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in A Grand Affair by wuyunyi


         in A Grand A

St Gabriel‟s Seventh Annual Dinner Auction
             March 14, 2009
Benvenuto!                                                                                                                                       Buona Sera!
     Welcome!                                                                                                                      Good Evening!


                                                                                     Drum roll please. . .
     Welcome to the St. Gabriel‟s A Grand Affair dinner auction with this year‟s
     theme Viva Italia!
                                                                                     Welcome to the St. Gabriel Parish Annual Dinner Auction. The seventh
                                                                                     annual St Gabriel Dinner Auction is well on its way to continuing to be the
     No culture knows how to celebrate life better than Italians. A celebration
                                                                                     biggest fundraiser for St Gabriel children.
     always includes friends and family, good pasta and wine. The largeness of the
     Italian heart is only matched by a generosity of spirit and an open wallet.
                                                                                     The Dinner Auction is a great opportunity to socialize with our neighbors,
                                                                                     colleagues, parishioners, and friends of education. It is a time to make new
     May we all be good Italians tonight and enjoy the good life God has given us
                                                                                     connections and see familiar faces all for a good cause.
     – good food and drink, good people, and good stuff donated by generous
     benefactors to tempt us to open those wallets, knowing that we‟re helping
                                                                                     A special Thank You to Archbishop Timothy Dolan for his presence at this
     support Catholic education for our children.
                                                                                     special event.
     I also am pleased to welcome our special guest, Archbishop Timothy Dolan,       On behalf of the Religious Education staff and students, and the School staff
     Archbishop of Milwaukee and former resident of Rome, who knows a thing or       and students, we want to express our thanks and appreciation to everyone who
     two about Italian parties!                                                      participated to make this annual event such a success.
                                                       Fr. Chuck Hanel               Have fun, bid high and enjoy the evening.

                                                                                                                                       Dr. Judy Mortell
Grazie!                                                                                                                                       Evening Events
        Thank You!

                                                                                          5:00 pm - 7:30 pm Registration, Silent Auction,
    As in prior years, a tremendous amount of work by the Auction Committee                                 Hand Passed Hot & Cold Hors d’oeuvres
    Members has gone into planning and putting on this event. Tonight we are sitting                        Complimentary Beer & Soda until 7:00 pm
    down to a fine Italian dinner surrounded by friends and family in support of our
    parish‟s school and religious education programs.                                     7:00 pm            Silent Auction Tables Begin to Close

    We are sincerely grateful that you took the time and made the commitment to join                         7:00   Milan - For the Women
    us tonight. We are very thankful to everyone who has donated their time and
    talent to this worthwhile event. We rely on the experiences of those who have                            7:05   Venice - Entertainment
    volunteered before us and taught us along the way. Every year the committee strives                             Sicily - For the Men
    to make this event successful and profitable.
                                                                                                             7:10   Florence - For the Home
    Last year the auction generated a profit of over $82,000. This annual event is one                              Palermo - To Good Health
    of two lifelines to our financial sustainability as a school where these funds go                        7:15   Genoa - Sports & Leisure
    directly back into the education of St. Gabriel children. We thank you in advance
    for your generosity tonight.                                                                                    Siena - Kids & Family
                                                                                                             7:20   Vatican City - Our Children’s Creations
    We all want this to be a fun, memorable evening for you and we wish you luck in
                                                                                                             7:30   Rome - Super Silent
    winning the items you may be bidding on.
                                                                                          7:30 pm            All Raffles Close
    Thank you, Grazie!!                                                                                      Prayer led by Father Chuck
                                                                                                             Italian Cuisine by Chef Jack’s

    The Auction Committee                                                                 8:30 pm            Live Auction with Todd Scheel from Exciting Events
Buon Appetito!                                                                                                                                      Table of Contents
                   Enjoy your meal!
                                                                                  Auction Directions -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8

                                                                                  Raffles ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9

                Hand Passed Hot & Cold Hors d’oeuvres                             Our Generous Sponsors ------------------------------------------------------------------- 10
       Tomato Pesto Crostini, Italian Sausage Mushrooms, Chestnut Rumaki,
                 Raspberry & Brie Phyllos and Artichoke Toasts                    Our Wonderful Volunteers ----------------------------------------------------------------- 11

                                                                                  Live Auction --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12

                           Semi Sit Down Dinner                                   Roma, Rome --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 16
             Italian Hard Crusted Breads with a Decorative Butter Rose
                                     Antipasta Platter                            Vatican City, Vatican City --------------------------------------------------------------- 20
                     Martini Italian Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette
                                                                                  Milano, Milan ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 24

                                  Buffet Meal                                     Palermo, Palermo ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 30
                           Tuscan Blend of Vegetables
                          Parisian Oven Roasted Potato                            Venezia, Venice ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 34
                  Penne Pasta Alfredo with Sun Dried Tomatoes
                Breast of Chicken En „Croute with Sauce Naturale
                                                                                  Siena, Siena --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 38
              Chef Carved Roast Sirloin of Beef with Mushroom Sauce

                                                                                  Firenze, Florence ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 42
                                      Dessert                                     Genova, Genoa ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 46
                           Flaming Baked Orange Alaska
                                                                                  Sicilia, Sicily --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 50
       Also featuring an Italian Flavored Coffee Bar to enjoy with your dessert
                                                                                  Wine, Dine, & Shine Donors --------------------------------------------------------------- 57
Auction Directions                                                                                                                                                                                          Raffles
   Items available for bid at the silent auction are listed on the following pages. Every effort has been                                                That’s Amore Raffle
    made to include restrictions/exclusions/limitations on the table displays, if applicable, for services or    This one‟s all about love! Buy a raffle ticket for $10, and you could win a romantic getaway package for two
    gift certificates. It will be the responsibility of the bidder to verify these details.                           to beautiful Door County, PLUS each ticket comes with a rose to share with that special someone.
                                                                                                                                               Donated by: The Frank, Klotz, & Polega Families
   The buyer of an auctioned service or event must contact the donor to make arrangements, unless
    otherwise specified.
                                                                                                                                                            Viva Italia Raffle
   Dollar values placed on items are determined by the donor or estimates have been made. St.                  Buy a raffle ticket for $10 each or 3 for $25 and drop it in the bucket of your choice for a chance to win one
    Gabriel Parish and its Auction Committee make no warranty concerning the quality or value of                                                            of the following prizes:
    auction items. All sales are final. There will be no returns or exchanges. All items are sold in “as-
    is” condition.                                                                                                              Ruby & Diamond Pendant on Silver Chain - donated by Friends of the Auction
                                                                                                                                           Nintendo Wii - donated by Friends of the Auction
   A winning bidder may be able to obtain an income tax deduction if the amount of the winning bid                   Nintendo Wii Fit / Wii Ski - donated by Mr & Mrs Jerry Palmersheim & Friends of the Auction
    exceeds the item‟s fair-market value. Please consult your tax advisor.                                            American Girl Doll “Chrissa” and Books & American Girl Place Gift Certificate - donated by
                                                                                                                                               Families of St Gabriel Second Grade Class
                                                                                                                “Holiday Traditions” Print by George Kovach - donated by Northwoods Craftsman & Friends of the Auction
   When placing a bid on a Silent Auction item, please record your bidder number, name, and
                                                                                                                                      Garmin Nuvi 265WT GPS - donated by SJ Enterprises, LLC
    amount. Bids not meeting the outlined specifications on the bid sheet will not be honored. All
    questions of priority and procedure shall be decided by the Auction Committee at its sole
    discretion. Closing times for the Silent Auction will be strictly enforced.                                                                             Centerpiece Raffle
                                                                                                                 Take home a “Taste of Italy” featuring Maggiano‟s pasta sauce by purchasing one of our centerpieces for only
   Bidders at the Voice Auction will use their bidder number by raising their paddle, which will signal                                     $20. You may also be the winner of $100 cash.
    a spotter. The auctioneer will have the final decision as to who will be deemed the purchaser of                                                    Sauce donated by: Maggiano‟s
    the item being auctioned.
                                                                                                                                                           Early Bird Raffle
   Winning bidders must pay in full with cash, check, or MasterCard/Visa by the end of the night.                If you responded to tonight‟s auction by February 12, 2009 you are automatically entered in this raffle for
    All items must be paid for and removed from the premises by midnight.                                                                             your chance to win $250 in cash.

   All raffle winners will be drawn and announced this evening.
                                                                                                                                                     Wine, Dine, & Shine Pull
   Keep in mind that some items or services have quick expiration dates.                                              Pull a wine cork for $10 and you are a guaranteed winner of many different and exciting prizes!
                                                     8                                                                                                                9
Our Generous Donors                                                                                                                                                           Our Wonderful Volunteers
                                                                                                                    The volunteers mentioned below have worked hard for many months organizing and developing our wonderful
We would like to say “Grazie” to the following individuals and companies who are sponsors and underwriters          event this evening. They deserve special thanks along with their families who have shown great patience during
tonight. Many thanks also go out to our advertisers and all of the business and individual donors who have          the planning of this event.
generously provided our auction items found on the many pages of our catalog. Last, but certainly not least,                                             Jodi Consiglio - Auction Co-Chair
we want to thank YOU, our friends who have joined us this evening! We have been truly blessed by                                                          Terry Brehm - Auction Co-Chair
everyone‟s support!
                                                                                                                    ACQUISITIONS                      RESERVATIONS                                THEME DEVELOPMENT & DECORATIONS
                                                                                                                    Cathy Piotrowski - Co-Chair       Donna Klotz - Chair                         Jodi Consiglio - Chair
                                                                                                                    Jeff Piotrowski - Co-Chair        Mary Frank                                  Gina Bandholz
                                                                              Bronze Sponsorship                    Vickie Balistriere - Co-Chair                                                 Amy Boehler
                   Gold Sponsorship                                             Beyer Construction
             Anonymous Friend of the Auction                                                                        Amy Boehler                       MAILINGS                                    Peggy Gerrits
                                                                               David & Linda Daute                  Mary Frank                        Donna Klotz - Chair     Allison Loosen      Michelle Goeman
                                                                              Bruno & Ramona Henke                  Donna Klotz                       Kim Boho                Betty Miller        Sara Neureuther
                                                                                 Joel & Terri Karls                 Betty Miller                      Renee Borchardt         Denise Oehldrich    Amy Rasimus
                                                                              Martin F Stein Memorial                                                 Terry Brehm             Nancy Oman          Lanae Weyer
                  Silver Sponsorship                                               Scenic Homes                     CALL BACK TEAM                    Linda Burger            Kathy Palmersheim
                   Michael Mesenbourg                                          Tom & Jan Waldhart                   Jan Hastings - Co-Chair           Mary Frank              Kim Papenthien      AUCTION CLASSROOM REPS
                                                                                                                    Heather Szamocki - Co-Chair       Jan Hastings            Bridgette Penix     K4 - Sandy Donovan & Tammy Schneider
                                                                                                                    Vickie Balistriere                Anna Klotz              Cathy Piotrowski    K5 - Celina Miramantes & Jen Thuemmler
                                                                                                                    Germaine Bilicki                  Jeff Klotz              Jill Sheehan        1st Grade - Rhonda Hetchler
                              Sponsorships                                                                          Renee Borchardt                   Karina Klotz            Lanae Weyer         2nd Grade - Vickie Balistriere
                                                                                                                    Lisa Brainerd                     Mary Lynn Kocovsky                          3rd Grade - Jennifer Gillis
        Ken & Kathy Dellemann                        Earl Krahn
          Dublin Contractors                    Ken & Shirley Kranz
                                                                                              Auctioneer            Julie Brumm                                                                   4th Grade - Kathy Palmersheim
                                                                                                                    Karen Cairns                      AUCTION NIGHT VOLUNTEER                     5th Grade - Julie Malucha
        Friends of the Auction                      Helen Kratz                     Todd Scheel - Exciting Events
                                                                                                                    Theresa Driver                    COORDINATOR                                 6th Grade - Angela Mueller
          Jim & Bunny Gitter                     Paul & Julie Miller                                                Kathy Hansen                      Kathy Palmersheim                           7th Grade - Jeanne Hrycuik
      Gerald & Bonnie Gerkhardt                  James Nettesheim                                                   Ed Hrycuik                                                                    8th Grade - Donna Klotz
         David & Joyce Haertl                  Ed & Phyllis Niemiec                        Accommodations
                                                                                                                    Terri Karls                       NIGHT OF RAFFLES                            Religious Education - Jeannie Arand
         Charles & Karen Hale                Jerry & Kathy Palmersheim                   Chandelier Ballroom        Jeff Kjorlein                     Peggy Gerrits - Chair
        Philip & Nancy Hansen                  Mike & Holly Rashid                                                  Jane Litke                                                                    CASHIERING
                                                                                                                                                      Karen Cairns
              Mary Heine                         Ken & Ann Rodig                                                    Allison Loosen                                                                Brian Mayr - Chair
     Hubertus Chiropractic Center               Dan & Carol Roltgen                            Printing             Jill Sheehan                      CRANFEST TRIP                               Tom Felhofer
             Jerry Jaworski             St Gabriel Marketplace Extravaganza              Brookstone Printing                                                                                      Dave Markovich
                                                                                                                                                      Angela Kjorlein
           Jake & Jan Jilling                     Thomas Schaefer
                                                                                           Graphic Edge             AUCTION DISPLAY PREPARATIONS                                                  Nancy Oman
           Grant Ketterhagen              Schmidt & Bartelt Funeral Service                                         Rhonda Brunkhorst - Chair         INVITATIONS & CATALOG
            Kathleen Kiernan                       Virgina Schmitz                                                  Kim Boho                                                                      ALL AROUND SUPPORT
                                                                                                                                                      Jodi Consiglio
     James & Mary Lynn Kocovsky                Roseann Schraufnagel                            Catering             Katie Martinez                                                                Cindy Fassbender
                                            Charles & Mary Van Hecke                                                Laura Nasgowitz
                                                                                              Chef Jack‟s                                             PUBLICITY
                                                                                                                                                      Terry Brehm

                                                            10                                                                                                                11
Live Auction                                                                                                                                                                                                          Live Auction
001      One Week Stay in Orlando & Park Hopper Passes                                     VALUE: $1,500.00                  008      Prince Fielder Autographed “Breaking Through the Glass” Shadow Box                  VALUE: $550.00
Plan a week in Orlando at the condo of your choice, based upon availability. Plan for fun at Disney theme parks with         This unique piece captures the enthusiasm of Prince Fielder as he begins another season as the Milwaukee Brewers “hit
four, one-day Park Hopper Passes.                                                                                            man”.
DONOR: Richard & Judy Wagner & Walt Disney World                                                                             DONOR: St Gabriel School Parents

002       That‟s Entertainment                                                                VALUE: Priceless               009      Tour of the Army Air Guard Helicopters with Mr Pluim                                 VALUE: Priceless
The Eighth grade students and their parents have put together a special package that can be used the next time you           Don‟t miss this great opportunity to a behind the scenes of helicopters, including UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter.
entertain! The basket includes a wrought iron wine table, hand etched glasses, hand embellished coasters and serving tray,   DONOR: Mr Richard Pluim
dessert/appetizer plates, 12 bottles of assorted wine, and a cookbook published by the 8th grade class (plus a few other
surprises)!!                                                                                                                 010      Girlfriends Spa Retreat at Chula Vista Resort                                        VALUE: $850.00
DONOR: Mrs Merkel‟s Eighth Grade Class                                                                                       Enjoy two nights in this junior suite at The Chula Vista Resort in the Wisconsin Dells. Head to Spa Del Sol to melt your
                                                                                                                             worries away with a $325.00 gift card. Then head to Pirate‟s Cove and golf the night away!
003      Cedar Arbor Swing                                                                 VALUE: $1,500.00                  DONOR: St Gabriel Bunco Babes & Pirate‟s Cove Adventure Golf
Enjoy the summer nights in your backyard on your very own arbor swing, measuring 6 1/2‟ high x 7 1/2‟ wide x 2 1/2‟
deep.                                                                                                                        011      Dell Laptop Computer Package                                                       VALUE: $875.00
DONOR: Brion & Betty Miller                                                                                                  Work anywhere with this Dell Inspiron 1525 computer. This computer has a 15.4” high definition screen with 250GB
                                                                                                                             hard drive and 3 GB of memory. This package also includes a carrying case, optic cordless mouse, and a $25.00 Office
004      Framed Print “Holy Hill Royalty” Signed & Number by George Kovach                     VALUE: $490.00                Max gift card.
This beautiful depiction of Holy Hill is also signed by Archbishop Timothy Dolan                                             DONOR: Scenic Homes, St Gabriel Parish Council & Friends of the Auction
DONOR: Northwoods Craftsman
                                                                                                                             012       Catered Dinner by Chef Jack‟s                                                        VALUE: $1,000.00
005      One Week Stay at the Martinez Cabin                                                VALUE: $1,200.00                 Chef Jack‟s will prepare a scrumptious, elegant dinner for ten people. Impress your guests with the best meal you‟ve ever
Enjoy a week in Wisconsin‟s beautiful north woods! This northern getaway is located on Rock Lake, in Vilas County.           served, including hors d‟oeuvres and dessert.
DONOR: Paul & Katie Martinez                                                                                                 DONOR: Chef Jack‟s

006       Heil Hi Efficient Furnace                                                         VALUE: $2,000.00                 013      Hot Air Balloon Ride for Two                                                   VALUE: $380.00
Here‟s your chance to have a quality furnace installed in your home by St Gabriel‟s very own Tony Weyer. Installation        You and your guest will get a bird‟s eye view of the world as you glide over Southeastern Wisconsin with Balloons
not included.                                                                                                                Unlimited, Inc. Good for at least a one hour ride, May through October.
DONOR: Weyer & Sons Heating                                                                                                  DONOR: David & Jan Hastings

007     Ladies Brown Alpaca Sweater Jacket & Hat                                                VALUE: $600.00               014      Lawn Care by Schoofs Greenworks                                                    VALUE: $700.00
Stay warm and look great all winter long with this beautiful alpaca sweater jacket and a matching alpaca hat.                Treat your lawn with TLC this summer with a complete custom fertilization program for the 2009 growing season, for up
DONOR: Daley‟s Pleasant Hill Farm, Friends of the Auction                                                                    to one acre.
                                                                                                                             DONOR: Schoofs Greenworks

                                                           12                                                                                                                           13
Live Auction
015       Ride A Zamboni                                                                 VALUE: Priceless
Start off your evening with a Stonefire Pizza, then head to a 2009-2010 Admiral‟s Game where one person gets to ride
the Zamboni at intermission.
DONOR: Milwaukee Admiral‟s & Stonefire Pizza
                                                                                                                       A school is a building
016      Bart Starr Autographed “Ice Bowl” Photograph
This must have, hard to find Packer item will compliment any collection of Packer memorabilia.
                                                                                               VALUE: $350.00
                                                                                                                          that has four walls
                                                                                                                              and a tomorrow inside!
DONOR: St Gabriel School Parents

017 AirTran Airways Tickets                                                               VALUE: $1,000.00
Two coach travel tickets valid in the continental US.
DONOR: AirTran Airways

                            SHOP „TIL YOU DROP AT WARREN‟S CRANBERRY FEST
                               THE WORLD‟S LARGEST CRANBERRY FESTIVAL

  In 2008, the Warrens Cranberry Festival won the People's Choice Award for "Best Wisconsin Town For a
  Weekend Festival".

  Join us on Saturday, September 26, for this year's festival! Cranfest has something special for everyone.
  Hand crafted art & craft items, delicious food, and rare educational opportunities are all waiting for you in
  Warrens, WI!

  No driving or parking hassles, just a luxurious coach bus trip.
                                                                                                                                          With respect for your good work,
  Space is limited! In order to guarantee a seat, you need to be one of the first 50 people to sign up the
  night of our parish dinner auction, Viva Italia.                                                                                                      Barbara Stein
  Contact Angela Kjorlien at 262-628-8369 with questions.

                                                        14                                                                           15
Roma                                                                                                                                                                              Roma
          Rome                                                                                                                                                         Rome
101 Bowling Party with Mrs Merkel                                   VALUE: Priceless   113 Matinee Movie with Mrs Markovich                                             VALUE: Priceless
DONOR: Mrs Pam Merkel & Pioneer Bowl                                                   DONOR: Mrs Linda Markovich

102 Ice Cream Party with the Principal                              VALUE: Priceless   114 Paul Hornung Autographed “With Vince” Photo                                  VALUE: $300.00
DONOR: Dr Judith Mortell                                                               DONOR: Friends of the Auction

103 Breakfast a la School Committee                                 VALUE: Priceless   115 Four Tickets for an Admiral‟s Game in Senator Herb Kohl‟s Luxury Suite       VALUE: $300.00
DONOR: St Gabriel School Committee                                                     DONOR: Senator Herb Kohl & Sue Leopold

104 Front Row Seats at the St Gabriel Spring & Christmas Concerts   VALUE: Priceless   116 Duck Hunt for Two on Beaver Dam Lake                                         VALUE: Priceless
DONOR: St Gabriel Teachers & Staff                                                     DONOR: Andy & Sandy Donovan

105 Picnic Lunch with Miss Littel                                   VALUE: Priceless   117 Wine Tasting for 20 People with Hors d‟oeuvres & Desserts                    VALUE: $300.00
DONOR: Miss Vicki Littel                                                               DONOR: Estate Wines International, Donna Klotz, & Betty Miller

106 Ice Cream Float Party with Mrs Lesczynski                       VALUE: Priceless   118 Aussie Elite Gas Grill & Accessories                                              VALUE: $300.00
DONOR: Mrs Chris Lesczynski                                                            DONOR: Bruce & Rhonda Brunkhorst, Jeff & Donna Klotz, Klements Sausage & Friends of the Auction

107 Mini Golf with Mrs Stango                                       VALUE: Priceless   119 Handmade Invitations & Decorated Cake                                        VALUE: $200.00
DONOR: Mrs Kathy Stango                                                                DONOR: Jodi Consiglio & Lanae Weyer

108 Premier Parking at Saturday 4:30 Mass                           VALUE: Priceless   120 Dinner at the Firehouse                                                      VALUE: Priceless
DONOR: St Gabriel Parish                                                               DONOR: Jeff Kjorlien

109 Premier Parking at Sunday 8:00 Mass                             VALUE: Priceless   121 Handcrafted Reindeer                                                         VALUE: $100.00
DONOR: St Gabriel Parish                                                               DONOR: T‟N‟T Reindeer Ranch

110 Premier Parking at Sunday 10:30 Mass                            VALUE: Priceless   122 Baseball Signed by C C Sabathia                                              VALUE: $150.00
DONOR: St Gabriel Parish                                                               DONOR: Friends of the Auction

111 Sub Sandwich Party with Mrs Verble                              VALUE: Priceless   123 Pencil Portrait by Peggy Gerrits                                             VALUE: $200.00
DONOR: Mrs Barb Verble                                                                 DONOR: Peggy Gerrits

112 Mrs Piotrowski‟s Favorite Author Collection                     VALUE: Priceless   124 Oak & Walnut Amish Hope Chest                                                VALUE: $410.00
DONOR: Mrs Cathy Piotrowski                                                            DONOR: Tony Magin, Bette Cosgrove, Charles & Mary Van Hecke

                                                     16                                                                                     17
125 Birthday Party Magic Show by “The Amazing Adam”                            VALUE: Priceless
DONOR: The Amazing Adam Magic Show

126 Two US Bank Championship Tickets for Friday, July 17, 2009                 VALUE: $150.00               Has graciously donated their delectable pasta sauce that

DONOR: Robert W Baird
                                                                                                             is presented in the centerpieces you see this evening!
127 Men‟s Large Leather Harley Davidson Jacket                                 VALUE: $325.00
DONOR: Barbara Stein                                                                                                      We thank them for their generosity!
128 Ryan Braun Autographed Photo                                               VALUE: $400.00
DONOR: St Gabriel School Parents

129 8gb iPod Touch                                                             VALUE: $230.00
DONOR: St Gabriel School Parents

130 Football Autographed by A J Hawk                                           VALUE: $200.00
DONOR: Bergstrom Corporation

131      Packer Tailgating Fun                                                      VALUE: $245.00
DONOR: Sprecher Brewing, Green Bay Packers, Green Bay Packer Hall of Fame, Diane Barkow,
Usinger Sausage, Anchor Bank & Friends of the Auction                                                Maggiano’s specializes in serving lavish portions of authentic Southern Italian
                                                                                                     cuisine served family style. Our menu is large and varied, offering a great selection
132 Weekend Retreat at Scrapper‟s Hideaway                                     VALUE: $275.00        of homemade pasta, signature salads, prime steaks, fresh fish and memorable
DONOR: Scrapper‟s Hideaway                                                                           desserts.
133 Two Bucks Tickets for April 8, 2009 Signed by Andrew Bogut                 VALUE: Priceless      Come visit us and allow Maggiano’s the opportunity to serve you some of the best
DONOR: Sean & Jodie Gariety                                                                          Italian American food you have ever tasted.
134 Olive Shaded Area Rug                                                      VALUE: $700.00
DONOR: Friends of the Auction                                                                                                                       Maggiano’s Little Italy
                                                                                                                                                       2500 North Mayfair Road
135 A Week at Father Chuck‟s Cabin                                             VALUE: $1,000.00
DONOR: Father Chuck Hanel
                                                                                                                                                         Wauwatosa, WI 53226
136 Pink & Blue Full Size Quilt                                                VALUE: $200.00
DONOR: Sharlene Hiller
                                                  18                                                                                           19
Vatican City                                                                                                                                                                                                          Vatican City
                    Vatican City                                                                                                                                                                 Vatican City
201      Your Big Backyard                                                                     VALUE: $240.00                207       Badger Mania                                                                       VALUE: Priceless
A true gardener‟s delight. Everything you need this spring to get your garden growing!                                       Everything the Badger Fan in your life needs! Tailgate in style with everything from Badger flags to seat warmers. The
DONOR: Religious Education Classes                                                                                           third graders have madea needlepoint Badger sign and be sure to keep you warm with a hand tied Badger blanket. Jump
202      Chef Di Cucina                                                                         VALUE: Priceless             DONOR: Mrs Lesczynski‟s Third Grade Class
This basket includes everything the chef in your life needs to make an authentic Italian dinner. Everything from sauces to
spices to the pasta pot will make your dinner absolutely delizioso! Top off your meal with dessert of homemade Italian       208      Kiss the Cook!                                                                        VALUE: Priceless
cookies made by the K5 students!                                                                                             Get cookin‟ with Bobby Flay‟s Boy Get‟s Grill cookbook and some great grilling essentials. Head over to Sendiks to buy
DONOR: Mrs Stango‟s K5 Class                                                                                                 your meat, put on your apron designed by the sixth graders, and pick a recipe from their class cookbook. Fire up the grill
                                                                                                                             and you‟ll be the envy of the neighborhood.
203     Baker‟s Dozen                                                                             VALUE: Priceless           DONOR: Mrs Schoof‟s Sixth Grade Class
The twelve first graders have everything a baker could need. The Kitchen Aid mixer will help whip up your favorite
dishes. When your creations are ready to serve, use the platter with pictures of the first graders on it!                    209      Booklover‟s Paradise                                                             VALUE: Priceless
DONOR: Miss Littel‟s First Grade Class                                                                                       This basket is filled with books to satisfy anyone's reading needs. Grab a book, book light, and a great cup of tea.
                                                                                                                             Snuggle up on the couch and get reading! Don‟t forget to save your place with a bookmark made by one of the seventh
204      Table Toppers                                                                       VALUE: Priceless                graders!
The fourth grade class has made holiday celebrations easy! Table linens for your holiday party needs, hand stenciled by      DONOR: Mrs Verble‟s Seventh Grade Class
the students will compliment any party. All you need to do is set the table!
DONOR: Mrs Markovich‟s Fourth Grade Class                                                                                    210      Fourth Grade Birthday Party                                                    VALUE: Priceless
                                                                                                                             The fourth graders have made birthday fun easy. Get ready to party with a tablecloth adorned with pictures of each
205      Holy First Communion                                                               VALUE: Priceless                 student. Don‟t let your balloons pop!
This basket is sure to help you enjoy your child‟s First Holy Communion. Your entire celebration has been provided by        DONOR: Mrs Markovich‟s Fourth Grade Class
the second grade class including your handmade invitations, groceries, and cake. Don‟t forget to hang the banner made
by the second graders to commemorate your child‟s special day!                                                               211      4K Caught Brewer Fever                                                           VALUE: Priceless
DONOR: Mrs Metiva‟s Second Grade Class                                                                                       Everything needed for the baseball lover in you! Some great Brewer memorabilia is topped off with a hand tied Brewer
                                                                                                                             blanket and handprint beanbag chair made especially for you by the K4 class. Get ready to head to the game with a
206       We Are Fit                                                                            VALUE: Priceless             Brewers‟ gift card!
The fifth grade class has made quality family fitness a breeze for you! Enjoy playing games in your backyard like            DONOR: Mrs Piotrowski‟s K4 Class
badminton, soccer, and lasso golf. On a rainy day, enjoy bowling and Tae Kwon Do. Top off this great package with a
volleyball party at St Gabriel School hosted by the fifth graders and their “coach”, Ms Tackes.
DONOR: Ms Tackes‟ Fifth Grade Class

                                                           20                                                                                                                           21
Milano                                                                                                                                                                         Milano
             Milan                                                                                                                                                      Milan
301 Ladies Soap Making Workshop                                        VALUE: $150.00   313 Pair of Crystal Candlesticks                                                  VALUE: $46.00
DONOR: Richard & Judy Wagner                                                            DONOR: Friends of the Auction

302 One Hour Massage at Integrated Bodywork                            VALUE: $68.00    314 White Afghan                                                                  VALUE: $70.00
DONOR: Integrated Bodywork                                                              DONOR: Emily Palmersheim

303 New Mom‟s Survival Basket                                          VALUE: $85.00    315 In Excelsis Day Spa Gift Certificate                                          VALUE: $70.00
DONOR: Jodi Consiglio, Bette Cosgrove, Richard & Judy Wagner                            DONOR: In Excelsis Day Spa

304 Honora Pearl Necklace, Bracelet, & Earring Set                     VALUE: $150.00   316 “Spring Explosion” Hand Woven Basket                                          VALUE: $65.00
DONOR: Rhonda Brunkhorst                                                                DONOR: Beth Sager

305 Jewelry Armoire                                                    VALUE: $250.00   317 Turtle Shell and Jasper Necklace and Earrings                                 VALUE: $75.00
DONOR: Chris & Liz Juern                                                                DONOR: Bruno & Ramona Henke

306 Peridot, Citrine, & Garnet Pendant                                 VALUE: $540.00   318 “Tuscan View” Cross Stitch                                                    VALUE: $75.00
DONOR: Bruno & Ramona Henke                                                             DONOR: Anita Weyer

307 Prom Dress and Accessories                                         VALUE: $558.00   319 Bloodstone Pendant & Earrings with Leaf & Bead Picture                        VALUE: $50.00
DONOR: Amelishan Bridal                                                                 DONOR: Jane Mirocha, Bruno & Ramona Henke

308 Jasper Sterling Silver Necklace & Earrings in Black Jewelry Case   VALUE: $45.00    320 Caldrea EcoFriendly Kitchen Product Basket & Six Crocheted Kitchen Towels     VALUE: $155.00
DONOR: Terri & Jacki Karls                                                              DONOR: Creatively Yours, Friends of the Auction

309 Longaberger Tote Basket                                            VALUE: $200.00   321 Impressions Salon & Day Spa Gift Certificate and dinner at The Riversite      VALUE: $100.00
DONOR: Margaret Runnells                                                                DONOR: Impressions Salon & Day Spa, The Riversite Restaurant

310 Partylite Wrought Iron Hanging Candle Stand                        VALUE: $100.00   322 Black Onyx Bracelet & Earrings                                                VALUE: $48.00
DONOR: Friends of the Auction                                                           DONOR: Rhonda Brunkhorst

311 Floral Vase & A New Leaf Floral Gift Certificate                   VALUE: $90.00    323 “You Never Know Until You Stop Trying” Plaque on Easel                        VALUE: $35.00
DONOR: Judy Mortell, A New Leaf Floral                                                  DONOR: Brion & Betty Miller

312 Quality Candy & Boxwood Oval Platter                               VALUE: $110.00   324 Sterling Silver Chain Link Bracelet in White Rose Jewelry Box                 VALUE: $45.00
DONOR: Quality Candy & Buddy Squirrel, Friends of the Auction                           DONOR: Terri & Jacki Karls
                                                       24                                                                                      25
325 Partylite Tiered Centerpiece Candle Holder
DONOR: Friends of the Auction
                                                                                    VALUE: $60.00            In Memory of
326 Colors of Fall Necklace
DONOR: Rhonda Brunkhorst
                                                                                    VALUE: $40.00              MARTY STEIN
327 Turkish Tapestry Throw Rug
DONOR: Friends of the Auction
                                                                                    VALUE: $30.00
                                                                                                           Past Contributor & Supporter
328 Crystal Candlesticks                                                            VALUE: $40.00
DONOR: Friends of the Auction                                                                                  Saint Gabriel School
329 Denim & Diamonds Party Basket                                                   VALUE: $30.00‟
DONOR: Friends of the Auction                                                                        He loved the school and its supporters. . .
330 Guest Room Toiletries & Plush Blanket                                           VALUE: $55.00
DONOR: Badger Promotions, Friends of the Auction

331 Striped Ceramic Pitcher & Blue Lace Agate Jewelry Set                           VALUE: $127.00     By Marty‟s Sons - Dan & Larry Stein
DONOR: Bruno & Ramona Henke, Friends of the Auction

332 Pearl Necklace with Charm Accents & Partylite Candleholders                     VALUE: $63.00
DONOR: Rhonda Brunkhorst, Friends of the Auction

333 Picture Frame and Oasis Throw Blanket                                           VALUE: $175.00

                                                                                                                 iva Italia!
DONOR: Friends of the Auction

334 Homemade Soap Basket & Buckwheat Pillow
DONOR: Richard & Judy Wagner
                                                                                    VALUE: $50.00              V                ffair
                                                                                                                    in A Grand A
335 Creative Floral Designs/Something Borrowed Certificate & Butterfly Sweatshirt   VALUE: $50.00
DONOR: Creative Floral Designs/Something Borrowed, Friends of the Auction                                             Silver Sponso
336 Partylite Candle Holders & Labradorite Jewelry                                  VALUE: $70.00
DONOR: Bruno & Ramona Henke, Friends of the Auction

                                                       26                                                                 27
337 Coffee & Chocolate Tea Cup Planter with Flower Source Gift Card   VALUE: $60.00
DONOR: The Flower Source, Brion & Betty Miller

338 Queen Sized Forest Green & Red Quilt                              VALUE: $200.00
DONOR: Jerry & Delores Crowell

339 Leaf Picture, Jewelry Box with Jewelry, & Slippers                VALUE: $40.00
DONOR: Joan Lanser, Jane Mirocha, Friends of the Auction
                                                                                       31Years of Excellence
340 Slippers, Buckwheat Pillow & Unakite Jewelry                      VALUE: $65.00
DONOR: Joan Lanser, Bruno & Ramona Henke, Richard & Judy Wagner
                                                                                                               Certificate Expires
341 Lariat Necklace with Fragrance & Figurine                         VALUE: $70.00                                  6/30/09
DONOR: Aurora Pharmacy, Rhonda Brunkhorst

342 Sterling Silver Turquoise Earrings                                VALUE: $80.00
DONOR: Starfire Jewelry

343 Rhodontie Pendant & Earrings                                      VALUE: $50.00
DONOR: Mona Henke

                                                                                                               Certificate Expires
Palermo                                                                                                                                                          Palermo
               Palermo                                                                                                                                   Palermo
401 One Hour Massage by VLT Massage Therapy                              VALUE: $50.00    413 St Gabriel Scenic Run Race Entries & T-Shirts                 VALUE: $50.00
DONOR: VLT Massage Therapy                                                                DONOR: Bill & Sandy Neureuther

402 Pick a Fest for Four                                                 VALUE: $128.00   414 Innisbrook Basket of Treasures                                VALUE: $90.00
DONOR: German Fest, Festa Italiana, & Polish Center of Wisconsin                          DONOR: Innisbrook Premium Wrapping Paper

403 One Month of Lessons or Birthday Party at JK Lee                     VALUE: $100.00   415 Wellness Basket & Half Hour Massage                           VALUE: $100.00
DONOR: JK Lee Black Belt Academy                                                          DONOR: Aurora Healthcare

404 Stein Optical Gift Certificate                                       VALUE: $75.00    416 Four Passes to View Milwaukee‟s Historic Mansion Museums      VALUE: $35.00
DONOR: Stein Optical Express                                                              DONOR: Charles Allis & Villa Terrace Art Museums

405 Tan Purse with Matching Umbrella & Milwaukee Magazine Subscription   VALUE: $99.00    417 3D Abs Core Conditioning System                               VALUE: $100.00
DONOR: Milwaukee Magazine & Friends of the Auction                                        DONOR: Friends of the Auction

406 St Therese Statue                                                    VALUE: $70.00    418 Richfield Historical Society Basket                           VALUE: $35.00
DONOR: Marian Center of Milwaukee                                                         DONOR: Richfield Historical Society

407 Gardener‟s Dream                                                     VALUE: $75.00    419 Saddle Club Book Personalized by Author Bonnie Bryant         VALUE: Priceless
DONOR: Shady Lane Greenhouses and Jeff & Donna Klotz                                      DONOR: Bonnie Bryant & Amy Boehler

408 Advocare Energy Products                                             VALUE: $100.00   420 Half Hour Massage by VLT Therapy & Buckwheat Pillow           VALUE: $35.00
DONOR: Patrick & Julie Brumm                                                              DONOR: Richard & Judy Wagner, VLT Therapy

409 One Month Sneakers Fitness Membership                                VALUE: $40.00    421 Rex Rabbit Grey Scarf & Fur Storage                           VALUE: $100.00
DONOR: Sneakers Health & Fitness                                                          DONOR: AJ Ugent Furs & Fashions

410 Stein Optical Gift Certificate                                       VALUE: $75.00    422 Mother of Pearl Pendant on Chain                              VALUE: $65.00
DONOR: Stein Optical Express                                                              DONOR: Bruno & Ramona Henke

411 One Hour of Shooting Time at West Town Archery for Four              VALUE: $44.00    423 Six Month Family Membership at Tri County YMCA                VALUE: $390.00
DONOR: West Town Archery                                                                  DONOR: Tri County YMCA

412 Washington County Historical Society Annual Membership & Cookbook    VALUE: $25.00    424 In Home Cleaning Gift Certificate from Eddie Z‟s              VALUE: $75.00
DONOR: Washington County Historical Society                                               DONOR: Eddie Z‟s Blinds & Drapery

                                                      30                                                                                         31
Palermo                                                                                                                                                                  Palermo
              Palermo                                                                                                                                              Palermo
425 The Body Burner System                                          VALUE: $100.00   437 Skating at Eble or Nagawicka Ice Rinks & Lunch at The Chocolate Factory     VALUE: $93.00
DONOR: Friends of the Auction                                                        DONOR: Waukesha County Parks, The Chocolate Factory

426 Standing Wrought Iron Cross                                     VALUE: $60.00    438 A Taste of Milwaukee                                                        VALUE: $65.00
DONOR: Friends of the Auction                                                        DONOR: Sargento Cheese Co, The Spice House, The Chocolate Factory

427 Three Day Celebration Yard Sign Rental                          VALUE: $45.00    439 One Month Membership at United Fitness & Buckwheat Pillow                   VALUE: $60.00
DONOR: Celebration Yard Signs                                                        DONOR: Richard & Judy Wagner, United Fitness

428 Tea Cup & Saucer Planter with Flowers                           VALUE: $70.00    440 Singleton Print “Halloween” with Framing Certificate                        VALUE: $80.00
DONOR: Brion & Betty Miller                                                          DONOR: Northwoods Craftsman

429 Girlfriends One Month Membership at Curves in Menomonee Falls   VALUE: $68.00    441 Turtle Bay Quilt & God‟s Garden Flax Flower                                 VALUE: $118.00
DONOR: Curves for Women                                                              DONOR: Sharlene Hiller, Marian Center of Milwaukee

430 Half Hour Massage by VLT Therapy & Buckwheat Pillow             VALUE: $35.00    442 Imperial Jasper Earrings                                                    VALUE: $30.00
DONOR: Richard & Judy Wagner, VLT Therapy                                            DONOR: Bruno & Ramona Henke

431 Welcome Plaque with Changing Seasonal Hearts                    VALUE: $150.00   443 Two Wisconsin History Books Authored by Parishioner Mary Schueller          VALUE: $75.00
DONOR: Steve & Tammy Schneider                                                           & 2009 State Park Sticker
                                                                                     DONOR: The Schueller Family
432 Two “On The Rocks” Certificates & Lunch at Bubba‟s              VALUE: $80.00
DONOR: Adventure Rock, Bubba‟s Frozen Custard

433 Pampered Chef Salad Lover
DONOR: St Gabriel Marketplace Extravaganza
                                                                    VALUE: $96.00
                                                                                                                       Please patronize our
434 Two Months Membership & Personal Training at Snap Fitness
DONOR: Snap Fitness
                                                                    VALUE: $230.00
435 U Pick Strawberries at Basse‟s & Elegant Farmer Apple Pie       VALUE: $39.00
DONOR: Basse‟s Taste of Country, The Elegant Farmer

436 Passes to Milwaukee Public Museum & Dinner for Two at Panera    VALUE: 42.00
DONOR: Milwaukee Public Museum, Panera Bread

                                                     32                                                                                   33
Venezia                                                                                                                                                                               Venezia
              Venice                                                                                                                                                           Venice
501 Friday Fish Fry for Four at Libby Montana                                      VALUE: $55.00         513 Great Gardening!                                                  VALUE: $70.00
DONOR: Libby Montana                                                                                     DONOR: Lied‟s Nursery Co, Jeff & Donna Klotz

502 Coffee Lover‟s Tote & Mug                                                      VALUE: $75.00         514 Brunch for Two at Pandl‟s in Bayside                              VALUE: $60.00
DONOR: Westbury Bank & Friends of the Auction                                                            DONOR: Pandl‟s in Bayside

503 Six Week Adult Pottery Class                                                   VALUE: $140.00        515 “Full Autumn Pageantry” Print by Gary Gandy                       VALUE: $175.00
DONOR: Creative Fire Art and Pottery                                                                     DONOR: Ray Gibert

504 Comedy Sportz for Two                                                          VALUE: $24.00         516 Two Tickets to Quartet San Francisco on March 28, 2009 & Dinner   VALUE: $76.00
DONOR: Comedy Sportz                                                                                     DONOR: Schauer Arts & Activities Center, Texas Roadhouse

505 A Night on the Town                                                              VALUE: $310.00      517 Philips Home Theater System                                       VALUE: $200.00
DONOR: Eagan‟s on Water, John & Margaret Runnells, Milwaukee Repertory Theater, Friends of the Auction   DONOR: Bill & Nancy Mueller

506 Com‟e il Vino                                                                  VALUE: $102.00        518 Four General Admission Tickets to Summerfest 2009                 VALUE: $32.00
DONOR: Joan Lanser, Friends of the Auction                                                               DONOR: Milwaukee World Festival Inc

507 Four Lawn Tickets to Gathering on the Green                                    VALUE: $60.00         519 Sweet Treat Basket                                                VALUE: $90.00
DONOR: Gathering on the Green                                                                            DONOR: Max, Michelle, & Jason Sedovic

508 Il Vino Basket                                                                 VALUE: $240.00        520 Three Day Celebration Yard Sign Rental                            VALUE: $45.00
DONOR: St Gabriel‟s Home & School Association, Friends of the Auction                                    DONOR: Celebration Yard Sign

509 Sunday Brunch for 10 at The Copper Dock                                        VALUE: $170.00        521 Pampered Chef Pizza Party Set                                     VALUE: $65.00
DONOR: The Copper Dock                                                                                   DONOR: St Gabriel Marketplace Extravaganza

510 One Month of Tae Kwon Do Lessons or Birthday Party at JK Lee                   VALUE: $100.00        522 Lunch with the Richfield Firefighters                             VALUE: Priceless
DONOR: JK Lee Black Belt Academy                                                                         DONOR: Richfield Fire Department

511 Dessert‟s On Us                                                                VALUE: Priceless      523 Saddle Club Book Personalized by Author Bonnie Bryant             VALUE: Priceless
DONOR: Cathy Piotrowski, Vicki Littel, Donna Klotz, Mary Frank                                           DONOR: Bonnie Bryant & Amy Boehler

512 Annual Membership for Two Children at Family Fun Land                          VALUE: $275.00        524 Family Fun in Chicago                                             VALUE: $132.00
DONOR: Family Fun Land                                                                                   DONOR: Museum of Science & Industry, John G Shedd Aquarium

                                                     34                                                                                                    35
Venezia                                                                                                                                                                                              Venezia
            Venice                                                                                                                                                                        Venice
525 Amethyst Pendant & Earrings                                                    VALUE: $80.00        537 A Trio of Jewelry Assortment                                                   VALUE: $40.00
DONOR: Bruno & Ramona Henke                                                                             DONOR: Bruce & Ramona Henke

526 Hollywood Party Basket                                                         VALUE: $30.00        538 Partylite Gold Candle Lamp & Gourmet Coffee                                    VALUE: $125.00
DONOR: Friends of the Auction                                                                           DONOR: St Gabriel Marketplace Extravaganza, Friends of the Auction

527 A Taste of Richfield                                                                VALUE: $80.00   539 One Night Stay at The Washington House Inn & Spa Salon Visit                   VALUE: $360.00
DONOR: Truckers & Travelers Restaurant, Sloppy Joe‟s, Corfu Restaurant, The Sawmill Inn                 DONOR: The Washington House Inn, Bella Lei

528 Mini Golf at Fun World & Pizza at Edwardo‟s                                    VALUE: $35.00        540 Framed George Kovach‟s “Christmas” Print                                       VALUE: $110.00
DONOR: Edwardo‟s Natural Pizza, Fun World                                                               DONOR: Northwoods Craftsman

529 Two Tickets to the March 29th Concert “Russian Rebirth”                        VALUE: $68.00        541 Italian Coffee & Chocolate Basket                                              VALUE: $35.00
DONOR: Waukesha Symphony Orchestra                                                                      DONOR: Tony & Jodi Consiglio

530 Ice Skating and Custard                                                        VALUE: $43.00        542 To Whom Shall We Go? Book Signed by Archbishop Timothy Dolan                   VALUE: Priceless
DONOR” Waukesha County Parks, Robert‟s Frozen Custard                                                   DONOR: Jeff & Donna Klotz
531 Party with the Puppies at Dairyland Greyhound Park                             VALUE: $350.00
DONOR: Dairyland Greyhound Park                                                                                                                                      Working together as a family. . .
                                                                                                                                                                        building, establishing
532 Germanfest Tickets for Four                                                    VALUE: $40.00               3187 Bark Lake Rd   Hubertus, Wisconsin 53033
                                                                                                                                                                            strong roots and blooms
DONOR: Germanfest
                                                                                                                                                                                    from the ground up!!!
533 Four Tickets to the “We Six” on April 23rd and dinner at La Chimenea           VALUE: $128.00
DONOR: Wisconsin Conservatory of Music, La Chimenea

534 Personalized Engraved Brick at Richfield Hertiage Park                         VALUE: $100.00
DONOR: The Schueller Family
                                                                                                                 Sit back, relax, and enjoy the great
535 Two Tickets to any Classical or Pops Concert                                   VALUE: $112.00
                                                                                                                  outdoors all year long. . . We are
DONOR: The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra                                                                                “Your Outdoor Dreamers”!

536 Madison Getaway and Luggage                                                    VALUE: $280.00                      PROVIDING ALL YOUR                          
DONOR: Badger Promotions, John & Margaret Runnells, Holy Hill Shell & Subway                                  LANDSCAPING, LAWN CARE MAINTENANCE                                          The Consiglio Family
                                                                                                                                                                                       A Parish & School Family
                                                                                                                    & SNOWPLOWING NEEDS
Siena                                                                                                                                                                                 Siena
       Siena                                                                                                                                                                  Siena
601 Six Week Child‟s Pottery Class                                      VALUE: $98.00      613 Pizza Dinner & Family Fun at the Betty Brinn Children‟s Museum             VALUE: $44.00
DONOR: Creative Fire and Pottery                                                           DONOR: Betty Brinn Children‟s Museum, Wisconsin Hospitality Group

602 One Year Membership at The Wisconsin Maritime Museum                VALUE: $60.00      614 Jubilation Angel, Yellow Baby Afghan, Cat Quilt & Crib Blanket                  VALUE: $100.00
DONOR: Wisconsin Maritime Museum                                                           DONOR: Marian Center of Milwaukee, Kathy Hyde, Bette Cosgrove, Friends of the Auction

603 Signed Midnight Fright Book                                         VALUE: Priceless   615 Pampered Chef Baker‟s Dream Set                                            VALUE: $92.00
DONOR: Paul & Katie Martinez                                                               DONOR: St Gabriel Marketplace Extravaganza

604 Retired American Girl Doll “Samantha” with Accessories              VALUE: $160.00     616 Saddle Club Book Personalized by Author Bonnie Bryant                      VALUE: Priceless
DONOR: Friends of the Auction                                                              DONOR: Bonnie Bryant & Amy Boehler

605 Birthday Party for Eight Children at Monkey Joe‟s                   VALUE: $139.00     617 Children‟s Play Tent                                                       VALUE: $100.00
DONOR: Monkey Joe‟s                                                                        DONOR: Richard & Judy Wagner

606 Two 1/2 Hour Horseback Riding Lessons & Sweatshirt                  VALUE: $105.00     618 Gift Certificate for Umi Shoes                                             VALUE: $100.00
DONOR: YMCA Camp Minikani                                                                  DONOR: Umi Shoes, Inc

607 One Month of Tae Kwon Do Lessons or Birthday Party at JK Lee        VALUE: $100.00     619 One Face Cord of Mixed Seasoned Firewood                                   VALUE: $70.00
DONOR: JK Lee Black Belt Academy                                                           DONOR: F&S Enterprises

608 One Week‟s Childcare at Little Red Schoolhouse                      VALUE: $200.00     620 Baby Girl Accessories                                                      VALUE: $70.00
DONOR: Little Red Schoolhouse                                                              DONOR: Bette Cosgrove

609 Annual Membership for Two Children at Family Fun Land               VALUE: $275.00     621 Stationary Craft Basket                                                    VALUE: $55.00
DONOR: Family Fun Land                                                                     DONOR: Friends of the Auction

610 The Catholic Children‟s Bible Blessed by Archbishop Timothy Dolan   VALUE: Priceless   622 Family Fun Night                                                           VALUE: $73.50
DONOR: Friends of the Auction                                                              DONOR: St Gabriel Marketplace Extravaganza

611 Junior Tennis Lessons at Pleasant Valley Tennis Club & T-Shirt      VALUE: $130.00     623 Family Fun Day                                                             VALUE: $50.00
DONOR: Pleasant Valley Tennis Club                                                         DONOR: Game Room Gear, Fun World, Adventure Rock

612 American Girl Bitty Baby Doll with Clothes & Blanket                VALUE: $57.00      624 Pampered Chef Great Grilling Set                                           VALUE: $66.00
DONOR: Friends of the Auction                                                              DONOR: St Gabriel Marketplace Extravaganza

                                                      38                                                                                       39
Siena                                                                                                                                                                                  Siena
        Siena                                                                                                                                                                     Siena
625 Two Tickets to any Main Stage Waukesha Civic Theater Production & Dinner       VALUE: $78.00      637 Four Tickets to First Stage Children‟s Theater                       VALUE: $86.00
DONOR: Waukesha Civic Theater & Brisco County Wood Grill                                              DONOR: First Stage Children‟s Theater

626 Dine Out at Uno Chicago Grill                                                  VALUE: $30.00      638 Sunset Playhouse Main Stage Performance & Dinner for Two at Panera   VALUE: $56.00
DONOR: Uno Chicago Grill                                                                              DONOR: Panera Bread, Sunset Playhouse

627 Meade Telestar Telescope                                                       VALUE: $60.00      639 Three Day Celebration Yard Sign Rental & Cake                        VALUE: $45.00
DONOR: Friends of the Auction                                                                         DONOR: Celebration Yard Sign

628 Saddle Club Book Personalized by Author Bonnie Bryant                          VALUE: Priceless   640 Mo‟s Restaurant Gift Certificate                                     VALUE: $100.00
DONOR: Bonnie Bryant & Amy Boehler                                                                    DONOR: Schenck Business Solutions

629 Umi Shoes Gift Certificate                                                     VALUE: $100.00     641 DVD Player & Best Buy Certificate                                    VALUE: $164.00
DONOR: Umi Shoes, Inc                                                                                 DONOR: Sound Investments Limited, Friends of the Auction

630 Deck the Halls                                                                 VALUE: $135.00     642 Snow Day                                                             VALUE: $64.00
DONOR: Charles & Mary Van Hecke, Jerry & Delores Crowell, Friends of the Auction                      DONOR: Papa Murphy‟s, Jeff & Cathy Piotrowski

631 Pair of Gotz Dolls                                                             VALUE: $240.00     643 George Kovach Print “Santa‟s List” with Framing Certificate          VALUE: $120.00
DONOR: Friends of the Auction                                                                         DONOR: Northwoods Craftsman

632 Family Adventure at Adventure Rock & Lunch at Bubba‟s                          VALUE: $35.00      644 Nursery Rhyme Quilt & Toddler Poncho                                 VALUE: $165.00
DONOR: Adventure Rock, Bubba‟s Frozen Custard                                                         DONOR: Bette Cosgrove, Sharlene Hiller

633 Ice Cream Party                                                                VALUE: $94.00
DONOR: Friends of the Auction

634 Subscription to Milwaukee Magazine & Gold C Entertainment Book                 VALUE: $29.00
DONOR: Milwaukee Magazine, Bill & Nancy Mueller

635 Family Membership to the Schlitz Audubon & Greenhouse Certificates             VALUE: $70.00
DONOR: Schlitz Audubon Nature Center, Shady Lane Greenhouses

636 Set of Four Gorham Iced Tea Glasses                                            VALUE: $60.00
DONOR: Friends of the Auction

                                                    40                                                          41
Firenze                                                                                                                                               Firenze
             Florence                                                                                                                         Florence
701 Horsch & Miller Gift Certificate                          VALUE: $100.00     713 Eddie Z‟s Gift Certificate                               VALUE: $100.00
DONOR: Horsch & Miller Inc                                                       DONOR: Eddie Z‟s Blinds and Drapery

702 Moose Paper Towel Holder, Plates, & Napkins               VALUE: $50.00      714 Pink & Lime Green “Dream” Wall Hanging                   VALUE: $25.00
DONOR: Friends of the Auction                                                    DONOR: Brion & Betty Miller

703 Cookie Baker‟s Delight                                    VALUE: $103.00     715 Partylite Tray with Candles                              VALUE: $68.00
DONOR: St Gabriel Marketplace Extravaganza                                       DONOR: Holiday Marketplace Extravaganza

704 Schnorenberg‟s Floor Covering Gift Certificate            VALUE: $150.00     716 Framed Wood Duck Print by Lynn Bean                      VALUE: $40.00
DONOR: Schnorenberg‟s Floor Covering                                             DONOR: Ray Gibert

705 Black & White Floral Serving Pieces                       VALUE: $100.00     717 New American Bible Blessed by Archbishop Timothy Dolan   VALUE: Priceless
DONOR: Judy Mortell                                                              DONOR: Friends of the Auction

706 Three Day Celebration Yard Sign Rental                    VALUE: $45.00      718 Wood Fish Wall Hanging                                   VALUE: $65.00
DONOR: Celebration Yard Signs                                                    DONOR: Dennis & Kim Papenthien

707 “With God All Things Are Possible” Metal Wall Sculpture   VALUE: $80.00      719 Custom Closets Gift Certificate                          VALUE: $100.00
DONOR: Susan Larson                                                              DONOR: Eddie Z‟s Blinds & Drapery

708 Four Dozen Assorted Homemade Christmas Cookies            VALUE: Priceless   720 Framed Lighthouse Print                                  VALUE: $75.00
DONOR: Vicki Littel                                                              DONOR: Ray Gibert

709 Pair of Framed Winnie The Pooh Prints                     VALUE: $20.00      721 American Girl of Today Doll with Clothes                 VALUE: $175.00
DONOR: Michael & Germaine Bilicki                                                DONOR: Friends of the Auction

710 Brunner Furniture Gift Certificate                        VALUE: $100.00     722 Timlin‟s Gift Certificate & Leaf Picture                 VALUE: $55.00
DONOR: Brunner Furniture                                                         DONOR: Timlin‟s Furniture, Jane Mirocha

711 Chocolate & Coffee in a Small Tea Cup & Saucer Planter    VALUE: $33.00      723 Wrought Iron Cross & Rosary Blessed by Pope Benedict     VALUE: Priceless
DONOR: Brion & Betty Miller, Friends of the Auction                              DONOR: Friends of the Auction

712 Framed Betty Sills Snowman Picture                        VALUE: $30.00      724 “The Covenant” George Kovach Framed Print                VALUE: $400.00
DONOR: Steve & Tammy Schneider                                                   DONOR: Susan Bantz

                                                     42                                                                            43
Firenze                                                                                                                                                           Firenze
           Florence                                                                                                                                       Florence
725 One Face Cord of Mixed Seasoned Firewood                        VALUE: $70.00    737 Turkish Tapestry Throw Rug & Labradorite Pendant & Earrings        VALUE: $105.00
DONOR: F&S Enterprises                                                               DONOR: Bruno & Ramona Henke. Friends of the Auction

726 Handmade Oak Table                                              VALUE: $125.00   738 Set of Goblets & Crystal Candlesticks                              VALUE: $60.00
DONOR: Ron Engen                                                                     DONOR: Friends of the Auction

727 Handmade Quilted Table Runner & Pair of Silk Flowers in Vases   VALUE: $110.00   739 Black Floral Area Rug                                              VALUE: $800.00
DONOR: Patricia Engen, Kevin & Terry Brehm                                           DONOR: Friends of the Auction

728 Wood burned Holy Hill Scene with Clock                          VALUE: $60.00    740 White Oval Serving Pieces & Turkish Tapestry Throw Rug             VALUE: $100.00
DONOR: Frank Schmidt                                                                 DONOR: Friends of the Auction

729 Queen Size Mattress Pad and Blanket                             VALUE: $310.00   741 Wrought Iron Candle Stand and Chrysoprase Jewelry                  VALUE: $105.00
DONOR: Dennis & Barb Verble, Friends of the Auction                                  DONOR: Bruno & Ramona Henke, Friends of the Auction

730 Rustic “Old Man” Bird House                                     VALUE: $100.00   742 Print of Your Choice at Northwoods Craftsman                       VALUE: $150.00
DONOR: Norbert Berres                                                                DONOR: Northwoods Craftsman

731 Fontanini Machel Statue & Bucca di Beppo Certificate            VALUE: $40.00    743 Shelley‟s Hallmark Certificates with Figurines                     VALUE: $75.00
DONOR: German Glass & Gift, The Litke Family                                         DONOR: Aurora Pharmacy, Friends of the Auction, Shelley‟s Hallmark

732 1981 Duck Stamp Print by Timothy C Schultz                      VALUE: $100.00
DONOR: Martin F Stein

733 Three Sets of Royal Albert Country Roses Flatware               VALUE: $120.00
DONOR: Friends of the Auction

734 “Home: Where Your Story Begins” Tile on Easel                   VALUE: $35.00
DONOR: Brion & Betty Miller

735 Oasis White Throw Blanket                                       VALUE: $125.00
DONOR: Friends of the Auction

736 Peace Dove Soup Bowl Set                                        VALUE: $60.00
DONOR: Friends of the Auction

                                                      44                                                                                  45
801 Four Tickets to the April 8th Milwaukee Bucks Game          VALUE: $244.00
DONOR: Groth Design Group

802 Golf for Two at Washington County Golf Course               VALUE: $74.00
DONOR: Washington County Golf Course

803 Eighteen Holes of Golf at Songbird Hills                    VALUE: $38.00
DONOR: Songbird Hills Golf Club

804 2008 UW Women‟s Volleyball Memorabilia                      VALUE: $65.00
DONOR: UW Wisconsin Volleyball

805 Dairy Queen Year of Ice Cream Cakes                         VALUE: $300.00
DONOR: Dairy Queen of Richfield

806 Casino Party Basket                                         VALUE: $30.00
DONOR: Friends of the Auction

807 One Month Tae Kwon Do Lessons or Birthday Party at JK Lee   VALUE: $100.00
DONOR: JK Lee Black Belt Academy

808 Riverside Brewery Brew Lover‟s Collection                   VALUE: $40.00
DONOR: Riverside Brewery and Restaurant

809 World Series Baseball Cards                                 VALUE: $20.00
DONOR: Wisconsin Historical Museum

810 Brett Favre Super Bowl XXXI Bobblehead                      VALUE: $40.00
DONOR: Friends of the Auction

811 Four Tickets to a Wisconsin Rattlers Game                   VALUE: $28.00
DONOR: Wisconsin Timber Rattlers

812 Husband & Wife Membership at Stoneridge Golf Course         VALUE: $100.00
DONOR: Stoneridge Golf Course

                                                    46                           47
Genova                                                                                                                                                            Genova
              Genoa                                                                                                                                         Genoa
813 Milwaukee Brewers Memorabilia                             VALUE: $32.00    825 Two Tickets to the Harley Davidson Museum & 2009 Rally Accessories       VALUE: $67.00
DONOR: Milwaukee Brewers, Friends of the Auction                               DONOR: Harley Davidson Museum, Friends of the Auctin

814 One Year of Car Washes                                    VALUE: $96.00    826 Wolf Print by Tim Leondrdelli                                            VALUE: $60.00
DONOR: Scrub-A-Dub                                                             DONOR: Steve Hamilton

815 Greg Jennings Autographed Mini Helmet                     VALUE: $110.00   827 Sharper Image Digital Photo Key Chain                                    VALUE: $55.00
DONOR: Friends of the Auction                                                  DONOR: Max, Michelle, and Jason Sedovic

816 Four Lift Tickets & Ski Rental at Nordic Mountain         VALUE: $252.00   828 Pool Cue                                                                 VALUE: $100.00
DONOR: Nordic Mountain                                                         DONOR: Allied Billiards

817 One Year of Oil Changes                                   VALUE: $90.00    829 Baseball Fanatic                                                         VALUE: $40.00
DONOR: Scrub-A-Dub                                                             DONOR: National Baseball Hall of Fame Museum, Friends of the Auction

818 “We‟re Outta Here” Framed Print by Arthur Anderson        VALUE: $150.00   830 One Hour of Shooting Time at West Town Archery for Four                  VALUE: $44.00
DONOR: Ray Gibert                                                              DONOR: West Town Archery

819 Green Bay Packer Backer                                   VALUE: $114.00   831 Bret Bielema Autographed Photo                                           VALUE: $50.00
DONOR: Diane Barkow, Friends of the Auction                                    DONOR: University of Wisconsin

820 Two Tickets to the April 4, 2009 Milwaukee Bucks Game     VALUE: $102.00   832 Weekly Premium Card at Stoneridge Golf Course                            VALUE: $70.00
DONOR: Joe & Gina Mittnacht                                                    DONOR: Stoneridge Golf Course

821 Gilbert Brown Autographed “Gravedigger” Photograph        VALUE: $200.00   833 Beginner Game at Paintball Dave‟s & Thermostat                           VALUE: $95.00
DONOR: Friends of the Auction                                                  DONOR: Paintball Dave‟s, Consolidated Air Conditioning & Heating

822 One Hour of Shooting Time at West Town Archery for Four   VALUE: $44.00    834 Four Tickets to Mexican Fiesta & Tropical Island Party Basket            VALUE: $78.00
DONOR: West Town Archery                                                       DONOR: Mexican Fiesta, Friends of the Auction

823 Single Weekday Membership at Stoneridge Golf Course       VALUE: $75.00    835 Golf for Four at Arrowhead & Papa Murphy‟s Pizza                         VALUE: $73.00
DONOR: Stoneridge Golf Course                                                  DONOR: Arrowhead Golf Course, Papa Murphy‟s Pizza, Friends of the Auction

824 Pontoon Rental on Pewaukee Lake & Fishing Pole            VALUE: $189.00   836 Two Tickets to Elkhart Lakes‟ June Sprints & Thermostat                  VALUE: $75.00
DONOR: Smokey‟s Bait Ship, Mike Gorichanaz                                     DONOR: Elkhart Lakes Road America, Consolidated Air Conditioning & Heating

                                                        48                                                                           49
            IT’S TOUR TIME AGAIN!!

 Titanic at the Milwaukee Public Museum
       “Cats” at the Marcus Center

              TRAVEL WISCONSIN
             Oneida Casino Days
University of Wisconsin Band Spring Concert

              TRAVEL ABROAD
         Pomeranian Heritage Tour
      Normandy Beaches to Berlin Tour
           Italian Holiday Tour

            OR CALL   1-800-300-TOUR
901 Highway Companion Safety Kit                                     VALUE: $60.00
DONOR: Richfield Service

902 Golf for Four at Morningstar Golf Club                           VALUE: $240.00
DONOR: Morningstar Golf Club

903 2008 Harley Davidson Rally T-Shirt and Accessories               VALUE: $35.00
DONOR: Friends of the Auction

904 Two Tickets to the AJ Foyt Indy Car Race at The Milwaukee Mile   VALUE: $280.00
DONOR: Milwaukee Mile Speedway

905 Complete Auto Detailing                                          VALUE: $125.00
DONOR: Uptown Chevrolet

906 Framed “The Last Pitch” County Stadium to Miller Park            VALUE: $190.00
DONOR: Friends of the Auction

907 One Year Subscription to The Business Journal                    VALUE: $103.00
DONOR: The Business Journal

908 Tool Time                                                        VALUE: $65.00
DONOR: St Gabriel Teachers & Staff

909 Four Lift Tickets & Ski Rentals at Nordic Mountain               VALUE: $252.00
DONOR: Nordic Mountain

910 JJ Hardy Autographed & Framed Photograph                         VALUE: $150.00
DONOR: Friends of the Auction

911 One Year of Car Washes & Oil Changes                             VALUE: $185.00
DONOR: Scrub-A-Dub

912 Framed Barn Scene by Terry Roedeke                               VALUE: $65.00
DONOR: Ray Gibert


                                                                                 Proud to support
913 Craftsman Mechanics Tool Set                              VALUE: $157.00
DONOR: Jerry & Donna Gariety

914 One Hour of Shooting Time at West Town Archery for Four   VALUE: $44.00
DONOR: West Town Archery

915 Men‟s Arctic Cat T-Shirt & Masterlock Wheel Lock
DONOR: Masterlock Corporation, Friends of the Auction

916 Framed Bear Print by Doughty
                                                              VALUE: $60.00

                                                              VALUE: $200.00
                                                                                   St. Gabriel
DONOR: Ray Gibert

917 Log Cribbage Board Table                                  VALUE: $200.00
DONOR: Todd & Vickie Balistriere

918 Hilti Cordless Drill with Charger                         VALUE: $321.00
DONOR: Dave & Christie Mueller

919 Wood Burned Deer Coat Rack                                VALUE: $60.00
DONOR: Mr Frank Schmidt

920 MSI General Tool Bag with Tool Mugs                       VALUE: $115.00
DONOR: MSI General, Menards

921 Indoor Beginner Game at Paintball Dave‟s                  VALUE: $40.00
DONOR: Paintball Dave‟s

922 Sports Card Binder                                        VALUE: Priceless
DONOR: Friends of the Auction

923 Golf for Two at The Broadlands Golf Club                  VALUE: $71.00
DONOR: The Broadlands Golf Club

924 Michael Waltrip Racing Card & Set of Beer Mugs            VALUE: $40.00
DONOR: Michael Waltrip Racing, Friends of the Auction

925 Golf at West Bend Lakes & Lunch for Two at Panera Bread                   VALUE: $71.00
DONOR: West Bend Lakes Golf, Panera Bread

926 Armchair Quarterback                                                      VALUE: $110.00
DONOR: Pro Football Hall of Fame, Otto‟s Beverage Center, Emily Palmersheim

927 Marquette University Spirit Wear                                          VALUE: $50.00
DONOR: Marquette University

928 Golf for Two at Brookfield Hills & Lunch at The Charcoal Grill            VALUE: $51.00
DONOR: Brookfield Hills Golf Course, The Charcoal Grill

929 Rock Bottom Brewery Glasses & Shirt with Papa Murphy‟s Pizza              VALUE: $63.00
DONOR: Rock Bottom Brewery, Papa Murphy‟s

930 Poker Cocktail Drink Set & Radio Shack Certificate                        VALUE: $75.00
DONOR: Radio Shack, Friends of the Auction

931 American Gift Card & Thermostat                                           VALUE: $105.00
DONOR: American TV, Consolidated Air Conditioning & Heating

932 Set of Six Coors Steins with George Kovach Image                          VALUE: $90.00
DONOR: Northwoods Craftsman

933 Amity/Rolfs Certificate & Thermostat                                      VALUE: $80.00
DONOR: Amity/Rolfs, Consolidated Air Conditioning & Heating

934 Framed Chalk Drawing of Deer & Thermostat                                 VALUE: $130.00
DONOR: Mona Karpowitz, Consolidated Air Conditioning & Heating

935 Applebee‟s Gift Certificate & Thermostat                                  VALUE: $80.00
DONOR: Wisconsin Hospitality Group, Consolidated Air Conditioning & Heating

936 Garmin Nuvi 200w GPS                                                      VALUE: $180.00
DONOR: Jim & Marie Blise

         Wine, Dine, & Shine Donors

               Apple Holler
              Corfu Restaurant
           DeMarinis Restaurant
         Edwardo‟s Natural Pizza
          Friends of the Auction
             G-Town Cleaners
             Game Room Gear
           Nardo‟s Passport Inn
       Pike Lake House Restaurant
     Quality Candy & Buddy Squirrel
            Riversite Restaurant
         Robert‟s Frozen Custard
             Shelley‟s Hallmark
               Sloppy Joe‟s
             Texas Roadhouse
      Truckers & Travelers Restaurant
            Uno Chicago Grill

56                  57

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