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Organisational Chart 1


									                           ORGANIZATION CHART (CDA – BORDER ROADS, DELHI CANTT)

                                                                 CDA (BR)

_____________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________

JCDA(BR) Chandigarh               PAO(GREF) Pune             JCDA(BR) Guwahati     DGM (Fin) Zaranj         AO (P

1. Project AO (P) Sampark                               1. Project AO (P) Sewak                       AO 46 BRTF
      1. AO 13 BRTF                                        1. AO 15 BRTF
      2. AO 31 BRTF                                        2. AO 25 BRTF
      3. AO 50 BRTF
      4. AO WBW                                         2. Project AO (P) Vartak
                                                           1. AO EBW
2. Project AO (P) Beacon                                   2. AO 14 BRTF
      1. AO 32 BRTF                                        3. AO 756 BRTF
      2. AO 35 BRTF                                        4. AO 44 BRTF
      3. AO 760 BRTF                                       5. AAO LO DGBR

                                                        3. Project AO (P) Udayak
3. Project AO (P) Himank                                   1. AO 48 BRTF
      1. AO 16 BRTF                                        2. AO 752 BRTF
      2. AO 753 BRTF
                                                        4. Project AO (P) Puspak
4. Project AO (P) Deepak                                   1. AO 36 BRTF
      1. AO 38 BRTF                                        2. AO 24 BRTF
      2. AO 21 BRTF

5. Project AO (P) Chetak                                5. Project AO (P) Setuk
      1. AO 45 BRTF                                        1. AO 42 BRTF
      2. AO 49 BRTF                                        2. AO 755 BRTF
                                   Inspection Manual CDA (Border Roads)                       4
6. AO GREF Centre Pune                        6. Project AO(P) Dantak
                                                 1. AO 19 BRTF
                                                 2. AO 47 BRTF
                                                 3. AO 758 BRTF
As                                               per                        the

                         Inspection Manual CDA (Border Roads)           4
Border Roads Regulation the duties and responsibilities of DGBR, chief
Engineers, & Task Force Commanders are as follows:


     The Director General of Border Roads is responsible for giving advice on technical
matters. He is in overall control of the civilian force namely General Reserve Engineer
Force for departmental construction of projects. This force, which has been set up on
army lines, consists of: -

      (a)Personnel directly recruited;

      (b)     Personnel belonging to Ministries of the Central Government;

      (c) Personnel of State Government, local bodies, Corporations etc. and

      (d)     Personnel of Defence Services taken on loan

2.    The Director General Border Roads is also responsible for:-

      (i)   Planning and execution of projects entrusted to the General Reserve
      Engineer Force and coordination of all technical matters and progressing of
projects entrusted to P.W.D. / C.P.W.D.;

      (ii)        Technical soundness of designed specifications adopted in the
          construction of projects

      (iii) Scrutiny of all estimates before they are put upto the Board for sanction;

      (iv) Preparation and submission of periodical budget estimates and obtaining
         funds from Government; and

      (v)     Administration, planning and control of manpower, resources etc.      of
            General Reserve Engineer Force

3.    Except as otherwise provided, the Director General Border Roads exercises the
same administrative, financial and technical powers as are granted to the Engineer-in-
Chief under the Regulations for the Military Engineer Service and other orders. He may
issue such technical and departmental instructions as are necessary for the proper and
economical execution of projects and the administration of units and formations under
his control. He may also specify the duties of the different officers in the General Reserve
Engineer Force.

                                       Inspection Manual CDA (Border Roads)

     The Director General of Border Roads exercises control over the General Reserve
Engineer Force through Chief Engineers, functioning in specified areas.

2.   Chief Engineer is responsible for:-

       (i) the detailed planning of projects and the submission of estimates;

       (ii) ensuring that the project estimates submitted are in accordance with the
            specifications prescribed from time to time and the designs are sound and

      (iii) proper and expeditious execution of sanctioned projects according to
            technical sanctions and for carrying our periodical inspections. He is also
            responsible for ensuring that no departure from Regulations, approved
                 specifications or orders of superior authority is permitted without the
            approval of the competent authority;

      (iv) economical utilization of resources in manpower and equipments;

       (v) control and administration of GREF and army units and formations placed
           under his common; and

      (vi) using funds placed at his disposal in the best

3.    The Chief Engineer may issue appropriate technical and administrative
instructions to subordinate formations under his control. He will keep in close touch
with the local army, PWD or CPWD authorities.


      Task Forces consisting of various types of units are placed at the disposal of Chief
Engineers. A part from the execution of works and maintenance services entrusted to
them, Commanders Task Forces, are responsible for the due observance of rules and
regulations, efficient and economical administration of funds allotted to them and for the
proper and p-to-date maintenance of documents and records prescribed in the different

2.  In addition to Task Force, certain formations like GREF Centre and Records, Base
Workshops and Store Divisions function directly under the Director General of Border

                                     Inspection Manual CDA (Border Roads)
Roads. For local administration and purposes of discipline they are placed under a Chief
Engineer as decided by Director General of Border Roads.

                                    Inspection Manual CDA (Border Roads)

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