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Dear Parent/Guardian(s) and interested Robotics Boot Camp Member:
          Longfields-Davidson Heights SS wishes to establish Robotics Teams to explore the exciting challenges of
computer programmed Lego. As this is our inaugural year I welcome the mentorship of Ian Dudley a.k.a. “the LEGO
guy”. Ian Dudley has proven himself to be a kind and gentle motivator with many innovative ideas and current
manipulatives to challenge young minds. Together we are offering five separate Robotics Boot Camps. Each Boot
Camp session can accommodate up to 12 students. The $25 fee for Boot Camp covers the cost of having an expert “the
LEGO guy” involved as well as having current manipulatives and software. The fee will be subsidized by $5 by
LDHSS. Should the fee be a financial concern please contact Principal Patsy Agard. Each Boot Camp session will take
place in room 315. I invite all LDHSS students to participate, to challenge themselves, and to have fun!
No experience necessary. Parents are always welcome!

Mixed BOOT CAMP A              Tuesdays Sept 29, Oct 6, Oct13, Oct20 from 1:05 to 1:45pm (4 classes)

Mixed BOOT CAMP B              Wednesdays Sept 30, Oct 7, Oct14 from 8 to 9 am (3 classes)

Mined BOOT CAMP C              Tuesdays Oct27, Nov3, Nov10, Nov17 from 1:05 to 1:45pm (4 classes)

Mixed BOOT CAMP D              Wednesdays Oct 21, Oct 28, Nov4 from 8 to 9 am (3 classes)

Girls BOOT CAMP E              Wednesdays Nov 11, Nov 18, Nov 25 from 8 to 9 am (3 classes)

LEGO® Boot Camp Workshops
These workshops will introduce you to the world of LEGO engineering and robotics. You’ll learn to work
effectively as part of a team, and you’ll strengthen your LEGO building skills. Boot Camp participants will
be asked to participate in LDHSS’s IEEE challenge team and will work under the direction of the Faculty
of Engineering, University of Ottawa, to problem solve using Lego robotics.

Workshops will focus on the four areas:
1 Strong & Stable Structures      2 Gearing & Drive Systems
3 Robotics                        4 Programming

Examples of projects could include the Marble Run, Drawbridge, Bumper Car, Robotic Arm, Moon Rover
and a selection of Mindstorms™ Machines and Robots.
Where possible, projects will be powered and controlled using the latest LEGO technology
available including Power Functions, NXT and IR and Bluetooth communications. The programming
portion will be done on portable computers using the NXT-G programming software.
Are you up for the challenge?                                                            Ian Dudley

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.
Thank you for your support!

Paula Walker, Design and Technology, Longfields-Davidson Heights SS,

Please cut and submit the completed form below to Paula Walker by Sept 25                   .

BOOT CAMP date chosen (please indicate 1st & 2nd choice): A   or B   or   C   or   D   or   E

PAYMENT is $25 ($20 from Boot Camp member + $5 support from LDHSS):please submit a $20. 00 cheque made payable to LDHSS

Student Name: (please print)                     _____________________________________
Parent(s) Name: (please print)                   _____________________________________
Grade & Homeroom:                                _____________________________________
E mail addresses for newsletters, updates and other info:
Student e mail:                                  _____________________________________
Parent(s) e mail:                                _____________________________________
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