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									Done Task
     Define borders of deltoid muscle (blunt dissection)
     Detach deltoid, reflect laterally
     Observe axillary nerve
     Observe posterior circumflex artery
       Clean nerve and vessels
     Define quadrangular space
       Superior border-->inferior border of T. minor
       Lateral border-->surgical neck of humerus
       Medial border-->long head of triceps brachii
       Inferior border-->superior border of T. major
     ID long head of triceps brachii
     Define T. minor (blunt dissection)
     Define T. major (blunt dissection)
     Reflect trapezius superiorly
     Clean/define borders of supraspinatous
     Define borders of infraspinatous muscle
     Transect supraspinatous (5 cm lateral to superior angle)
       Reflect laterally (blunt dissection)
     Clean/ID suprascapular artery and suprascapular nerve
     ID superior transverse scapular ligament
     Transect/reflect laterally infraspinatous
       Observe innervation by suprascapular artery and nerve

     Remove brachial fascia (scissors for intial incision)
     Separate corachobrachialis, brachialis, biceps brachii
     ID short and long head of biceps brachii
     ID biceps brachii tendon
     ID bicipital aponeurosis
     Observe musculocutaneous nerve entry to coracobrachialis
     Transect biceps brachii 5 cm proximal to elbow (scissors)
     ID brachialis
     ID various nerve innervations (refer to sheet)
     ID brachial artery
       verify normal course with median nerve
     Remove brachial veins
     ID superior ulnar collateral artery
     ID inferior ulnar collateral artery

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