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					What is the setting of Act III?

      Salem Meeting House
What does Giles mean when he
 says he has “broken charity
      with the woman”?
    he has betrayed/condemned his
  What is the deal that Danforth
tries to make with John Proctor?

If John will drop the charges, he will
not try Elizabeth for a year because
she is pregnant.
Who begins to have doubts about
the rightness of the witch trials?
             Rev. Hale
What does Judge Hathorne ask
Mary Warren to do in court that
       she cannot do?

What does Abigail do as soon as
Danforth begins to question her?

        She threatens him.
What does John tell the court
      about his wife?
         She will not lie.
How do the girls torment/terrorize
         Mary Warren?
   They repeat everything she says
What does Mary Warren do at
     the end of Act III?
     Accuses John Proctor of
“The Devil is precise; the marks
 of his presence are definite as

           Rev. Hale
“I never knew I must account to that man for I
  come to church or stay at home. . . Since
     we built the church there were pewter
 candlesticks upon the altar; but Parris come,
   and for twenty week he preach nothin’ but
   golden candlesticks until he had them . . it
                 hurt my prayer.”

                John Proctor
“I want my mama! . . . I’ll fly to
     Mama. Let me fly.”
  “Tonight, when I open my door to
leave my house – a dagger clattered
to the ground. You cannot hang this
sort. There is danger for me. I dare
      not step outside at night.”

            Rev. Parris
“I come to counsel Christians
they should belie themselves.
 There is blood on my head.”
           Rev. Hale
Why has Reverend Hale come
      back in Act IV?
  He hopes to talk the accused into
What news does Reverend Parris
   give the courts in Act IV?
   Mercy and Abigail have stolen
   Parris’ money and disappeared
 What does Hale urge
Elizabeth Proctor to do?
Persuade her husband to confess
         to witchcraft
John tells Elizabeth that he
   has not confessed to
    witchcraft because:
 He does not want to confess a lie
     to contemptible people.
What is the one thing that
   John cannot do?
Sign his name to a lie/allow lie to
be posted on the church door for
        the public to see
 When John goes to the gallows
   and Elizabeth says that her
husband has his “goodness now”,
           she means that:

    By tearing up his confession, he
     feels that he has regained his
Why does Elizabeth refuse to
 influence John’s decision
    whether to confess?

   She feels he must face his own
   conscience and make his own
Elizabeth reports to John that
        Giles Corey:
   has been pressed to death with
           large stones
Why did Giles not confess to
  or deny being a witch?

 By not pleading guilty or innocent,
 he did not have to forfeit (give up)
            his property
Who is Rev. Parris’s
Who is the Proctor’s servant?

         Mary Warren
What is Rebecca Nurse
    arrested for?
The supernatural murders of Ann
       Putnam’s babies
What is Elizabeth Proctor
      arrested for?
The attempted murder of Abigail
“I hope you are not decided to
 go in search of loose spirits,
          Mr. Parris.”

        Rebecca Nurse
 “Last night – mark this – I tried and
 tried and could not say my prayers.
   And then she close her book and
walks out of the house, and suddenly
   – mark this – I could pray again!”

            Giles Corey
 “A child’s spirit is like a child, you
can never catch it by running after
  it; you must stand still, and for
love, it will soon itself come back.”

           Rebecca Nurse
“I saved her life today! . . . I’ll be
   ordered to bed no more, Mr.
  Proctor! I am eighteen and a
    woman, however single.”

           Mary Warren
“A fart on Thomas Putnam!”

       Giles Corey
“There is no blush about my
         name sir.”
 “I just come from the farm; the
whole country’s talkin’ witchcraft!
   They’ll be calling us witches
Abby….Abby, we’ve got to tell.”

           Mary Warren
    “I do not judge you. The
magistrate sits in your heart that
judges you. I never thought but
   you were a good man….”

        Elizabeth Proctor
  “He say Mr. Parris no goodly
man, Mr. Parris mean man and
 no gentle man, and he bid me
rise out of my bed and cut your
“But you must understand, sir,
that a person is either with this
 court or he must be counted
  against it, there be no road

        Judge Danforth

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