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                  To: 3GPP2 Organizational Partners
              From: Henry Cuschieri
              Date: March 19, 2002
          Subject: Report from the 3GPP2 Secretariat

Dear 3GPP2 Organizational Partners,
This report covers Secretariat activities from July 2001 to February 2002. The report is divided
into the following areas:

      Staffing

      Finance

      Membership

      Meeting Planning

      Publications Management

      Network Administration/Electronic Tools

      Conferences/Presentations

      Ongoing/Recent Projects

1. Staffing
   You will recall that the permanent 3GPP2 publications coordinator was hired in the first half
   of 2001. No permanent staff changes have taken place since then. The 3GPP2 Secretariat
   continues to operate with five permanent staff members. In addition, three contractual
   technical writers began assisting TSG-A and TSG-N in August of 2001. Two technical
   writers remain into 2002, and one of these technical writers is also providing service to TSG-

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2. Finance
   3GPP2 2001 fourth quarter statement
   The 2001 3GPP2 fourth quarter (year-end) financial statement is being provided as
   contribution OP-20020319-008 at the March 2002 3GPP2 OP meeting. In 2001, the project
   spent $1,108,093.63 of the $1,564,000 2001 budgeted (71%).
   Although the fourth quarter statement shows that the project did not raise 100% of the funds
   allocated within the budget, enough was raised to cover expenses and to provide a surplus to
   a number of Partners.
   2002 Funding Agreement
   The 2002 3GPP2 funding agreement is due to be signed by the Organizational Partners at the
   March 2002 meeting in Hawaii. As in prior years, this funding agreement will consist of a
   fixed portion payable by each SDO partner, and a variable portion based on number of
   members in place as of December 1 of the previous year. The funding agreement will be
   implemented in order to raise the $1,516,800.00 budgeted for 2002.

3. Membership
   Individual Member Companies

   In November 2001 the Secretariat conducted a project wide membership update effort.
   Partners provided the Secretariat with updates on the companies participating in the project
   for 2002 and the key contacts from each of these companies. Secretariat records were
   updated accordingly.
   Although overall membership figures declined in 2001, from a peak of 93 member
   companies to 73 at year-end, the early part of 2002 is showing promise. A further 11
   companies have joined the project, bringing the total to 84.
   Market Representation Partners
   The IPv6 Forum, whose goal is to promote IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) in order to create a
   higher quality and secure next generation Internet, was admitted into 3GPP2 as an MRP at the last
   3GPP2 OP meeting.
   The Wireless Multimedia Forum is no longer in operation and thus has withdrawn as a 3GPP2
   Market Representation Partner, citing the challenging economy of 2001 as a factor contributing to
   companies withdrawing from a number of organizations.

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4. Meeting Planning
   2002 3GPP2 Meetings
   The finalized 3GPP2 2002 meeting calendar is posted on the 3GPP2 web site. It includes all
   2002 SC/OP meetings as well as all TSG meetings.
   Both before and during the January 2002 SC and OP meetings, it was emphasized to the
   membership at large, via the TSG Chairs and via the official SC and OP meeting reports, that
   the 3GPP2 budget covers the cost of putting on a defined number of meetings. Recognizing
   that last-minute meetings do arise, and recognizing the need to control the cost of these
   meetings, the membership agreed upon a policy whereby such meetings, if to be funded in
   whole or in part by 3GPP2, will take place either in conjunction with an existing hotel
   contract, or at the facility of any participating Organizational Partner SDO.
   The slowdown as a result of September 11 and other economic factors are having an impact
   on the 3GPP2 budget. 3GPP2 meetings that take place in North America are arranged by the
   3GPP2 Secretariat and conform to the TIA policy of not signing a contractual attrition clause
   guaranteeing a set number of attendees for sleeping room purposes. Guarantees do need to
   be given, however, in order to secure the meeting space. A hotel will typically waive
   meeting room rental fees if at least 85-90% of those scheduled to attend (either contractually
   or at reservation cut-off date) actually show up at the meeting. All contracts have a sliding
   scale in which rental fees get progressively higher the fewer number of attendees show up.
   Current reservation trends are showing a slight decrease in the number of participants, which,
   in turn, is incurring higher meeting room rental fees. At the same time, TSGs are seeing an
   expansion of their work into parallel meeting sessions, placing a greater burden on the
   budget. The Secretariat is closely monitoring this has brought this issue to the attention of
   the Finance Committee.
   2003 3GPP2 Meeting Calendar
   A finalized 3GPP2 2003 meeting calendar is being presented for information at the March
   2002 SC/OP meetings. The calendar allows for eleven co-located super meetings and four
   SC/OP meetings, each of which is appended directly onto a previous week’s TSG meetings
   in an effort to cut down on travel costs for those who attend both.
   In securing space for 3GPP2 meetings in 2003, the 3GPP2 meeting planner will be seeking
   input from TSG Chairs and those member companies who have arrangements with hotels for
   preferable sleeping room rates in selected cities, as appropriate.

5. Publications Management
   3GPP2 Output
   3GPP2’s library of reports and specifications continues to grow. The library currently stands
   at 180 specifications / reports while a further xx are going through the final SC approval
   process for publication.

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   Publications Advisory Group
   Recognizing that 3GPP2 is a member-driven organization, Megan Snyder, 3GPP2
   Publications Coordinator, has established the Publications Advisory Group (PAG), a
   collaboration of member representatives of each of the TSGs including editors and technical
   Initially, the goal of this group was to address the deficiencies in the 3GPP2 specifications
   and reports library – such as the lack of editable versions, incorrect formatting and
   referencing. The group has also been focusing on clarifying and enhancing the
   recommendations of the Publications Joint Experts Meeting of 2001 whose output was
   approved by the 3GPP2 Steering Committee in April 2001.
   The PAG is scheduled to present recommendations for dealing with the current library
   deficiencies at the March 2002 SC meeting.
   3GPP2 Style Guide
   The 3GPP2 Publications Coordinator has developed a 3GPP2 style manual in an effort to
   ensure consistency in the look and feel of 3GPP2 output documents. The style guide is
   currently undergoing final edit and will be circulated for review shortly.
   Web Site Search Engine
   The expansion of the 3GPP2 publications library has prompted the publications coordinator
   to design a search tool to help interested parties locate 3GPP2 specifications and reports. The
   search engine is currently being fine-tuned and is expected to be made available by the
   middle of the second quarter, 2002.

6. Network Administration/Electronic Tools

   Jeffrey West, 3GPP2’s Network Administrator, continues to enhance 3GPP2’s mobile
   network facilities and to research new ways of improving the functionality.
   Mobile Server status
   Of all the 3GPP2 servers, TSG-C’s continues to require significant attention. The large
   number of TSG-C participants continues to require Jeffrey’s attendance at all TSG-C
   meetings where, currently, network access is provided to all parallel TSG-C meeting rooms.
   Jeffrey’s recent efforts to streamline upload and download procedures at TSG-C closing
   plenary, thus maintaining the server at an acceptable speed, have earned praise, as has his
   research at providing networked internet access, including access to members’ VPNs at TSG-
   C meetings - (see below).
   3GPP2 web server
   3GPP2’s success at off-site 24/7 maintenance of the 3GPP2 web server has received the
   attention of at least one other department within TIA, which has approached the 3GPP2
   Secretariat for permission to rent physical space at the off-site facility. Research was
   conducted into the proposal – specifically, whether the proposed arrangements would

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deteriorate in any way the service being provided to 3GPP2 members, and it was determined
that no such deterioration would occur. A rental agreement has been established and this
additional revenue is due to commence April of 2002.
E-mail server
Until January 2002, 3GPP2’s email reflector lists were hosted by an outside organization
who charged a monthly fee to 3GPP2 based on usage frequency and transmission file-size.
At the height of usage (September, 2001) the monthly invoice was $6349.78 – although the
monthly average had been in the region of $2,500. This prompted the Secretariat to look into
what it would take to purchase and operate our own 3GPP2 email server. A refurbished
server was purchased for a fraction of the cost of a new server and software was purchased
accordingly. We are happy to report that, as of mid-January 2002, 3GPP2’s email reflector
lists have been running off our own server housed at the same off-site facility as the web
server, and receiving equal 24/7 attention. This action is expected to save 3GPP2 $30,000 in
Internet Access at TSG Meetings
In 2001, funds were budgeted for the provision of Internet access via the 3GPP2 mobile
networks. It was found, however, that while a number of hotels did provide network
connections allowing Internet access via our mobile local area networks, an overwhelming
amount did not. In addition, those hotels offering the facility were doing so at exorbitant
cost, preventing the service from being contracted.
Over the course of the last few months, however, additional research by Jeffrey West,
Network Administrator, has resulted in us being able to provide this service on the TSG-C
server at a reasonable cost. Arrangements are currently underway to provide this
functionality to other TSGs, where possible. 3GPP2 will provide the necessary equipment.
Sponsors will be sought to pay the hotel cost for the connection
Web site
Victoria Bosserman, 3GPP2 coordinator, continues to maintain the content on the 3GPP2
web site (
3GPP2 participants are reminded that the web site and ftp site ( remain
open to the public, allowing full access to contributions, specifications and reports (in .pdf
format) and other documents. The two areas subject to security are: (a) access to the ftp site
to UPLOAD contributions, and (b) access to editable versions of 3GPP2 specifications and
The July 2001 report to the Organizational Partners included details on future anticipated
enhancements to the 3GPP2 web site, including replacing the static tables on the site with
dynamic tables allowing the user to sort by any field therein. Such enhancements are
continuing to be investigated.

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7. Conferences/Presentations
   Please find below a list of 3GPP2 presentations given at conferences in 2001. These
   presentations are available for you to modify for future use upon request by contacting
   Megan Snyder (
      3-May-01, Seoul, Korea (IBC Asia Conference)
       ”3GPP2 Approach to Wireless Network Evolution”

      3-May-01, Seoul, Korea (IBC Asia Conference)
       ”3GPP2 Partnership for the Mobile 21st Century”

      13-Jun-01, Hong Kong (3G World Congress)
       ”3GPP2: Facilitating Evolution from 2G to 3G & Beyond”

      30-May-01, Seattle, Washington – USA (IETF / IPv6 / 3GPP / 3GPP2 Meeting)
       ”3GPP2 Wireless Networks Evolution to IP and IPv6”

      17-May-01, Ottawa, Canada (IPv6 Summit)
       ”3GPP2 Wireless Networks Evolution to IP and IP v6”

      17-May-01, Ottawa, Canada (IPv6 Summit)
       ”3GPP2 Approach to Wireless Network Evolution”

      4-Jul-01, Korea
       ”3GPP2 Approach to Wireless Network Evolution”

      21-Oct-01, Beijing, China
       4th International China 3G Mobile Communications

      29-Oct-01, Seoul, Korea
       CDMA International Roaming Symposium

      26-Nov-01, Tokyo, Japan
       5th International Japan 3G Mobile Systems

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9. Ongoing/Recent Projects
   Project Management Team Support
   In 2001, the TSG-S Project Management Team was tasked with developing a release plan for
   the entire 3GPP2. Victoria Bosserman, 3GPP2 Coordinator, was recruited as staff support
   for the 3GPP2 Project Management Team and has been concentrating her efforts at
   participating in PMT sessions and gathering data provided by the membership.
   Victoria’s energies over the past few months have gone into designing report presentation
   and analyzing the information being captured, and providing input on the data. This activity
   is justifiably occupying a significant part of Victoria’s time. The other members of the
   Secretariat staff have therefore stepped in to take on a share of the department’s
   administrative activities.

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