Virtual Field Trip - PowerPoint by wuyunyi


									Virtual Field Trip

A scenic trip to see Mr. October
        Yankee Stadium
Planning the Trip
       Follow Beth and Tim
        as they travel to see
       Mr. October at Yankee
       Stadium in the Bronx.
Beth and Tim will
   be traveling
  from Olean to
   the Bronx in
        Driving Directions
Our Limo Driver, Norm will be driving us by
              using this map!
              Sites on the Way
    We saw many great sites as we traveled through
    the Southern Tier which is part of New York’s 6th
                   Burrow, Up State.
                  More Great Sites
   Our Limo driver Norm, had a friend on the way
    that worked on a farm, so we stopped and talked
      with him! They had never seen a limo before!

                     This is Russell’s
                      wife, Jane and
                      she is hard at
                       work getting
                     some fresh milk
                        for the day

Russell Simmons
          Approaching the City
   Norm drove us around the city so we could see
      this on our way into the Bronx to see Mr.
    Arriving at Yankee Stadium!
   Beth and Tim arrived at the game in time to
              watch batting practice!
              Where did they sit
   On the right is the
    seating chart for Yankee
   They sat on the third
    base section of the field
Just who is this Mr. October?
                  Here is a picture
                      that Beth
                    brought with
                     her to give
                     Mr. October
                    of her mother
                      and him!
Mr. October before the game
                  We were able to
               catch a quick picture
                  of Mr. October
                  before the game
                 started! Beth was
               yelling “We love you
                   Mr. October!”
                He was nice enough
                 to give us a quick
            Norm and Buddies
   During the game,
    Norm (with the
    big smile) said he
    was going to see
    a few
    friends…little did
    we know he
    would be
At the Game!
        Mr. October, had
         one of his best
         games of his life, he
         hammered out 5
         home runs in one
                  We won!
   At the Game, Beth and
    Tim won a prize!

   Mr. October, Bobble Head
Mr. October Sr.

         During the game, Tim
          had the pleasure of
          meeting, Mr. October
         He was nice enough to
          give us his wallet
               THEY WON
   The Yankees won the game! Below is a picture
    of Beth, who ran all the way down to the dug
    out to show Mr. October her support!
  Norm the Driver ARRESTED
Norm the limo driver ended up having to much
fun while we were at he game and was arrested!
So that is why Beth and Tim are not back yet, they are
         still waiting for Norm to get out of Jail!
The End

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