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					                                      Professional Fitness Coaches

                          SPARTAN BOOT CAMP CHALLENGE
    Ready for a Summer Challenge!?!?
    Performance Fitness & Training, LLC (PF&T) is kicking off an exciting eight (8) week special
    Spartan Boot Camp Challenge during the months of July and August 2010. This challenge is for
    those who want to take a stand and take on something more challenging than just the everyday
    workout routine. This training will cover boot camp trail hikes, trail runs, the Spartan 300
    workout and more. For those who want the adventure of putting their Spartan fitness (strong
    abs, legs and upper body) to the test, plan on entering the Spartan race (
    happening on August 28th. The race is designed to test your resilience, strength, stamina and
    ability to laugh in the face of adversity. Join our team as we take on this ultimate challenge.

                                      REGISTRATION INFO

                Eight (8) Week Spartan Boot Camp Challenge Schedule & Fee:
                 Locations: Reggie Lewis Track & Athletic Center, Boston, MA
                            Blue Hills (meeting @ Houghton Pond parking lot)
                           Various other locations to be announced
                                 July 5th to August 26th, 2010
                     Mondays & Thursdays: 6:05-7:05PM; Sundays 9am-10am
                                   Eight (8) Week Fees: $400
                                  1 training/week: $80/month
                                  2 trainings/week: $150/month
                                  3 trainings/week: $200/month

    YVEL JOSEPH, MS, CPT; (617) 970-19196          TREVOR GARRICK, CPT, C.S.C.S; (617) 388-8949
    Certified Martial Artist                        Strength Conditioning Specialist
                                        Professional Fitness Coaches

                           SPARTAN BOOT CAMP CHALLENGE

    To register: please print out and complete the following forms from our website under
    “SERVICES, Online Forms”. Please submit signed documents and fees to camp instructors
    prior to commencing class:

     *Boot Camp agreement
     *Consent for Exercise Program
     *Health History Questionnaire

    Payment Due at beginning of month or see instructor for payment plan
    Please make checks, money orders or cash out to: Performance Fitness & Training, LLC.
    Fees non-refundable after first two (2) classes.

    This is a premium Boot Camp open to all interested candidates. Training equipment provided during class.
    Please contact instructors (Yvel & Trevor) for additional info.
    *Boot Camp pictures may be taken during class for promotional purposes.

           1. Boot Camp training will begin on time.
           2. All specific forms will be completed prior to beginning the camp.
           3. Any “no show” will incur the regular charge.
           4. All camp program fees will be pre-paid in full.
           5. In the event that your check is returned for insufficient funds and/or other
              deficiencies, you will be charged a $30 dollars fee for each infraction. This is
              payable in full in addition to the original amount of the check, due within twenty-
              four hours of notice.
           6. In the event you exceed two infractions, all future payments will be required in
              certified funds.

           Signature      __________________________                     Date: __________________

    YVEL JOSEPH, MS, CPT; (617) 970-19196             TREVOR GARRICK, CPT, C.S.C.S; (617) 388-8949
    Certified Martial Artist                           Strength Conditioning Specialist  

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