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					  Astraweb was established in 1997 as a
    Usenet service provider. It has many
  members who loved the long retention of
  their files by Astraweb; as many as 270
                 days in 2008.

Astraweb is highly rated as a formidable Usenet service provider with very low
subscription rates and wide services Astraweb has remained strong over the
years with the features of Usenet kept quite constant and preferred by Usenet
users One of the highly appreciated services of Astraweb is its long post
 This is a highly demanded feature on Usenet as it allows a long period of
discussion amongst the hundreds of Usenet users or news groups Information
posted is shared and retaining that information over a long period of time is
important to Usenet news groups Another Usenet feature by Astraweb is
 With the many files and information that are to be posted and discussed, a
fast speed is required There are not only data files posted but also audio and
visual files like music and videos Hence, Usenet users want a service provider
that can supply them with a fast speed for a high download
 Astraweb offers different download bandwidths for its members depending on
the types of material they have to download There are slower speeds for the
casual users or unlimited high speeds for those with lots of download Different
services will demand different pricing
 The more services you want or the better services preferred, the higher would
be the membership price You can choose any membership plan to kick start
your Usenet experience and change your plan as you go along because you
will be more familiar with the kinds of services you want or do not want The
basic fee is $10-$15 per month for Astraweb's unlimited packages
 If you purchase on a 3 months basis, you may even enjoy some discounts
from Astraweb You get to enjoy as many as 20 connections Alternatively, you
can go for block accounts known as "pay by download" packages which give
you at least 25-180 GB bandwidth
 Astraweb attracts a large membership due to its interesting forums that enjoy
long retention periods You can engage in any discussion on Astraweb easily
over a long period of time, even if you are absent for some time
 Astraweb offers newshosting strong SSL connections to ensure the security of
your files so that you will not miss out on any discussion thread

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