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					                     Borders, Shading, and Bulleted Lists

1. Go to my website Save the “Borders and
   Shading” and “Bulleted List” files to your student drive.

2. Open the file “Borders and Shading” file.

3. Click on INSERT ribbon | HEADER | Blank | Ctrl + R | Type your name | Close
   Header and Footer (on the right of the ribbon)

4. Double click over your name to open the header. Select the entire header
   and press Shift + F3 to make it All Caps. Double click anywhere in your
   document to close the header.

5. Select paragraph 1 and go to HOME | Paragraph section | Click on the down
   arrow for the border button and choose Outside Border

6. Change the font of paragraph 1 to be Bold (Ctrl + B), and Tahoma font.

7. Select paragraph 2 and go to HOME | Paragraph section | Border down arrow
   | Borders and Shading. Click on the “BOX” button on the right and add a
   border style of your choice. Make the border Light Green under standard

8. In paragraph 2 change the font to be Right Aligned (Ctrl + R), Red, and
   Tempus Sans ITC font.

9. Select Paragraph 3 and go to Borders and Shading (see step #7 to remember
   how). Add a double squiggly border around the paragraph and make the
   border blue. Go to the Shading tab and add orange shading to the

10. In paragraph 3 change the font to be Justified. (Right next to the right
    alignment button or Ctrl + J.) and change the font to be Italic (Ctrl + I).

11. Select paragraph 4 and apply a border of your choice. Change the font and

12. Select paragraph 5 and add a border and shading of your choice.

13. Change the font of Paragraph 5 to be Centered and a Arial font and double
    space the paragraph.

14. Apply a page border to the whole page. HOME ribbon | Paragraph section |
    Border button down arrow | Border & Shading | Page Border – You can
    create a border or choose a border in the ART section. (Sometimes the Art
    borders will cover your name in the header and that’s ok for this assignment)

15. At the end hit “Ctrl + Enter” to insert a hard page break.

16. Open the “Bulleted List” file you saved earlier from my website.
17. Select the entire Bulleted List document and copy and paste it in to your
    Borders & Shading document. (Right click to copy and then right click to
    paste into the document)

18. Select the line “The reasons for his popularity were obvious:” and make it

19. Select the lines under “The reasons for his popularity were obvious” (There’s
    4 lines)

20. Use the Bullets button found on the HOME ribbon | Paragraph Section. This
    will automatically change the list into a bulleted list.

21. Hit enter 3 times and type “My favorite things in life right now are:” You will
    create a bulleted list of your favorite things. Once you have typed the
    heading hit enter and click on the BULLETS BUTTON down arrow. Choose a
    bullet they already have there for you and create a list of your favorite things
    in life right now. There should be at least 5. After you type in the first item
    just hit enter and it will add another bullet for you. Once you have finished
    your list you can hit enter twice and it will get you out of the bulleted list.

22. Hit enter a few times to space down and type “My Favorite Halloween Candy”
    and hit enter. Create a bulleted list of your favorite candy. Go to the
    BULLETS BUTTON and click the down arrow. Click on DEFINE NEW BUTTON |
    SYMBOL Choose a bullet symbol you like (Wingdings are really fun…just
    change the font option to Wingdings.)

23. Hit enter a couple of times and create a Numbered List this time. Use the
    heading My 5 Favorite People I Know Are: You will use the numbering
    button next to the bullets button. It looks like the bullets button but instead
    of black dots it has numbers.

24. Save this document as “Borders and Shading”

25. Email me the “Quotes for Borders and Shading” as an attachment in an
    email. Subject: Borders Assignment

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