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“The movement of
persons from one
country or locality to
Push and pull
Migration occurs due to either “push” or
“pull” factors from their current region of
Push factors: poverty, war, violence,
medical treatment and other personal
Pull factors: a better lifestyle, education,
working opportunities, quality of life,
housing, and citizenship benefits.
Drug violence
 A very recent push factor
 has been the violence
 between Drug lords and the
 police, which is wreaking
 havoc throughout Mexico.

Political Impacts
These people have
Tijuana, Mexico
a large choice to
cross border, as
the border is
3200km long.

Tijuana (1) used to
be a major
crossing border,
but now is heavily
protected by          (10)
military forces,
causing more
difficulty for
Mexicans to sneak
Population Shift

The shift of large populations
up to 600,000 people a year
affects both Mexico and
America in various ways.(1)
Government at work
There is always political tension
between both country’s leaders as
they are trying to prevent further
illegal migration from occurring, and
as most locals in America are upset
about illegal immigrants taking their
   Deals between leaders
A recent impact on
politics has been a deal
between Mexico, and the
U.S. State of California
(where the majority of
illegal immigrants are)
where the illegal Mexican
prisoners are to be sent
into jails in Mexico.
Weak links
Another recent and
recurring issue affecting
both countries is the
battles between the
Drug lords and the
Mexican government.

As the violence
continues in Mexico,
drugs are being
smuggled into America,
addicting and spreading
drugs among U.S.
Borders                  18
This is a problem that
border protection are
finding hard to face,
where at the same
time, these drug lords
are smuggling
weaponry and
ammunition into
Mexico (1).
Possible Solution
A possible solution to
these issues is to
covering the entire
border with security on
both sides of the border
and keep large flood
lights covering the
border so that people
cannot illegally migrate
at night (though this may   (19)
be harmful to the
Economic Impacts
Migration affects the
Most migrate due to lack of
jobs, or better work
People illegally migrate to
America, thinking that they will
have a better job with higher
wages in America.
Government Requirements
 Jobs in America equivalent to    21
 jobs in Mexico, pay more per

 In Mexico you can get paid
 $4/day, where as you can
 minimally get paid $7.25/hour.

 This is due to the U.S.
 Government having a law that
 forces employers to pay a
 minimum of $7.25/hour. (7)
  Shortages                          22
Illegal immigrants usually accept
any job available; no matter how
dangerous it may be, as they
don’t have a high level of

This causes vacated jobs in
Mexico, where agriculture can
suffer if farmers are constantly
migrating to America.

Taxes are also being raised as
the U.S. population is increasing,
forcing the government to spend
Increasing amount of illegal immigrant population
can fill up a lot of heavy-labor jobs , which, over
time, causes the entire American economy to
depend upon the illegal factory workers.
After the recession, where many labor jobs and
farming jobs had decreased, the immigration of
Mexicans had decreased dramatically, though
immigrants, who were already in America, have
remained there.
U.S./Mexico Border
Another large economic
issue towards the U.S.
government is the border
wall on the U.S./Mexico

This wall costs $1300 to
repair for every hole made

In 20 years, the total cost is
predicted to be $6.3
billion(8), which is twice the
budget set for Homeland

The cost of maintaining the
border wall is too high, and
the border seems ineffective,
as more than 600,000
people cross the border
A solution to this is to use cheaper methods of
keeping control of the border, such as using
heat sensors, barbed wire, and large
watchtowers with flood lights.
Also, to help catch employers with illegal
immigrants, auditors should be forced to catch
the companies by finding out if any payments
are being made without official transactions for
each employee.
If they are caught, then they should be
sentenced to jail.
Social Impacts
 influenced a lot of the society in parts of
 America, especially border states.
As there are so many U.S. citizens with
Mexican and other Central and South
Social Impacts
American heritage, Spanish is taught in
all schools.
 Majority of the citizens of Border states
 (e.g. Texas, Arizona, California) speak
 Spanish to communicate with all the
 Hispanic workers(9). Society is also
 influenced by illegal immigration because
 of all the drugs being transported through
 Mexico into America.
 More drugs are flowing through America,
 which causes the possibility of having a
Possible SOlution
The only feasible solutions seems to be
to warn citizens about drugs and their
dangers, as enforcing law upon people
can cause then to have more drugs.
No other solution other than catching the
drug smugglers remains; which happens
to be very difficult to accomplish.
Concepts: “Place and
This issue relates to “place and space”,
Place and Space being
as human environments are
affected, as there is a population
increase in America, which is causing
jobs to be taken by illegal immigrant.
 People also adapt and copy some of the
 immigrant’s cultures, by speaking their
 language and eating their style of food.
 Human environments are also affected
 as drugs are being introduced to the
 local people, which is increasing crime
 rate and is increasing the number of
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