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                        appy New Year to everyone! Saying
                        2008 was a challenging year is an
                        understatement – so I want to reiterate
                        my appreciation for the tremendous
                        efforts that everyone contributed
    throughout last year. As we move firmly into 2009, we’ll                                                                                                   3
    need to maintain the same unwavering and spirited                              3        Product Watch
    effort to keep our business viable in the APA region,
                                                                                            No limits for Ranger MAX
    and get us through the current and unpredictable
                        economic maelstrom.
                            We’ll continue to react to the                         4        APA
                        market dynamics, but we’ll stay true
                                                                                            Training takes
                        to the fundamental framework of our
                                                                                            regional approach                                                  6
                        APA business model. And that means
                        we’re going to enjoy the introduction
                        of some really great vehicles this year,                              5        South Africa
    and start to show the strength of our core product

    strategy for the region.
       The new Fiesta started arriving here in Q4, and to                                              Motorsports
    everyone’s expectations has really wowed both the
    media and the public so far in Australia and South
    Africa. And just around the corner, China will
                                                                                                                               7        Fuel Efficiency
    be the first market globally to launch the Fiesta sedan.                                                                            EcoBoost serves up
       The refreshed Focus is also getting terrific reviews.                                                                            more with less
    The PowerShift automatic transmission has given us
    a significant competitive advantage in performance
                                                                                                                               8        Cover Story
    and fuel efficiency, and its new design has literally
                                                                                      8                                                 Global Fiesta goes local
    transformed one of the best-selling C-cars in the world.
    Through the first half of this year, we’ll continue its
    launch in ASEAN and Tri-Nations markets.
       Ranger MAX is a brave project taken on by Ford.
                                                                                                      12          Voice of the Customer
    This high-impact show truck will be available to support
                                                                                                                  Giving Quality Care
    our new Ranger activities throughout the year. And the
    new Falcon finished last year with some very high
    praise, winning a number of COTY awards in both
                                                                                     14           Global Watch
    Australia and New Zealand.
                                                                                                  Ford as reliable
                                                                                                  as Honda and Toyota
       There is certainly a lot to be excited about this year.
    I would be remiss, however, if I did not stress the
    fundamental importance of delivering outstanding
    cost performance and remaining cash positive in APA if
                                                                                     15           COTY Finalist
    we are to continue enjoying the rewards of our current
    and future key product programmes.                                               16           Events                                                 19
       One Team. One Plan. One Goal.

                                                                                     17           News Roundup

                                                  John Parker
           Executive Vice President, Asia Pacific and Africa                                      Ford Faces
         is published for the people of Asia Pacific and Africa, Ford Motor Company, by Ford Communications - 19th Floor, Lake Rajada Office Complex,
193/82-86 Ratchadapisek Road, Klongtoey, Bangkok, 10110, Thailand. Director/Publisher: Whitney Foard Small; Managing Editor: Mia Barrett;
Regional Content Team: PRISM; Design/Production: Oakins and Stone Limited. A publication of Ford Communications Network. January 2009
Please send questions and comments on this issue to
                                                                                                                           product watch

  No limits with Ranger MAX

                    ord achieved maximum impact when it revealed               “The robust nature of Ranger means that it is the dependable
                    the Ranger MAX show truck at the Thailand                  workhorse, and with Ranger MAX we wanted to create a show
                    Motor Expo last month. More than 1 million                 truck that is cool as hell.”
                    people visited the show with Ranger MAX as                     The show truck was created by the Ford truck team in
                    a main attraction.                                         Thailand, working with Ford’s Australia-based Asia Pacific and
      The Ford Ranger, unsurpassed for its genuine toughness                   Africa design team, led by Gibson and Max Tran.
  and durability, found itself with a new face and a big set of                   The design team describes the new look as ‘Tough Style’.
  18-inch wheels.                                                              Visually bold and muscular, Ranger MAX extends Ranger’s
      “Ranger MAX wasn’t meant to be elegant or pretty,” said                  reputation as the hardworking truck that’s the best all-around
  Paul Gibson, chief designer of the Ranger MAX show truck.                    compact truck on the market.

          Hood and Tonneau cover                                     Sportsbar
          The raised ‘power dome’                                    The distinctive sportsbar visually extends
          hood expresses the Ranger’s                                the length of the side-access Open Cab
          pulling power, echoed by                                   while adding dynamism to the profile,
          the remote-controlled power                                creating the impression that Ranger MAX
                                                                                                                                  The three-bar grille
          tonneau cover. Both overt                                  is always ready for action.
                                                                                                                                  and dramatic head
          muscular design elements
                                                                                                                                  lamps reinforced
          give Ranger MAX power
                                                                                                                                  by a large open
          and solidity.
                                                                                                                                  area below the
                                                                                                                                  bumperline presents
                                                                                                                                  a new face for Ford’s
                                                                                                                                  compact pickup.

Industrial inspiration
The black grab handle
in the side of the crossbar
is labelled – like
instructions on power
tools – with the word
GRAB . Industrial
shapes such as the
cog-like detailing in
the body accents
and wheel arch
mouldings extend
Ranger MAX’s theme
of Tough Style as the                                                                                         Side graphics
ultimate power tool.                                                                                          Explosive, dynamic side graphics
                                                                                                              on the fenders and lower doors are
                                         Lower bodyside
                                                                                                              inspired by the high impact of
                                         The two-piece, interlocked sidestep look was
                                                                                                              shattering glass.
                                         inspired by rock-climbing carabineers and other
                                         outdoor gear you trust with your life.

                                                                                                                                             Issue 1 /    3

     Training takes
     regional approach

            t’s 2 p.m. in Bangkok and a regional training session is in
            progress – except that participants are not together in the
            same classroom but seated in individual markets in the Asia
            Pacific and Africa (APA) region.
                  From this year, the virtual classroom, along with classroom    LL5 leaders attend 'Lead the Future' training in Bangkok
     sessions and online learning, will be part of the regional approach
     to deliver learning and development across APA markets.                       • Lead the Future (LL3/LL4): 35 leaders attended this regional
        “Physical classrooms are great ways to learn and connect.                    leadership development programme.
     However, the world is going virtual and the ability to leverage               • Lead the Future (LL5): 51 leaders attended.
     technology and engage via online classrooms to gain knowledge                 “It was a good opportunity to see the big regional picture – to
     and skills is a smart way to help our people continue to develop,”         meet people from the different markets, to understand the issues
     said Kamali Rajesh, director of learning and development in APA.           they face and to become friends at the end of it all,” said Sundar
        Centralising the design, development and partly the delivery            Sundarrajan, APA Product Development, who participated in the
     of the training will ensure integrated and optimum use of resources.       Lead the Future training.
     This will also ensure consistency, quality and availability of learning       Despite the global economic turmoil, training is not going to take
     opportunities across the region.                                           a backseat.
        There were three regional on-site classroom training programmes            Said Kamali: “We’re committed to developing regional talent
     last year:                                                                 even in these tough times, reinforcing the fact that we are not
        • Enhanced Salaried Supervisor Programme: 635 supervisors               driven solely by short-term cash saving goals but by the long-term
          were trained in this three-day programme.                             goal of sustaining growth using regional talent.”

     Use FordNet and save up to US$30,000

            f everyone in the Bangkok                                                                               Calls made over FordNet are free
            office uses FordNet to make             Tips:                                                         as they go through the company’s
            overseas calls to Ford                 1. Make sure your FordNet number is in your CDS.               existing data network. With almost
            locations, the company can             2. When making a call overseas, check the person’s             every Ford location equipped with
            save up to 25 percent of the              FordNet number in the address book.                         FordNet, there’s little excuse to be
     phone bill – that’s over US$30,000            3. Change your speed dial settings to use FordNet              making expensive international calls
     a year. Imagine the amount of                    numbers.                                                    via the public phone network. Said
     savings if every market in the                4. Use FordNet for audio bridge calls.                         Panizzon: “This is savings without
     region does it, said Rob Panizzon,            5. Use local access phone numbers to call the audio            any effort. The quality’s the same,
     director of IT in Asia Pacific and               bridge from home or when travelling.                        the convenience is the same. It’s
     Africa (APA).                                                                                                just a matter of habit.”

                                                                          South Africa

       ’d like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone back, and hope that you’ve all
       enjoyed a restful and festive break, returning to take on the many challenges that
       lie ahead of us in 2009.
           Last year was a difficult year for all of us. We saw a global economic
       downturn and liquidity crisis that combined to create some unprecedented local
challenges – higher inflation rates, a weakened rand, and significantly lower industry
volumes. Although I’d like to predict that this year will be better, I believe it’ll be some time
before things return to normal. So for now and the foreseeable future, it will probably get
tougher before it gets better.
   On the positive side, amid all the global challenges, we at Ford Motor Company of
Southern Africa should be encouraged that we have a plan and are committed to making
it work.
   During 2009, we remain focused on the four pillars that form the basis of our “One Team,
One Ford” plan. These long-term strategies are the roadmap to achieving sustainable,
profitable growth. The four pillars are divided into two key areas of focus: 1) Building the
Ford Brand, and; 2) Improving our Business Model.
   To build the Ford brand, we will be working on establishing a core brand portfolio
and improving the brand experience. As evidence of our progress on the first pillar,
98% of our Ford volume will come from all-new or freshened products by June 2009.
We plan to utilize global platforms and source from the Asia Pacific and Africa Region
going forward.
   We aim to improve the brand experience on both the global and local fronts. Globally,
Ford vehicles will have a distinct brand DNA, along with a consistent and bolder design
language – the new Fiesta is the best example of this. Global platforms will deliver better
quality, at a lower cost, and generate fresher products to our customers faster.
   Locally, we are reducing marketing complexity and focusing our efforts on our core
volume vehicles. Our dealers have invested approximately R600 million in separating
Ford and Mazda showrooms around the country. These facility changes are important and
provide us with retail capacity necessary to sell and service our customers going forward.
   The third and fourth pillars will improve our business model. We will manufacture at
scale while strengthening our operations. Over time, we will migrate to a high volume,
flexible single platform and engine line-up by 2011 – T6 and Puma. We will execute this
manufacturing transformation with a leaner team, using more disciplined processes that
are focused on delivering world-class cost, quality, and productivity leveraging our new
and evolving regionalized organization structure.
   2009 will be a tough year but we have a solid plan for the future. I look forward to
working with all of you in what promises to be another interesting and challenging year.

                                                                                    Hal Feder
                                 President and CEO, Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa

                                                                                          Issue 1 /   5

     Team Ford Racing
     miss out at final hurdle

                       broken rear axle led to the downfall of Team      disappointed Woolridge at the end of the race.
                       Ford Racing’s Neil Woolridge and Kenny               “It was frustrating but that’s racing. We’d like to congratulate
                       Skjoldhammer at the final round of the            Duncan Vos on his victory and we look forward to resuming the
                       2008 Absa Off Road Championship over              battle with him and his team next season,” he added. Vos won in
                       the weekend of Nov 22.                            his Sasol Nissan Navara.
        Both were leading the title battle as they headed into the          The RFS Magalies 400 is a new event on the Absa calendar
     RFS Magalies 400, with only four points separating three            and offers plenty of variety from flat and fast maize fields to rocky
     championship hopefuls.                                              outcrops, Kallies Quarry and a few water splashes.
        During the 350-km route, the Ford crew seemed assured of            Based at the Tarlton International Raceway, the route was fast
     second place when tragedy struck and a broken rear axle weld        and dusty. The thick dust, in mostly windless conditions, made
     sent them into driveshaft problems. With 27km to go, Woolridge      overtaking almost impossible and very tricky with high grass hiding
     and Skjoldhammer nursed the 4-litre Ranger home to finish in        rocks and dongas for those willing to risk driving off the road.
     19th place overall.                                                    “This season has given us a great foundation to build on
        To rub it in, Woolridge and Skjoldhammer have taken a podium     during 2009,” said Woolridge.
     placing at every round except this last one.                           “We also look forward to the introduction of new cars and
        “We have had an exemplary run of reliability and unfortunately   improved technology that will hopefully see us poised in an even
     that run came to an end at the worst possible moment,” said a       stronger position to challenge for the top honours.”

                                                                                                             fuel efficiency

EcoBoost serves
up more with less
                 rivers will get a two-fold benefit with Ford’s   Direct injection
                 new technology that downsizes the                Fuel is injected directly at high pressure into the combustion chamber of
                 engine – which means fewer trips to the          each cylinder rather than traditional mixing with the incoming air in the
                                                                  inlet port. Advantages: More precise delivery of fuel for lower emissions,
                 gas pumps – yet still delivers the power
                                                                  improved volumetric efficiency and avoidance of knock for better
                 of a large capacity engine.                      performance and fuel efficiency.
   EcoBoost works by combining direct fuel injection technology
and turbocharging to deliver enhanced fuel economy and
torque. Compared with more expensive hybrids and diesel
engines, EcoBoost improves on the gasoline engine and
provides customers with a way to save money and reduce
emissions without compromising driving performance.

      Customers can expect to recoup                                                                   Energy otherwise wasted is utilised
                                                                                                       to rotate a turbine wheel. The turbine
       their initial investment through                                                                is coupled to a compressor which
         fuel savings in 30 months.                                                                    pressurises the incoming air,
                                                                                                       significantly increasing the output
                                                                                                       per litre of the engine. The traditional
   It even garnered a “Best of What’s New for 2008” award
                                                                                                       disadvantages of “boosting” – turbo
from Popular Science, the world’s largest science and                                                  lag and knock – are mitigated by
technology magazine.                                                                                   the synergy with direct injection.
   Customers can expect to recoup their initial investment
through fuel savings in 30 months, versus seven-and-a-half        6 = 8, 4 = 6
years for a diesel or nearly 12 years for a hybrid. EcoBoost      Thanks to both factors, the EcoBoost 6-cylinder engine can produce
is also ethanol compatible. (Calculated using US average          torque equal to a large V8; an EcoBoost 4-cylinder engine performs
                                                                  equal to a larger V6.
fuel price January 2008)
   EcoBoost will be delivered to market in the US next year
on the 2010 Lincoln MKS, MKT, Ford Flex and Taurus but
will be offered on a wide range of vehicles with production
reaching 750,000 globally within five years.                                UP TO
                                                                       20 PERCENT FUEL
                                                                                               UP TO 15 PERCENT            IMPROVED
                                                                                                 REDUCTION IN                ENGINE
   “EcoBoost is meaningful because it can be applied                    IMPROVEMENT             CO2 EMISSIONS            PERFORMANCE

across a wide variety of engine types in a range of vehicles,
from small cars to large trucks – and it’s affordable,”
said Derrick Kuzak, Ford’s group vice president, Global
Product Development.                                                For more on this, and other Ford Technology updates,
                                                                    check out

Help tell our story and make a difference.
The Ford plan is actually quite simple: build the best vehicles on the road today
and make them affordable for millions. To learn more, visit
Add this site to your e-signature, and share the link with family, friends,
                                                                                                                                Issue 1 /   7
and others who might be interested in learning what Ford is doing.
      cover story

                                  Tomorrow's Fiesta buyer gets a close-up at the Guangzhou Auto Show in November

     Global Fiesta goes local
     The all-new Fiesta has begun its world conquest

                      lready on the roads in Europe, South Africa            It is the first product of the ONE Ford vision of a single,
                      and Australia, it will be available in China from   global company designing and building cars for a single, global
                      early this year. By 2010, the car will be on sale   customer base, not divided by regional or national borders.
                      in five continents and manufactured in Europe,         Yet, the Fiesta is no mere clone. Engineers have
                      Asia and North America.                             adapted the global car to meet local market demands and
        The Fiesta for Berlin will look and drive the same as the         driving conditions.
     Fiesta for Bangkok, with the Fiesta qualities of distinctive
     kinetic design, excellent fuel efficiency, fun-to-drive dynamics     Tailor-made for China
     and superior build quality and safety remaining consistent           “Through local customer research we knew quite early in the
     everywhere in the world.                                             Fiesta programme that Chinese customers wanted a more
        The all-new Fiesta is arguably Ford’s most significant global     compliant ride quality from the Fiesta,” said Dieter Schwarz,
     vehicle project since the Model T.                                   vehicle engineering manager for global B-cars.

    Fiesta fêted
    • Chinaʼs top 25 most successful designs
    • Scottish Car of the Year 2008
    • Finalist for the South African Car of the Year 2009
    • Autocar Design Award
    • A finalist in the 2009 European Car of the Year
      awards. Fiesta lost to the Opel Insignia by just
      one point.

   So the chassis and steering were revised to make both more
compliant for China’s slower driving speeds. The wheels are also
more robust to endure the harsher roads commonly found outside
China’s major metro areas.
   While the all-new Fiesta has been engineered to accommodate
a wide range of individuals from small females to some of the
largest males, the Fiesta for China has a total of 240mm front seat
travel – 20mm more than its European counterpart – to cater to
the local physique.
   Other than adding a sunroof for the Sport and Ghia models,
                                                                          Fiesta launches in APA
engineers have also ensured that the sophisticated multi-function         South Africa
display offers the choice of Chinese or English.                          Who:    Lifestyle and motoring media

   And there is even a unique-to-China storage area under the             What:   Hip party and sunset drive along the

driver’s seat large enough for a pair of shoes.                                   coastline for lifestyle media; ride and
                                                                                  drive through mountain passes and along
   The Fiesta for China has been durability tested to meet Ford’s
                                                                                  the coast, and dancing lessons, for
global quality standard. More than 174 prototypes underwent at least
                                                                                  motoring media
1.7 million kilometres worth of testing in more than 24 provinces
                                                                          Where: Cape Town
in China.
                                                                          When:   October
   It survived extreme roads and endured extreme weather conditions
                                                                          Buzz:   “The new Fiesta is a little big car,” said
in provinces such as Hai Nan, Qing Hai and Hei He to test heating,                Mike Fourie from CAR Magazine of South
ventilation and air-conditioning performance and powertrain durability.           Africa. “The handling is far more
                                                                                  sophisticated and the car has good solidity
Significance of China                                                              and a funky interior.”
Staging the global reveal of the four-door Verve Concept at
Guangzhou in November 2007 sent a clear message on the                    Who:    Lifestyle and motoring media
significance of China in Ford’s overall plans.                            What:   Ride and drive through the Adelaide hills and
   This was again confirmed with the global reveal of the all-new                 wine country, on some of the regionʼs finest
Fiesta four-door sedan – a model variant designed and developed                   roads; Christmas party at restaurant along
principally for China – at the Guangzhou Auto Show in November.                   the marina
   “Launching the all-new Fiesta sedan to the world in China signals      Where: Adelaide

the importance of China and the Asian region in Ford’s global             When:   Last month

                                                                                                                               Issue 1 /   9
       strategy,” said John Parker, executive vice president, Asia
       Pacific and Africa (APA).                                                Did you know?
       Built regionally                                                         The original Fiesta was produced
       Three- and five-door versions of the all-new Fiesta have been            in the summer of 1976 during the
       rolling off production lines in Germany for customers in Europe.         first oil crisis. More than 12 million
       From this month, the five-door hatch along with the four-door            have been sold around the world
       sedan will be produced at Ford’s new, state-of-the-art                   since then.
       manufacturing facility in Nanjing for China’s market.

                                                                            and understand their wants in a small car. The answer was
                   The all-new Fiesta is                                    unanimous – we want a small car we will be proud to drive and

         arguably Ford’s most significant
                                                                            be seen driving.
                                                                               Ford’s response to that was kinetic design. And the Fiesta

             global vehicle project since                                   now exudes presence and individuality in a way that will appeal
                                                                            to a new generation of buyers.
                           the Model T.                                        Details such as chrome and brightwork accents, sleek
                                                                            wraparound headlamps, bold pronounced wheel arch lips
          In 2010, the Fiesta will be built in Thailand for the APA         and a strong bodyside beltline create a dynamic look, even
       region and in Mexico for the North American region.                  when stationary.
                                                                               Both the hatch and the sedan rely on the same kinetic
       All I want in my small car                                           design elements.
       The dramatic design of the Fiesta owes much to research                 “We set out to design a truly exciting, desirable small
       done in China and the Asia Pacific region in 2005 when               car that exceeds all expectations,” said Chelsia Lau, chief
       Ford hosted customer research clinics to listen to customers         designer, China/ASEAN programmes. “The interpretation

           Fiesta is Now
           Based on the central theme of ʻThis is Nowʼ, Ford has put in
           place a contemporary art campaign in Europe to build an
           image of the Fiesta as a piece of art and not just a car.
               Artists and the public are invited to co-create an
           unparalleled collection of images that capture the essence
           of ʻnowʼ.
               Some of the images were used in the Fiesta TV ad in
           which a range of screens featuring the video art travel
           through the streets of Berlin at night and finally morph into
                                                                            collection of images, create a unique mash-up that defines
           a red Fiesta.
                                                                            ʻnowʼ for them and share it with the world. The This Is
               There is also a Fiesta content portal (
                                                                            Now blog ties the entire campaign together and covers it
           from which visitors can browse the projectʼs entire
                                                                            as it progresses.

10 /
of kinetic design on the four-door body has given the Fiesta
sedan an independent identity while retaining the emotional
                                                                  Be a fan of Fiesta
appeal of its five-door sibling.”                                 More than 1000 people have signed up as fans
                                                                  of Fiesta on the Ford Fiesta Facebook page,

Exploring the inside                                              making it a great tool to see what they are

Echoing the stylish exterior design, the interior features full   saying about the car.
                                                                     One fan wrote on the wall: “I LOVVVVVE
surfaces and flowing contours, especially the instrument panel
                                                                  my ford fiesta!! Iʼve named him Fhil :) heʼs
and door panels.
   The striking centre console features a mobile phone-
                                                                     The page is a great source for photos,
inspired entertainment system that is styled very differently
                                                                  information and video clips about the car.
to traditional automotive switchgear, to provide a completely
                                                                  During the Guangzhou Auto Show in November,
intuitive interface.                                              blow-by-blow accounts of the Fiesta sedan
   Passengers receive more personal and luggage space             reveal were fed directly onto the Facebook
overall than the previous Fiesta. The boot alone can store up     page in the form of Twitter tweets.
to 295 litres, on top of ingenious storage areas throughout          The Facebook page is the beginning of
the cabin.                                                        a concerted effort to utilise social media to
                                                                  communicate the ONE Ford message to
                                                                  consumers in the APA region.

              “We set out to design
             a truly exciting, desirable
              small car that exceeds
                  all expectations.             ”
Small can also be safe
More than 55% of Fiesta’s robust body structure is high-
strength steel, making it about 10% stiffer torsionally than
its predecessor and providing an exceptionally rigid safety
cell for all occupants.
   Supporting this is its Intelligent Protection System
that offers up to seven airbags, including a new
inflatable side curtain which offers additional
side-impact protection.
   At 40kg lighter than its predecessor, the Fiesta also
delivers agile handling and precise steering with the Electric
Power Assist Steering system.
   “This is a sophisticated small car,” said Parker. “Design
combines with advanced technology to deliver very high
levels of refinement, safety and class-leading fuel efficiency.
   “This all-new Fiesta proves Ford’s leadership in small car
design and development.”

                                                                                                                  Issue 1 /   11
         voice of the customer

       Giving Quality Care
       Taking your car in for servicing at a Ford dealer is like going to see a doctor in a five-star hospital – spick and span
       surroundings, staff that greet you by name, doctors who respect you and take time to listen to you. This pleasurable,
       comfortable and convenient customer experience is at the heart of Ford’s Quality Care process that encompasses
       Service, Sales and Body Shop.

 Quality Care Service                                                                Quality Care Sales                   Quality Care Body Shop
 What: Dealers have a fixed to-do list when it comes to servicing a customer’s       What: Standardises sales process     What: Standardises processes such as insurance
 car, ensuring that each customer gets a consistent quality experience every time.   so dealers know exactly how to       claim handling assistance and technician training
 Started: 1998                                                                       treat a potential customer such as   to ensure that the vehicle is repaired to its original
 Where: All APA markets                                                              offering suitable recommendations    structural integrity and appearance.
 Reach: 580 dealers (60%)                                                            based on the customer’s budget       Started: 2006
 Data: Customer Viewpoint Performance (CVP) surveys found that dealers who           and preferences.                     Where: China, India, Thailand and Vietnam.
 implement and sustain the Quality Care process consistently rate better than        Started: 2007                        The Philippines is next.
 non-participating dealers by as much as 34 percent.                                 Where: India and the Philippines.    Reach: 74 dealers
                                                                                     China’s next.

       Seeing it in action

                  ord introduced Quality Care (QC) service
                  in China in 2004 and by now, there are 145
                  QC service dealers and 50 QC body shops.
                  Some 80% of the volume is now under QC.
                  We speak to CSO Director Laurent
       Charpentier about its success in China.
                                                                                         Q: You have 145 dealers accredited in QC service. Why is it so
       Q: What’s the secret behind QC service?                                           popular among dealers in China?
       The secret is people. The “non secret” is process. Defining a process             Dealers became convinced after a successful piloting that their very
       is easy. Implementing a process so that our people can naturally                  young inexperienced teams needed to be guided.
       delight the customer is the ultimate objective. Our people dealing
                                                                                         Q: Why pilot QC Body Shop in China?
       with their customers are like actors on stage – would an actor be
                                                                                         The accident rate is among the highest in the region – one accident
       able to capture the people’s attention and to improvise if he doesn’t
                                                                                         per car park each year! This year, the number of accredited dealers
       perfectly know the story’s context and the text itself?
                                                                                         will go up to 75 to cover almost 50% of the volume.
       Q: How has it made an impact?
                                                                                         Q: Give us a success story from the body shop…
       For the customer: they are doing this for me (tailored to my needs)
                                                                                         Before QC: The vehicle’s in on Monday and out on Friday. There
       For the dealer: the team is coordinated in improving productivity
                                                                                         are unfinished vehicles everywhere, the customer parking lot is
       and efficiency
                                                                                         crowded, lots of dust and people working unsafely.
       Q. What are the challenges in carrying out QC service?                            After QC: The cycle time’s down by 25%, painting cost is down
       Sustainment!!! This is the challenge because the CSO mission is to                26%, delivery on time is up 17%. There’s no dust and the customer
       provide an outstanding service experience so that the customer                    parking lot is clean. We manage 30% more volume on average
       becomes a brand advocate thus a loyal customer.                                   within the same premises and the same team size.

         Turn to the back cover to see a Focus MCA advertisement from the Philippines
12 /
The philosophy behind it

                                       hy do we follow the 12 steps
                                      in Quality Care service? Step
                                       into the shoes of the customer
                                                                                                                        0 Customer
                                       and join CSO Executive
                                                                                                11 Concern Resolution
                                                                                                   and Prevention
                                                                                                                          Contact      1 Appointment

                                       Director Brian Colianni as
              he walks us through the rationale behind the first            10 Customer After-Service

              three steps.
                                                                                                                                                   2 Customer


Customer appointment scheme                                               9 and Car Return
                                                                            Customer Information

We prefer you to come in on appointments rather than have a first-                                                                                      3 Committed Price
                                                                                                                                                          Menu Pricing/

                                                                                                                                                          to Customer

come-first-served scenario where you’re in a rush and we’re in a
rush. Having a scheduled appointment allows us to set aside 20                8 Completion
                                                                                Repair Order

minutes for you when you come in so that we can really focus on
                                                                                and Invoicing                                                      4 & Convenience
                                                                                                                                                     Customer Care

you and your needs.                                                                       7 Processing and
                                                                                            Repair Order

                                                                                            Quality of Work
                                                                                                                6 Parts Department/ 5 Scheduling
                                                                                                                  Advanced Info to

                                                                                                                  Parts Pre-Picking
   When making the appointment, you get to pick a time that’s
suitable for you. At that time, we also find out what work you’d like
done to ensure the service advisor and the right technician are
ready at the appointed time.

Personalised customer scheme
The night before you arrive, we pre-write the repair order, for
example, oil change or brake pad replacement. We then post your
name on the welcome board with the time of the appointment
and the service advisor’s name at the entrance of the Service
Reception Area.
   So if you arrive at 8:45 a.m. when your appointment is at 9 a.m.
and you’re not greeted immediately, you’re not upset because you
see your name on the board for 9 a.m. and you know that the
dealer is expecting you.
                                                                        that may need attention as you look over the car with him. And
                   Interactive service reception                        we do this every time you bring your car in. It could be the first
                   We put your car on a lift so that you and your       10,000-km check, then 20,000 km. Newer cars likely do not need
                   service advisor can take a walk underneath your
                   se                                                   any unscheduled service but the inspection builds trust and
                   car – now, that’s a side to your car that you        establishes a consultative relationship between our service advisor
                   probably don’t get to see much – and look at the     and you. We become your car’s trusted doctor.
                   condition of all the under body components.             So by the time your car has accumulated 30,000 km, the tyres
                   Then we lower your car so that you can walk          or brakes may be showing some wear and the advisor will show
                   around it, look under the hood at the drive belts,   you this and offer to fix whatever issues may be identified. And
                   radiator hoses and so on.                            because we only sell you something when you need it, you trust
                      The service advisor points out all the items      us, agree to the needed service and feel good about the process
                   that are in good condition and identifies anything
                   th                                                   that has led you to your decision.

                                                                                                                                                       Issue 1 /    13
          global watch
                                                                                                                    The December issue

       Ford as reliable as                                                                                          of Consumer Reports
                                                                                                                    magazine ranked the
                                                                                                                       Ford Fusion and

       Honda and Toyota
                                                                                                                    Mercury Milan among
                                                                                                                       the most reliable
                                                                                                                          family cars

                       he consumers have spoken. Ford’s surging             The climb to the top began six years ago when Ford
                       domestic car quality is now equal to the best     developed a new quality system that starts with high-tech
                       Japanese automakers. Consumer Reports             car design tools and ends with extra training for assembly
                       2008 Annual Car Reliability                                               line workers. Bennie Fowler, vice
                       Survey found that, excluding     “It’s taken thousands                    president, Global Quality, noted that
       three truck models, Ford’s reliability is on
                                                        of people continuously                  the Fusion mid-sized sedan was one
       par with Asian rivals Honda and Toyota,                                                  of the first cars to go through that
                                                         working together with
       leaving domestic rivals in the dust.                                                     entire process.
          Meanwhile, the U.S. Global Quality
                                                      laser-like focus every day                     David Champion, senior director
       Research System (GQRS) study in                  to boost vehicle quality                of Consumer Reports’ automotive
       October also found that Ford’s three            for our customers to the                 test centre, observed that Ford’s high
       nameplates – Ford, Lincoln and
       Mercury – are now statistically
                                                           top of the pack.       ”             ratings are no fluke as the top-selling
                                                                                                Ford products have been matching
       equivalent with Honda (including Acura)                                                  the best Japanese brands for a
       and Toyota (including Lexus and Scion)                                                   few years.
       in terms of “things gone wrong” (TGW)                                                         “This is ONE Ford at its best. It’s
       for the 2008 model year.                                                                 taken thousands of people continuously
          The December issue of Consumer                                                        working together with laser-like focus
       Reports magazine ranked the Ford Fusion                                                  every day to boost vehicle quality for
       and Mercury Milan among the most reliable                                                our customers to the top of the pack,”
       family cars while the GQRS study found that both vehicles are     said Fowler.
       significantly better in TGW than the Toyota Camry, which they       “But this is a never-ending journey. The goal now is to
       tied in customer satisfaction. Ford’s newly launched Focus also   distance ourselves from our top competitors. We want to be
       now equals the Toyota Corolla in both categories.                 the sole quality leader.”

14 /
                                                                                                                               COTY finalist

Fiesta is South African
Car of the Year finalist

                 he all-new Fiesta is in the running to be the               15” alloy wheels. The interior space and stowage is impressive
                 South African Car of the Year 2009 and will be              with large front door bins capable of storing 1.5-litre bottles or a
                 put through its paces during a two-day test session         road atlas.
                 later this month at the Gerotek facility near Pretoria         Safety is of the highest standard with dual airbags, a driver
                 by jury members from the South African Guild of             seat belt reminder, Anti-lock Brake System with Electronic
Motoring Journalists.                                                        Brake-force Distribution and a centre high mounted stop lamp
   In all, there are nine finalists vying for the coveted title, including   providing peace of mind. The new Fiesta’s Electric Power
the Mazda 6 2.5 Individual model.                                                                Assist Steering (EPAS) also replaces the

                                                        “We expect the Fiesta
   Fiesta is being represented by the 1.6 Trend                                                  traditional hydraulic power-assist system of
model, powered by a 1.6-litre Duratec Twin                                                       the previous-generation Fiesta for more
Independent Variable Cam Timing (Ti-VCT) petrol               to perform well                    precise steering.
engine. It produces 88kW at 6,000rpm and has a
torque peak of 149Nm at 4,250rpm. Despite its
                                                          in this competition.             ”         South African buyers got their first taste of
                                                                                                 the Ford Fiesta in 1997. The car was well
feisty character, the 1.6-litre petrol engine obtains                                            received and in 1998 walked away with the
a combined fuel cycle of 5.9 litres/100km.                                   South African Car of the Year title.
   The 1.6 Trend comes well equipped with air conditioning, power               Noting how the recently launched Ford Fiesta has been
steering, power windows front and rear, remote central locking,              developed using global resources to meet the differing needs of
tinted windows, headlamp delay feature, radio/CD with 6 speakers,            customers around the world, Ford’s General Manager Casper
steering wheel audio controls and Bluetooth vehicle interface with           Kruger said: “The Fiesta was designed to appeal to the needs and
voice control.                                                               desires of a wide range of people without compromising on safety,
   The exterior styling features include body colour bumpers and a           performance, design and practicality. As such, we expect the Fiesta
rear spoiler, body colour door handles, front and rear mud flaps and         to perform well in this competition.”

                                                                                                   Other finalists
                                                                                                      Suzuki Swift 1.5 GLS
                                                                                                      Jaguar XF 3.0 V6 Premium Luxury A/T
                                                                                                      VW Tiguan1.4TSi Trend&Fun 4Motion
                                                                                                      Audi A4 1.8T Ambition Multitronic
                                                                                                      Honda Accord 2.4i Executive
                                                                                                      Honda Jazz 1.5 EX
                                                                                                      Suzuki SX4 2.0

                                                                                                                                               Issue 1 /   15

                                                                           Best Ford technician
                                                                           in Southern Africa
                                                                           Selvan Anthony, who works for Baloworld Armstrong,
                                                                           beat 120 master technicians from South Africa, Namibia and
                                                                           Botswana to win the inaugural Grand Masters competition
                                                                           by Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa last November.
                                                                           He was the only one who
                                                                           found and repaired the fault,
                                                                           and did the job card within an
                                                                           hour in the final round.
                                                                              He won a brand new Ford

       Ford honours                                                        Focus 1.6 Si five-door, a Mio

       loyal employees                                                     Digi Walker GPS system from
                                                                           Ford’s marketing department,

       Almost 200 employees – with an astonishing 5,600 years of           and a certificate recognising

       cumulative experience – were honoured for their long service in     his achievement, while

       an award ceremony held at Ford South Africa’s Silverton factory     Barloworld Armstrong’s dealer principal, Ward Huxtable,

       in Pretoria on Nov 12.                                              received a plaque for the dealership to commemorate

          Guests were honoured by management. Plant Manager                Anthony’s achievement.

       Ockert Berry hosted the function while Peter Lawson,
       vice president of operations thanked the loyal employees,
       some of whom have been with Ford for 45 years, for their
       ongoing dedication.
          The annual function serves to acknowledge the important
       contribution made to the success of Ford South Africa over the
       years by people that have been employed for 25 years or more.
          An impressive 81 staff were recognised for 25 years of
       service, 84 for 30 years’ service, 13 for 35 years’ service and a
       staggering 15 staff were celebrating 40 years of service at the
          “Our people are the greatest assets we have, and tonight we      Supplier of the Year
       honour those individuals that have contributed so substantially     Hal Feder, president and CEO, Ford Motor Company
       to the success of our business,” said Hal Feder, president and      of Southern Africa and Peter Lawson, vice president,
       CEO, at the function.                                               Operations, presented the gold award to Robert Mannion
          “It’s a remarkable number that illustrates the substantial       who accepted on behalf of Johnson Matthey on Nov 14.
       dedication and wealth of experience we enjoy at FMCSA. Over            Suppliers are rated for their quality, delivery and
       the years, these valuable and committed employees would             commercial performance. The top supplier receives a gold
       have seen a lot of change, but they have stayed with us and         award and a floating trophy which he keeps for a year.
       contributed to making the Ford brand what it is today. As an        Silver awards were also presented to Vacuform and Duco
       organisation we extend our gratitude and thanks.”                   Speciality Coatings.

16 /
                                                                                                                news roundup

                                                                     Focus recognised as market
                                                                     leader in biofuel technology
                                                                     In November, a judging committee
                                                                     consisting of senior editors from
                                                                     Autobild Indonesia magazine
Ford advertising                                                     recognised the 2008 Ford Focus

wins big in Taiwan                                                   with a special ‘green’ award. It is
                                                                     the only car in the market to be
Top Taiwan advertising players recognised Ford Lio Ho’s creative     in compliance with E20 biofuels,
accomplishments at the China Times 31st Annual Advertising Awards    securing Ford Motor Company’s
in November. Among its 11 awards, Ford’s ‘Focus TDCi Travel          position as the country’s leader
episode’ won best print advertisement and best TV commercial.        in renewable fuel innovation.

  Focus and Everest named
  Indonesian Cars of the Year
  Ford welcomed two major awards at the 2008 Mobil Motor Indonesian Car of the Year
  awards ceremony in November. The Ford Focus 2.0L AT won ‘Best Hatchback’, while
  the Ford Everest 4x2 MT won ‘Best 4x2 Diesel SUV’.

Double world rally
champion says
“Buy Explorer”                                            General Manager loses hair
World Rally Championship’s Motor Sport Ambassador
                                                          over sales challenge
Marcus Gronholm took time out during his November         “Hit the Customer Service Operations (CSO) sales target and you can shave
trip to Japan to drive a Ford Explorer. Gronholm          my head” – that was the challenge Ford South Africa General Manager Nicho
described the Ford Explorer as a “very safe SUV,          Le Roux threw down to his CSO team. Over the months that followed and
very smooth, and good for both city and outdoor           despite tough market conditions, the team exceeded their US$7.7 million
use.” He told media that “the Ford Explorer is a car      sales target. Staff from the Pretoria office gathered to watch the team shave
you have to buy.”                                         Le Roux’s head on Nov 6.

                                                                                                                                 Issue 1 /   17
        Ford faces

       Customer service
       They have their finger on the pulse of what customers want. Their job is to
       keep customers happy and loyal to the Ford brand by meeting their needs
       and exceeding their expectations. We get up close and personal with them.

                               Qian Haojun                            Putra Samiaji                  Thanisorn Karnjanakul              Ruperto Diego Carrillo
                               Customer Relations Manager             Zone Manager                   General Zone Manager               Dealer Operations and
                               China                                  Indonesia                      Parts & Service                    Customer Satisfaction Manager
                               4 years with Ford                      5 years with Ford              Thailand                           The Philippines
                                                                                                     7 years with Ford                  10 years with Ford

  Q      What do you
         like most
         about your job?
                               A: I can become
                               close friends with my
                                                            A: Dealing with
                                                            differences. The people
                                                                                          A: I enjoy being a supporter, trainer, A: Working with a very
                                                                                          mediator and motivator behind the           dedicated team.
                               customers after fixing       and the environment.          success of the dealers.
                               their problems.

  Q      How do you
         ONE Ford in your
                               A: I work closer with A: Teamwork,
                               other operations by          initiatives, having fun.
                                                                                          A: The One Goal is to sell more
                                                                                          cars, so I work closely with the sales
                                                                                                                                      A: Our whole CSO team –
                                                                                                                                      Dealer Operations, Service
                               keeping them informed                                      team and dealers to improve customer        Engineering, Warranty and Parts
         job on a practical,   of customers’ feedback                                     satisfaction. The sales team sells the      – works effectively together every
         day-to-day basis?     on our service and                                         first car, but the service team sells the   day in assisting our dealers to
                               product.                                                   second, third and fourth car.               resolve customer concerns.

  Q      What’s one thing
         about you that
         few people know?
                               A: I sing well.              A: I was a musician.
                                                            Guitar is my master
                                                                                          A: I’m able to play a Thai musical
                                                                                                                                      A: I spent two years in Japan so
                                                                                                                                      I know a bit of Nihongo.

  Q      What do you do
         when you’re not
         at work?
                               A: I enjoy reading
                               books and travelling.
                                                            A: Spend time with
                                                                                          A: When there’s time, I always
                                                                                          travel. Otherwise, I work out three to
                                                                                                                                      A: Spend time with my family –
                                                                                                                                      going out, watching movies.
                                                                                          four days a week.

  Q      How do you
         relieve stress?
                               A: I watch DVDs or
                               American TV series.
                                                            A: Spend time with
                                                                                          A: I step back, calm down and
                                                                                          confront the problem from another
                                                                                                                                      A: I find the drive home,
                                                                                                                                      listening to music, quite relaxing.

  Q      If you were a Ford
         vehicle, which
         would you be?
                               A: Mondeo – it’s
                               fashionable and sporty.
                                                            A: Everest 2.5L TDCi
                                                            AT – Highly functional
                                                                                          A: Escape – not too elegant but can A: Ranger – reliable, no matter
                                                                                          live happily in big cities while always     what the weather or road
                                                            with proven durability        ready to go out for new challenges.         conditions may be.
                                                            and quality.

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 New Zealand                          South Africa


        Taiwan         Vietnam
                                        alia              India

                          Taiwan               Vietnam

      China             India

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