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Tenterden Gateway
Address: 2 Manor Way, High Street, Tenterden TN30 6HP

             Operating hours
                      Monday      9.00am - 5.30pm
                      Tuesday     9.00am - 5.30pm
                      Wednesday   9.00am - 5.30pm
                      Thursday    9.00am - 5.30pm
                      Friday      9.00am - 5.30pm
                      Saturday    9.00am - 4.00pm
                      Sunday      Closed

             Nearest Libraries
             7 miles
                o Cranbrook

             7 – 8 miles
                o Headcorn
                o Hawkhurst

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             Services on offer
                  Books, DVDs and CDs (including Talking Books)
                  7 computers with free internet access, Microsoft Office, Ability net
                  Information – homework support, local information
                  Local and Family History resources
                  Hearing loop; photocopier; fax;
                  Activities – Story Time/Talk Time
                  Gateway Services
                  CAB and Post Office
                  Registration of births and deaths
                  Gateway Services

             Mobile Library Services
             Look at the Mobile fact sheet and find more information about mobile library
             services on our website.

             Homebound users
             This service is available for people unable to visit a library due to ill health,
             disability or caring responsibilities. Books and other items are delivered to
             people in their own homes and to Residential Homes. For more information
             click here

             Currently 76 people receive deliveries to their own homes across the district.

             Service to Visually Impaired customers
             For information about the postal service for registered blind and partially
             sighted people click here

             Tenterden Library statistics and data
             Levels of use (For the period April 2010 – March 2011)
             Items* borrowed                     84,875            Visits                        236,250
             Average number of items*            33                Average number of             91.8
             borrowed Items per hour open                          Visits per hour open
             Number of hours of PC use                             6,920
             Active borrowers i.e the number of individuals who    4,409
             have borrowed items from Tenterden Library
             Number of events/activities held in Tenterden Library 483

             Items* in stock As of 1 November 2011                      13,505
             Items = Books, CDs and DVDs

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             Items* borrowed over the last five years

                                   Total issues 2006-2011
                          06/07      07/08     08/09        09/10    10/11

                    Items = Books, CDs and DVDs

             Visits over the last five years
                           06-07      07-08      08-09       09-10    10-11

             The Library building
                    Tenure: Freehold
                    Size of building: 274 square metres * area of Gateway

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             Annual running costs (2010/2011 figures)
                                       Costs             Notes
                 Staff                 £62,400           Costs of front of house staffing allocated to
                                                         operate this library for current opening hours.
                                                         The figure does not include a proportion of
                                                         district based staff or county wide
                                                         management staff costs. Staff cover for
                                                         sickness, holiday and training is provided
                                                         from the District pool of staff.
                 Premises              £38,051           Costs included: Rates, Kent Cleaning,
                                                         Energy, Security, Office Supplies
                 IT                    £13,206           Costs included: connection to KCC network,
                                                         hardware for staff and public computers,
                                                         printers and scanners technical support
                 Books and DVDs        £22,961           This represents the amount of new stock
                                                         allocated to the library in the year.
                                                         Customers also have access to the whole
                                                         County stock via the reservation system, see
                                                         information sheet about Stock for more
                 Transport Costs       £4,742            Deliveries of new books and requested items

             About the Tenterden community
             Click here to go on-line and browse a map of the local area

                     About the Tenterden area
                      o The town serves a large rural community and is a destination for
                      o Large selection of independent shops, including lots of gift and
                        antique shops
                      o Tesco and Waitrose Supermarkets
                      o Regular buses to Ashford and Maidstone, less regular services to
                        Tunbridge Wells, Rye and Hastings and the villages in between
                      o Tenterden Leisure Centre
                      o Numerous active clubs and societies
                      o Tenterden Town Council and Mayor
                      o Tenterden and District Chamber of Commerce
                      o Online Tenterden Community Forum

                     By using data and statistics we can draw up a picture of the
                      people living in this community.

                      o Low levels of unemployment
                      o Children do well at school
                      o Low levels of computer use

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                     o Proportion of people over 70 is above the Kent average
                     o Many people with access to a car
                     o 47% of people in the town use Ashford for High Street (non food)

                     Sources: Mosaic - 2010, Mid Year Estimates Office of National
                     Statistics - 2009, KCC Education data - Autumn 2009, Department of
                     Work and Pensions - September 2010, National Survey of Local
                     Shopping Patterns - 2009, Spydus Library Management System -

             For more information
                Data and Statistics about the District and Wards


                  Information about Library Services

                  Contact the FLS Team by telephone 01622 696504 or email

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