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									 It's becoming more apparent that the concept of
     microblogging has a definite place in SEO
   marketing. Not the least of which is reputation
 management. Just like blogs (its predecessors),
Twitter is a place for people to voice their opinions
  about whatever suits their fancy. As a business
   owner, you have to consider that they may be
talking about their experience with your company.
The unique challenge with microblogs like Twitter is that you only have
140 characters to work with The idea is that it can be effectively linked to
a person's cell phone and they can enter text and post it on the 'Net from
there Brevity is a key element here, no beating around the bush In all
likelihood, you will find your company mentioned in terms of, "I hate X
company" or "I love X company " It's easy enough to respond to the love
twitters Just say "Thanks!" and maybe link to a bonus
 These types of posts are important to endorse, as they make you look
good Of course, you're going to come across some hate twitters It's a
proven fact that you can't please all the people all the time Someone
may have been in a bad mood and did business with the new employee
They may have encountered a glitch in your product and not otherwise
have addressed it You're not going to know this by seeing their first
twitter about it-it will probably be some cryptic reference
 The first thing you have to do is get them to talk about their problem You
might suggest a different format so they can be more thorough about
their problem Remember, you only have 140 characters to work with, so
you have to show that you want to help them with their issue and get the
thread off of the site while conveying magnamity in as few words as
possible The importance of getting the conversation off of a public forum
can't be overly stressed It's much harder for both parties to explain their
perspectives when they have to cramp everything into 140 characters It's
simply harder to come to an agreement without clarity
 It's not just a matter of being able to discuss the problem with more
available characters It's also a matter of not making the problem public
knowledge Think of it this way They've already said that they hate your
company You came in looking like the good guy
 You've effectively disabled any reason why other people should dislike
your company Do you really want other people to have a specific reason
to distrust your company? Twitter is not just the cutting edge of Web 2 0
toys It's also the cutting edge of Internet marketing and reputation
management Without considering it as part of your Internet marketing
and reputation management, you're leaving open a blind spot in your
campaigns where other users can strike at you
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