Prevent Phishing Attacks Effectively with the Advanced Anti-Phishing Solutions by Phishnix


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									 Prevent Phishing Attacks Effectively with the Advanced Anti-Phishing Solutions

The advancement in technology made the usage of the Internet a widespread and common
phenomenon, well connecting the globalized business world. This usage of the internet has way to many
cyber crimes, Phishing attacks being one of them. These Phishing attacks are usually ways and means
to extract information, usernames and passwords for the unsuspecting public, which are later, used for
frauds and security breaches. Most Phishing attacks are naturally targeted towards the ones who are
know nothing about fishing and consequently end up paying a heavy price for their vulnerability.

This is why the most effective people control against Phishing is user education. It is important to
educate users on Phishing protection and the risks of Phishing, how it happens, how to identify Phishing
attempts etc. In the recent past, there have been numerous employee awareness programs and
anti-Phishing solutions in order to limit these attacks. To contain the challenge arising from Phishing
attacks, businesses in the field of information risk management and security services have designed and
developed solutions to protect the vulnerable and difficult areas such as the people and process.

There are a number of solutions prevalent for safeguarding an organization against technology attacks.
Protection from phishing attacks require anti phishing tools that can guard the main target areas,
and making use of such diagnostic solution, help organizations to proactively educate the users and
help them recognize phishing attacks and avoid being phishing baits. Automated tools installed in the
organization's network activate a simulated Phishing attack on the target audience of the organization,
thereby the authorities to understand and analyze the social behavior of these target audiences during
the attack.

These automated anti-Phishing tool installed in most of the new age enterprises provides statistics
on user behavior, measures security awareness among employees, identifies data leakage, assesses
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) programs and tests the incident response program. The software helps the
organizations to evaluate whether the employees are appropriately updated against social engineering

Phishing awareness programs are of utmost importance as they not only solve the losses but educate
people better about its source and detection. It is best not to depend on end-users to run malware
checks and to be able to detect and eliminate these increasingly sophisticated threats. Learn how to
identify common Phishing scams and arm your employees against such attacks by investing in a solution
that can aid the organization in combating potential Phishing risks.

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