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Food Allergy Testing
by Dr. Selene Wilkinson, Naturopathic Doctor

Do you suffer from bloating, gas, IBS,      test, I can help you determine foods      caused by stress, anti-inflammatory
unexplained weight gain, skin condi-        that your body agrees with and foods      drugs, candida overgrowth, EFA
tions, headaches or mood disorders?         that you are sensitive to and should      deficiencies, and excessive alcohol
If so, it may be time to look into food     avoid.                                    consumption. This can also be
allergy testing.                                                                      treated by removing the food allergens
                                            How is the test performed?                for a period of time, healing the gut
IgE versus IgG food allergies                                                         and then slowly re-introducing the
                                            Only a small amount of blood from a       foods.
While most people are familiar with IgE     prick on your finger is required to
food reactions, the type that have          complete the test. Once completed,        How to prepare and have the test
rapid reactions and occur within            the blood sample is sent to the           performed
minutes of consumption of a specific        laboratory for analysis. Results are
food and can cause life-threatening         returned to the clinic within approxi-    If you are interested in having this test
allergies (e.g. peanut allergies), we can   mately three weeks.                       performed, you can book an appoint-
also have IgG reactions to food that                                                  ment with me at the Adelaide Health
may take hours or days to develop. In       When the food sensitivities are           Clinic by calling 416-367-5200. Be
an IgG reaction, the IgG antibodies         determined, I work with my patients to    sure that you have consumed a variety
attach themselves to the allergen and       create a customized, balanced diet        of foods before attending your
create an antibody-allergen complex.        which may resolve uncomfortable           appointment.
These complexes are normally                symptoms. Foods which are "reactive"
removed by special cells called             are to be avoided for a period of time,
macrophages. However, if they are           while the gut is given a chance to heal
present in large numbers and the            and then eventually the foods can be
allergen is still being consumed, the       slowly reintroduced. In some cases, it
macrophages can’t keep up. The              may be necessary for the patient to
allergen-antibody complexes accumu-         permanently avoid the reactive food(s).
late and are deposited in body tissues.
Once in the tissue, these complexes         Leaky Gut Syndrome
release inflammation causing chemi-
cals that may contribute to both acute      An allergy test report that shows high
and chronic disease.                        reactivity to most of the foods the
                                            patient regularly eats is suggestive of
The AllerGSpot Test                         leaky gut syndrome, which is caused
                                            by an overload of antibody-allergen
The AllerGSpot tests for possible           complexes that can cause inflamma-
sensitivities to a minimum of 96            tion in the lining of the gut. The
different foods. If you are experienc-      inflamed gut allows food particles to
ing symptoms such as, IBS, digestive        leak through the gut lining into the
discomfort, headaches, extreme              peritoneal cavity, provoking production
fatigue, skin conditions, recurrent         of antibodies to attack the perceived
illness or depressed immune function,       foreign invader (the food particle).
you should consider this test. With this    Leaky gut syndrome can also be
   Is Bread the New Cake?
   by Mary Bamford, Registered Dietitian
   Bread is an easy choice. It is a staple in many people’s eating patterns.
   What is the threshold for having too much bread? At what point
   is it a treat, like cake?

   First for "white" or refined grains

   If you care about your waist size, then you want to avoid or
   strictly limit your intake of white or refined other   One promising area of research is related to the acid-base
   words think of white bread as you would cake.                       balance of diets. Grains create a more acidic environment
                                                                       in the body while vegetables and fruits are broken down
   Refined grains mean the most nutrient dense parts of the            into more alkaline or basic components--yes even acidic
   grain are removed--the germ and the bran. All that is left is       fruits like lemons and oranges metabolize to be alkaline in
   the starchy calories. Our body handles these starchy                the body. When we eat a lot of grains, the body breaks
   calories the exact same way it handles table sugar. A single        down bone and muscle to neutralize the acid
   slice of white bread looks like 4 to 5 teaspoons of sugar to        produced. Over time, weak bones and weak muscles lead
   our yes that is a lot like cake.                      to frailty, osteoporosis and fractures.

   Research evidence is finally emerging to prove that not only        This is fascinating stuff, but not conclusive. So the
   does white bread look like sugar to our bodies, but it acts         final answer about too much is not available. In the
   like sugar! A recent large and long-term study                      meantime it does no harm and is definitely beneficial to eat
   published in The American Journal of Clinical                       more vegetables and fruit while reducing grain intake.
   Nutrition compared visceral belly fat and waist
   circumference of whole grain eaters vs. refined grain               If you are still uncertain of the best choices for you
   eaters. It is well established that a larger waist                  personally, consult with either of Adelaide Clinic’s
   circumference and more visceral fat (the fat beneath your           Registered Dietitians to get help making choices and
   abdominal muscles, that mingles with your vital organs) is a        changes that are optimal for your unique health and lifestyle
   significant risk factor for heart disease, diabetes, cancer         needs. Healthy and delicious eating can be part of busy
   and premature death.                                                lifestyle.

   People who eat 4 servings of refined grains per day                 So is bread the new cake?
   had much larger waists and more visceral fat than                   White bread yes. Whole grain, not so much...but choose
   people who did not---even if they also ate whole                    to eat not so much.
   grains. People who ate at least 3 servings of 100% whole
   grains per day avoided refined grains had 10% less visceral
   fat than those who regularly consumed white grains.                    So what is the ideal proportion
                                                                          of different foods at meals?
   Second...Can we eat too much 100% whole grain?
                                                                          •    For every ½ cup of cooked whole grain (or 1 slice of
   We absolutely need 3-4 servings of a variety of whole grains                bread) have 1 cup of vegetables or fruit and
   each day to meet our nutrient needs. A serving is about a              •    ½ cup of meat or meat alternative.
   half to 3/4 of a cup per meal of cooked grains like oatmeal,           •    Optional 1 cup of milk or ¾ cup of yogurt (for one
   brown rice, quinoa, pot barley, wheat berries, stone ground                 meal a day, this can be replace your meat or meat
   cornmeal, popcorn and whole grain pasta.                                    alternative)

   Newer research is emerging to suggest that after we have               For smaller appetites this will be enough food. If you are
   had 3-4 whole grain servings, it may be better to fill up on           still hungry, add more vegetables and fruit or increase all
   fruits and vegetables rather than more grains.                         food groups proportionally.

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