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					Introduction to Photography
Ted Hewitt, Instructor                                                           Photo 8

                                   ASSIGNMENT: ACTION

Read pp. 22-23 (Shutter Speed and Aperture); and pp. 186-187 (Time and Motion)

Purpose: Convey a sense of action or movement in a still photograph.

Method: Use different shutter speeds to accomplish different effects described in class.

        A. Fast shutter speeds will freeze action in awkward or unusual postures.
        B. Slow shutter speeds, in conjunction with a stationary camera, will cause the
           moving object(s) to blur.
        C. Panning, slow shutter speeds used while moving the camera in the direction
           of the moving object tend to blur the background while keeping the moving
           object sharp.

Assignment: Experiment with the different techniques summarized above.

Shoot a roll of film, using different shutter speeds to capture a feeling of action or
motion. (Don’t forget that when you change shutter speed, you must also adjust the
aperture to maintain equivalent exposure). Keep a record of the camera settings used for
each exposure for this assignment.

Turn in three (3) 8x10 enlargements of your best shots–one shot from each method
(A, B, and C). That is, two “panning” shots would not be acceptable (because both would
use method C).

The photos should also show good composition and lighting. Label each print with the
action category and the shutter speed and aperture used to take the photo.
Introduction to Photography Photo 8
Ted Hewitt, Instructor                                                      Spring 2012
Graded assignment                 Due: 05/08/2012                               50 points

                         ASSIGNMENT COMMENTS: ACTION

NAME:____________________________                                   GRADE: _____ / 50

Action Photographs:

     Method A (fast shutter)                                                _____ / 10
         _____ Image sharp, motion frozen
         _____ Image not sharp

     Method B (slow shutter)                                                _____ / 10
         _____ Non-moving areas sharp, moving areas blurred
         _____ Non-moving areas blurred by camera shake
         _____ Moving areas not well emphasized by blur

     Method C (panning)                                              _____ / 10
         _____ Subject sharp, background and areas of high action blurred
         _____ Action and not caught by camera pan or shows excessive blur

Prints:                                                                     _____ / 15
          _____   Show accurate camera / enlarger focus
          _____   Show inaccurate camera / enlarger focus
          _____   Overexposed (too light, lacking detail)
          _____   Good tonal range and contrast
          _____   Underexposed (too dark, muddy)

      _____       Prints were labeled with action method, shutter speed and aperture
      _____       Prints were not labeled with method, shutter speed and aperture
      _____       Prints were labeled with some, but not all, information

Cleanliness of negative:                                                    _____ / 3
     _____ Good
     _____ Dust and/or lint on negative

Submission Envelope:                                                    _____ / 2
   ____     Correct envelope size
   ____     Incorrect envelope size and/or type
   ____     Submission information written correctly
    ____    Submission information written incorrectly or located incorrectly on

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