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components by cuiliqing


									JW Computers Component Prices                 Page 1 of 4                      Updated 23/2/99

                       Suppliers of specialist PCs and upgrades

                       Ty Clyd House, Quebec Road, Aberystwyth, SY23 3QT
                                          (01970) 627191

                       COMPONENT PRICE LIST
                         ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT
                                 Last Updated 23/02/1999

14” Proview Digital                                                89.00
15” Proview Digital                                               105.00
17” Proview Digital                                               179.00
19” Proview Digital                                               329.00

AT TX-Pro II onboard sound & VGA                                   49.00
AT Apollo 100Mhz Socket 7, AGP, 3xPCI, 3xISA                       49.00
ATX ALI 100Mhz Socket 7                                            64.00
AT Intel 440LX 3xPCI, 3xISA, 2xDIMM (Retail)                       59.00
ATX VIA Slot 1, up to 600Mhz, AGP, 3xPCI, 3xISA, 3xDIMM            59.00
ATX Intel 440BX, AGP, 3xISA, 3xPCI, 3xDIMM                         74.00
ATX Intel 430ZX, AGP, 4xPCI, 3xISA, 2xDIMM                         79.00

Cyrix/IBM P300                                                     39.00
Cyrix/IBM P333                                                     42.50
AMD K6-2 333Mhz                                                    69.00
AMD K6-2 350Mhz                                                    79.00
AMD K6-2 380Mhz                                                    99.00
AMD K6-2 400Mhz                                                   114.00
Intel Celeron A 333 128k cache                                     64.00
Intel Pentium II 350Mhz                                           145.00
Intel Pentium II 400Mhz                                           235.00
Intel Pentium II 450Mhz                                           409.00

CPU Heatsinks and Fans
Socket 7 Heavy Duty                                                  3.50
Pentium II                                                           4.50
PII Celeron                                                          4.50

16mb 72-pin EDO (60ns)                                             25.00
32mb SDRAM 100Mhz                                                  39.00
64mb SDRAM 100Mhz                                                  68.00
128mb SDRAM 100Mhz                                                135.00

                                 Proprietors: James Whitmore & Jon Whitfield
JW Computers Component Prices                Page 2 of 4                      Updated 23/2/99

IDE Hard Drives
4.3gb UDMA                                                        95.00
6.4gb UDMA                                                       109.00
8.4gb UDMA                                                       119.00
10.2gb UDMA                                                      149.00

SCSI Hard Drives
4.4gb Ultra-Wide                                                 239.00
9.1gb Ultra-Wide                                                 429.00

Graphics Cards
S3 Virge DX 3D 64bit 4mb PCI                                      19.00
S3 Trio 4mb AGP (Retail)                                          19.00
Intel 740 8mb AGP (Retail)                                        32.50
ATI 3D Charger Rage IIC 4mb AGP                                   25.00
ATI Xpert @ Work, Rage Pro 4mb AGP                                37.00
ATI Xpert ’98 3D 8mb AGP                                          49.00
Matrox G200+ 8mb AGP                                              69.00
16mb 3dfx Voodoo Banshee AGP (Retail)                             74.00
12mb 3dfx Voodoo II Accelerator PCI (Retail)                      75.00

Sound Cards
32bit PnP with Surround 3D Wavetable (Retail)                     15.00
Creative Labs PCI 64                                              22.50
Creative Labs AWE 64                                              35.00
Creative Labs PCI 128                                             39.00

200W mains powered                                                10.00
260W omnidirectional surround sound                               22.50
360W omnidirectional surround sound                               29.50
480W Sub-woofer                                                   34.00
650W Sub-woofer with speakers                                     39.00

24x IDE (Retail)                                                  27.50
36x IDE (Retail)                                                  32.50
Delta 40x IDE (Retail)                                            36.00
44x IDE (Retail)                                                  44.00
Panasonic DVD 5x DVD-ROM, 24x CD-ROM                              99.00
Artec IDE Re-Writer 6x2x2                                        179.00

Motorola 56.6kbps Internal V.90 PCI (Retail)                      29.00
56.6kpbs External V.90 Rockwell (Retail)                          55.00

Network Cards
PCI NE2000 BNC & RJ45 Combo (Retail)                              19.00
8 Port Ethernet Hub                                               59.00

                                Proprietors: James Whitmore & Jon Whitfield
JW Computers Component Prices                                      Page 3 of 4                                          Updated 23/2/99

SCSI Cards
2930 Ultra PCI Advansys (Retail)                                                                45.00
2935 Ultra-Wide PCI (Retail)                                                                    67.00

Epson Stylus Colour 440                                                                       115.00
Epson Stylus Colour 640                                                                       149.00
Epson Stylus Colour 740                                                                       189.00

Colour A4 Flatbed Parallel Port 300dpi                                                          45.00
32bit Colour Flatbed Parallel Port 600dpi                                                       59.00
Colour Flatbed SCSI with card 4800dpi (Retail)                                                  99.00

AT Cases
Desktop 230W PSU                                                                                25.00
Midi Tower 230W PSU                                                                             25.00
Full Tower 250W PSU                                                                             39.00

ATX Cases
Midi Tower 230W PSU                                                                             35.00
Full Tower 250W PSU                                                                             45.00

Floppy Disk Drives / Backup Drives
1.44mb 3.5” floppy drive                                                                        12.50
Zip drive IDE Internal                                                                          65.00
Panasonic LS120 disk drive                                                                      59.00
120mb Floppy Disk for LS120                                                                     10.00

Serial mouse                                                                                   3.50
PS/2 mouse                                                                                     5.00
AT Keyboard with wrist rest                                                                    7.50
PS/2 Keyboard with wrist rest                                                                  9.00
Viper Deluxe Joystick                                                                         15.00
Desktop Microphone                                                                             5.00
1.8m Printer Cable                                                                             5.00
IDE Mobile Rack                                                                               12.50
Lotus SmartSuite 97                                                                           25.00
Microsoft Office 97 Small Business Edition                                                  £179.00

All prices include VAT. All items have 12 month RTB warranty unless otherwise stated.

   JW Computers, Ty Clyd House, Quebec Road, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion,
                                                                SY23 3QT

                                                     (01970) 627191

Prices and specifications subject to change without notice. Equipment listed in this document is OEM unless stated otherwise. All goods remain
property of JW Computers until paid for in full. All returned products must be returned as sold with proof of purchase and a valid RMA number.
Goods with no fault found and goods not sold by JW Computers will be charged at minimum of £35 (inc VAT) administration charge for each item.
Failure to return products in original or adequate packaging may result in the voiding of your warranty. Customer is responsible for charges
incurred when sending faulty items – JW Computers will pay return postage. Any discrepancies must be notified in writing within 3 days of
receipt. Goods are not supplied on trial basis unless otherwise agreed. Customers are responsible for verifying suitability and compatibility of
equipment before purchase. We regret that unwanted items cannot be returned for a refund. JW Computers cannot be held responsible for any

                                                 Proprietors: James Whitmore & Jon Whitfield
JW Computers Component Prices                                       Page 4 of 4                                           Updated 23/2/99

damage or costs incurred when following any advice given or when installing any component/peripheral. All offers are subject to availability. All
registered trademarks acknowledged to their owners.

                                                  Proprietors: James Whitmore & Jon Whitfield

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