Surgical Hair Transplantation Remedies for Hair Loss in Patients by samiism


									          What Pros are There in Advanced Hair Transplantation Techniques?

 Surgical methods of hair restoration trigger new hair growth, unlike non-surgical methods which
can only boost growth of pre-existing hair. Others only slow down the rate of hair loss but cannot
promote hair growth. Surgical hair transplantation often brings about indistinguishable changes in
a patent and is efficacious.

Perks in Facial Hair Transplants

Prior to any hair loss treatment procedure, consulting a highly skilled doctor is vital if you are to get
the best results. Quality doctors engage patients in a pre-surgery discussion aimed at determining
the best cause of action in restoring their hair loss, evaluating their eligibility for transplantation,
and telling them what to expect.

Hair loss is not restricted only to the scalp; there are some diseases that also result to patients
losing their eyelashes and eyebrows. Expert hair restoration surgeons are able to restore hair in
the brows and lashes lost due to deliberate pulling during facial therapy sessions, or hair loss due
to medications and some diseases.

Normal growth of beards is driven by abundance of testosterone hormone which is chiefly
dependent on what genes you inherited. Men for some races do not develop facial hair, while
others can grow full beards and moustaches. Mostly, lack of facial hair in some men leads them to
want to undergo facial hair transplantation.

Many facial hair restoration procedures exist in modern times, giving patients a wide variety of
choices to choose from. Men who opt for hair transplantation have the goatee, moustache, side
burns and cheek beards as possible recipient sites, in accordance to personal preferences. For
surgical hair restoration procedures, click here.

Hormonal Influence and Additional Reasons Behind Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss is not only evident in men. Among women, female pattern baldness is referred to as hair
thinning and it is caused by various factors like the presence of diseases, hormonal imbalance,
excessive hair plucking and tight braiding. Also, some chemicals in hair products can cause hair
loss. The effects of all of the above are quite devastating to women even more than they are in

During hair loss, women will find hair coming out in clumps when washed and brushed. Similarly,
they might also experience hair loss while asleep and they find it on pillows. A patient needs to
visit a hair clinic when she notices this rate of hair loss. In the clinic the cause and type of hair loss
will be diagnosed and the best treatment prescribed.
While dealing with hair loss in women, several factors need to be considered. The doctor needs to
first ascertain whether it is the hairstyle used by the patient that’s causing her to lose hair or it is
some other reason that can very well be rectified by just some lifestyle adjustment. A qualified
surgeon can advise and prescribe the best treatment, or taking transplantation an option if need

Facial hair transplants have become quite popular in the recent past. Baldness especially in
women is dreaded but modern technology has found a way of navigating that and bringing in
lasting solutions to the problem. There are quality clinics that offer a wide range of excellent hair
restoration services. Click here for more information on hair loss treatment.

When hair loss is indentified and treated early, speedy restoration is possible. This will as well be
influenced greatly by pro-active actions of women in health issues; they don’t wait till too late.
When symptoms of hair loss are noticed, the patient should seek medical attention when soonest

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