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					                                                                                                                                                 Volume 49

                                                            Feature Articles

                                                            6       WATER WORLD II
                                                                    What you don’t catch can get you, if not today, then
                                                                    tomorrow, or when you least expect it.
                                                            12      MOONEY PROP STRIKES
                                                                    Anytime they hit something other than air...                                      6
                                                            17      OWNER’S BILL OF RIGHTS
The Of ficial Publication Of The Mooney Owners of America

                                                                    COY JACOB
                                                                    Or the lack thereof... At least according to the Feds!

                                                            33      MOONEY SPARK PLUGS                                                                    12
                                                                    Fine wires vs massive
                                                            40      HIGH PERFORMANCE K&N AIR CLEANERS
                                                                    “Free” horsepower....Almost too good to be true

                                                            Regular Columns
                                                            10      FROM THE TOP
                                                                    NELSON HAPPY, MOONEY CEO
                                                                    MAC reports an enthusiastic reception at Oshkosh
                                                            30      MOONEY MAGS/IGNITION SYSTEMS
                                                                    CHARLIE MELOT
                                                                    Require regular inspections and service: Surprise!                                    30

                                                            Lest We Forget...
                                                            11      VETERAN MOONEY GURU ED PENNEY’S TIDBIT #48
                                                            24      BRASS AIRBALLS
M O O N E Y P I L O T Magazine

                                                                    An open letter to MAC’s owner/investors and management
                                                            43      NEWS FLASH: WE LOOSE A TEST PILOT ICON
                                                                    MAC veteran Test Pilot Joel Smith dies in a 201...
                                                            51      MOA’S CLASSIFIEDS
                                                                    Got Something To Sell?
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                                                            August’s Mystery Cover Girl: by Dave Higdon
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               AUGUST’S AIRBILL

AIRBILL is where we provide interesting tidbits, some behind the scenes stuff, and
trivia about what lies before you. Each month's AIRBILL is unique so don't just                          Bob Kromer
skip over it.

Our August Wordsmiths

Visiting crash scenes and talking with FAA/NTSB investigators, grieving
relatives and friends drives home the reality that flying has certain intrin-         Dennis Bernhard
sic risks. Often we catch ourselves wondering “what if...” or even saying
out loud, “If only he would have....” Advancing safety will always be the
cornerstone reason that we here at MOA exist, so we are happy to report
fellow Moonaic and professional aviation journalist Ken Ibold has joined
our staff. As the former editor Aviation Safety Magazine, Ken brings years
                                                                                                         Nelson Happy
of invaluable insights on what it takes to operate Mooneys safely and Ken
promises regular features which may change the way you approach flying
your Mooney as we think it wise to learn from other’s mistakes rather
then repeat them ourselves. Former Mooney engineering test pilot and
president Bob Kromer is still working on his article on Flying Over Gross.
So keep tuned as according to the feedback we receive, this is a hot topic.          Charlie Melot
Who knows, maybe we can also get Ken to give us his take on the subject.
Did you know Mooney magnetos require inspections and service at regu-
lar intervals and especially at the 500 hr mark? Listen to our veteran
engine guru Charlie Melot explain the details on page 30 so you won’t
have to suffer a mag failure at just the wrong time... Does the name Ed
Penney ring any bells between your headset? While now retired, Ed is still
one of the most knowledgable Mooney gurus around as he served as                                         Ed Penney
Mooney’s VP of Product Support for over 30 years and what he doesn’t
know about Mooneys isn’t worth knowing. Check out his “Tidbit” #48
on page 11. You may also note we now source Dennis Bernhard for tech-
nical and parts data. In case you didn’t know, Dennis is also a long-term
former MAC employee as he ran their parts department for well over 25
                                                                                       Tom Rouch
years. By the way, is there a Mooney out there that couldn’t use a little
extra umph under the cowl? Did you know that by just bolting on a low
restriction air filter can increase your effective horsepower up to 4-5%?
We think they have earned a place on every Mooney out there. Check out
our take on K&N Air Filters on page 40. Mooney CEO Nelson Happy
was obviously impressed with the reception MAC garnered at OSH. Read
all about it in Nelson’s From The Top on page 10.                                                        Wayne Fischer

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                                                                                             Coy Jacob
ers about us or referring others.

2 The Mooney Pilot Volume 49 August 2004
                                                                                    EDITOR’S COCKPIT CLUTTER

                                                        “The World’s Most Widely Read Mooney Publication”
                                                            Nobody can accuse Mooney of sitting on their PR hands at this years
                                                        Oshkosh. Besides hiring a professional marketing company to orchestrate and
                                                        help design their display area (which was impressive and an obvious success),
                                                        they set two official NAA/FAI world speed records just getting there.
                                                            Pilot Wes Dale flew an Ovation DX non-stop from Kerrville, Texas to
                                                        Oshkosh, Wisc. with an unofficial total trip time of 5 hours, 8 minutes and 59
                                                        seconds, leaving some 28 gal. of fuel remaining. The unofficial average speed for
                                                        the 978-nautical mile trip was a blazing 191.5 knots. Dale's record will be certi-
                                                        fied by the NAA/FAI as an official unlimited piston engine record.
    EDITORIAL/PUBLICATION OFFICE                            Flying a new Bravo GX, pilot Mike Miles flew from Olathe, Kan. to Oshkosh
                 The Mooney Pilot                       in 2 hours and 10 minutes, covering 421 nautical miles at an average speed of
                    P. O. Box 1748                      200 knots. What is equally impressive is that these were production aircraft and
          Nokomis, FL 34274-1748                        this performance is available for anyone, especially
                      941-486-1770                      you...
                                  Facts are, most pilots who are attracted to the
         email:                        Mooney breed are performance minded. Thus as a
                                                        group, we are more open to modifications/
                                                        upgrades/and retrofit improvements than most own-
            Magna Marketing, Inc.
                      941-486-1960                      ers of other similar aircraft. I confess I too am a per-
                    P. O. Box 1748                      formance and efficiency nut. And with that said, it
               Nokomis, FL 34274                        has always amazed me when certain improvements or
                                                        upgrades make so much sense that they deserve a
                    Marketing Director                  place on every Mooney out there, but more owners
                             Joan Jacob                 than I think should, apparently don’t get the message. Our editor’s other office...
                          941-486-1960                  Such is the case of a dramatically more efficient air
                      Fax: 941-412-0551                 cleaner which results in a noticeable increase in effective horsepower and thus
             email:                   offers “free” performance. Maybe in this case it is simply a matter of better com-
                                                        munication because better engine efficiency results in more effective horsepower
The Mooney Pilot is the official publication of The
Mooney Owners of America Association. All edito-
                                                        that you do not have to feed, thus this simple bolt-on air cleaner makes great
rial and photographic contributions are solicited.      sense. Enough user feedback is in to verify K&N air cleaner systems are well
Any editorial or photographic matter submitted for
publication shall become the property of The            worth their price of admission. If you don’t have one of these little jewels
Mooney Pilot and shall not be returned unless specif-   bolted on to your Mooney, don’t blame us the next time you pay the piper at
ically agreed to between all parties. All material is
subject to revision. Submission of any material shall   the gas pump or complain about a head wind! Keep tuned as we publish user
constitute an expressed warranty by the contributor
that the material is original and is in no way an
                                                        reports about their claims of 4-5% increase in effective horsepower.
infringement on the rights of others. MOA assumes
no liability for information contained in contributed
material. No part of this publication may be dupli-         One only needs to take a look at our Mooney savvy professional editorial
cated or reprinted without the written permission of
the Executive Director/Editor in Chief. The
                                                        staff and superior sponsor base to determine that MOA is THE association of
Mooney Pilot Magazine does not accept responsibil-      choice for discriminating Mooney pilots and owners world-wide. At MOA, we
ity for the correctness or accuracy of the matters
printed or for any opinions expressed herein.           aren’t afraid to print hard facts and it should be obvious that our primary duty
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                                                              MOA’S Mission Statement
MOA is dedicated to promoting the safety and enjoyment of operating, equipping, and maintaining Mooney aircraft
as well as the following: To educate the Mooney owner and pilot community about the safe operation and care of the Mooney product line
and more specifically, to foster and encourage formal continuous education programs accordingly. To provide a meaningful conduit or venue
between the Mooney owner/enthusiast community and Mooney suppliers, vendors, and manufacturers. To provide a fair unbiased forum for
consumer concerns. To promote the awareness of useful reputable vendors, suppliers, and their products within the Mooney market. To assist
in enhancing a productive, useful interchange and fellowship between said parties and Mooney owners and enthusiasts. To provide a venue for,
and to promote a useful interchange between individual Mooney owners and enthusiasts. To promote the value and utility of the Mooney prod-
uct line to other potential users and owners through education and market awareness of the Mooney Airplane Company product line.

                                                                                           August 2004 Volume 49 The Mooney Pilot 3
                                                             EDITOR’S COCKPIT CLUTTER

Late Breaking Mooney News                 Official Mooney Factory Gear           (SERs). This MOA member benefit
As we went to press we learned of a       MOA’s Outfitters                       will help prevent unexpected or in-
tragic crash in which 26 year vet-        Supply is your only                    flight problems. Learn the typical
eran MAC production test pilot            source of official                     MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure)
Joel Smith died in a non-test pilot       Mooney logo’ed                         stats for most Flight Critical com-
flight at Olney, Texas. See pg. 43        designer apparel and                   ponents and accessories in the
and our next issue for more details.      gear. Check them out                   "Members Only" Section.
    In what we think was an excel-        both here and at
lent example of great PR and mak-                  MOA’s Price Guide
ing the most out of your assets,                                                 Price Guide is
MAC’s finest set two official             Renew/Join MOA Bonus                   in our
NAA/FAI World Speed Records               For a limited time only, existing      "Members
traveling to OSH this year. Way to        members who renew now for 2            Only” Section online and promises
go MAC...!                                years get free                         to help insure your maintenance
    With the recent infusion of           MOA-T-Shirt or a                       and refurbish invoices are reason-
both green stuff and fresh (more)         T-Driver Pre-flight                    able. Price Guide is the Mooney
marketing talent such as Dave             Tool. Renew for 3                      equivalent to the automotive deal-
Copeland, it looks like the other         years and get a cus-                   ers' Chilton Flat Rate Manuals.
“brand C” sales staff may be in for       tom embrodiered MOA Golf Shirt
a run for their ballistic shoots. We      or a free MOA cap.                     Reader Feedback, Problematic
think it is high time the market                                                 Maintenance Concerns, and
realizes that sometimes newer isn’t       MOA's Soon To            Product Reviews
necessarily better. And when you          Be Back Up And Running                 We Print the "Good, Bad, and the Ugly"
look objectively at the performance       We are moving to new facilities and    Never let it be said that MOA
numbers as well as talk to the com-       acquiring a new computer system        shows favorites. We aren’t afraid to
panies who field a fleet of both,         for the Web’s only Mooney Parts        print letters or comments from
you see that our Kerrville Hot Rods       Locator Service & Clearinghouse.       folks who have concerns or prob-
tend to be the favored aircraft of        Stay tuned as we will soon be back     lems with something we have
choice when pilots are given a            up and running. Many M20 parts         printed, with the factory, a vendor,
choice and when time and creature         aren’t exactly easy to find, so when   or with any of our advertisers or
comfort is of the essence.                you need a Mooney part, accessory,     sponsors. In fact, you probably can
                                          or have parts to sell, check out       detect a strong "consumerish" flair
Electric Gear Operators                   MOA’s                in our printed mission statement
As reported in several past MOA                                                  and editorial style. This is because
“Members Only” issues, both               Coming Soon: A Search Engine           several of our contributors are well-
Eaton and the older Dukes actua-          MOA Members will soon be able to       known investigative reporters in their
tors have serious service and parts       search out past topics on-line in      own right. This is why you will often
shortage issues which have reared         order to find help in our “Members     read of certain problems here first and
their ugly heads in the last few          Only” Section.                         often we will be the only place you
months. Pay attention or you may          Stay tuned.                            will read of them. In fact, we wonder
leave parts of your belly on the run-                                            if MOA hadn’t broke the story on
way and get a chance to meet your         MOA's PMR & SER’s                      the Eaton “No-Back Springs” or
adjuster.                                 MOA has been compiling various         Bendix mags falling off, would you
    Our coverage of vital issues like     maintenance and failure rate type      have ever read about it anyplace
this is but one reason why you            data and we have designed              else? Interesting thought...
should JOIN MOA NOW. Just a               Preventative Maintenance
reminder for those who think our          Recommendations (PMRs) and             RENEW your MOA Membership
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                                          Recommendations Sections               877-564-6662) so you don’t miss
                                                                                 an important issue.

                                                                      August 2004 Volume 49 The Mooney Pilot 5

                    Water World Part II
        What You Don't See Can Get You -
         If Not Today, Then Tomorrow
  How many of us would actually catch unexpected water contamination in
  our typical pre-flight sumping routine? A recent event we talked about with
   a Mooney-savvy CFII alerted a fellow Mooniac to this, were you listening?

    Firstwords: Yep, we know we recently ran an article on this, but several thankful letters and calls from own-
 ers prompted us to take another look at this vital topic. One call was especially poignant: the caller remarked that
 if it weren't for our drawing his attention to this potential problem, his wife may have been dealing with estate
 attorneys by now…. Obviously, not all sudden engine stoppages are fatal, but most aren't something you want to
   experience if you can at all avoid it. Hence our instant recall…

                                                                                             leaking Mooney fuel caps, a

          vid MOA fans will                                                                  tank full of water can hap-
          recall that we                                                                     pen - and when it happens, it
          recently ran an arti-                                                              can prove deadly.
cle on water contamination                                                                      An experienced fellow
in fuel. We noted how easy                                                                   Mooniac called in the other
it is to miss, unless you are                                                                day, recounting his recent
on high alert each time you                                                                  episode of just that. He
sump - especially after your                                                                 reported that he had just got
bird has been washed or                                                                      his TLS out of annual where
rained on. A splash of water                                                                 he was sure his fuel cap "O"
or a bubble in the bottom of                                                                 rings had been replaced, and
your clear plastic fuel sam-                                                                 thus he felt warm and fuzzy
pler is one thing, but how                                                                   about his fuel supply. Even
many of you have ever got-                                                                   though he had never had a
ten a sump sampling com-                                                                     problem in the past, he knew
pletely full of water - when                                                                 it was good practice to
all you saw was water? For                                                                   replace them at annual, so
most of us, this is a rare                                                                   he asked his favorite shop to
sight. Just smelling doesn't                                                                 do so. He even remembered
always work, as even water                                                                   seeing them as a line item on
smells of fuel. Your nose                                                                    his invoice (or so he
may not always tell the tale.                                                                thought), so he felt he was in
Often, unless the visibility                                                                 good shape.
conditions and lighting arer                                                                    He had owned this
just right, distinguishing         Not all water is this easy to spot unless everything is
                                          nearly perfect background/lighting-wise          Mooney for years and had never
between pale blue 100LL and
water isn't child's play. But with                                                                           cont’d on next page

6 The Mooney Pilot Volume 49 August 2004
                                          PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE REPORT

cont’d from page 6
                                                             bucket is used so that water, generally being clear,
actually seen much in the way of water in his fuel, but      shows up pooled under the surface of blue-tinted
took interest in our account of a Mooney-savvy CFII          100LL avfuel.
who couldn't get his Mooney started because about a              Even in the near-perfect environment of a white
quart of water had worked its way into the fuel injec-       container, finding water-laden fuel requires someone
tor. For reasons he can't fully explain - this account got   paying attention and looking for it. And being stooped
our boy's attention and struck a nerve, maybe he             down, looking at an inch of fuel in a transparent plas-
thought he had been lucky, but who knows? In any             tic fuel sampler/sumper with dirty gray concrete, black-
event, he made a mental note of how important it was
never to skip the fuel sumping portion of his preflight                                                 cont’d on page 8
routine - a practice he had been guilty of.
     While he may have skippedbending down
under his Mooney's low-slung wings previously,
this time he didn't. Maybe it was his vague mem-
ory that his TLS sat out in a moderate rain about
a week earlier; for some reason, he was paying
attention this time. Something didn't look quite
right when he sampled his left sump. He squatted
down, took a full sample of (what he thought was)
fuel, and dumped it out on the concrete.
     On the way over to the other tank, something
kept telling him that all might not be well with
what he had just seen. He stopped in his tracks,
went back to the first (co-pilot's side) tank and
took another sample - but this time he was on
Defcon 5 alert. What he saw was totally unex-
pected, and to say he was caught off-guard would
be to put it mildly.
     The sample had a fuel smell all right, but it
was a little too clear - in fact, when held against
the white wing, it didn't look bluish at all. It was
water, all water - same as the first batch he looked
     It took 5 more loads before he started seeing
fuel mixed in with the water, and then another
7or 8 to clear the water after he had rocked the
wings to encourage the water bubbles to migrate
to the lowest sump drain area and escape. All in
all, the entire process took some 3 to 4 minutes to
clear, during which our surprised pilot contem-
plated the fact he nearly didn't go back for a sec-
ond look in the first place…
     As we noted a few months ago, FBOs use what
is termed "the white bucket test", the procedure
used by major oil companies when they sump
their fuel trucks and fuel farms. They are taught
to sump their supplies religiously into white buck-
ets or pails when collecting fuel samples. A white

                                                                      August 2004 Volume 49 The Mooney Pilot 7

cont’d from page 7
                                           samples, especially if you have any       and don’t know it, if your plane
top, or grass in the background is         suspicion that water contamination        doesn't experience heavy rains OR
certainly not the best of conditions.      might a factor. Unless it is night or     a garden hose wash-down. Our
    Make no mistake, water is a seri-      you are dozing, it would seem that        advice is to be vigilant of the condi-
ous if not life-threatening occur-         you could always catch a slug of          tions in which your Mooney finds
rence in Mooney                                                                                   itself, as it only takes
tanks, and we have                                                                                once... That one time
accident report           Consider keeping an old cottage cheese or                               the line boys wash it or
after accident
report verifying
                          sour cream container in your baggage or a                               it sits outside some-
                                                                                                  place in a downpour
this. Water can                   white pail in your hangar.                                      can get you, if your
pool in certain                                                                                   caps aren't up to snuff.
areas in the Mooney fuel system             water that appears in the bottom of          In any event, the best place to
and cause havoc at the worst time -         a clear plastic vial topped off with     look at your fuel sample probably
like soon after lift-off - especially in    bluish fuel. However, recognizing        isn't stooped down under a dark-
fuel-injected versions.                     the difference between "all water"       ened wing, evaluating it with a neu-
                                            and 100LL may be something else          tral or grassy background. After
The M20 Funnel Effect                       again!                                   talking to several avfuel petroleum
Take a step back and look at the                As we said in our previous arti-     companies (who have made a study
dihedral of a M20 wing. When it             cle, if this could happen to our         of fuel contamination issues), we
rains, a large amount of water              experienced Mooney-savvy pilot           offer the following suggestions:
seems to run into the recessed cap          after he was warned beforehand,
area that is depressed slightly rela-       then this could happen to you.           Be Suspicious
tive to the surrounding wing's skin. Typically, fuel caps don't start leak-          Never skip an opportunity to sump.
Our take is                                                          ing cata-       Consider taking a few extra min-
that, since a sig-                                                   strophically    utes to rock the wings up and down
nificant portion                                                     overnight -     and back and forth between several
of the wing is                                                       but they        passes at the sump, if your bird has
higher and out-                                                      might.          had water on its wings for any rea-
board of the                                                         Unless they     son. But we think extra care is
cap, water natu-                                                     were left on    more than justified after sitting in
rally drains into                                                    cocked or       the rain (no matter how long ago),
the cap cavity                                                       crooked - a     and after washing the aircraft. If
itself. So it is                                                     practice that   your bird sits outside, think about a
vital a that a                                                       is not only     vigorous pre-flight complete with
good seal be         Besides two fillers, STC’d aux fuel tanks       possible but    wing rocking every time you fly.
kept in place - lest      have two “under wing” sumps             more common
your tanks                                                        than you think     Keep A White Container Handy
become a virtual rain barrel.               (yes, some will still lock down that     Consider keeping an old cottage
                                            way) "O" ring deterioration (espe-       cheese or sour cream container in
Things To Think About                       cially degradation of the smaller        your baggage or a white pail in your
Too few of us think about these             one protecting the center shaft) is      hangar. Like we said, it isn't easy to
"O" rings or give them the atten-           generally a slow progressive break-      detect water with only a casual
tion they deserve. We hope that             down, but don't bet your life on it.     look-see at your trusty clear plastic
you understand the importance of                However with that said, it is        sump tool under a wing. We think
rocking the wings and making sure quite possible that you may have                   a white container would help
your Mooney is on relatively level          bad "O" rings or a mal-adjusted cap
ground each time you take fuel                                                                              cont’d on next page

8 The Mooney Pilot Volume 49 August 2004
                                           PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE REPORT

cont’d from page 8
                                           takes somebody inside to pull the        Rock & Roll
tremendously - dump your fuel              petcock and someone to catch the         Water is much harder to get out via
sample into it for a look before           sample - otherwise all you will do is    the sumps than you think. Most of
throwing it out.                           let it run out on the ground. This       the time you have to resort to rock-
                                           is your last chance to catch water in    ing the wing tips up and down and
                                                                                    fore and aft to coax the trapped
                                                                                    water to reach the sump. Again,
                                                                                    this is important and should be
                                                                                    done prior to every flight if your
                                                                                    ship has been rained on recently,
                                                                                    and especially if there is any ques-
                                                                                    tion concerning the integrity of the
                                                                                    fuel cap "O" rings.

                                                                                    Inner Rib “Weep Hole”
                                                                                    If your tanks have been re-sealed or
                                                                                    if you have had any fuel tank
                                                                                    sealant repairs done, make double-
                                                                                    dog certain your rib weep holes are
                                                                                    open, as per MAC SB230 and the
                                                                                    associated AD. Often with most
                                                                                    M20 tanks, Mooney-savvy shops
      You may be surprised as to how little water your engine may hate...           can check for this with mirrors and
                                                                                    flashlights, providing your tanks are
                                           your Mooney's fuel system before it      empty or nearly so.
A Pre-flight Of Two?                       gets to your engine, so never fail to
It is next to impossible to check the      drain it.
fuel tank floor sump between your
feet for water all by yourself. It                                                                         cont’d on page 11

                                                                            August 2004 Volume 49 The Mooney Pilot 9
                    FROM THE TOP

  EAA/Air Venture ‘04: A Rousing Success

                 y Enthusiast,
Dear Fellow Moone                                                           ure '04
                                              r presence at Air Vent
    We are ec   static to report that ou                                eat effort to
                                            mpany, we went to gr
was a resoun    ding success. As a co                                   ts are a cut
                                           d we did. Our produc
make a state    ment at Oshkosh an                                         perform-
                                              as well as superior in                             our staff had any doub
above in over    all strength of design                                 ion market or any of
                                                        eneral Aviat                                                        at
                          and it shows. If the G                                                  d orders we garnered
ance and efficiency,                                    with, and th     e positive feedback an                           the
                            ion we were blessed                                                  mpetitors to watch in
 the resounding recept                                    oduct line    is the one for our co
                             t that the Mooney pr
 Oshkosh left no doub                                                                                                      as a
                                                                                                   ts and especially you
  future.                                                    ore compe     lling reasons for pilo
                                ere has never been m                                              ur state of the art Glas
      Make no mistake; th                                in your hang      ar than right now. O                           , we
                             have a new Mooney                                                    t if that isn't enough
   current enthusiast to                                  uipped Moo      ney reason alone. Bu                                  d
                             new Garmin PFD eq                                                       in our product line an
   Panels make flying a                                   efficient 3 bl   ade Semitar propeller                           well.
                              Hartzell's new super                                                 and new Mooney as
   have also introduced                                      lowered yo     ur cost of flying a br                          on-
                                rth of free avfuel just                                             est performance pers
    our offer of 2 years wo                                       s conf  irm we build the high
                                      World Speed Record                                               ney now just got a lit
        Recently set NAA/FAI                               th MOA's he       lp, owning a new Moo
                              hines around, and wi                                   ly and as per MOA's
    ally flown flying mac                                for a limited time on                                                ir of
                               r offer of free fuel,                                                  e equipped with a pa
     more fun. Besides ou                                  ur next new      Mooney will also com
                               t 45 Give-A-Way", yo
     Retro/Nostalgic "Col                                                                                                         al
                               s…                                                                       real world safety, actu
     heritage rich Colt 45                                    product lin     e increased in appeal,
                                   rich history has our                                           1 back in circa '77 pe
         Never before in our                                hile the in   troduction of the 20
                                ability as recently. W                                                 n and super fast, high
     utility, and overall fly                                A, our curre     nt production Ovatio
                                on performance in G                                                   ce, and greatly reduce
      nently raised the bar                                  more capa      bility, more performan                            neces-
                                   w offer tremendous                                                traffic environments
      flying, TLS/Bravos no                                   often hosti     le weather and high
                                  navigate through the
      your workload as you
                                                 playtime schedules.                                 e you to join the man
                                                                                                                               y oth-
      sary to keep    important work and                              as it  gets M20-wise, I invit
                                         nt Mooney is as good
           If you think your curre                                    rmance Mooney can
                                 ized  how a new super perfo                                nge for a
       ers who have recogn                                         all me and I will arra
                                  rsat ility" to their lives. C
       richness and "aero ve                                        utical way of life will
                                    d I promise your aerona
        personal test flight an                                                 flights!
                                                  e is too short for slow
        changed fo   rever… Remember, lif
                                   tic Mooney Enthusias
        Your Most Enthusias
        Nelson Happy                                pany
                          M       ooney Airplane Com
        President and CEO

    10 The Mooney Pilot Volume 49 August 2004
                                       PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE REPORT

cont’d from page 9

Last Words                                             An Ed Penney
                                                        Guru Tidbit
We can't stress the importance of keeping water
out of your Mooney’s fuel supply in the first
place. Outside of running out of fuel, trying to
run your Mooney's engine on water is probably
the best way to get a chance to practice being a
glider. Make no mistake, it is harder than you
                                                      R     enowned Mooney
                                                            factory guru Ed
                                                      Penney ran Mooney's
think to get water out, unless you resort to          Product Support for over
extraordinary means such as aggressive rocking of     30 years, and literally ran
the wings.                                            the factory during its
    If you ever see water in your fuel, track down    shut-down period in the
the source immediately and fix it as soon as prac-
                                                      early '70s. We still source
ticable. Make sure your shop changes both inner
and the visible outer "O" rings in both caps at
                                                      him on problematic
every annual, and keep the caps properly              maintenance issues.
adjusted. This doesn't mean they should be            Rarely does Ed ever get stumped, especially on
cranked down so tight so as to need a pry bar to      older Mooneys. As the factory's past resident prod-
get them off, by the way. They should be snug but     uct support expert, he was often called out to inves-
not overly tight, as adjustable by the castilated     tigate and represent Mooney in accidents around
nut/cotter key arrangement on the bottom.             the world, and thus he had a first-hand take on
    We think that it is wise to keep a spare set of   what can go seriously wrong out in the field.
inner and outer "O" rings on-board in case you
                                                      Outside of running your tanks dry, he felt water
ever suspect water contamination while on the
road as you can change them in minutes with a
                                                      contamination was one of the biggest single factors
simple multi-tool. In any event, while you can't      in causing M20 engines to quit.
visually check the center shaft’s inner "O" ring          Ed reports he was once sent to Chicago when
visually, you can examine the large outer one for     an unexplained engine failure plunged a Mooney
cracks and gouges. Never fail to do so. If you have   into a brick warehouse, and nobody could find the
any suspicions, change them immediately - they        cause. He found that water in the fuel tanks had
are cheap protection.                                 frozen and then (most likely) thawed in warmer
                             A MOA Staff Report       weather, causing the Lycoming to stop cold - excuse
                                                      the pun. Ed often preached that not keeping your
       Last Minute News Flash                         fuel cap “O” rings fresh and your fuel caps properly
 Packing winds in excess of 140 mph                   adjusted, or not keeping them clamped on straight,
 category Hurricane Charley deci-                     probably accounted for 95% of all water contami-
 mates most sircraft, hangars and b
 usinesses at Charlotte County                        nation problems.
 Airport (PGD) in Punta Gorda,                            When giving his famous "Mooney Maintenance
 Florida. Businesses which sustained                  Seminar" to packed crowds of wide-eyed owners, Ed
 severe damages include Mod Works                     always drove home the importance of changing
 and Aircraft Depot. We had a
 photo/assistance crew at PGD air-                    your (visable) outer large AND small inner "O"
 port Saturday, August 14. Our                        rings at every annual, while keeping the clamping
 hearts and prayers go out to those                   pressure properly adjusted on the flush military-
 affected. Keep tuned in our next                     style Shaw Industries fuel caps which Mooney uses.
 issue for photos and more coverage.

                                                                August 2004 Volume 49 The Mooney Pilot 11
               MOA’S TECHNICAL PRO

    Prop Strikes Are Just That...
 Any Time A Prop Touches Anything
          Other Than Air
  Mooneys don't have the best of prop clearances, so take off your shoes and get comfortable...
   Charlie Melotis one of the most experienced engine men on earth as he has managed the overhaul of some 8,000
 engines and has amassed 30 years in the business. He currently operates Zephry Aircraft Engines in Zephryhills, FL,
  and is a regular contributor and serves on MOA's Advisory Board.

We all know you have a "prop strike" when you taxi into a ditch or your hangar door, or land (heaven forbid) gear-up, but do
you have a prop strike when you chop up your tow bar or tie-down chain and the engine keeps running? How about a botched
landing where you only brush the prop tip and there is no "sudden stoppage" per se?
    While we all love our Mooneys, our affection doesn't take away the fact that they don't have all that much ground clear-
ance. In fact, depending on how much air is in your nose tire (it pays to keep the pressure up ), 8 or 9 inches is about all most
Mooneys can muster in the ground clearance department, providing their nose bungies are up to snuff.
    Just when do you have to do a full "tear-down and inspection" (T&I), and when can you get by with only dressing the
prop? Potential buyers of used Mooneys occasionally call MOA asking for clarification of this issue, when examining the logs
of a Mooney they are considering buying. To get to the bottom of this question, we asked our resident engine guru Charlie
Melot. His take may surprise some Mooniacs.

                                           just that: a prop strike that results      ground, a rock, hangar door, or any

        irst, lets get the definition      in the engine coming to a stop             object which causes the engine to
        right. You have had a "prop        rather un-naturally, due to the prop grind to a complete stop. You can
        strike" (not to be confused        hitting something such as the              think of a "sudden stoppage" as a
with a "sudden                                                                                        prop strike that has
stoppage") if any-                                                                                    gone bad, way
thing substantial                                                                                     bad…
has come into con-                                                                                     My understanding
tact with your                                                                                        is that prop strikes
prop other than                                                                                       and even sudden
air, resulting in                                                                                     stoppages (provid-
some form of dam-                                                                                     ing no injuries or
age to your prop,                                                                                     other substantial
in turn causing                                                                                       property damage
you to replace,                                                                                       have taken place)
repair, or even (in                                                                                   do not necessarily
most cases) "dress"                                                                                   mean you have to
your propeller                                                                                        notify any govern-
blades.                                                                                               mental agency.
    Sudden stop-                                                                                      However, once the
pages, on the                                                                                         dust has settled
other hand, are               Anytime a prop touches anything other than air, you have a “strike”           cont’d on next page

12 The Mooney Pilot Volume 49 August 2004
                                                                           MOA’S TECHNICAL PRO

cont’d from page 12
                                    peller impacts a solid object
(and often it is just that; dust    which causes a drop in RPM
stirred up by your favorite         and also requires structural
Mooney's prop,) and various         repair of the propeller (inci-
authorities (if involved) are       dents requiring only paint touch
appeased, there are serious deci-   up are not included). This is
sions to be made before your        not restricted to propeller
engine is returned to service.      strikes against the ground, and
These decisions may involve         although the propeller may con-
insurance adjusters, mechanics,     tinue to rotate, damage to the
your own common sense and           engine may result, possibly pro-
possibly your bank account.         gressing to engine failure.
They may also include getting a
ferry permit and locating a tem-    C. A sudden RPM drop while
porary ferry prop.                  impacting water, tall grass, or
    Generally speaking, gone are    similar non-solid medium,
the "good 'ole days" when           where propeller structural dam-
Mooneys were landed (for exam-      age is not normally incurred.
ple) on a grass runway sans their
Goodyears, and the crank was            These definitions encompass
simply "dialed" via a dial          any propeller strike occurring at
micrometer to see if it was bent,   taxi speeds, including touch-
a new prop shipped in, maybe a      and-go operations involving pro-
skin or two was replaced, and       peller tip ground contact. In
the rest was forgotten. Now with    addition they also include situa-
more data showing that prop         tions where an aircraft is sta-
strikes can (and often do) cause    tionary and the landing gear
serious internal engine damage,     collapses, causing one or more
as well as everybody looking to     blades to be substantially bent,
blame someone else when             or where a hangar door (or
Mooneys turn into gliders,          other object) strikes a propeller
things aren't that simple. Let’s    blade. These cases should be
see what the engine manufactur-     handled as sudden engine stop-
ers have to say about this sub-     pages because of potentially
ject.                               severe side loading on the
                                    crankshaft flange, front bearing
Lycoming Service Bulletin           and seal.
533A defines a "propeller
strike" as follows:                 Continental Service Bulletin
                                    SB96-11 describes a “propeller
A. Any incident, whether or not     strike” as:
the engine is operating, that
requires repair to the propeller    (1) any incident, whether or not
other than minor dressing of        the engine is operating, that
the blades.                         requires repair to the propeller
                                    other than minor dressing of
B. Any incident during engine       the propeller blades; or (2) any
operation in which the pro-                            cont’d on page 14

                                                                     August 2004 Volume 49 The Mooney Pilot 13
                 MOA’S TECHNNICAL PRO

cont’d from page 13
                                       bulletins is not required by any   the crankshaft gear must be
incident while the engine is operat-   FAR, and no AD exists on the sub-  removed, inspected, modified (if
ing in which the propeller makes       ject for private Part 91 Mooneys per
                                                                          not already modified), and rein-
contact with any object that results   se. With that said, we are assumingstalled in accordance with
in a loss of RPM. Propeller strikes    you are operating under Part 91.   Lycoming SB 475C. This must be
against the ground or any object                                          done before further flight,
can cause engine and component                                                            although the AD
damage even though                                                                        does allow ferrying
the propeller may        "I've seen instances where a Mooney gear collapsed for repairs.
continue to rotate.
                           or was inadvertently retracted on takeoff at full                 What is the

T&I's In The Real        power, yet caused no damage to the crankshaft and mechanical an aver-
                                                                                          involved in

World…                    others where whacking a tow bar at idle cracked age prop strike T&I?
Make no mistake;                     the crankshaft. So, go figure"                       Unless the engine
both service bul-                                                                         was developing a sig-
letins call for                                                                           nificant amount of
removal of the engine from the air-       Compliance is required, how-    power and the prop strike is a
craft and complete disassembly and ever, when spelled out in the oper-    major event to the point of being
inspection (T&I) of the various       ating specifications of an air taxi nearly a sudden stoppage and/or
affected parts in accordance with     operation. AD 2004-10-14 does       the engine RPM was significantly
the applicable overhaul manual.       require, on all Lycoming engines    affected, more often than not there
However, compliance with service      installed in Mooney aircraft, that  is no internal engine damage
                                                                          caused by the prop strike. Internal
                                                                          damage does, however, occur, and
                                                                          the circumstances under which it
                                                                          occurs seem to vary significantly.
                                                                          This is why it is not only bad busi-
                                                                          ness, but foolhardy to skip a T&I
                                                                          in almost every set of circum-
                                                                              I've seen instances where the
                                                                          gear collapsed or was inadvertently
                                                                          retracted on takeoff at full power,
                                                                          causing no damage to the crank-
                                                                          shaft, and others where whacking a
                                                                          tow bar at idle did crack the crank-
                                                                          shaft. Simple logic might lead one
                                                                          to think that a low power minor
                                                                          prop strike should cause no damage
                                                                          and a full power strike should cause
                                                                          severe damage. That is often the
                                                                          case, but I've come to feel that the
                                                                          probability of a bad crank is just as
                                                                          high in minor strike cases.
                                                                              So, given what I and most other
                 Email:                                shops I am familiar with see in the
                                                                          field, it is never wise to skip any
                                                                                                 cont’d on next page

14 The Mooney Pilot Volume 49 August 2004
                                                                             MOA’S TECHNICAL PRO

cont’d from page 14
                                            Crankshafts and all rotating steel      old "dial the flange and if it isn't
opportunity for a T&I. You will             parts must be magnafluxed. In           bent it's OK" trick is not valid.
never know the extent of the dam-           order to perform that inspection,       Again, maddening as it sounds, a
age without examining the crank-            they must be removed from the           simple tow bar strike may crack it
shaft. To further complicate this sit-      engine. The process encompasses         and a full power gear-up may not.
uation, without doing a T&I, crank          magnetizing the part and flowing a      It's like dropping a glass on the tile
damage may not turn up right                light oil solution containing ferrous   floor and having it bounce after a 3
away. It may take a few hundred             particles over the part. Any crack or   foot fall without breaking - then
hours - but when it does evidence           defect at or near the surface will      only to shatter on the second
itself, it is serious, if not flight-end-   brake the lines of magnetic flux        bounce.
ing critical, and it is rarely pretty…      and the ferrous particles will align         Lycoming crankshaft flanges are
    Grinding the prop blades into           with the crack. The particles are       by comparison very soft. They can
the pavement vertically under               formulated so they glow under a         bend a lot without cracking, and in
power usually destroys the extremi-         black light, making detection of        fact can be legally straightened if
ties of the prop blades. Little of the      cracks quite simple.                    bent less than .017". Both
bending force is transmitted up the                                                 Continental and Lycoming crank-
shank of the blade to the crank-            Cranks Aren't                           shafts are hardened on the internal
shaft flange. A slow gentle bending         Crankshafts…                            surfaces, so the front to back
of the blades causing less tip dam-         Lycoming and                            impact damage to the slinger
age and more bending of the mid-            Continental                             applies to both.
section of the blade will transmit          crankshafts are
more of the bending force up the            quite different in                      Counterweighted Crankshafts
blade to the flange, and is more            how and why                             So much for crankshaft flanges.
likely to cause bending or cracking         damage can                              What about damage to the rest of
of the crankshaft.                          result form a                           your Mooney's engine? Again there
    Helicopter dolly strikes are par-       prop strike.                            is usually none but... Gears and
ticularly bad because of their              Continental                             other shafts are checked but seldom
height; the prop blades absorb              crankshaft                              damaged. All Continental crank-
impact much closer to the hub.              flanges are sur-                        shafts installed in Mooneys and all
Nose-over incidents in tail draggers        face - hardened,                        Lycoming engines in Mooneys
are perhaps even worse because the          making them quite brittle. If the       except the O-360-A1D and IO-360-
prop blades hit the ground at a low         flange bends, it always cracks.         A1A have dynamic counterweights
angle of 45 or less degrees, instead        Unfortunately, as hard as it is, it
of the close to 90 degrees in a             can crack without bending, so the                               cont’d on page 16
Mooney gear-up incident,
which tends to bend the
blade gently closer to the
hub. Hard nose-over inci-
dents or anything involving a
hard front to back impact at
the hub of the prop can
cause internal damage to
both the front main bearing
area of the crankcase and the
crankshaft slinger.
    Obviously none of this
can be inspected without dis-
assembling the engine.

                                                                        August 2004 Volume 49 The Mooney Pilot 15
                  MOA’S TECHNICAL PRO

cont’d from page 15
                                           crankshaft that are cause for rejec-        perfectly serviceable must be
that hang on the sides of the crank- tion but were not caused by the                   replaced upon any removal to com-
shaft and "float" on pins that ride        strike. We have found cracks in the ply with AD 97-27-17. It is impor-
in bushings on the crankshaft and          rough cast throw area that were             tant to note that the insurance
the counterweight.                         obviously there at manufacture, as          adjusters will not generally author-
    The counterweights, bushings           evidenced by grind marks. These             ize a reimbursement for any of
and pins are inspected as they             cracks have been deemed to be               these disasters, nor will they reim-
could actually be damaged by the           acceptable to the manufacturer, but burse you for a worn camshaft, fret-
sudden stop.                                                                                              ted crankcase, or
Continental                                                                                               any other wear-
crankshafts fairly                                                                                        related problems
regularly crack out                                                                                       found during a
of the boss that                                                                                          "prop strike/sud-
the crankshaft                                                                                            den stoppage" T&I,
gear indexing pin                                                                                         even though repairs
rides in as a result                                                                                      will have to be
of the stop.                                                                                              made prior to
However, as the                                                                                           returning the
Mooney fleet                                                                                              engine to service!
grows older, we
are seeing more                                                                                           Thinking Of
instances of                                                                                              Skipping The
strange occur-                                                                                            T&I?
rences like longitu-                                                                                      As it's legal not to
dinal cracks in                                                                                           have the inspection
front main bear-                                                                                          done, and there is
ing journals. Some                                                                                        usually no damage,
of these are in                                                                                           why do it? Why
engines with docu-                                                                                        expose yourself to
mented multiple               Yep, this minor scrape constitutes a “strike” and an engine T&I             paying for engine
prop strikes. I'm                                                                                      repairs found neces-
guessing that there may be internal there is no approved data available                sary but not covered by insurance?
stress damage not found by inspec-         in the field to allow us to certify         Here are several reasons.
tion (or there was no inspection).         the crankshaft. We also find heat               First is common sense. Do you
Then the subsequent strike caused          check cracks in crankshaft journals want to fly wondering if the crank-
a crack in the stressed area.              caused by metal contamination               shaft really is OK?
    Unfortunately, when doing a            from other undetected failures.                 Second, you may have difficulty
T&I, as often as we find a cracked             Other crankshafts are simply            finding a mechanic to return your
or bent shaft caused by the prop           worn out. Non-VAR crankshafts in            bird to service contrary to the pub-
strike, we find problems with the          many Continental engines that are           lished recommendations of the
                                      Visit                                                Third, your insurance company
                                                                                       may well require it for reasons of
                   The Largest Mooney Website                                          ongoing liability. They don't want
                                                                                       you flying on their policy, risking a
                                                             failure that could easily lead to a
                                                                                                               cont’d on page 36

16 The Mooney Pilot Volume 49 August 2004
                                                                                    SPECIAL REPORT

Owner's Bill Of
Rights - Or The
Lack Thereof…
  If you think the FARs relative to flight critical
maintenance inspections and repair procedures were
designed to protect you as an aircraft owner, you are
 wrong. Way wrong...

     just came back from a 4-day jury trial in circuit court where, for the first
     time ever in some 20+ years of being in business, I had to sue a cus-
     tomer for payment over a maintenance invoice. While we work almost
exclusively on Mooneys, as it turns out this customer's aircraft was a 1961
Cessna 172 which was eaten up with corrosion.
    This poor bird hadn't been corrosion
proofed/fogged since '92, was parked outside (much
of the time in Florida), had some bondo over some
really bad places, and once we got into it, it showed.
Though we don't work on many brand C, B, or                   Painless • Safer • Quieter
even P aircraft, this time we made an exception, as         “I am struck by the integrity
we were known locally for doing exceptional sheet-          and quality of Oregon Aero’s
                                                            work and the dedication of their
metal work and we know our way around corrosion.            people, whether it’s providing
About 90% of our work is on Mooneys - but alu-              seat upgrades for my Baron,
minum is aluminum most of the time.                         an upgrade for my headset, or

                                                                                                                                                   courtesy Cliff Robertson
                                                            shoe inserts.
    We knew up front that this owner was "differ-
                                                            Oregon Aero products provide
ent" (no permanent address or place of employ-              incredible comfort and
ment) and he didn't have the best reputation in his         improved safety, and for that
dealings with the local shops. What we found once           I’m extremely grateful!”
the work was done was that no amount of tactful             — Academy Award Winner Cliff Robertson,
negotiations could get more than about 1/4th of                 Commercial and Private Pilot

the bill as an offer to settle. After a few months, it         New Ways Of Thinking To Solve Old Problems.
became clear we simply had no choice.
                                                             • Custom & Portable Seat
    Once he had hired an attorney we tried to talk              Cushion Systems
to him, but the lawyer (apparently) wasn't getting           • Headset & Helmet Upgrades
paid and he quit. After a succession of attorneys
                                                             • Aircraft Interior Upgrades
one finally settled in, and we went to the court
                                                             • Shock-Absorbing Shoe Inserts
ordered mediation. The mediator gave up and told
his attorney to settle. In any event, our day eventu-           Free        34020 Skyway Drive, Scappoose, OR 97056-2516
                                                                                       800-888-6910 • 503-543-7399
                                                               Catalog  •
                                                                  Money back guarantee. Visa, MasterCard and US Government IMPAC cards accepted.
                                        cont’d on page 19

                                                                          August 2004 Volume 49 The Mooney Pilot 17
                                                                             SPECIAL REPORT

 cont’d from page 17
 ally came, and off to the courthouse we all went.
 Boy, what a horrible waste of time that was…
     The defendant (the other guy) brought in several
 witnesses and made a big case out of it. One such
 "expert" he brought in was a FAA Inspector/DER
 (Engineer) who was kind of a no-nonsense, hard-
 core, FAA/G-Man kinda guy. When on the witness
 stand, this man made the FAA's position on who
 has the right to make decisions on airworthy repairs
 perfectly clear.
     In case you haven't had it put to you this way
 before, the FAA's FARs aren't there to protect the
 owner/pilot, and certainly not the owner's check-
 book, by any means! They are designed, or have at
 least evolved to the point they are today, to protect
 the non-aviation-savvy public, especially those inno-
 cent folks who may find themselves your passengers
 or in your flight path.
     Officially, when it comes to maintenance at least,
 you as the owner have very little say as to whether if
 something should be repaired, or if any component
 (or the entire aircraft, for that matter) is airworthy at
 the time of annual inspection. That responsibility
 lies almost exclusively with the inspecting A&P, or
 more exactly, with the IA; he has a choice to either
 return the aircraft back to service freshly annualled
 or licensed for another year, or (if you fail to agree
                                                                   The defendant's FAA DAR expert made sure the
 with him), to declare it un-airworthy where it sits, pull
                                                               jury understood this as being cornerstone in how the
 it outside and park it, and so mark the logs accord-
                                                               FAA maintenance system works. I could tell from the
 ingly. Your directions to him as to what you can afford
                                                               faces of the jury this fact somewhat surprised them
 or not afford, and what you want him to inspect or
                                                               and clearly differentiated how aircraft are maintained
 not inspect, have little meaning.
                                                                                                         cont’d on page 20

                                         Life Is Short … Fly FAST!
                                      13 MPH increase
                                      Windshield Fairing
                                      Quick Open Cowl
                                      Access Doors
                                      Smooth, Overlapping
                                      Nose Gear Doors
                                      Hi-Tech Induction
                                      HID Landing Light STC                                                   New
                                                                       August 2004 Volume 49 The Mooney Pilot 19
                  SPECIAL REPORT

cont’d from page 19
                                         point several jurors must have         and insisted on bringing it to cir-
as opposed to cars and ground            asked themselves.                      cuit court to try it in front of a jury
based vehicles. This guy turned out          Our attorney was an experi-        - a format normally reserved for big-
to be our best witness, even though      enced trial attorney with a success-   ticket personal injury or malprac-
he was called as one of the              ful practice, who initially thought    tice cases.
defense's experts.                                                                                My take is that he
    His testimony was                                                                          had been watching
one of the main reasons                                                                        too much Judge Judy
the jury found that we                                                                         as this decision
had the right to repair                                                                        greatly elevated the
the aircraft, and that the                                                                     costs to both of us,
owner simply couldn't                                                                          forcing more trial
(or didn't have the right                                                                      prep for no good rea-
to) tell us to "quit look-                                                                     son (other than the
ing further for more cor-                                                                      defendant's hope of
rosion" as he testified.                                                                       garnering sympathy
    Even though the                                                                            from a non-aviation-
owner was kept                                                                                 savvy jury).
informed, and approved                                                                            Actually, I think it
the necessary repairs                                                                          was the first time I
(actually the installation                                                                     had ever sued any-
of an entire replacement                                                                       body for anything.
serviceable/used tail          See anything wrong with this Mooney? Check out the horizon or
                                                  wing relative to the tail...               Considering the fact I
assembly that he approved                                                                    have been in several
of), he simply wouldn't pay the bill     this was a simple case, not really     other dispute-prone industries
when the time came. Part of his          much more than an over-grown           (including commercial construc-
argument was that, being a Mooney small claims conflict, which should tion) where conflicts and broken
shop, we may not have known how take no more than a half-day to try.
to repair or inspect a Cessna - a        But for various reasons the non-
                                         conformist defendant got stubborn,                              cont’d on page 23

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                                                               with a five year unlimited cylinder wear warranty
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                        The crankcase is overhauled with (no leak) dowel conversion. Five (5) year TBO WARRANTY

20 The Mooney Pilot Volume 49 August 2004
                                                                We have a great team
                                                                     and all we do
                                                                is aviation insurance.
                                                            Others may sell insurance, but at
                                                            Travers & Associates we know our job
                                                            is not just selling, it’s finding the best
                                                            aviation insurance at the lowest possible
                                                            premium for our clients. Our team at
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                                                            you and can give you real confidence in
                                                            your aviation insurance…because that’s
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                                                            been doing it for over 50 years.

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                                ane &sw

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P.O. Box 220519 St. Louis, Missouri 63122                           Since 1950
                                                                           SPECIAL REPORT

cont’d from page 17                                          work is in progress, and have a firm understanding on
contracts can be a way of life, I guess I have been lucky    just how much you are prepared to pay to get your
thus far in my business career.                              plane out of hock. Why? Because if the bill gets too
    This was a situation where I had no choice other         high, your only other choice may be to turn it into a
than to go to court, as the defendant counter-sued for       oversized weathervane.
negligence and loss of use and wouldn't drop his                 And just in case you were wondering—while
claims even if I walked from my entire bill of some          nobody came out the economically, we won the case!
$13,600. All the same, it wasn't a pleasant experience.
In fact, it was pure torture. Going through the deposi-                                                  Coy Jacob
tions in the beginning and waiting for a verdict to
come at the end were the worst. You have heard it said
that nobody really wins in most civil trials except the
lawyers, and I can tell you that from where I sat, this is
an absolute truth.

To The Point
Just exactly what can a Mooney owner do when a shop
finds major air unworthy conditions? Well, as our
attorneys pointed out to the jury, the FARs aren't
                                                                     “THE ORIGINAL”
there to protect the mechanic, the shop, the individual          SILICONE VALVE COVER
aircraft owner, or even any individual pilot. They are
there to protect the innocent flying public and the                     GASKET
folks on the ground, who are all held to be innocent            ONLY        GASKETS ARE
and ignorant of how to maintain an aircraft.
    The innocent sheep who may find their way into                   100% REUSABLE
our back seats are the ones the FAA is really out to
protect, even if this means a plane is taken out of serv-
                                                                ONLY        GASKETS ARE
ice and is grounded just because you can't afford to fix         GUARANTEED TO T.B.O.
it. Thus, when an IA determines your bird is no longer
airworthy, you don't have much choice: either fix it or         ONLY        GASKETS ARE
trash it.                                                       MADE FROM AEROSPACE
    So, I recommend that you choose your shops
wisely, keep good communication with them while the             MECHANICAL GRADE AMS
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                                                                    August 2004 Volume 49 The Mooney Pilot 23
             MOA’S LETTER TO THE TOP

         An Open Letter To
    MAC Investors and Management
Dear Sirs,
                                                            be a success, and consequently can quickly cull the

       irst off, while some of you are new to GA and        false returns from the real stuff. More than a few have
       the Mooney scene in particular, we don't mean        even contemplated being in your shoes, and many have
       to imply that you are ignorant, ignorant of the      the financial wherewithal and business experience to
facts, or have any agendas other than just to see           do just that. Thus, in dealing with your market, it
Mooney succeed. What we do think however is that we         might be wise to keep Will Rogers’ famous quote in
humans tend to be emotional animals, and hence are          mind: "You can fool all of the people some of the
sometimes hampered too much by our egos for our             time, and some of the people all of the time..."
own good. Often, in situations like this, it is hard to         We here at MOA have been knocking around the
see the forest for the trees, and remaining objective can   Mooney marketplace for more years than we care to
be hardest for those closest to the epicenter. Please       count, and on top of that, we have probably enjoyed a
keep in mind that what we as intelligent Mooney own-        few cordials or LoneStar Long Necks with almost every
ers want is nearly identical with most of your goals: a     true Mooney expert out there (starting with Al him-
vibrant, economically healthy company, long-term.           self, prior to his final flight nearly 25 years ago.) By the
    Almost without exception, Mooney owners and             way, we think Al Mooney was one of the true aeronau-
pilots aren't dumb or naive when it comes to business.      tical design geniuses of our time, and given the fact
The overwhelming majority of your target market is          that he was "self-taught" nearly doubles our admiration
both highly educated and savvy about what it takes to       of the man's innate ability. His brother Art was no
                                                                                         slouch either.
                                                                                                  With these thoughts
                                                                                         out of the way, we feel quali-
                                                                                         fied to issue our observations,
                                                                                         recommendations, and even
                                                                                         (to some degree) offer crystal
                                                                                         ball predictions to you, the
                                                                                         current owners and managers
                                                                                         of Mooney Airplane Co.
                                                                                         While we respect you and
                                                                                         your level of investment in
                                                                                         MAC, and realize that recent
                                                                                         major infusions of cash have
                                                                                         taken place, to be blunt — we
                                                                                         think it is high time to fish or
                                                                                         cut bait. Your window of
                                                                                         opportunity to make a success
                                                                                         out of MAC will not stay
                                                                                         open much longer.

                                                                                                          cont’d on page 35

24 The Mooney Pilot Volume 49 August 2004
Some things
            are changing . ..

  W           e are striving to provide you with an interesting, easier to read,
              more informative, and more “on-point” objective magazine that
              you as a Mooney owner/pilot just can’t do without. At MOA, we
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are also eager to hear your ideas. If you have something in particular that you
would like to see in The Mooney Pilot, please let us know, as we always wel-
come your suggestions. This magazine is for you, a fellow Mooniac.

  Below are some of the topics we hav featured in past issues.

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  H ow to Survive an Off-Airport Landing
  Which Anti-Corrosion Products Are Best
                       s rom Falling Off
  H ow to Keep Your Mag f
  H ow Not to Rig Your Mooney
  H ow to Climb Efficiently
  H ow to Lube Your Gear
  M OA s Top Pick for 2002
  Flutter and Loosy-Goosey M20 Ta l
  Induction Icing: H ow Often and When?
  Good Mooney Annuals: What To Expect
        l ow :
  The Ye l Arc What Does It Really Mean?
  Can You Fly On The Step? Yes or No?
  Cockpit Spills: More Dangerous Than You Think

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        Mooney Mag/Ignition Systems
             From An Engine Shop Perspective
   Is it smart to listen to a well-known engine expert when he tells us that there
 is a good chance you may be flying poorly maintained or even "junk" magnetos
  just waiting to fail? We think so…
                                           the bulk of the magnetos were over-         a current production Slick mag in

         hirty-two years ago, my start hauled. Parts were relatively inex-             complete compliance with the over-
         in the engine business was        pensive, so this was economically           haul manual. My view is that if I
         as chief pilot, test flying,      practical. The horrific parts price         can provide customers with a brand
anddelivering engines, airplanes           increases for all mag parts and the         new relatively trouble-free product
and customers. Since that was in           evolution of the newer 4300/6300            with few, or no ongoing airworthi-
the sun-drenched wonderland of             series Slick magnetos has changed           ness directives, it's a better deal
Eastern Long Island at                                                                   than overhauling the old Bendix.
Mattituck, N.Y., I                                                                       That is exactly what we and most
needed a rainy/snowy                                                                     other engine shops do.
day job in the shop
where I could fill the                                                                    Flying "Junk" Mags? There's A
time between flights                                                                      50-50 Chance You Are…
and storms.                                                                               There is no question that from
Assignment to the                                                                         where I sit, far too many mags
accessory shop was the                                                                    are going without proper mainte-
answer, and magnetos                                                                      nance in the field. Our guess is
became my game. In                                                                        that perhaps only 50% of all the
my 30 or so months                                                                        mags out there are being serviced
tenure in that seat, I                                                                    as per factory guidelines, and the
believe I overhauled or                                                                   only service they see is when they
repaired well in excess        Typical mag components, coil, points, dist block etc.
                                                                                       fail—often prematurely and at just
of 1,000 magnetos.                                                                     the wrong time.
Thankfully, that pre-                      all that. Today in the engine over-             To their credit, we see a lot of
dated much dealing with the                haul business, with the exception           Slicks that appear to have run to
dreaded "Siamese" or dual mag-             of dual magnetos, specific customer         full engine TBO without ever being
neto, so most were Bendix S20 and requests for Bendix and a few odd                    taken apart—even though they
S200 serie,s as well as quite a few of installations where Bendix are                  should have been every 500 hours!
the old 600 series Slick, and a smat- required, it is standard fare to                 Good as the mags are, they are
tering of antique stuff like               replace both Bendix and run-out             somewhat labor-intensive and there
Eiseman, Case, Bendix SF and a             Slicks with new Slick magnetos.             are specific maintenance proce-
couple of sets of S-600 low-tension             As often as not, the old Bendix        dures required by the manufacturer
units.                                     20 and 200 series mags are beyond           at 100, 500, and 600 hours. When
    Back in those days, with the           economic repair, and it is not eco-         we take them off during the engine
exception of replacing the then            nomically practical to field overhaul
"throw away" Slicks with new ones,                                                                           cont’d on next page

30 The Mooney Pilot Volume 49 August 2004
                                                                         TECHNICAL SPOTLIGHT

cont’d from page 30
                                          and it can ruin your business trip      lost by not properly maintaining
overhaul, we don't really pay much        or vacation, to say the least.          your ignition systems. You may
attention to their condition as they                                              have two, but when one quits in-
are headed for the crusher, but           Junk Ignition Harnesses As Well?        flight do you want to trust the
often engines come in early for           The ignition harness, while not as      other to get you to your destina-
prop strikes and such, and we often       critical as the magnetos, should be     tion?
find "junk" mags which have appar-        the subject of a reasonable level of
ently received no service. Bendix         inspection and replacement when         Slick Start: A Little-Known "Easy
mags usually go the same way, but         it starts to look like the one pic-     Start" Secret
we find that those sent for overhaul      tured. The same goes for spark          As an aside to mags, let me men-
are so bad that they often don't          plugs. Plugs should be properly         tion what I believe to be a product
make the cut and are rejected for         cleaned, gapped and rotated at rea-     that has not received the praise it is
core. Interestingly, this also goes for   sonable intervals.                      due. That is the Slick Start. In the
Bendix mags that are not timed-                In my opinion, nothing makes a     past, the theoretically best magneto
out, but rather on engines in the         conforming engine (that is, one         system for starting is the "shower of
shop for things like prop strike          with nothing else wrong with it)        sparks," an outgrowth of the battery
inspections.                              run better than clean, properly         ignition systems of the thirties
    The impulse cam shown in the          gapped (or new) spark plugs, a          which came into common use in
picture came off a mag on a repair        good ignition harness, and properly     the late fifties or early sixties. For
job engine. Note the shiny area           maintained and timed magnetos.          an engine to start without kicking
adjacent to the round rivets on                Nearly every pilot out there who   back, it is necessary to retard the
either side. This indicates severe        has new ignition systems installed      timing, delaying the spark until the
wear of the rivet or the impulse          remarks how much smoother and           piston is almost at the top of its
pawl itself. This is the subject of an    more powerful his engine has            travel.
old AD (78-09-07) and I'd say that        become. One has to wonder just
this coupling and the one on the          how much take off, climb, and
other magneto would not have              obstacle clearance performance is                              cont’d on page 32
passed the required inspection
for many hundreds of, perhaps a
thousand, hours. The magneto
shown having flat sides on it was
sentenced to the scrap heap by
AD 73-07-04. That's 31 years ago!
    Both mags on this engine
were essentially "junk", as are
many we find. This is important,
as failure of the impulse coupling
can lead to catastrophic failure of
the engine if the steel parts fall
into the wrong place when it self-
destructs. Like some pilots out
there, you may feel the redun-
dancy of two mags negates the                   Do You Have All    Of The Issues
necessity of serious or regularly
scheduled magneto maintenance,                                     Of The Mooney Pilot?
but one mag failing can be pretty                          If Not, Call us at 1-877-JOIN MOA
dicey at an inopportune time—                                  and order your back issues today.

                                                                      August 2004 Volume 49 The Mooney Pilot 31

                                            and hot. The Slick Start electronic unit combines the
                                            impulse with a much more powerful shower of sparks,
                                            generated electronically rather than mechanically. If it
                                            fails (which I have never heard of) the mag simply con-
                                            tinues with the old mechanical impulse, allowing the
                                            engine to start. I heartily recommend this nifty little
                                            add-on product for all Mooney owners. I installed
                                            them along with Slick mags on my Twin Comanche
                                            over a thousand hours ago and have yet to "miss” a
                                            start. That reminds me, it's about time to do the 500
                                            hour inspection on the mags again…
                                                                                         Charlie Melot

                                            About the Author:
                                            Charlie is one of the most experienced engine men on earth.
                                            He has some 30 years in the business during which he has
                                            managed the overhaul of over 8,000 engines. He is also a
                                            9,500 hr. pilot with some 200 hrs. in Mooneys. Charlie
                                            owns and operates Zephyr Aircraft Engines in Zephyrhills,
cont’d from page 31                         FL. Visit his website at
     The previous tractor
technology method of
doing this used an impulse
coupling. It works, but it
provides only one little
spark per plug on each
compression stroke. The
shower pf sparks system
uses a mechanical vibrator
operated through a sepa-
rate set of points to provide
a "hot" (hotter than nor-
mal) shower of many sparks
at the appropriate time. It
is a good system until the
vibrator goes south—and
just because it is making
that little squeakie noise
doesn't necessarily mean it
is working up to snuff or at
     With a bad or poorly
performing starter vibrator,
starting becomes lots more
difficult and sometimes
even “Mr. Bendix” himself
can't start the engine, par-
ticularly if it is fuel-injected

32 The Mooney Pilot Volume 49 August 2004
                                                                              BEHIND THE PRODUCTS

  Spark Plugs: Fine Wire vs. Massive
      We all know fine wire plugs cost more, but are they worth it for Mooneys?
Firstwords: Occasionally we field calls here at MOA from owners asking about the advantages of fine wires
(Iridium/Platinum) vs. massive plugs. Thoughts run strong on both schools of thought, but some evidence exists showing that
the pricy fine wires may actually be more economical in the long run for Mooneys, especially the turbos and fuel-injected vari-
eties. What follows is a short "white paper" on the subject by David Seasing of RAM Aircraft, who has done lots of testing
and research on this issue.
                                                                 Also relevant is the fact that the gap of any elec-

              e here at Ram have found that, for tur-        trode is vulnerable to erosion and meltdown. The mas-
              bocharged piston aircraft flying at high alti- sive plug is especially susceptible, due to the medium
              tude, fine wire spark plugs are more effec-    melting point alloy used in manufacturing it. The alloy
tive at igniting a fuel-air mixture. They induce less        has a tendency to erode at a less than cost effective
strain on the magnetos and simply prove to last longer rate, when compared to the longer life of the fine wire
— and even outlive their extra cost on the front end of electrode. (In both cases, the comparison is made
the deal.                                                    when the spark gaps are set for optimum perform-
    We have tracked several operators who have               ance.)
advanced their conviction that a set of fine wire plugs
                                                                                                           cont’d on page 34
                    are certainly good for
                    1,000 hours. Other oper-
                    ators have suggested even                MOA’s Mooney Friendly
                    longer periods. Fine wire
                    plugs certainly perform
                                                               Superior Quality LIght Weight --
                    better as more strain is
                                                      Fits Easily In Your Pocket or Cabin Map Pouch
                    put on the ignition sys-
                    tem, as we note that,
                    since advising operators
                    of our 350 hp liquid-
                    cooled engines to switch
                    to fine wire plugs, our
                    service managers do not
                    recall any customer con-
                    tacts regarding ignition
performance at altitude.                             The Only Tool You Need For Mooney Cowls
    There are two primary reasons why                 (Even Gets In To The Hard To Reach Nosebowl Screws)
fine wire plugs are more effective than           Perfect For: Battery Access Panel, Fiberglass Belly,
massive plugs. First, the massive elec-           Cowls, Oil Doors, Tighten/Removes All M20 Screws, Can
trode's sheer size shields its own spark          Even Be Used To Help Open Stubborn Fuel Caps!
from some of the fuel/air mixture around                    Reg: $17.95 MOA: $12.50 plus shipping
it. The result is less than even ignition
that is less efficient. Second, the iridium       Free When You JOIN/Renew For 2 or 3 Years
alloy used in the fine wire plug allows the         See It And Order On-line at:
use of a larger spark gap. The larger gap                877-JOINMOA (877-564-6662) or 941-486-1960
results in a hotter, more powerful spark.                        Email:

                                                                          August 2004 Volume 49 The Mooney Pilot 33
                  BEHIND THE PRODUCTS

cont’d from page 33
                                                                                     For example, following proper maintenance proce-
    Durability is also achieved with proper inspection,                          dures, Auburn Spark Plugs Corporation advertises
cleaning and gapping, when done in accordance with                               their plug life to be 400 hours for their Massive plugs
the guidance published by Champion Spark Plugs and                               (medium temperature alloy) and they suggest 1200
Autolite® Aviation Spark Plugs by Unison. This                                   hours for fine wire spark plugs (high temperature
includes rotating the plugs as directed by these plug                            alloy). However, without periodic re-gapping (typically
manufactures, not the way most shops do it such as                               done at 100 hour inspections) spark plug life may be
"top to bottom", etc.                                                            reduced to half those recommended numbers.
                                                                                     RAM flight test data shows fine wire spark plugs to
                                                                                                be 2.2% more efficient than massive elec-
                                                                                                trode spark plugs. The TSIO-520-NB
                                                                                                engine at high cruise or climb power
                                                                                                (232 hp at 2400 RPM; EGT at Peak
    HARTZELL PROP CONVERSIONS FOR MOONEY                                                        +100°F rich @ 10,500 ft.) yielded a Brake
                                                                                                Specific Fuel Consumption of .498 for
                                                                                                Fine Wire
                                                                                                and .509 for
                                                                                                massive plugs
                                                                                                (BSFC = lbs.
                                                                                                (Both spark
                                                                                                plugs had the
                                                                                                same gap set-
                                                                                                tings of .018
         • Better take-off and climb performance.                                                                   Typical standard/massive
                                                                                                inches). The         plug on left, fine wire on
                       • Smoother operation.                                                    2.2 % fuel           right. Some studies show
                                                                                                savings (.498       besides being easier to fire
                      • Improved appearance.                                                                        in adverse situations such
                                                                                                vs. .509)           as in a turbo or in an oil
         • Less restrictive placards on C-F models                                              could vary          burner, fine wires may be
            equipped with Hartzell two-bladers.                                                 with other            the best deal long-term.
                                                                                                engine mod-
             • Longer TBO than many McCauley
                                                                                                els. Fuel savings of 1% on various other
                    props (2,400 hour/6 year).
                                                                                                engines seems a reasonable expectation.
                          Prices subject to change without notice.                                  After testing fine wire spark plugs and
                                                                                                noting the added efficiency, RAM now
                                                                                                recommends fine wire spark plugs. There
                                                                                                is some data which indicates that fine
                M20C-J                                             M20K
        Less restrictive placards                                  $8,495                       wire plugs may assist in starting in hostile
             on C-F models                         From $9,795 w/electric de-ice                situations such as the typical "hot start"
                                    TOP PROP                                                    scenario. Our opinion is that they make
                                                                                                good sense for almost all Mooneys, espe-
                                                                                                cially all turbos and injected models.
                                                                                                                      David Seesing,
                                                                                                   RAM Aircraft, Limited Partnership

 800-942-7767 | topprop @ |

34 The Mooney Pilot Volume 49 August 2004
                                                                        MOA’S LETTER TO THE TOP

cont’d from page 24
                                             you need to act boldly and without don't really understand this market
    Make no mistake, now is the              hesitation lest you miss your "win-       either, and not every buyer buys
time for brave moves in                                                                      solely by looking at perform-
the boardrooms at                                                                            ance specs. We think the fact
Kerrville, and wherever                                                                      the Cirrus isn't really a better
else Mooney's investors                                                                      performing, more comfort-
call home plate. While                                                                       able, or a safer aircraft (but
there are some notable                                                                       looks the part), is proof posi-
exceptions, it is probably                                                                   tive that the modern enough
safe to say that in years                                                                    M20 still has some marketing
past Mooney as a com-                                                                        life left in it.
pany hasn't been espe-                                                                           We think you need to meet
cially blessed with an                                                                       Cirrus head-on, ergonomically
abundance of talented,                                                                       and marketing-wise. That
bold managers with                                                                           means an investment in cer-
insight—or at least man-                                                                     tain human factor/ergonomic
agers or owners who                                                                          renovations, and the assets to
                                 The backbone of Mooney’s legendary strength is its 4130
have made the right                  tubing. Don’t underestimate its marketing mileage       support a genuine (Cirrus-
choices soon enough. In                                                                     like) fleet of demos as well as
fact, one could argue                        dow of opportunity" and be passed                                   cont’d on page 37
that Kerrville has been flush with           by for good—others are nip-
just the opposite, more often that           ping at your perky empen-
not. Much time has been lost to              nage.
egos and fears of day-to-day (if not              If you aren't mindful of
Thursday afternoon) payroll wor-             the limited amount of time
ries, pruning or micro-managing              you have to refine or "bump"
the individual branches without              the M20 product line once
looking past the trees.                      again (yes, it still has some
    Make no mistake about this,              life left), the company we all
now is no time for strategic plan-           know and love as "Mooney"
ning miscues, faint-heartedness, or          may very well spiral down to
a short-term outlook for investor's          the level of being just a sup-
returns. Now is the time for                 plier of OEM M20 parts and
(Japanese theory/style?) long-term           an occasional/limited pro-
bold investments, both in insightful duction producer of niche or
nuts-and-bolts engineering as well           custom-ordered aircraft.
as "soft assets", a.k.a. intelligent
marketing, the superior M20 prod-            The Self-Evident "We
uct line that you inherited, and             Thinks"
which has lasted far longer than             We think this down spiral is
any of the original pioneers would           preventable—maybe not for
have ever dreamed possible, will             our children's market, but at
slowly wither away on its marketing least here and now and for
vine.                                        the lifespan of all of us mid-
    In short, the existing M20 prod- dle-aged if not younger
uct line has a few improvements or Mooniacs now flying. We
marketing "bumps" left in it, but            think other manufacturers

                                                                           August 2004 Volume 49 The Mooney Pilot 35
 buying a new Mooney or
  pricing insurance for
    the one you have?
                                              cont’d from page 16

With AVEMCO you                                   Fourth, long term economics. If you don't tear it down now, when
                                              you go to sell, prospective buyers who do enough of a prebuy to dis-
have       CHOICES...                         cover the damage history may well pass on the sale, or reduce their
                                              offer by the cost of the inspection.
Call Avemco at 800-558-8844                       Now that we're on economics, let's look at the pluses and minuses
to obtain a quote from our                    of the situation. If you have a low-time engine being torn down,
qualified insurance counselors.               chances are you will not incur significant uninsured expenses. Let's
                                              move on to a mid-time engine that's many years old. If you have a bad
OR DAYS                                       cam, a cracked case (other than possible strike damage), a non-VAR
The time it takes to get a quote              crankshaft, cracked cylinders and what have you, it's going to be your
from other companies.                         nickel. Even though it hurts the pocketbook, the up-side is that the
                                              insurance company has paid to remove, disassemble, clean, reassemble
want a quick and easy
                                              and reinstall it. Their part includes a lot of parts that do represent an
insurance quote?                              improvement to the engine, but are required procedurally. For "a few
Call, go on-line, or mail. In minutes you     bucks more" you may well have an engine whose lower end may reli-
can own a policy from the only direct         ably run well past TBO.
writer of aviation insurance. No games,           A "pre-paid" T&I is a good (no, make that a great) time to attend to
just great policies from the responsive,
                                              any known cylinder deficiencies. Or just plain top overhaul it since
trustworthy people who love to share
your sky.
                                              the insurance company has so nicely paid all the labor costs of
                                              removal and installation of the cylinders. If it's a high-time engine or
  • Focus on Inclusions Not Exclusions        one that's giving trouble, it's time to take the discount the insurance
  • Rock Solid Financial Reputation           company is paying for and do a major overhaul now. In fact, often
  • Flexible Coverage Options                 high-time engines will incur repair costs that make it uneconomical to
                                              do anything but overhaul.
                                              No Two Are The Same
                     Call 800-558-8844 for    Mechanically, each prop strike is its own experiment in what may or
           PHONE an immediate quote.          may not have been damaged, just as the internal condition of every
                                              engine is different, resulting from a wide array of factors.
                                              Economically, each situation is its own arithmetic problem. Once the
                     Log on to                decision to proceed with the inspection has been made, it is appropri-
                     and request a quote.     ate to follow the same steps, choosing a shop to perform it as you
                                              would choose a shop to do a major overhaul. Regardless of who assem-
                                              bled the engine last time, you will be riding around behind the work-
                     Mail or FAX your
           MAIL      name, address, N#        manship and inspection ability of the shop doing the work this time;
                     and policy expiration    so pick it carefully.
                     date. We’ll contact
                     you prior to renewal.
                                              Pick Your Engine Shop Wisely
                                              If you have an engine with enough time on it that the economics
                                              could dictate an overhaul, you certainly want to be dealing with a
                                              shop you (and any future owner) are comfortable with. It is often best
                                              to have the engine disassembled first, then have it inspected for the
                                              economic viability of continuing it in service versus overhauling. In
                                              this case, you need a lot of trust in the shop doing the work.
411 Aviation Way, Frederick, Maryland 21701
                                                  You should be aware that some insurance adjusters will push you
  800-558-8844 • Fax: 800-756-7815            toward the lowest bid for a T&I, or will push you to use the shop at                                                                                     cont’d on page 43
Mon. to Fri. 8 - 7:30 ET, Sat. 10 - 6 ET
                                                                        MOA’S LETTER TO THE TOP

cont’d from page 35
the talented (factory or dealer-
based) manpower to fly them to
nearly every prospective Mooney
and/or Cirrus buyer out there. We
think that maybe embarking on a
traveling Mooney Factory Demo
Tour (or something similar) to all
major markets will be worthwhile.
To be blunt, we think you will get
your market share if you give your
product enough exposure and let
enough prospective buyers sample
the goods. A modern Mooney
speaks for itself, but you have to
put it in the right place at the
right time and give it a chance to
sell itself often enough.
    We think that, as it stands           and if you are smart, you will edu-          Bear in mind this was compiled by
right now as this is being written,       cate the market to this fact.                true M20 "hands on" professionals
the main (if not only) true perform-          We think it might be a good              who recognized that Mooney's roots
ance competition is Lancair, not          idea to re-read our highly                   were in economical hot rods that
Cirrus. We also think that there is       researched article - “Building a             were not only fast as hell but also
a good chance that, as soon as            Super Mooney Wide Body 221 - By turned in great mileage. We think
there are enough used                                                                             it may be smart travel
Cirrus aircraft out there                                                                         expense money for the
entering the market                                                                               powers to be in both NY
being re-sold to satisfy or                                                                       and Kerrville to take a
influence the market,                                                                             copy of this article to
the Cirrus 50 a month                                                                             Vero Beach (for exam-
production bubble may                                                                             ple) and visit a certain
very likely burst—big                                                                             GA Skunk Works,
time. We think that                                                                               founded by a certain
when that happens, you                                                                            aeronautically savvy fam-
had better be ready with                                                                          ily of Italian heritage
a superior, repeat supe-                                                                          whose (late) family patri-
rior performance prod-                                                                            arch also just happened
uct like a turbo-normal-                                                                          to know his way around
ized Ovation which                                                                                Kerrville.
should blow away the                                                                                     On that point, we
Minnesota crowd, per-          Few owner-flown aircraft capture the “cliquish” owner affection think you had better get
formance-wise, and give         the M20 fleet has... Nearly ‘cultish’ most observers remark...
                                                                                                  both Williamsport and
buyers a reason not to                                                                            Mobile off their 1950
"buy Minnesota..." We think the           the Experts” found in The Mooney             engineering butts and come up
fact that Cirrus outsells Mooney          Pilot Nov. ‘01, on what past                 with some true innovations, such as
some 5 to 8 to one is simply amaz-        Mooney-savvy experts feel could be           a smoother, more efficient/power-
ing when viewed from a true cost vs done with the M20 product line.                    ful 4 banger to help nudge the per-
performance/feature standpoint,                                                                                 cont’d on page 38

                                                                           August 2004 Volume 49 The Mooney Pilot 37
                 MOA’S LETTER TO THE TOP

cont’d from page 37
                                          pilots who are old enough to afford      when you have a "brain drain"
formance upward of our proposed           a new Mooney like to eat good            caused by diregard of this phenom-
new-generation wide-body 221                                                                               enon. But
Mooney.                                                                                                    then again
    We think it is interesting that                                                                        under their
new and better engine components                                                                           watch the
haven't (for the most part) come                                                                           Ovation and
from engine manufacturers them-                                                                            Eagle were
selves, but from "after market" ven-                                                                       spawned, so I
dors in the form of light weight                                                                           guess we can't
starters, tuned injectors, roller rock-                                                                    be too critical
ers, better cylinder finishes, better                                                                      even though
cam lubrication, electronic igni-                                                                          some may feel
tions and so on. We think only an                                                                          they made lots
idiot would think the powerplants                                                                          of other mis-
you are now installing are the best                                                                        takes still the
that good 'ole Yankee engineering                                                                          same.
can muster.                                                                                                    We think
                                                 The pride of workmanship at Kerrville is well known
    We think the TLS/Bravo is a                                                                         you still have a
great aircraft, but it either needs       food and are not exactly as skinny       limited amount of time left to capi-
some more tinkering under the             as they would like. Thus, a few          talize on the tremendous amount
hood to better its fuel specifics,        extra inches in cabin width would        of Mooney-savvy talent nearby that
vibration signature and perform-          be both relatively easy to come by       still draws breath. More to the
ance, or it should give way to (what      and overwhelming welcomed by             point—we think it may be smart
we believe) would be its successor: a     your current crop of Mooney own-         money to swallow some pride and
turbo normalized Ovation—which            ers: an unmistakable reason to           make some overtures now before it
we think may very well be the "best       trade up—let alone a great reason to is too late to include some "old
of the best." We also think many          entice the "Brand B,C, and P"            timer" type Mooney-savvy folks on
                                                             crown to our          your (consultant) payroll. Some you
                                                             beloved Kerrville     may want to may consider have last
                                                             Coupes.               names not unlike: Wheat, Penney,
                                                                      We think     (Curt) LoPresti, Kolloff,
                                                             that while it is      Thorne/Lehmann, Couvalier,
                                                             always smart to       Schumerber, Esculier, Kromer,
                                                             have new blood        Smith, Bernhard, and so on. A few
                                                             around especially     Mooney-savvy experts also exist out-
                                                             if they tend to be    side of former employees that may
                                                             bright and "think     also be included in that group and
                                                             out of the box,"      those names sound strikingly simi-
                                                             there is simply no lar to: Loewen, Jacob, Yeager,
                                                             substitute for long Rouch, Cramer, and Dugosh.
                                                             term "hands-on"       What this group doesn't know
                                                             technological         about Mooneys and what would
                                                             experience. The       make a good Mooney, ain't worth
                                                             Dopps may have        knowing.
                                                             learned the hard           If nothing else, this group
                                                             way what happens would be familiar to veteran
                                                                                                          cont’d on next page

38 The Mooney Pilot Volume 49 August 2004
                                                                     MOA’S LETTER TO THE TOP

cont’d from page 38
                                        1/3 more man-hours to build than            because of its inherent strength and
Mooniacs and the aviation press,        a newer clean sheet design, but             outstanding intrinsic efficiency
and would thus create                                                                           (which was way ahead of
instant credibility—some-                                                                       its time when it iwas
thing you can always use                                                                        introduced), it is still
around the factory. You                                                                         economically viable in
may wish to flatter this                                                                        today's market.
Mooney-savvy group and                                                                                That said, however,
establish an Al Mooney                                                                          unless you invest the
Memorial Advisory                                                                               money to "bump" or
Board/Think Tank (of                                                                            improve it again right
sorts). At least go visit                                                                       now, and make no mis-
them or better yet, invite                                                                      take, it does have a few
them in to buy them a                                                                           more "bumps" left in it,
few great Texas steak                                                                           well…You get the pic-
dinners and some Black                                                                          ture…
Jack D., and then just sit                                                                            As we see it, the
back and listen…Just lis-                                                                       basic M20 cabin design
ten and for God's sake.               Mooney owners seem to own their Mooneys                   can be widened slightly,
Keep an open mind and                 nearly twice as long as competitive aircraft.
                                      Maybe that fact should be publicized more?                            cont’d on page 44
take notes.
    Maybe even do it formally all at
once: organize a MAC M20
Expert/Former MAC Employee
Reunion and pick up the tab, but
come with video recorders and
open ears. Our bet is that most
would love to talk Mooney—and
what they say would be gold, dated
gold no less, but still hands-on gold
plated lessons, learned the hard
way through "been there/done
that…" Our bet is that you would
be surprised as to what you would
learn and it would be the cheapest,
if not least risky education you may
ever get concerning Mooneys.

Putting A Sharp Point On It All
While the basic M20 still is a viable
product; performance/safety/fea-
ture-wise, strategically speaking
there is no denying the fact that the
M20 product line is nearing its
final marketing run. We know that
the M20 takes lots more, perhaps

                                                                  August 2004      Volume 49       The Mooney Pilot 39

     K&N High Performance Air
     Almost Too Good To Be True
  Yep, a better mousetrap has arrived, and you need one! Enough feedback is in
 and it is true, a "U-do it/bolt-on" gain of 4-5% hp (for cheap) is here!
                                        Mooneys to attain higher cruise         horsepower or efficiency, leave your

         efore you say it, yeah, we     speeds, while they turn in better       doubts here. A casual excursion to
         know it is hard to get         miles per gallon as a bonus!            any drag strip, NASCAR or NHRA
         excited about an air cleaner       We finally have an economical       event, or a short talk with anyone
of all things, but how about a free     "U-do it" mod us owners can do to       who has ever manned an engine
lunch with a few Mich Darks or          noticeably increase the perform-        dyno will change your mind.
Dewars thrown in? Got your atten-       ance of our Mooneys in a hour or            Given the fact your Mooney's
tion? How about 10 extra (free)         less, one that won't break the bank.    engines are really air pumps (of
horsepower resulting in noticeably      K&N Engineering, the well-known         sorts), the concept is simple: the
better ROC and                                                                                 more air and fuel you
cruise on less                                                                                 put in (at the proper
fuel—all for less           "Enough feedback is in to prove that                               air/fuel ratio, of
than the cost of a
night on the
                        they work and offer enough extra perform-                              course), the more

town with your           ance to make them perhaps the cheapest                                power or torque you
                                                                                               get out. Restrict the
favorite co-pilot?     speed and efficiency mod around. The ques-                              air coming in and you
     No matter            tion is, are you clever enough to realize                            lose horsepower big
how much we
love our miserly
                                 what they can do for you?"                                    time; clear and sim-
                                                                                               ple. All air cleaners
Kerrville Hot                                                                                  restrict air to some
Rods, there isn't a                     high performance automotive,            degree, some lots more than others
Mooney owner out there who              motorcycle, and marine/air filter       and K&Ns the least of any.
couldn't use an extra 4-5% more or      purveyor, now offers FAA-                   In the past, intake systems and
about 10+/- extra horsepower. After     Approved low-restriction units for      air cleaners hardly ever got much
all, comparably performing retracts     most Mooneys. And the good news         attention from airframe designers.
such as Bonanzas and 201s out-          is that enough feedback is in to        Nearly to a man, they took air fil-
pony our 4-bangers by a sizable         establish that they are effective. In   ters for granted, or never took the
margin, and when it comes to take-      fact, happy users report they offer     time to compare flows between dif-
off and climb, there is simply no       enough extra performance to make        fering types of filters. But nowadays
substitute for more hoofs out front.    them perhaps the cheapest speed         with the help of sophisticated com-
     Actually, besides helping your     and efficiency mod around. The          puterized dynos, it is easy to prove
fully loaded M20 clear the leaves       question is, are you clever enough      that the type and condition of your
and power lines with more slack         to realize what they can do for you?    air filter/cleaner can make a sub-
and get up to altitude quicker,             If you think installing a better,   stantial difference in the output
allowing our engines to breathe         more efficient air cleaner doesn't
more efficiently actually allows our    make much difference in increasing
                                                                                                      cont’d on next page

40 The Mooney Pilot Volume 49 August 2004
                                                                         NEW PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT

   cont’d from page 40
                                              importantly, as it filters dirt and              We have had owners report
   and efficiency of your Mooney's            grime, it gets blocked and more              "hard starting" and have actually
   engine.                                    restrictive. The pressure on the fil-        seen engines that have failed to
   Mooney's OEM Pleated Paper                 ter element itself increases as it col-      start starving for air because of a
   Filters vs K&N                                                                             dirty paper filter. So it is vital
   Oil Treated                                                                                you inspect and change paper
   Cotton                                                                                     elements regularly, even if they
   Unless you have                                                                            don't appear to be overly dirty to
   a Brackett after-                                                                          the naked eye. The difference
   market oil                                                                                 between paper vs K&N's cotton
   coated foam fil-                                                                           is far less restrictive in the first
   ter (which are                                                                             place, and cotton can be washed
   actually less effi-                                                                        and re-used numerous times.
   cient and more
   restrictive than                                                                            K&N's Low Restrictive Cotton
   your stock fil-                                                                             Gauze Elements
   ter—see sidebar                                                                             K&N is well respected in the
   on page 45),                                                                                high performance markets for
   your Mooney's                                                                               producing a highly effective, but
   OEM filters are                                                                             extremely low restriction, wash-
   made of pleated                                                                             able (re-useable) pleated surgical
   paper. Not only                                                                             cotton gauze filter, which uses oil
   are Mooney fil-       The fact that K&N’s low restrictive oiled cotton gauze element        to help trap dirt and grit. Their
   ters hard to                    allows more airflow isn’t open to dispute...              oil impregnated cotton filters are
   come by nowa-                                                                             known to measurably increase
   days, as the factory and fewer and         lects grime and grit; often dramati-         horsepower output, as verified by
   fewer Service Centers out there            cally. Typically, as the paper ele-          dynamometer tests. These filters
   carry little inventory, but paper          ment ages, the engine sucks in frag-         can be washed, "re-charged" with
   itself has its limitations.                ments of a deteriorated paper ele-           fresh oil (included in the air filter
       OEM paper air cleaner ele-             ment as well as more and more dirt           kit), and re-used some 25+/- times,
   ments break down and eventually            and grit—hence the "high silicon"            and typically are thought to last the
   develop holes and gaps in the              (dirt/sand/grit) notes we get in our         life of the engine. At an average of
   pleats, especially as they accumulate oil analysis.
   dirt and grit, and/or get wet. More                                                                             cont’d on page 42

Mooney Owners, Protect Your Aircraft And Avionics From The Sun & Heat
        Order Now and Save $20 On Kennon’s Aircraft Cabin Covers or Sun Shield Sets!
                                    Kennon’s Deluxe Cabin           Over 100,000 Sold! Kennon
                                    Covers are lined with           Sun Shields are well loved
                                    slippery satin. Fuzzy           and frequently imitated!
                                    linings only collect sand       Nothing keeps your cockpit
                                    and dirt that can scratch       cooler, not even an exterior
                                    your plexi! Kennon’s lining     cabin cover! Our perfectly
                                    is so slippery that nothing     cut shield fits in the window
                                    sticks to it, so it’s gentler   with friction and provides
                                    on your windows!                many years of service.

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              Call Kennon Aircraft Covers Toll Free 1-800-356-0809 Ph 307-674-6498 Fax 307-674-7182

                                                                              August 2004 Volume 49 The Mooney Pilot 41
                  NEW PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT

cont’d from page 41
                                           at high power settings, and not gen-     they deserve a place on every
$100 to &175, they are more                erally at partial throttle settings.     Mooney out there.
expensive than the typical dry             The gains in Mooneys would be                Putting it another way, when
paper filters—but overall may be           expected primarily at full power         was the last time you (as an owner)
more economical, as                                                                 have been able to walk up to your
they are designed to                                                                Mooney and within a few minutes,
last 10+ years.                                                                     bolt on a piece of engine accessory
    Tests done by                                                                   or equipment and increase your
Challenger (at                                                                      effective horsepower output and
approx. 240 cfm)                                                                    performance noticeably, if at all?
show K&N filters                                                                    While we Mooney owners are lucky
typically flow 6.03                                                                 in that we have a proliferation of
cfm as compared to                                                                  sophisticated airframe mods and
4.95 for the average                                                                up-grades, and given the fact most
pleated paper ele-                                                                  work as advertised, still most of
ment and some 4.93                                                                  these mod/refurbs are relatively
for oil coated foam                                                                 expensive and require lots of
(Brackett) variety.                                                                 Mooney-savvy experience to bring
These figures alone                                                                 on line. This is different: K&Ns are
verify K&N claim's       Besides your car, motorcycle, boat, and jet ski, you       economical, U-can do it, and they
of increasing the          can now bolt one of these little jewels on your          work as advertised.
effective horse-         Mooney and boost the effective HP 4 to 5% avg!                 MOA has implemented a spe-
power of the typical                                                                cial arrangement with
Mooney of 3-5%+.                           take-off and climbs, and especially      K&N/Challenger to be able to
                                           at altitudes where full throttle is      offer these filters online at a special
How Do They Work On                        used. Most owners report slightly        reduced price for MOA Members
Mooneys?                                   more manifold pressure, to the           through Magna Marketing. Check
Several individual owners we con-          extent of an extra inch or so.           out and see
tacted rave about the increased                                                     their ads for more details.
power, as evidenced by increased           Putting A Sharp Point On It                             A MOA Staff Report
manifold pressure and/or better            Users we talked to rave about these
ROC! The only complaint we                 little jewels, and most report notice-        How To Get Them
heard was from owners who didn't           able increases in manifold pressure      For more information visit
yet receive theirs due to slow             and/or a reduction in fuel flow of or the Dec.
approvals through the FAA and                                                       ‘03 issue of The Mooney Pilot
                                           .2 to .4 gph. Some owners report         Magazine where they were rated
backlogged production. Both of             an increase in ROC of upwards of         a favorite “MOA Year End Top
MOA's engine experts, Terry                150 fpm. Reports of increased            Pick.” They were also reviewed
Capehart of High Performance                                                        in the August '02 issue of
                                           cruise vary from model to model          Aviation Consumer.
Engines and Charlie Melot of               Mooney, but generally, once you
Zephyrhills Engines, concluded that are above the density altitude where                Magna Marketing has agreed
K&N's horsepower projections                                                        to stock popular Mooney K&N
                                           you are operating in a wide              filters and offer them to MOA
were reasonable and obtainable,            open/full throttle regime (on non-       Members at a special discount
especially if you compared K&N fil- turbos), increases of upwards of 4              price.
ters to the more restrictive foam fil- mph are not uncommon. To put it
                                                                                        Call us at 877-JOIN MOA
                                                                                    (877-564-6662) for details or
ters which many owners currently           simply, these air cleaners are simply    visit as we
have installed.                            too good to ignore, and we feel          feel this economical little jewel
                                                                                    has earned a place on every per-
    With that said, please keep in                                                  formance-minded Mooniac's per-
mind the gains posted are typically                                                 sonal Kerrville Go-Faster…

42 The Mooney Pilot Volume 49 August 2004
                                                                                              BREAKING NEWS

                                                        In Loving Memory Of
                                                      Joel A. Smith
 The Mooney Community Mourns the Loss of a Test Pilot Icon

         s we were going to press, tragic news reached us about 26 year veteran Production Test
         Pilot Joel A. Smith loosing his life in a most unusual (non-test pilot) crash while serving as
         a front seat passenger/copilot in a M20J that was attempting to land in Olney, Texas
August 4th.
    As Joel was arguably the most experienced Mooney pilot on
earth, having over 26,000 hours (most in Mooneys) and has flown
more Mooneys than anyone else, we were astonished to learn of
this crash. Our hearts and prayers go out to his family and friends
as well as to all of his former fellow co-workers at Mooney. We
personally knew and highly respected Joel, who reminded us of
fellow aviation enthusiast Jimmy Stewart both in appearance and
his no-nonsense demeanor.
    We will cover this accident in detail in the next "Members
Only" issue, where we will bring in our panel of experts not only
to evaluate what happened, but to learn how we can learn from
accidents like this. 69 year old Joel was one of three killed and is
 survived by his wife Teresa, a daughter, and four sons.

Installers of                   Teledyne Mattituck Services Premium
                                     Engine Installation Program
                      Many pilots don’t realize that the performance and reliability of their aircraft’s engine largely
                       depends on the quality of its installation. In fact, engine manufacturers tell us that a large
                       percentage of warranty claims are a direct result of poor installations. So when it’s time to
                      install your new piston engine – Continental or Lycoming – call Teledyne Mattituck Services.
                                  Our premium installation program may save you more than just money.

                          A Teledyne Mattituck Services Installation Includes:
                     • Pre-installation flight test         • Clean and inspect exhaust system   • New air filter
                     • Removal and installation of engine   • Aircraft tachometer                • Engine oil fill
                     • New Teflon fluid hose kit with         calibration check                  • Dynamic prop balance
                       integral fire sleeve                 • Fuel system setup on aircraft      • Complete TopCare® inspection
                     • Clean and inspect engine             • New engine mount                   • Post installation flight test inspection
                       compartment and cowling                bushings and bolts
                                                                                                 • Post flight test inspection and
                     • Clean, inspect and paint baffles     • Hardware and supplies                fine-tuning
                                                      Full range of custom options also available.

                                                                                                                                              TM – (877) 777-1870
                                                                                                      Mattituck, New York & Fairhope, Alabama
                 MOA’S LETTER TO THE TOP

cont’d from page 39
                                              We have thought for years that      hour count, as well as toward
made faster or yet more efficient (it the main reason more pilots don't           increasing overall customer appeal.
has a horribly inefficient tail air-      choose Mooneys to begin with is             We think well-respected auto-
foil), and maybe certain individual       simply the fact that they (and their    motive efficiency experts, crystal
components (such as a new cabin           support group/aviators) aren't          ball purveyors, and marketing gurus
and baggage door) can be composi- familiar with or as comfortable                 like Bill Munro -
tized to both increase the overall        with M20s as they are their old and Aviation
appeal and help reduce its man-           stodgy brand C or Ps, which are far     Consumer Oct ‘02, who have stud-
hour count.                               more numerous. We have thought          ied both our system and the amaz-
    Naysayers aside, we have it on        for years that (in theory) to counter   ingly efficient Japanese/Asian auto-
good authority that, with the aid of this market phenomenon, if you               motive/airmotive manufacturers
sophisticated software that didn't        could take most prospective buyers      are on to something, and you
exist when it                                                                     would be wise to listen up, before it
was originally                                                                    is too late—even if their consultant
conceived, the                                                                    services aren't exactly cheap. We
M20 can yet be                                                                    think we would rather our children
made more                                                                         fly aircraft made in America by
efficient aero-                                                                   American companies and we hope
dynamically.                                                                      you are smart enough to allow
We think thatif                                                                   them to do this.
you say the                                                                                 The MOA Administration
right words to
the right peo-                                                                    Afterwords:
ple in the FAA                                                                    These are only our thoughts. What are
(remember                                                                         yours? As always, we welcome reader
what state our                                                                    input. Keep those cards and letters com-
President calls
home), you can         The famous Mooney “one piece” spar is legondary and
get the job                 should be centerpiece in most all marketing
done with                                                                                Visit The Largest
workable, if not minimal paper-           who were considering buying
work fuss, after all, the M20 has a       another lesser-performing aircraft,
superior safety and a enviable air-       and just let them fly even an older
frame AD record.                          Mooney… Well, we think they
                                                                                          Mooney Website
    We think that at some $3 a gal-       would be building larger produc-
lon for avfuel, a 4-banger version        tion facilities in Kerrville.
may still deserve a look even if it           We also think it is possible to           Anywhere, Often...
costs just as much to manufacture         reduce your man-hour count from
as the current 6-cylinder stuff. We       the now reported 4,000+ to build a
think a further cleaned-up, wide          new M20M/R, to something like 3-
body, 4-banger Mooney 221 that            3,200. To do this would take con-     
could turn in nearly 30 mpg and           stant concentration, veteran pro-
cruise significantly over 200 mph         duction line talent, and better pro-
would sell, and current owners who duction line hardware. We think                        1-877-JOINMOA
feel comfortable with this engine         future improvements and capital
would open their wallets enthusias- investments should be made with
tically.                                  an eye towards reducing the man-

44 The Mooney Pilot Volume 49 August 2004
                                                           NEW PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT

                         Brackett Filters:
                         Oil Coated Foam
                                                       at some $11-15 (avg.) per element, they are eco-

         walk down most any ramp will confirm          nomical to replace. We find there is little doubt
         Kingman, Arizona based Brackett's line of     K&N/Challenger's pleated cotton/wire mesh fil-
         dark charcoal/black colored oil impreg-       ters are far less prone to being clogged than syn-
nated synthetic foam filters have been popular         thetic media like foam or paper, they produce more
among Mooney owners. Brackett is a small com-          horsepower and are
pany who developed a line of effective oil coated      more efficient.
foam filters in the '60's as initially developed by
AC, a division of General Motors. These type of fil-
ters were developed by request of the FAA who rec-
ognized that OEM paper filters could catch fire in
backfire situations, and/or deteriorate due to lack
of attention and/or excessive dirt accumulation
and thus develop holes or even suffer parts of
the paper element actually getting sucked in.

According to GA engine performance guru
Terry Capehart, Bracket's foam filters are most
effective in severe dusty situations such as
operations in the Western U.S. or on unim-
proved strips. However, they are also known
                                       for reduc-
                                       ing effec-
                                       tive HP
                                       output in
                                       done by
Challenger (at approx. 240 cfm) show K&N
filters typically flow 6.03 cfm as compared to
4.95 for the average pleated paper element
and some 4.93 for oil coated synthetic foam

Brackett's Scott Brackett confirms his filters
are more restrictive than paper and especially
K&N's pleated cotton/wire mesh design, but

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Insurance WARNING! $$$ Don’t                    color moving map, many mods, easy to           Call Shari at 941-484-3100 for specs.
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R/Vs, Boats, Motorcycles For Sale               1979 M20K 231                                  MAPA LOG magazines. Additionally it
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941-484-0801. After hours 941-484-0800.         1989 M20M TLS/Bravo LOWEST                     KS Avionics 4 cyl EGT/CHT Monitor,
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1975 A-36 Bonanza, Great 6 place, 4k tt,        SACRIFICE AT ONLY $165,900! 2015 tt,           515-2159, Cell (847) 867-6705.
850 S/MOH, 8 Inside and out w/new               and 1290 SMOH, KFC 150 w/alt pre-
leather, dual Garmin 430/530s, S/Scope,         select, JPI, Garmin GPS, WX 100                1997 Ovation M20R, N37MG, TTSN
3 blade, NDH & great maint., Priced right       StormScope, recent paint and interior and      844, Excellent condition/NDH, Complete
@ $179K. Looking for turbo M20. Ken @           NDH! Email or call          logs, Apollo MX20, MFD w/Chart View,
305-744-7298 or 888-822-5840.                   941-484-0801 or 941-484-0800 “after hrs”       Entire US Database, Annual Subscription,
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1959 M20A N8104E                                1963 Mooney M20E                               915-877-3346 Work.
3250 TT, 1320 hrs. Mattituck overhaul,          Asking $53,000, TT 5425 hrs, Lycoming
Always hangared, All King Dual Panel,           IO-360-A1A - 70 hrs SOH, 66 hrs SOH,              If your Mooney could be for sale, call:
(KX197, KX 165, KA34, KT79, KCS55A              Airframe good condition, King ADF, KX                         COY JACOB’S
HSI, KLN 90 GPS, KING COLOR 3C                  155, TXP, Narco Nav 122, Apollo Loran,                   MOONEY MART
GPS/MAP) Numerous Speed Mods,                   Wing covers, Fuselage cover, Cowl plugs,                    110 AIRPORT AVE.,
Alternator, Adlog Maintenance Records           Interior good condition - brown carpet
complete, NDH. Too many goodies to list.        and vinyl, Exterior - off-white with brown               VENICE, FL. (VNC) 34285
$39,500.00 OBO. Call Mike Brawner at            trim. Extensive maintenance completed. In              (941)484-0801
281-339-1037, or email                          good mechanical condition. Call 360-708-                              2698 for more info.                            E-mail:
52 The Mooney Pilot Volume 49 August 2004

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