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  Explore Markha Valley The Most Famous Trek Trails Of
  By animasharma99 on August 16, 2012

  Markha Valley trek in Ladakh is one of the most famous trekking is a truly dream destination
  for hikers. This scenic valley, leads you through colorful, warm hearted and friendly people
  and cultures, green fields, villages and monasteries which will really mesmerize you at the
  very first look.

  Indian Himalayans ranges undoubtedly one of the most spectacular mountain ranges and
  stunning the world. As soon as you start on a journey in this great chain of mountains, one
  finds remote villages, aged old temples and monasteries isolated. The rural lifestyle of simple
  people takes the visitor to another time and place. The thrill of finding oneself in the midst of   Featured Stories
  snowy peaks, glaciers, pine slopes, rivers and lush green fields of wild flowers, is an
  unmatched experience.

  When you are in Ladakh, the very first thought that comes to your mind is adventure, blessed
  by Mother Nature with incredible beauty. Its geographical and cultural traditions are very
  similar to those of Tibet. Tourists come inclined to adventure around the world as the
  abundance of adventure activities in this heavenly land located in the state of Jammu and
  Kashmir. Trekking in Ladakh is a great choice for nature lovers. Surrounded by the
  Karakorum and the Himalayas Grande, the ravages of the world famous mountain, the
  destination never fails to capture the hearts of tourists. When it comes to hiking, this
  destination is the best bet in India.

  Leh is the most mesmerizing city and largest of Ladakh. It offers adventures galore.
  Depending on your taste and requirements can opt for a trekking tour from 1 day to 1 month.         Most Impressive Post-Baby Bods
  During the tour you can enjoy hiking, rafting, cycling, become familiar with the unique lifestyle
  of the inhabitants of this region and more.

  Greeting your sense treated to a wonderful view of snow capped mountains, blue skies and
  infinite color flags, knowing the rich culture of Ladakh and adventure sports for a truly a
  wonderful experience. A visit to the here and a holiday in peace and beauty and come home
  completely rejuvenated.

  Adventure tourism in Leh-Ladakh now has a new address! Visit the high elevation region of
  Ladakh, and you will be enchanted to see the incomparable beauty of the Himalayas and the
  Zanskar range. Welcome to the fascinating Markha Valley. Although less explored, compared
  to other places to see in Ladakh, Markha is becoming a wonderful hiking trail.

  Generally abode by a thick layer of snow throughout the year, Ladakh treks has become the
  first choice of all trekkers in India. Even the tourists coming from other countries, love to go    10 Actors Who Are Surprisingly Fluent
  alongside the wild roses and Tibetan prayer flags. Markha River adds more beauty to the             in Other Languages
  place. The place is inhabited by a few nomadic people.

  When it comes to trekking, Markha recognized is well connected to other trails, such as La
  Ganda, Stok Kangri, Matho, the Zanskar River, La Gongmaru, Hemis and some other small
  towns Ladakhi. These paths lead to the streams, barley and mustard fields. The place seems
  to be dotted with a number of Buddhist monasteries throughout. These are sacred Buddhist
  pilgrimage center for the cult and local festivals.

  Some places of high altitude in Markha Valley also offer splendid views of the Karakoram
  Range. These attractions together make an interesting place for adventure and relaxing
  holidays in Ladakh. Even if you are planning for your honeymoon, especially in the state of
  Jammu and Kashmir, a couple of days in the Valley of Ladakh tour are good from all
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  leading travel industry in India. At present, she is writing on different topics like trekking

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