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					Nowadays, both Apple and Android belong to very
 typical cloud structure. What are the social and
     commercial values of cloud computing?

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  Why are the world's most authoritative companies, the best applications and
the most high-end software so fascinated with it? What is the magic of cloud
computing? According to Charles Babcock, editor at large of the world famous
magazine--InformationWeek, cloud computing is the most powerful and
subversive force since the emerging of Internet It is able to simplify operation,
lower operating costs, and offer you flexibility and strength you've never
dreamed of at the same time Craig Mundie, chief research and strategy officer
of Microsoft Corp
, describes the cloud element as large scale computer facilities which will be
the backbone of the internet, and the so-called client devices, e g the PC or
(smart) phones, being the way we choose to access these cloud services
 Craig Mundie believes that future computing will be to distribute applications
between the cloud and the client Together they will create the next
environment in which applications will be developed and deployed
 In an interview, Craig further expresses that at present, the computer is
more like a powerful tool, but it needs experts who can make a use of this tool
to achieve its highest value Computer in the future will be able to provide
human with better helps, without the users to master high professional skills
 The changing keeps on going now, especially in health and education fields
By adopting cloud computing, people will be capable to reduce the costs of
medical and health services, and the patients could do self-treatment through
computer networks, instead of high-end medical workers
 Craig expected that one of the major innovations after "cloud" would be NUI
(natural user interface), which makes the computer more like human, being
able to see, to hear and to speak The computer will be not only a kind of
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 Large-scale Internet services integrate with notebook, mobile phones, cares,
game consoles, TVs and other computing devices, together with large range of
sensor integration, which will bring in new ways of data-driven learning, solving
business problems and so on Microsoft wishes to integrate all these ways to
do all these things, and make it available for more and more people and
for  industry
 Based on International Data Corporation (IDC) data, cloud computing services
will reach 10% of overall IT consumption in 2013, with annual revenue of $44 2
 In the next five years, the growth of cloud computing will be very fast, and
average annual growth rate will be up to 26%, which is as 6 times as the
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