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                                       Holiday Fl Real Estate -- Affordable And Convenient
                                                                 By Robert Lipply

    Just a few steps north of Pinellas County, you can take a holiday everyday in Holiday, Florida.
Holiday is a town in Florida that has a lot to offer everyone, homeowners and tourists alike. As a
homeowner in Holiday, you can enjoy this small town and all it’s wonderful benefits, including a lot of
redesign and reconstruction of the face of the town and the construction of new schools, communities,
affordable real estate opportunities, shopping and more. Everything you love about Florida is wrapped
up into one small-town package in Holiday, so come and make your Holiday your home.

Real estate in Holiday is broad ranged and wide in variety. New homes mixed with re-sales and mobile
homes give you ample opportunities to find the home of your dreams that suits your needs and your
budget. With plenty of communities both new and established, the opportunities are endless in Holiday.

Close in proximity to Tampa Bay and Orlando, everything you love about ‘big’ Florida is just a short
drive away. You can live in the quiet, convenient comfort of your Holiday home and still enjoy all there
is to do in Florida without the noise, abundance of people and tourists, and high priced real estate.
Holiday offers you all the benefits of Florida without the hustle and bustle of larger city living in Florida.

>From young families to retirees - those starting out and those finding a quiet place to live out their
days, there is something for everyone and every lifestyle in Holiday, regardless of budget or need.
Schools and retirement-styled homes are all in close proximity to each other to create a melting pot
blend of family extensions. Holiday is the perfect place to live in Florida for many people. Real estate
values and markets are sound. The time to act on purchasing your Holiday home is now, before
everyone discovers this beautiful and convenient little town nestled in the heart of everything ‘Florida’.

Finding affordable housing and real estate is sometimes a daunting task. Families on a tight budget
should check out Holiday FL especially if they want to be close to Pinellas County and the beaches.
Find Holiday FL real estate on our website at

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                                        Indianapolis Real Estate Housing Statistics
                                                           By Jordan FeRoss

In 2006, the Indianapolis real estate housing market was named the most affordable place to live. As of
May 2008, it kept its status as the most affordable place to live for the 11th time in the first quarter of
2008. With this unpredictable economy, that is a great accomplishment.

 There were three things that worked to increase affordable housing across the country. The first thing
was lower prices for homes. Next was a $2,500 increase in income among families. The third was the
low mortgage rates. About a little over 90 percent of homes in the Indianapolis real estate market were
affordable to those who earned the median income of $65,100.

 In Kokomo, Indiana, it outranked everyone else in the first quarter of 2008 with having affordable
housing. This city is smaller than Indianapolis and has less than 500,000 people. However, a little more
than 93 percent of homes were sold during that time to people that earned at least $57,400. This
amount is the median income for that area. So not only are homes affordable in the Indianapolis real
estate market, but they are also affordable here as well. It seems as though the state of Indiana has
become an affordable place to live for single people as well as families.

 The city of Indianapolis still keeps its top spot as the number one place for affordable housing in the
United States. Elsewhere, homes have become more affordable and not just in the Indianapolis real
estate market. A little over 96 percent of the homes were affordable for families that made the median
income in the area. This percentage amount is pretty high for a lot of the homes.

 The least affordable housing market was in White Plains, New York. California wasn’t even in the
running for that honor. Just a little over 11 percent of New York’s housing market was affordable for
those residents. This data just proves that Indianapolis real estate is still the most affordable of these
areas listed. Nowadays, people are looking for real estate that is not only for living purposes, but also
be able to afford to make payments on the mortgage each month.

 Although the Indianapolis real estate market is the most affordable in the country, there is also a small
metropolitan real estate market that has less than 500,000 residents. It was ahead of Indianapolis in
affordability of housing in the second quarter of 2008. The city is Canton-Massillon and it’s located in
the state of Ohio. Over 96 percent of their homes were affordable to those that earned the local median
income of $54,600.

 You will find that Indianapolis real estate properties for sale are at an all time high. They are very
affordable, even in this fluctuating economy. People are forced to make decisions in regard to their
home and investment. When you are looking in this area, you will find many places that have
affordable housing. This is why Indianapolis continues to keep their number one rank in the real estate

Jordan FeRoss is an expert on Indianapolis IN real estate. Additional credit is given to the Indianapolis
relocation team at Indy Metro Homes. For more information visit

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