Best and Promising Practices in Diabetes Education by AlisterM


									Best and Promising Practices in Diabetes Education

A project initiated by the Canadian Diabetes Association to identify ?best' and ?promising' practices in diabetes education
based on the best available evidence resulted in developing the first ever catalogue of Best and Promising Practices in
Diabetes Education. The catalogue profiles 45 leading initiatives from Canada and international practices. The results are
not comprehensive, but indicate diabetes education practices from around the world at specific points in time. The
purpose of the catalogue is to assist diabetes educators, program planners, funders and policy makers with examples of
leading practices which meet the Association's standard of excellence. The project was funded by the Public Health
Agency of Canada.

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I. Citation Information and Links



Web Links

For site where document is available

II. About the intervention: General Characteristics

Health Issues Addressed

Chronic Disease Prevention

          Diabetes: secondary prevention [primary focus]

Priority/Target Population for Intervention Delivery:


III. Foundations of the Intervention

IV. Implementation of the Intervention

V. Evaluation Design of the Intervention
VI. Intervention Outcomes

VII. Adaptation

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