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									Regular Positive Cash Flow

I had decided to shift to a new locality, but at that time, I was worried on whom
can I rely upon to get a suitable renter as well as buy a new house in the area,
I was totally unknown about it. At that time, a friend of mine suggested to
contact Paul and Karen who will ensure that there is regular positive cash flow
in my account.

I then informed them of my willingness to buy a property in the new locality as
well as give the existing one on rent. They told that they will do the needful at
the earliest. Now, I have a renter for my old property and also a very good
house, which Paul and Karen had found for me and it is beyond my
expectation to buy a property at the rate I had bought it. They also supported
me by financing some money, as I was short of it.

Thanks a lot to Paul and Karen as without their help I don’t think it would
have been possible for me to buy such a good house as well as to get a renter
and thus, generate positive cash flow in my account every month.

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