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					Happy Holidays                                                                        Issue 8
                                                                              December 4, 2010

                                                                           Event Dates
President's Corner                                                         DECEMBER
The first snow of the season has fallen, the students have holiday
                                                                           Pearl Harbor
shopped, and the seasonal festivities are well under way.
                                                                         Remembrance Day
                                                                            December 7
We all know the traditional December holidays so we thought we would
share with you a few of the lesser know holidays of the month.
                                                                           PTA Executive
                                                                           Board Meeting
December 6th - Mitten Tree Day
                                                                            December 7
December 7th - National Cotton Candy Day
                                                                              9:00 am
December 8th - National Brownie Day
December 10th - Human Rights Day
                                                                          Adopt a Family
December 11th - National Noodle Ring Day
                                                                         Ends December 10
December 12th - Poinsettia Day
December 13th - National Cocoa Day
                                                                         Duquesne Energy
December 16th -
Boston Tea Party Anniversary.
                                                                         Ends December 10
Las Posadas - Mexican
National Chocolate Covered Anything Day
                                                                            Bracelet Sale
December 17th -
                                                                            December 14
National Maple Syrup Day
Underdog Day
                                                                           Winter Concert
Wright Brother's Day
                                                                            December 21
December 18th - Wear a Plunger On Your Head Day
                                                                           Winter Solstice
We plan on thoroughly enjoying Chocolate Covered Anything Day.
                                                                            December 21
                               Warm Wishes, Karen and Cheryl
                                                                           Winter Parties
                                                                           December 23

Adopt a Family                                                               No School
                                                                          December 24 - 31
              (A Salvation Army Social Services Program)
                   Don't forget to include Hoover's
               adopted family in your holiday shopping!!                   Back to School
                                                                             January 3

                 Pick up a gift card at Giant Eagle                         PTA Meeting
                                  Or                                         January 6
                             Donate cash                                     Cafeteria
        (cash donations are used to purchase gifts or gift cards)             9:00 am

                     Donations:    PTA mailbox or                          THE DISTRICT
                                  contact Christine Barnett                  CALENDAR
                                   at 412-279-5576                     Here is an online version
                                                                        that can be sorted by
                                  Christine Barnett, Committee Chair   schools plus a scanned
                                                                         version that you can

                                                                           Lunch Calendar

Art - Make it with your recyclables
                                                                                  Mrs. Schnirel

We all know about recycling. We rinse, we flatten, and then we put in out
every two weeks and place it on the curb.                                          Secretary
                                                                                   Mrs. Wetzel
I would like to suggest another recycling technique, turn it into art.
Across the globe, artists are using recyclable materials to make art.
Recyclable art hangs on walls, lives in gardens, and holds our groceries.         Need to call?
                                                                               Hoover Main Office
During this winter vacation, introduce your children to the art of making        412-276-7411
art with recyclable materials.
There is the old standby of cutting up a box to make a house or rocket
but how about making a whole kingdom of characters or musical
instruments from cardboard rolls.
                                                                                 PTA Officers
Have you ever made a dress or tote from plastic bags? This site even
                                                                                 PTA President
shows you how to make plastic balls of bag yarn. All our lunchtime
                                                                                  Karen Morris
knitters might fancy this site.

What do you do with all those boxes that were delivered, and all those        First Vice President
boxes the toys came in? Turn them into masterpieces. Mark Langan,               Cheryl Sheppard
whose artwork is shown here, uses only a knife, glue and corrugated
cardboard. Amazing!                                                          Second Vice President
                                                                                  Pam Awad

                                                                              Third Vice President
                                                                               Mary Ann Schnirel

                                                                                  Karen Demma

                                                                                  Kristen Krepp

                                                                                 Michelle Emery

                                                                                    A Hearty
                                                                                   Thank You
                                                                            Susan Pochek and
                                                                            Laura Yaremcho for
                                                                            running our Holiday Gift
                                                                            shop. Thank you for
                                                                            finding new vendors and
                                                                            organizing the gift shop so

Cultural Arts - For Students Only                                           Thank you to Nichola
                                                                            Moretti for all her advice
                                                                            and expertise in helping
                        Holiday Unwrapped                                   set up the gift shop.
                  Monday, December 6, 2010 - 2:00 pm
                     presented by Attack Theatre                           Thank you to all the
                                                                           volunteers who set up
Running the gamut from Tchaikovsky, to Duke Ellington, and Bizet,          the gift shop, helped the
Attack Theatre's Holiday Unwrapped is an interactive dance performance children, helped at check
that invites students to experience the holidays with a fresh perspective. out, wrapped the gifts,
With dances adapted from classic and contemporary holiday fare, Attack and helped clean up the
Theatre will present an engaging and contemporary program at Hoover        gift shop on Tuesday
this winter. This performance, which is funded by the Hoover PTA, is       afternoon!
presented by The Gateway to the Arts.
                                                                           Thank you to Jefferson
                                      Diane Barna, Cultural Arts Chair     Elementary School's
                                                                           playground painting
                                                                           committee for loaning us
                                                                           stencils to paint our
                                                                           playground. They were
                                                                           very helpful!


                                                                                 Hoover Links

                                                                                Herbert Hoover
Duquesne Energy Pledge                                                        Elementary Website
                                                                               Hoover PTA Website
                        Duquesne Energy Pledge
                          Ends December 10                                    Mount Lebanon School
If you misplaced the flyer, please go to the front office and pick one up.
Every flyer means free money for Hoover to be spent directly on your
children. So come on, grab a pen, pledge to save energy, get a free kit
of energy saving materials and help Hoover students. We currently have        Newsletter Note
48% of Hoover families signed up.                                             By allowing contact
                                                                              information to appear in
                                                                              this newsletter,
                                   Cheryl Wetzel, Hoover Secretary            contributors grant
                                                                              permission for their
                                                                              contact information to be
                                                                              viewed as part of the
'Hola'                                                                        newsletter via email and
                                                                              on the archives list.

                  Friendship Bracelet Sale
                   Light up a Life with a Llama

5th Grade students in Mt. Lebanon School District are learning about the
importance of llamas and alpacas in South America in Spanish class.
They will be making and selling friendship bracelets to purchase a llama
or alpaca through Heifer International ( to send to a
needy family in South America. The character attribute in December is
LOVE so what better time for us to something for someone else?

Please help the 5th Grade support a needy family in South America by
sending your child to school with $0.50 for each bracelet they would like
to purchase on Tuesday, December 14th!

Wouldn't a homemade FRIENDSHIP BRACELET be a great gift for
Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa?

MUCHA GRACIAS for supporting this 5th grade World Service project!

Download the December Spanish Newsletter.

                                 Sra. Conte's , Spanish Teacher

Lunchtime Clubs

             Legos Needed for Lunchtime Clubs!

The PTA is looking for donations of used Lego's for use during our
upcoming Lego Lunchtime Club. Any parents who have multiple Lego's
they are looking to clear out and are willing to donate, we need them!
Please contact Sara Hendrick.or at 412-443-1599

                                  Sara Hendrick,Lunchtime Club Chair

Nominating Committee
Hoover PTA is in the process of forming a nominating committee
for PTA officers in the 2011-2012 school year.

If you are interested in serving on this committee, please contact
Karen Morris or Pam Awad.

Playground Painting

                            THANK YOU!

I would like to acknowledge and recognize the efforts of Takako Sachse.
She was there with me most of the time and also checking in with me
periodically about when I needed help to finish. We made a great
team...she was very precise on measuring the basketball lines. She was
a great help and I truly appreciated her time and assistance.

Also, Takako's husband John pitched in as well as my husband, Kevin
Kelly. Kevin came to my aid every time I called for help...and it was quite
                                                  Greta Kelly , Playground Painting Chair

Would you like to see all the pictures parents have taken this year of
school events? Then go to the PTA website homepage and click "play"
on the slide show.


                             December Wellness Tip
During the holiday season it is easy to slip away from the healthy eating
habits we practice all year. When eating out or cooking for large groups
in your home remember these tips.

        When making an entree- "broil", "bake", "steam", or "roast" the
        entree. This preparation method is usually a healthier option.

        When ordering meats to prepare, choose "round" or "loin" cuts,
        which have less saturated fats.

        Include salad, soup or steamed vegetables as an appetizer.

        Try making pasta with a vegetable marinara sauce.

        Drink lots of water with a twist of lemon for flavor.

        When selecting desserts order or make angel food cake,
        fresh fruit, or sherbet.

                                           Mrs Stilley, Hoover Wellness Committee

PTA Meeting January 6, 2011
This month's PTA meeting is in the cafeteria and will start at 9:00am.

Mark Staley from Whole Foods will be our Guest Speaker at our January
PTA Meeting. Mark will offer hints from learning to read nutrition labels,
understanding fat content and carbs and even learning how much salt or
sugar is too much. Mark will be accompanied by Chef Jim Shones who
will prepare samples of seasonal recipes and some nutritious soups to
warm us up on cold winter days. Come join in on the fun, bring your
appetite and enjoy the food with friends!

                                                  Karen Demma, Hoover PTA Secretary

Pull up a Chair
Quick Announcement Editor
Sends out Quick Announcements to Hoover parents via a software
program. Very easy to learn.

Parent School Education
Provides programs for parents that can enhance student development
and school performance. The Council PTA will help provide speakers.

Please email PTA President Karen Morris or call her at 412-429-2044 if
you are interested in chairing one of these committees.

Around Town

Find out what is happening for children in the coming months at the
Mount Lebanon Library.

Holiday Bells, Mallets and Drums Children's Concert, Dec 11th at
MLHS. Tickets required

MLAC winter swim classes. Registration begins Dec 1st for Jan-Mar

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