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									Central Railway                                                              Office Of The
                                                                     Sr.Divisional Materials Manager
                                                                        PUNE-411001, Ph:26121865
File No. Sr. DMM/PA/PPC/WB/0010.                                        Fax No. 26127971/26121865
Date:09JULY 2012

                                   WEEKLY BULLETIN No. 0010

                                                                OPENING Date:03.08.2012
                                                               OPENING TIME:11:30HRS.

  M/S. _____________________________

    SUB: Invitation of Bulletin Tender No. 0010 for the items described below/list attached.
       Sr. Divisional Materials Manager Central Railway Pune on behalf of President Of India
   invites tenders for the items as per list attached.
       While submitting the quotations, tenderer should observe the following instructions
   correctly, failing which the quotations may not be considered.
   01)Separate quotations should be submitted for each item.
   02)Country of origin, Makers name, brand etc. should be given with authorization of
      dealership by trading firms.
   03)Rates to be quoted in figures as well as words.
   04)Taxes or any other charges should be clearly mentioned.
  05)Paying authority shall be Sr. DFM/PA, Payment through RTGS. Bank details
     (i.e.bank name, bank code, MIR No. to be submitted by firm in the bill
   06)Inspection authority of material shall be consignee..
   07)Items indicated should be supplied in original packing of the manufacturer.
   08)Quotations/Offers from un-registered firm will be liable for rejection.
   09)Quotations/Offers of the firms having overdue PO’s will be liable for rejection and firm
     will be de-listed for non compliance.
   10)Rate should be quoted separately for each brand.
   11)Specification for equivalent brand also to be quoted.
   12)Advance payment/payment against delivery will not be accepted.. Payment term shall be
      100% after receipt & acceptance of material.
   13)Delivery Ex-stock basis..
  14)Delivery shall be at consignee’s stores/ depot.
   15) If freight charges are not clear, the same shall be treated as inclusive in basic rate.
   16) Firms who are interested to quote against the tender they are to be registered on any
       Railways & submit the proof of registration along with quotation.
   17) Subject to accept / reject the quotation all rights preserve with the railways.

                                                                                 (P.G. PATIL)
                                                                                  Sr. DMM/PA
 Central Railway                                                             Office Of The
                                                                        Sr.DMM / PUNE 411 001
  No.Sr.DMM/PA/PPC/WB/0010                                                 Date:09/07/2012
   Opening Date:03/08/2012                                               Opening Time: 11:30Hrs.
Sr.No.   File No.                         Description                            Qty     Consignee
 01     91.12.5251   Telescopic pruner 20 feet cutting height with 14 feet      06.00 nos.    SSE/OHE/
                     extension, 1” shearing, 4” sawing capacity wt.2.4                          PA.
                     Kgs.Make-Sharpex, model S-09 or Andreas sthil,
                     Jayshree dies.
 02     91.12.5252   Clamp’U’ copper for two 129 sq.mmm catenary wire           400.00 nos.   SSE/OHE/
                     OHE item no., .M-127.Drg.no. FM 127(M)R attached.                          PA.
                     Drg.can be seen at Sr.DMM’s office also.
 03     91.12.5254   ‘U’ clamp for 323 sq.mm copper catenary wire FM            220.00 nos.   SSE/OHE/
                     126(M) R. Drg.no.-FM 126(M)R. attached.                                    PA.
                     Drg.can be seen at Sr.DMM’s office also.
 04     91.12.5255   Battery 12V/7AH sealed maintenance free & free from        30.00 nos.    SSE/OHE/
                     orientation constraints. Eco-friendly ready –to –                          PA.
                     use.Make-Exide, Amron, Standrad.
 05     91.12.5256   Digital micrometer 0-25mm range, L. C. O.001mm.            10.00 nos.    SSE/OHE/
                     Make-Baker, Motvani.                                                       PA.
 06     91.12.5257   Set of tools of make-Akar tools or similar.                 01.00 set    SSE/OHE/
                     Annexure-A attached.                                                       PA.
 07     91.12.5258   Set of torque wrenches square drive-3/8 of capacity –      10.00 sets.   SSE/OHE/
                         1) LB-FT:2-10,N-M:3-14,KGM-M.T:03-1.4                                  PA.
                         2) LB-FT:5-25,N-M:5-35,KG-M.T:0.5-3.5.
                         of make torque master or similar make.
 08     91.12.5259   Visitor chair with cushion similar model no. –CH1018       08.00 nos.    SSE/OHE/
                     of Godrej or make Mehtodex of any ISO certified                            PA.
 09     91.12.5260   Steel almirah plain with 4 adjustable shelves of size      05.00 nos.    SSE/OHE/
                     78”X36”X19” of Godrej make or any ISO certified                            PA.
 10     91.12.5261   Storage rack of slotted angle rack steel shelves of size   12.00 nos.    SSE/OHE/
                     36”X18”X102” (3’X1.5’X8.5’) seven shelves, shelves                         PA.
                     of 20 SWG steel angle of 40X40X2mm with fittings
                     as per picture attached.
 11     91.12.5263   Radiator of tower wagon M(II) with hose pipe set            01.00 no.    SSE/OHE/
                     suitable to TATA Engine.                                                   PA.
 12     91.12.5266   Surveillance equipments as Annexure –A.                     01.00 set    SSE/OHE/
 13     91.12.5269   Computer peripherals, accessories & software.              01.00 set.    SSE/OHE/
                     Annexure-A attached.                                                       PA.

                                                                                  (P.G. PATIL)
                                                                                  Sr. DMM/PA

WB no.0010.

File no. 91.12 5269 Opening date & Time : 03.08.12 & 11.30 hrs.

    Sr.no.                  Description                 Qty
    1      Pen drive of cap. 8 GB make- Moser baer, 01 set.
           Sony,HP,Kingston,Transcend-09 nos.
    2      1 Tetra Byte USB external hard disk, 5400
           RPM, portable, connectivity USB 2.0,
           equivalent or higher version.
           Make -Segate,Toshiba,Samsung-01 no.
    3      Software Microsoft office 2011 Home and
           student for Mac equivalent or higher version
           -01 no.

WB no.0010.                Surveillance Equipments

File no. 91.12 5266 Opening date & Time : 03.08.12 & 11.30 hrs.

    Sr.no.                  Description                    Qty
    1      Binocular for inspection of OHE &             01 set.
           insulation in substation, model B 8x25N or
           higher version of M/s Samsung or similar of
           Nikon,Olympus-02 nos.
    2      Digital Camera LCD screen TFT type
           Megapixel-12 mega pixel,lens-4X optical
           zoom, digital Zoom upto 4X make
           Nikon,Canon,Sony etc.-01 no.

WB no.0010.                      Set of Tools

File no. 91.12 5257 Opening date & Time : 03.08.12 & 11.30 hrs.

    Sr.no.                  Description                   Qty
    1      Socket wrench set 12.7 mm (1/2”) square 24 01 set.
           pieces-10 nos.
           a. 19 pieces sockets.
           26,27.28.30&32 mm)
           b. Ratchet handle- 1 piece
           c. Sliding handle -1 piece
           d .Extension bar-75 & 250 mm dia -1 piece
           e. Universal joint piece.
    2      Double open ended jaw spanner of size
           45X50mm-30 nos.

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