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									                                                        s h re w s b u r y i n t e r n a t i o n a l s c h o o l

                                                            N E W S L E T T E R 1 1 T H S E P T E MBE R 2 0 0 9

Simply the best!
S    HREWSBURY students gained
     their best ever results in IGCSE
                                          S H R E W B S U RY
and A level exams this year with the      PUPILS ACHIEVE
vast majority gaining the very top
grades.                                   STUNNING EXAM
   The results at A level were spec-
tacular. Forty-one students sat 149       GRADE SUCCESS
exams and 78.5% were passed at
either an A or a B grade. Two stu-
dents, Shee Ern Ng (Linus) and
                                          Some 505 exams were taken and
                                          more than 67% of them were passed
Kornvuthi (Korn) Lapprathana              at either A* or A grade – this com-
(Korn), attained 5 straight As while      pares to a figure of just 60% in the
another 9 students achieved 4             independent schools sector in the UK.
A-grade passes, including Siriorn         Two students received A* in 7 sub-
(Gift) Udompanich, who now heads          jects with another 9 students gaining
off to Medical School.                    A* or A passes in at least 7 subjects.
    Later this month, our graduating A      In the UK there is currently an inter-
level students will be taking up places   esting shift among independent schools
at leading universities such as Cam-      thinking regards to IGCSE.
bridge, Imperial and UCL in the UK          Many schools including some of the
and Caltech, Brown and Carnegie           top names such as Westminster and
Mellon in the US.                         St Paul’s School for Girls in London
   There were superb successes in         have switched to the International
the Arts also, with a number of stu-      GCSE because they believe they are
dents heading to London to take up        more intellectually stimulating and
places at the Royal Academy of Mu-        enjoyable for students.
sic and Central Saint Martin College        Admissions tutors at Britain’s best
of Art & Design.                          universities, including Oxford and         Korn, left, is heading to Imperial College, London, to
   In IGCSE, the rise in the number of    Cambridge, have indicated that they        study Chemistry, while Gift, right, will take a Medical
top grades surpassed expectations.        also value the IGCSE more highly.          degree at the University of Birmingham, also in the UK

           Lights, camera, action… we’re going to be TV
 I   F YOU notice that people are becoming a little
     more interested in their appearance at Shrews-
                                                                                                                 Whilst we are all very
                                                                                                                 excited about the filming
  bury these days this is because they have heard
                                                                                                                 project, we are aware that
  the news — we are all about to become TV stars!
                                                                                                                 some parents may not want
    On Tuesday 22nd September, a film crew from                                                                  their son and daughter to
  the UK will arrive to make a film about how great                                                              participate.
  our school is. We, of course, already know this                                                                   It is important that you let
  but Mr Holroyd thought it was time that the rest                                                               us know your wishes. If you
  of the world knew, too!                                                                                        do NOT want your child to
    The film crew will include a journalist and cam-                                                             be filmed you must let us
  eraman who work for ITN, one of Britain’s lead-                                                                know in writing before 18th
  ing news organizations. They will be filming stu-                                                              September 2009.
  dents in the Early Years Centre, in classrooms, at                                                                Please address your letter
  the Memorial Hall and during PE lessons.                                                                       to Heather Preen, Director
    The film, which will be presented by a famous                                                                of Marketing, or send her
  British newsreader called Martyn Lewis, will get                                                               an email at
  its premiere at a schools conference to be held                                                      
  in Britain in October. After that, the footage be                                                              and include details of your
  re-edited into a longer film that will be used to                                                              child’s full name, nickname
  promote our school in Thailand and around the                                                                  and the name of your child’s
  world.                                                 Veteran British newsreader Martyn Lewis                 class teacher or form tutor.
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                s h re w s b u r y i n t e r n a t i o n a l s c h o o l

Love, peace and understanding
S     HREWSBURY International
      School’s Charity Committee
                                                                                                                China in support of the student
                                                                                                                scholarship scheme that Shrews-
has got a bumper calendar of ac-                                                                                bury International School estab-
tivities lined up to raise awareness                                                                            lished in May 2008 for victims of
as well as money within the school                                                                              the earthquake disaster.
and the wider community.                                                                                           The Charity Committee are hop-
   On 18th September, the whole                                                                                 ing to work closely with SPA at the
school will come together to cele-                                                                              end of Term 1 on another “Little
brate World Peace Day.                                                                                          Angels” project. This will involve
   Students, parents and staff are                                                                              the whole community who will be
invited to dress in blue and white                                                                              asked to donate toys to be shared
on this day (no donations) and at                                                                               among the children of the Sister
break time the senior school choir                                                                              Louise kindergarten and three kin-
will perform. This will be followed                                                                             dergartens established by the
by our EY1 and 6th Form students                                                                                Mercy Centre in Klong Toei.
together releasing 100 white and                                                                                   Later in the year the Charity
blue balloons into the sky. Once                                                                                Committee and school will be cele-
again everyone will be able to                                                                                  brating Rose Day, Busking Week
admire the origami cranes our                                                                                   and two more Non Uniform Days.
younger students are busy creating                                                                              The Fun Run will be a great cele-
to mark this special day.                                                                                       bration of the community coming
   World AIDS day will be cele-                                                                                 together in June. Students in the
brated on 1st December. As last                                                                                 Community You Time Programmes
year, the school will gather to-                                                                                will continue to enjoy working with
gether to form a giant, pink, hu-                                                                               the children from Sister Louise’s
man ribbon and we aim to raise                                                                                  kindergarten every Monday when
over THB100,000 through dona-                                                                                   they visit our school. And once
tions and sales of beaded badges.                                                                               again, our students will visit some
   All the money raised will be                                                                                 of the many kindergartens set up
divided between the HIV and AIDS                                                                                by the Mercy Centre in Klong Toei.
charities     that    we     support;                                                                              The Charity Committee aims to
Kidszone in South Africa, Dr                                                                                    continue supporting all these pro-
Alongkot’s temple in Lopburi for                                                                                jects and would like to thank the
people living with AIDS and for                                                                                 whole community for the support
the sponsorship of Fern at the                                                                                  and generosity shown towards
Camillion Social Centre in Rayong.                                                                              those less fortunate than ourselves.
   Term 1’s Non Uniform Day is                                                                                  Information about school events
on 2nd October. Funds raised on          Students and staff form a human ribbon for World Aids Day              can be found on the notice board
this day will be sent to Mae Hong                                                                               in the Morris Forum, in the
Son to continue our support by           visit the school in January and   other hill tribe schools in Chiang   school’s weekly newsletter and on
paying for a kindergarten teacher        spend three days working with     Rai in January. Any additional       the school’s website.
in a Red Karen Hill tribe school.        students and teachers. Year 6     money raised in Term 1 will be                                Mr Verde
Our 6th Formers will be invited to       and Year 10 will also work with   sent to Mianzhu Middle School in         Head of Charity Committee

                                                              LAST Tuesday morning as our students were settling into their school day, nearly
    Is your child in Year 11?                                 90 new and returning Shrewsbury parents met on our school’s riverside verandah
ALL parents of Year 11 students are invited to          for a a welcome coffee morning. Ms. Sauder, who was a volunteer and the Chair of
a short meeting in the lecture theatre on Tues-         Shrewsbury Parents’ Association (SPA) introduced herself and spoke a little bit about
day 15th September at 7:40am. The focus of              her new role as the Director of International Relations at our school. Mr Holroyd
this meeting will be on 'How to support your            dropped in and was delighted to see so many parents (and grandparents) chatting and
child in Year 11'. If you haven't already filled in     getting to know one another. Among those who attended, were several volunteers and
the reply slip, don't worry - just come along!          on-going supporters of SPA events; several of whom are keen to get going with a new
Coffee will be served from 7:30am near the              committee for this academic year. If you are interested in getting involved in the organi-
lecture theatre on the 2nd floor of Senior              sation that supports our children and their lives at school, including helping out at vari-
School. I look forward to meeting you!                  ous events such as bake sales, discos, cultural displays, or charity support, please con-
                Miss Hartley, Head of Year 11           tact Julie King at
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                                                       s h re w s b u r y i n t e r n a t i o n a l s c h o o l

Mr Holroyd joins members of the music department and our singing students


T    HOUSANDS of people gath-
     ered in Lumpini Park on
                                       sing the opening of the King’s An-
                                       them by themselves. The orchestra
Wednesday to sing songs in praise      was conducted by famous Thai
of His Majesty the King to mark the    maestro Khun Somtow.
special date of the 9th day of the       The torrential rain on Tuesday
9th month of the 9th year.             had turned the grass around the
   Members of Shrewsbury Prep          stage area into a bit of a muddy
Choir, senior school and orchestra     swamp but the sun came out just at
joined the crowds for this amazing     the auspicious moment of 09.09hrs
event and got a plum position right    arrived and the crowds sang the
at the front of the stage. But for     anthems, chanted, waved flags and
one Shrewsbury student the mo-         broke out into joyous smiles.
ment was even more magical be-           Back at school, we heard the
cause it was her birthday. Nina        moment being marked by the
Molloy, who was born on 9.9.99,        sounding of guns from up river be-   Birthday girl Nina Molloy (6DL) and her sister Myra
was joined by her sister Myra to                                            (8SK) lead the singing from the stage in Lumpini
                                       fore and after the 9th minute.
              s h re w s b u r y i n t e r n a t i o n a l s c h o o l

Sports Excellence: This      players, coaches and spec-   was great to see the turn
week, all our sports teams   tators. Please read the      out of the new kits this
have continued with their    information before the       week and made our teams
training and the U11 Boys    competition season be-       look very professional in
Basketball Team played       gins. Codes of Conduct       training. Some kits still
their first games away at    appear on the website and    need to be picked up from
Patana. Next week, sees      notice boards.               the Sport & Activities
the start of our intense                                  Office.
and varied fixture sched-    ISB Cross Country: All
ule for our competitive      athletes who have been       BCIS: Can I remind all
football and basketball      selected for this meet       those students who have
teams. Team sheets will      need to confirm they are     been sent an invitation to
be sent out by coaches       available to Mr Dunn by      the forthcoming BCIS
each week and, if you are    Monday 14th September.       Football Tournament in
unable to attend, speak to                                Phuket that they must
them directly no later       Sports Kit: Can I remind send their return forms
than one week before the     all students that they must back to Mr Dunn by Mon-
match. Shrewsbury now        wear the correct training day 14th September.
has codes of conduct for     kit in practice sessions. It            NICK DUNN

                                                                                            GOLFER Chayanid (Jan) Prapassarangkul was a
                                                                                              winner in the True Vision Singha Junior Cham-
                                                                                       pionships held last month at Palm Hills Golf Club &
                                                                                       Residence in Cha-am, Petchburi. Jan (9MT), who
                                                                                       earlier this year won the Champ US Kids World Golf
                                                                                       Championship, scored a 7 over par 149 to lift the
                                                                                       trophy in the Category B group. Some 175 players
                                                                                       teed off in the competition which was split into five
                                                                                       categories of young golfers.

                                                                                                SCHOOL TRIP NEWS
                                                                                       SKI TRIP: The last few places still remain for the
                                                                                       annual Shrewsbury Ski trip to Japan during the Febru-
                                                                                       ary half term holidays. This trip is open to all senior
                                                                                       school students. Further information and application
                                                                                       forms can be found in the Sports & Activities Office.
                                                                                       Closing date for entries is 18th September 2009.
                                                                                       BEIJING MUSIC TRIP: Music Director Mr Ling is
                                                                                       proposing a trip to China during the Term 2 half-
                                                                                       term holiday (23-28 February). A meeting for parents
                                                                                       to discuss this will be held on Monday 14th Septem-
                                                                                       ber in the Lecture Theatre (P205).

                                                                                                THIS WEEK’S FIXTURES
                                                                                       Monday, 14th September
                                                                                       3:30pm – 4:30pm U13 Boys BB v HIS (HIS)
                                                                                       Wednesday, 16th September
                                                                                       3:30pm – 4:40pm U17 Boys FB v BPS (BPS)
                                                                                                       U17 Girls FB v BPS (SHB)

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