Duplication by wuyunyi


Your Key to Success

 Key difference between direct sales &
  network marketing is duplication
 Duplication is the magic that transforms your
  efforts into Million dollar results
 You already know that you can not have any
  serious success unless you are able to
 No one can succeed in this industry without
  successful duplication

 Occurs when you do something successfully
  and then transfer that knowledge and
  success down the line.
 Occurs when they do their business whether
  you are there or not
 Occurs not just when you are able to sponsor
  but when they can sponsor others who
  sponsor others and so on and so on

 Franchise Principle
 If your goal is for residual income, your
  downline must be able to build their own
 Drive legs for depth-work with strength
Wide for Show


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Deep for Dough
Leader of Leaders

 Student-Manager-Leader-Leader of Leaders
 Don’t let ego get in the way if you want
 Teach independence alongside coachability
 Lead by example
 Let them learn by observing your actions
 They duplicate your successes
Systematic Approach

 Without a system people get confused, angry
  & disappointed
 Have a system in place to teach new people
 System must be simple to learn and teach
 Good System comprised of tools
 Your job is to teach people the tools and how
  they fit together to become a System
 Leverage by using team
Creating Duplication

 Simple, Simple, Simple!
 Especially first 90 days
 Work with the right people
 Don’t be afraid of leadership
 Communication
 Training
 Recognition
Creating Duplication

 Mentor & Groom Future Leaders
 Create Team
 Focus on strength but have a place for
  everyone to go
 80/20 Rule
 Communication is critical
Small Hinges Swing Big Doors

 Network marketing success is not about one
  person doing a lot
 Network marketing success is about a lot of
  people consistently doing a little bit over time
 Business of Consistency & Persistence
Easy Steps

 First, Lead by Example
 Keep it Simple-Don’t Get Creative
 Invite-Present-Follow Up-Sign-Train
 Use & Teach Tools & System
 Mentor Right People
Your Key to Success

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