mary's Retreat House in Santa
             Appleton                            Barabara, California. The Sis-
Mar   12-    Deacons’ School, St. John’s,        ters had managed the
 13          Wausau                              Retreat House for over 40
Mar   19-    House of Bishops meeting,           years.
 24          Camp Allen                                 The Mount Calvary Re-
Mar   20     Standing Committee
                                                 treat House, located up the
Mar   25     Executive Council meeting,
                                                 road from St. Mary's, was
             10am-2pm, St. Paul’s, Suamico
                                                 destroyed by wildfires last year.
Mar 28        PALM SUNDAY
              Visitation, St. Thomas, Menasha
                                                 OHC has not made a decision
Mar 30        Chrism Mass, 11am, Cathedral,      of what to do with the for-
              Fond du Lac                        mer site, which has a glorious
                                                                                               Elsie McCormack Schroeder was baptized on Sep-
                                                 mountain-top view.                            tember 6, 2009, at All Saints, Appleton. Her parents
Apr 4        EASTER DAY                                 Sister Abigail, SHN, who               are Kristin and Bill Schroeder, and her grandparents
Apr 9-10     Deacons’ School, St. John’s,        was in charge of St. Mary's for               are Rita and Jerry Mc- Cormack of St. Ambrose,
                                                                                               Antigo. Shown here are the parents with the baby
             Wausau                              some time, has now moved                      and the Rev. Patrick Twomey, Rector, All Saints,
Apr   9-11   Province V ECW, Detroit, Michigan   to SHN's communityhouse in                    Appleton.
Apr   10     Commission on Ministry, Appleton    Green Lake.
Apr   11     Visitation, St. Ambrose, Antigo            For more information
Apr   13     Church Secretaries Network          about St. Mary's, visit mount-
Apr   17     Deacons’ Day with the Bishop,       calvary.org. Ω
             Ascension, Merrill
Apr 18       Visitation, Trinity, Oshkosh
Apr 18       Cursillo Ultreya, 2-5pm,
             Intercession, Stevens Point                       TRANSITIONS
Apr 19       Cursillo Candidate Application
Apr 24       Diversity Event, Oneida
                                                             Elizabeth Geiger Sawtell
Apr 25        Visitation, St. Anne’s, De Pere
                                                                December 5, 2010
                                                                 Trinity, Oshkosh
May 2        Visitation, Cathedral Church of
             St. Paul, Fond du Lac                                                            When Bishop Jacobus made his annual visitation
                                                                 Dale Richey
May 4        Clergy Day-Diocesan Level,                        November 7, 2010
                                                                                              to Ascension, Merrill, several people were confirmed
             Fr. Gregory                                                                      and received. Front row (from left): Lori Wiederhoeft,
                                                               Trinity, Oshkosh               Daneeka Stewart, Nikkia McDuffy, Rachael Wiede-
May 7-8      Deacons’ School, St. John’s,
                                                                                              man, and Amy Heimerl. Back row: The Rev. Deacon
             Wausau                                          Rodney Ralph Peterson            Linda Schmidt, Bishop Jacobus, and the Rev. Ken
May 9        Visitation, St. Barnabas’,                        December 26, 2009              Guy, Vicar.
             Tomahawk                                       Intercession, Stevens Point

Calendar continued on Page H

diofdl.org                                                                                February 2010 Episcopal News Monthly / Clarion G
Calendar continued from Page G

May   12-     Monarch Cursillo,

 15           Spencer Lake Christian Center
May   15      Trustees’ meeting, 10am-Noon, St. Mark’s, Waupaca
May   15      Standing Committee
May   15      Visitation, St. Olaf’s, Amherst
May   16      UTO Spring Ingathering (local congregations)                Deadlines: March 2010 issue — February 1; April 2010 issue — March 1
May   16      Visitation, St. Alban’s, Marshfield
May   19      Alumni Day, Nashotah House Seminary                         Share your activities: Clarion does not have reporters or a paid staff. Please
                                                                          submit information from your ministries.
May   20      Commencement at Nashotah House Seminary, 10am
May   21      Nashotah Trustees’ Meeting                                  General information, news from diocesan ministries and commissions:
May   23      Visitation, Grace Church, Sheboygan                         please send to: Clarion, 1051 N.Lynndale Dr., Suite 1B, Appleton, WI 54914 or
                                                                          e-mail files to Clarion@diofdl.org
Jun   5   Eucharistic Festival, Cathedral, Fond du Lac                    Photos: All photographs — whether film or digital — should be sent to
Jun   5   Commission on Ministry, Cathedra, Fond du Lac                   Matthew Paine at the Diocesan Office, 1051 N.Lynndale Dr., Suite 1B, Appleton,
Jun   10  Executive Council Conference Call, 10am-Noon                    WI 54914; e-mail: mpayne@diofdl.org. If sending files via e-mail, please submit
Jun   11-12
          Deacons’ School, St. John’s, Wausau                             in .jpg or .tif format. Larger images, 1600x1280 are best.
Jun   12  Visitation, St. Mary’s, Wautoma
Jun   13  Visitation, St. Agnes’, Algoma
Jun   13  Cursillo Ultreya, 2-5pm, St. John’s, Wisconsin Rapids
Jun       Summer Camp Senior Session, Camp Lakotah, Wautoma
Jun       Summer Camp Middler & Junior Sessions, Camp Lakotah,

                                                                                Wisconsin Council of Churches
Jun 24-26 Summer Camp KinderCamp, Camp Lakotah, Wautoma
Jun 27    Visitation, St. Mary’s of the Snows, Eagle River
                                                                                                       Coming Events
Jul   4       Pow Wow, Oneida; Bishop celebrates Eucharist
Jul   17      Standing Committee                                          Preaching to Rattle the Tea Cups and Wake the Dead
Jul   18      Visitation, St. Augustine’s, Rhinelander                    Tuesday, February 9, Immanuel Presbyterian Church, Milwaukee;
Jul   25      Visitation, St. Paul’s, Suamico                             Wednesday, February 10, First Presbyterian Church, Neenah;
                                                                          Thursday, February 11, First United Methodist Church, Madison
Aug   1       Visitation, All Saints’, Elkhart Lake
Aug   6       Bishop’s Night at the Ballpark, Appleton                    A Script for God’s Mission in the 21st Century: Interpreting Luke’s
Aug   7       Commission on Ministry, Appleton
                                                                          Gospel in Lent, Holy Week, and Pentecost
Aug   8       Visitation, St. James’, Mosinee
                                                                          Tuesday, February 23
Aug   12      Executive Council, 10-2, St. Peter’s, Sheboygan Falls
                                                                          Central Lutheran Church, Chippewa Falls
Aug   14      Assumption Festival & Visitation, Precious Blood, Gardner
Aug   14      Visitation, Holy Nativity, Jacksonport
                                                                          Engaging the Missional Church Conversation with Lay Leaders
Aug   15      Visitation, Christ the King, Sturgeon Bay
                                                                          Saturday, March 20
Aug   17      Clergy Day on the Deanery level
                                                                          Location in the Madison area to be determined
Aug   19-22   Women’s Mini-Week, Camp Lakotah, Wautoma
Aug   22      Visitation, St, Matthias, Minocqua
                                                                          Lunch and Conversation with the Rev. Dr. Robert Stephanopolous
Sep   5     Visitation, Atonement, Fish Creek                             Monday, April 12
Sep   10-11 Deacons’ School, St. John’s, Wausau                           Location in the Madison area to be determined
Sep   12    Visitation, St. Paul’s, Marinette
Sep   15-22 House of Bishops Meeting                                      Eco-Justice in the Hebrew Bible
Sep   17-18 Planning for Tomorrow / Enjoying Your Retirement by the       Dr. Ken Stone, Academic Dean and Professor of Hebrew Bible, Culture,
            Church Pension Fund, Wausau                                   and Hermeneutics, Chicago Theological Seminary
Sep   18    Standing Committee, Wausau                                    Wednesday, April 14, Redeemer United Church of Christ; Thursday,
Sep   19    Cursillo Ultreya, 2-5pm, St. Ambrose, Antigo                  April 16, First Congregational Church of Christ, La Crosse; Saturday,
Sep   25    Trustees’ meeting, Intercession, Stevens Point                April 17, Edgewood College, Madison
Sep   26    Visitation, St. Luke’s, Sister Bay
                                                                          Almost Christian: What the Faith of Our Teenagers Is Telling the
Oct   1-2     Deacons’ School, St. John’s, Wausau                         American Church
Oct   3       Visitation, All Saints’, Appleton                           Monday-Friday, June 21-25
Oct   10      Visitation, St. Peter’s, Sheboygan Falls                    Washington Island
Oct   14      Executive Council, 10-2, St. Anne’s, DePere
Oct   16      Walsingham Pilgrimage, Grace, Sheboygan                     Preaching and Teaching the Texts for Advent and Christmas
Oct   17      Visitation, Holy Apostles’, Oneida                          The Rev. Thomas Long, Professor of Preaching, Candler School of
Oct   17      Cursillo Ultreya, 2-5pm, St. John’s, Wausau                 Theology, Atlanta, Georgia
Oct   22      Commission on Ministry, St. Peter’s, Ripon
                                                                          Friday-Sunday, September 24-26
Oct   22-23   Diocesan Convention, Waupaca
                                                                          Two locations in Wisconsin to be determined
Oct   24      Visitation, St. Peter’s, Ripon
Oct   27      Fall Convocation, Nashotah House Seminary
                                                                          Preaching and Teaching the Gospel of Matthew
Oct   31      UTO Fall Ingathering (local congregations)
                                                                          The Rev. Susan Briehl
Oct   31      Visitation, Blessed Sacrament, Green Bay
                                                                          Three locations in Wisconsin to be determined
Nov   5-6     Deacons’ School, St. John’s, Wausau
                                                                                     Contact Wisconsin Council of Churches
Nov   7       Visitation, St. John’s, Wausau
                                                                                Phone: 608-837-3108; website: www.wichurches.org
Nov   9       Clergy Day, 10-2, St. Anne’s, DePere
Nov   13      Deacons’ Day, 10-2, St. Alban’s, Marshfield

H February 2010 Episcopal News Monthly / Clarion                                                                                              diofdl.org

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