Palm-Best by AlisterM


                          Liquid Fertilizer
                 Specially Formulated For Oil Palm
      Palm-Best has been developed, tried and tested over the
     years. Today with its proven superior formulation has
resulted in big cost savings and enhanced high productivity.
                   Low cost & high yields makes Palm-Best

Palm-Best Stimulator is a revolutionary plant          How Does Palm-Best Work?
growth regulator developed specifically for palm
oil, based on the Cytology theory. It acts by          Palm-Best is applied directly to
stimulating plant cell division, to enhance nutrient   the fronds of the tree.
absorption. It aids in photosynthesis process, thus
producing more chlorophyll and proteins that           Palm-Best will then increase
promotes better overall growth and fresh fruit         chlorophyll production through
bunch formation..                                      photosynthesis in the leaves, in
                                                       response to increased need for
Palm-Best Advantages:                                  water by the leaf, bringing more
   Non-Toxic, Biodegradable & Environmental            fertilising elements to the plant via
   friendly.                                           the vascular system.

   Cost-effective, Promotes profitability.             As a result of the stimulation
                                                       process by Palm-Best crops are
   Less wastage & No wash out by sudden heavy          then able to produce more FFB
   rain.                                               yield.

   Does not require big storage space.                 With Palm-Best, its more effective
                                                       as far as the amount of nutrients
   Eliminates problems of nutrient absorption          required and the speed with which
   from acidic or laterite soil. Suitable for any      these nutrients are absorbed.
   poor soil condition.
                                                       This simply mean that Palm-Best
   Promotes growth & Enhance yields.                   is far more efficient and effective to
                                                       increase the uptake of nutrients
   Clean and easy application.                         while reducing the fertilizer cost.

   Reduce labour requirement.
         Estimated Annual Fertilizers                                                                       Application Instructions
        Requirement For Oil Palm Field                                                                        & Nutrient Analysis
                                   PalmBest *               Other Fertilizers           Remarks                             Application Instruction
Particulars                                                                                                           Palm-Best Fertilizer                                      1 Kilogram
                                Immature        Mature   Immature       Mature         Immature            Dosage     Palm-Best Stimulator                                      120 ml (1 bottle)
                                                                                                                      Clean Water (pH 5.5 – 7.0)                                100 Litre
Number of rounds                  6.00           6.00      4.00           4.00    1st Year Fld Planting    Coverage                                1 Acre (55 Palm Oil Trees)
Rate per palm (gram)              8.00          18.00     1125.00       2500.00     6+6+8+8+10+10         Frequency                                     2 Months Once

Stand per hectare                135.00         135.00    135.00         135.00    1+1+1+1+1.5 (kg)
Annual requirements (kg)          6.48          14.58     607.50        1350.00

                        Cost Comparison (IMMATURE – Less than 3 years)
                                   PalmBest *                      Compound Fertilizer
Cost of fertilizer (USD/kg)            45.00                      0.80                   1.00
Total fertilizer cost/palm             2.16                       3.60                   4.50
Total fertilizer cost/round            48.60                     121.50                 151.88
Total Fertilizer cost/hectare           292                      486.00                 607.50
                                       USD                     194.40                 315.90
                                        %                      66.67%                108.33%

                          Cost Comparison (MATURE – Harvesting years)
                                   PalmBest *                      Compound Fertilizer
Cost of fertilizer (USD/kg)            45.00                      0.80                   1.00
Total fertilizer cost/palm              4.86                      8.00                  10.00
Total fertilizer cost/round            109.35                    270.00                 337.50
Total Fertilizer cost/hectare           656                     1,080.00               1,350.00
                                       USD                     423.90                 693.90
                                        %                      64.61%                105.76%

Palm-Best - Products Range
                                GROWTH (N:20 P:20 K:20 + MgO + TE + HLB)
                                Highly recommended to boost the growth of the oil
                                palm seedlings in the nursery, immature or mature oil
                                palms in the fields. It is highly soluble in water.

                                YIELD (N:7 P:18 K:35 + MgO + TE + HLB)
                                Recommended for matured oil palms to achieve the
                                maximum yield. Excellent in peat soil areas.

                                STRENGTH (N:8 P:59 K:10 + MgO + TE + HLB)
                                Highly recommended for use on palms with poor vigour
                                and growth. It strengthens the root system and
                                enhanced the growth of the trees for overall better FFB

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