PipClock by dtlakmal20


									                            PipClock - Wasteland Surviver v1.0.5

                          Required Android 2.2 Higher OS
                            GPS and Network Connection
   PipClock is nice clock widget in your android smart phone. if you like it then
  download it and install it your mobile device. Awesome widget in your mobile..

                          Rusty High Resolution Textures
                                  apocalyptic retro
                            Atomic Clock and Calendar
                  GPS powered real-time weather hazards detector
                apocalyptic journal of your Wasteland explorations
                   Landscape mode to use PipClock on your wrist
            Weather statistics among all PipClocks in the last 24 hours
                    A N.B.C. alert system updated in real-time
                   Check PipClock activity all around the globe
    Analog Magnetic Compass with realtime Sun Position and Target Indicator
                 Realistic Geiger Counter with sounds and smoke!
                      Real-time Thermometer and Barometer¹
                            Nearby Landmarks Detector
                          Self Protection Reinforced Hull
         Nuclear powered Flashlight with three different lightning presets
               unrise Forecast with countdown to sunset and sunrise
check out the percentage of sunlight left or how long you have to wait until the light
                             illuminates the wasteland
                               Moon phase calculator

How to Install this awesome app (PipClock) into your Android Smart phone
                      Copy Apk File into your sd card
                then open it via any File manager application
                                 and install it
                            now done installing....
                                ENJOY..... !!!

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