Should you Buy the New BlackBerry Playbook?A Sneak Peak

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					Should you buy the New Blackberry Playbook? A sneak peak.


This article is aimed at highlighting all the important features of the Blackberry playbook, in contrast to other
tablets of the same segment. It talks about why or why not should people spend their money on it.

So, clearly, Blackberry has attempted one more time to gain its lost honour! Invented (basically just aped from
previous versions) the blackberry playbook. People around the block are wondering if it is worth the money. Well,
quite a subjective question that is. If you are a simple mobile device user, with not too much in terms of
expectation, you probably wouldn’t lose out too much by spending some money on a Blackberry Playbook (but
then again why?) Alright, I admit it, some business owners too may find the playbook really helpful in order to
help with their business affairs and maybe even get some sales and business opportunities from it.

However, it breaks my heart to say that Research in Motion (the proud owners of blackberry) has this time really
disappointed millions of Blackberry users globally because the Playbook isn’t as great a device as expected. In spite
of this, there are thousands upon thousands of users who have already gotten on with this mobile tablet. The
biggest shortcoming is the fact that Research in Motion seems to have overlooked the importance of 3G while
making this device. Unlike its BlackBerry mobile phones, RIM’s BlackBerry Playbook does not seem so interesting.
To start it off, it lacks 3G despite the fact that 3G has become a standard for today’s handheld devices. Yet, RIM
tries to keep customers happy by providing support for Flash applications.
Any device is gauged on the basis of its features. First all the features are considered, and then they are held up
against others from the same segment in order to identify their actual potential. Let us examine all the features of
the Playbook and then identify how good or bad it really is.

The blackberry playbook display has a sizable display that measures 7 inches diagonally. It has a slate back design
on the back of the tablet. It offers a reasonably okay screen resolution that reaches up to 1024X600 pixels. The
good thing about this display is that it can understand four different gestures apart from its basic touch. There is
an outer glass bezel that can be used in order to activate the gestures.

The most notable feature of any tablet is its size. The main purpose of a tablet lies in its portability and User
experience, which depends largely on the size. This is winning feature for the blackberry Playbook. This tablet is
much thinner than the iPad 2. It is a mere 0.4 inch thick tablet. It weighs 0.9 pounds and is considerably lighter
than the iPad 2. However, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is lighter still at 0.83 pounds.

Power Button
This sleek tablet has only 4 buttons on it. The four buttons are:

       Power
       Volume control high
       Volume control low
       Play/pause

The trouble with the buttons is that the power button seems really small. Moreover the button seems quite
difficult to access. Pressing it and activating it also a whole different story. The Bezel touch does allow you to
swipe and open the screen but when you need to turn the screen shut completely, this little elusive button is your
only hope.

Battery Back up
Battery is the most important feature for any portable device. It determines how useful the device is going to be
on the go. Research in Motion does a fairly good job by offering a battery life for Blackberry playbook that goes up
to 48 hours with all the features running on a full high. Yet if it is run continuously with the features running and
set to high, it lasts for a full 7 hours before conking off completely.

It’s quite okay compared to Galaxy tab, but a little less (3 hours) compared to the iPad 2.

Custom Blackberry Application Development
Blackberry application development is playing a fair role in the gadget’s success. The present day scenario
highlights many applications that cover all the facets of an individual’s life starting from day to day utility to
complex business tasks. The various kinds of Blackberry Apps are:

       Business Apps
       Utility Apps
       Entertainment Apps
       Gaming Apps
      Lifestyle Apps
      Educational Apps
      Health care apps
      Social networking Apps
      And many more

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Description: aimed at highlighting all the important features of the Blackberry playbook, in contrast to other tablets of the same segment. It talks about why or why not should people spend their money on it.