Animation by ewghwehws



How to put animations
on front page
Find animations
Choose an animation from one of the following
 websites or any other animation website:

The Process
Right click on the picture you want
Go to “save picture as”
Save to 3 ½ floppy (A:)
Open your web page from its current location
Go to the edit button on the format bar and
 choose edit
This will take you into front page
Front page will ask you for your name and
 password(which is the same one as you use
 to log into webmail). Enter it and press ok
Go to insert, picture from file, look in you floppy
 disk for the animation
Double click on icon of animation and the picture
 will appear on front page
Picture is put on the page in normal view, click
 on the preview button at the bottom of the page
That will allow you to see the animation move
Go back to normal view and save the page
The page will ask you to save embedded(which
 is the picture). Click save
This will save the picture in your public html
Go back to webpage and hit refresh on the
 format bar, to see the animation on your
Continue these few little steps to add more
 animations to your webpage

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