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									Better Understand Hearing Loss
                            It has been estimated that
                            approximately 17 percent of the
                            population has some form of hearing
                            loss, whether it is mild or profound.
                            Severe loss or hearing is where the
                            individual is unable to hear what
                            others are saying around them
                            without some form of assistance or
another. There is not one specific strategy that allows everyone
to cope with their degree of hearing loss. That is why it is crucial
to understand what type of hearing loss you are dealing with and
what your options are.

Conductive – This type of hearing loss occurs once the middle or
outer ear is not able to transmit any sound into the inner ear. It
could be the result of excessive amounts of wax built up inside of
the ear canal, fluid that has built up or other abnormalities within
the ear. Undergoing medical treatment or surgery might be the
answer you need to restore your sense of hearing in some

Sensorineural – This refers to an issue within the inner ear and
auditory nerve. Most of the time, the hair cells that are within the
inner ear, are damaged or abnormal and not able to detect sound
properly. Generally, this is a permanent form of hearing loss.

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