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          Springhill Group Florida - Home Care                              - Since 1802

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                           Home Care                         We fully understand a need to a
                                                             place that residents will be
                           Town Center Suite 1900            proud to call their home is what
                           Southfield, Michigan              they require most. All are built
                           48075 (Town Center Suite          in attractive locations, nestled
                           1900),Southfield, MI 48075        amongst existing communities,
                                                             so our residents can easily
                            Springhill Group look to cater   retain their ties with their
                           to the special requirements of    families.
                           each person citizen and any
                           changing circumstances that       Springhill Care offers retirees
                           occur throughout their time       the finest in clinical care, while
                           living in our care. This gives    receiving the positive aspects
                           families the comfort that their   of living in our cozy and
                           loved one has the support and     comfortable community.
Date today 00/00/00                                                                                                 NEWS
    Morsi as Democratic Egypt’s                                  WOW NEWS                            “Part of my agenda is the
                                                                                                     development of ties between
              Leader                                             Egypt’s new president               Iran and Egypt that will create
                                                                 Mohamed Morsi is                    a strategic balance in the
                                                                 reconsidering the peace             region.”
                                                                 agreement with Israel and ties
                                                                 with Iran in an attempt to build    Morsi has convened with his
                                                                 a strategic balance in the          advisors to form a new Cabinet
                                                                 region.                             prior to his swearing-in on
                                                                                                     Saturday as the first freely-
                                                                 Morsi was quick to announce         elected leader
                                                                 that all issues will be addressed
                                                                 by governmental bodies as he
                                                                 will not make decisions on his
                                                                 own, according to Springhill
                                                                 Group Home.

                                                                  . On the other hand, the defeated candidate Ahmed Shafik
                                                                  was found to have left the Egypt in the midst of
                                                                  mounting fraud charges against him since his time as the
                                                                  nation’s civil aviation minister. The Muslim Brotherhood’s
“I will be a president for all Egyptians. I call on you, great    candidate has pledged to become a leader for all Egyptians.
people of Egypt… to strengthen our national unity — the
only way out of these difficult times,” Morsi said hours          .
following his being declared the new president.
Egypt has breathed a collected sigh of relief when the election and proclamation have finished
                               without the feared bloodshed.
    Morsi’s triumph, also marking Egypt’s first fair and free election in the modern
    times, followed almost 2 years of political upheavel and civil unrest from Hosni
    Mubarak’s military-rule..
    Britain, France, US and the European Union have deemed the democratic election and the
    winning civilian president as significant parts of Egypt’s history. The US in particular has
    encouraged Morsi to continue Egypt’s transition to democracy that began last year.

    However, even if Morsi has already      And although the foreign ministry of Iran
    resigned from the Muslim Brotherhood      has acknowledged Morsi’s win, there
    of Egypt when he was elected, Israel is   is no hint of diplomatic relationship
    still worried of him for his Islam        resumption on their side.
    affiliations that could possibly
    endanger the peace of the two
    neighboring nations.

   A former head of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice
   Party and a former member of Egypt’s parliament won against
   Hosni Mubarak’s Prime Minister Ahmed Shafik by a 4% margin.
    Paypal Scam

The World Wide Web consortium is one of the         But did you know that in taking the number of
well-known partners in business. Due to the         the advantages can make you down in the
growing demand of the business industry, firms      dumps in just a minute, giving the disadvantage
use the triple W in order for them to reach their   of it? What are the possible occurrences in
customers across the world. And well as to          paying using those methods? How surely that
make their business reached by their customers      you are so secure?
at their most convenient approach. At large,        Debit Card, Credit Card,Gift Certficate, Paypal
                                                    Account, Paypal Alternatives, Money Order,
these businesses that are into the                  Web Certificate and other payment methods can
modernization are the one who makes physical        rip-off by the growing swindlers or scammers
goods such as cars or pipes in which then they      across the web. But the most spot of such
sell at a profit and even shopping. Consumers       feeding frenzy is your Paypal Account in which
can purchase goods 24/7 through online or e-        can take everything and be as one of their
commerce- the selling and acquiring of              victims of the said scam. It is an act of taking
products or services over the internet with the     your money through giving you the imitation of
use of different shelling out methods and feels     someone’s personality with an imaginary
                                                    addresses as well as phone numbers, counterfeit
like you are safer than using the conventional      photos and template letters that can absolutely
way of shopping.                                    loose cannon.
   As an online shopper it’s better to become aware about the growing scam.
   Then, it is good if you do so. If you think that you are safer from scams
   when you use PayPal, you’re not.

PayPal users are the
                                    The email is addressed “Dear PayPal User” and
specific targets of an              the email contains official-looking PayPal
email scam that results             content like the PayPal logo, graphics, and page
toPayPal                            format. To detect unused accounts and email
                                    addresses is just the perceptive intentions of the
. Scammer behind the                email they send.
PayPal scam sends
PayPal users an official-
looking email asking
them to verify their
account or identity.
In addition, they will also give you a reason that PayPal is encountering
problems with the software they are using and a call for a change of
operating systems, that PayPal documents or files are lost or corrupted or a
number of excuses you can hear from them that can populate your mind.

Yet, there is one thing common about the content on the perceptive
email: it is directing PayPal users to verify their identities using their
personal and credit information. There is sometimes a form provided
for this purpose right in the email; other times there is a link
directing the recipient of the email to another site where they are to
enter their information.

If you receive an email similar to this, ignore it and don’t do what is telling
you to do even if it looks like official, and even if the email tells you to go
to an official-looking site. Whatever the assertion of the email you got,
always think of that their primary intention is to really get your personal
and financial information so that the scammers behind the email can
defraud you out of money, and this is against the law. Once it happens, you
will now become as an easy target for the said identity theft.

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