Mistakes all First-Time Home Buyers should avoid by joymali


Buying your very own home is probably everyone else’s dream too, but a lot of people commit mistakes during the purchasing process. Read on to know more about the financial mistakes which all home buyers especially, the first time home buyers should avoid.

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									              Mistakes All First-Time Home Buyers Should Avoid

Buying your very own home is probably everyone else’s dream too, but a lot of people commit
mistakes during the purchasing process. Buying a home is not a cheap process, the down
payment, home inspection, home appraisals and many more. All of these can definitely eat up
your savings and for first time home buyer, mistakes are inevitable. But the good news is, we
have tips for you to avoid the common home buying mistakes.

Financial mistakes

      Choosing a risky loan- it is best to talk to your mortgage broker or to your loan officer
       to get all the necessary information on the different types of loan products. There tons of
       mortgage loans that will fit perfectly for every person and for very situation. But what’s
       important is that you know the process and that you educate yourself about this to avoid
       choosing a costly loan that won’t be of much help. Buyers often choose an adjustable
       rate mortgage to get a lower interest rate but they don’t realize that the mortgage
       payment can actually increase in the long run. Others opt to get a 15 year mortgage then
       find out that they can’t shift the higher payments in relation with their income.

      Overspending on your new house- lenders determine the person’s ability to buy a
       house depending on their credit report and what their tax documentation has in it. Their
       credit scores will also play a big role for this. But some lenders approve a person’s
       application even though the lender knows that they can’t afford it which is somewhat a
       trap for you to fall into. Instead of being all happy about this, be smart and choose a loan
       that you can surely pay off. Splurging and spending all your money for a 5 bedroom
       house even though there’s just the two of you may be satisfying but wait till your bills
       come rolling in. a bigger house means more to spend and more to maintain which may
       put off the balance of your budget.

      Skip the home inspection- first time buyers usually think that they can skip this part.
       But doing so can be a very risky thing because serious problems can occur in the future
       such as, faulty electrical wirings, problems with the plumbing etc. if these don’t get
       attention as early as possible, these may do more damage in the long run and may cost
       you even more.

      Take a look around- take your time in looking at houses and talk with different lenders
       to get the best interest rates out in the market. Compare everything to get the best
       option; this will include your mortgage rate, closing costs, down payments, mortgage
       protection insurance and the possible repayment penalty.

Follow these tips in order to get the best deals for your soon-to-be house. Take your time in
looking for the one to avoid the usually mistakes that first time buyers commit.

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