; What Are The Advantages Of Manufactured Home
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What Are The Advantages Of Manufactured Home


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									What Are The Advantages Of Manufactured Home?

For decades manufactured home advantages had not really been discovered
by mostly all potential homebuyer wannabes. To them a new manufactured
home was like the uncle who never was invited to the family reunion; they
were the Rodney Dangerfield of the housing industry: no respect. Oh, my,
what a difference 10 years has made in the housing marketplace. New
manufactured homes have finally woken up the buying public that it isn't
necessary to pay thousands of bucks to live in a new stick-built home,
nor wait six months to a year, or longer to occupy one. Other
manufactured home advantages are they can be constructed more quickly in
a designed factory environment that does not have to genuflect to any
outside weather conditions. The cost is also far less than stick-built
homes that are constructed on-site where materials and lumber is only
covered by a canvas tarp in order to eschew any harsh weather elements.

One of the more distinct manufactured home advantages that came about in
the last decade was a public relations' ploy dreamed up by many of the
manufacturers who sell the homes. They begin to dismiss out-of-date
jargon usually associated with factory-built homes like single-wide,
double-wide, trailer, and mobile home. Although these words are still
bandied about by the older generation, realtors and developers avoid
those terms when communicating with potential buyers. Therefore, to avoid
any further confusion concerning manufactured home advantages, just
remember that a stick-built home is constructed on a particular location,
and not pre-assembled. A new manufactured home is a home constructed in a
factory under ideal conditions, then transported to the chosen site.
Another strict advantage manufactured homes have is they are built under
HUD (Housing and Urban Development) codes, which are stricter than any
city or country codes reflected on site-built homes.

Manufactured home advantages can even extend to small and large
manufactured home communities located around the country where a new home
can be set on a permanent foundation system if required by city codes, or
not. These communities offer amenities and options galore that are
customized to fit every lifestyle including swimming, putting greens,
clubhouse activities, park area, and playgrounds, and even, on occasion a
fitness center. Even though manufactured home communities, and
manufactured homes in general, are often thought to be exclusively for
retired senior citizens age 55 and over, that is not always the case.
Manufactured home advantages also extend to the younger set, as well,
with options to rent or purchase in a manufactured home community.

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