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									Samsung Turns Tide
against Apple
Pinch to zoom patent
When it comes to Patent litigation
Apple always seems to have the better
arguments and the right reason to file
a lawsuit against any competitor.And,
Samsung was the best Opponent that
they ever have, both were fully
engaged in patent wars on several
fronts     since      April     2011.

Just this year, Apple alleged Samsung for copying the designs of Apple’s iPhone and iPad and
infringing its Intellectual Property (Technology and Interface) again, Samsung is on disavowal.

Now, Samsung has turned the tide against Apple, forefronting an appeal to invalidate a
specific feature of Apple that has been granted patent. Samsung targeted Apple’s pinch-to-
zoom patent, which the South Korean Company Legal Team presented in court jury, a
massive touchscreen table built by Mitsubishi called the “Diamond Touch” to showcase that
one of Apple’s Intellectual property should be Invalid. (See video below)

Samsung, alleging Apple that they stole the technology (Idea) when the Mitsubishi Engineer,
Adam Bogue stand as witness and testified that he presented the technology (Mitsubishi’s
Diamond Touch) to Apple Engineers back in 2003.

But who exactly develop the pinch to zoom feature?

Source: Wikipedia “DiamondTouch technology was developed by Paul Dietz and Darren Leigh
at MERL, and presented at the ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology
(UIST) in 2001. The hardware complimented other Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)
research, including the Personal Digital Historian developed by Chia Shen and others at MERL,
and led to developments in tabletop computing, shared display groupware, and touch-based
interaction. While the traditional computer interfaces (consisting of a mouse, keyboard and
monitor) were originally designed to support individuals, the focus was to create a new type of
computer interface to support face-to-face collaboration among small groups of people.
Samsung has a strong stand against Apple’s pinch-to-zoom patent, as they strongly state that it
has existed long before apple has been given patent rights thus, should be deemed invalid. The
patent litigation continues and would this finally silence Apple? Or would the court urge Apple
for a settlement. As they prepare for the launch of the next generation iPhone and face people
who sell iPhones and sell phones for Samsung phones.


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