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					Te Kahuri Nurseries

                  DECIDUOUS TREES SHRUBS & CLIMBERS 2011
                                                                                                      (Prices include GST)
PLANT NAME                        CODE           PLANT DESCRIPTION                                    PRICE PER PLANT
Acer griseum               d.a.                       Reddish / brown peeling bark                     OG 1.2m 7.00
(Paper Bark Maple)                                   red / orange autumn foliage, 10m.                       1.8m 8.00
Acer negundo               d.x.q.a.                  Hardiest of the maples,                           OG 1.2m 7.00
(Box elder maple)                                    quick growing, gold in autumn, 12m.                      2m     8.00
Acer palmatum atropurp                               Purple / red fol, brilliant red autumn, 5-10m     OG 1.2m 7.50
Acer palmatum x circinatum                           Faster than palmatum,                             OG 2m+ 9.00
                                                     stunning aut display, 5m.                               1m.     7.00
Acer platanoides nigrum              d.fo.           Dark purple leaves throughout                     OG 1.5m+ 8.00
(Purple Norway maple)                                the growing seasons, 20m.                               1.8m 10.00
Acer rubrum (Red maple)              d.a.fo.w        Fiery red / orange fol. in autumn, 15m. OG        OG 1.7m+ 8.50
Acer saccharum                       d.a.fo.         Canadian national emblem tree                     OG 1.2m+ 7.50
(Sugar maple)                                        with orange / gold autumn foliage, 20m.
Albizzia julibrissen rosea           d.fl.q.         Fast growing small spreading tree, pink                     PB8 9.50
(Silk tree)                                          flowers, often used as shade or canopy 3m.
Alder black (glutinosa)              d.fl.q.s.e.n.x Attractive, fast growing, deep narrow                   OG 1.6m+ 6.00
        Italian (cordata)                            rooted, for stream banks, erosion.       OG 1.6m 6.00 2.2m 8.00
Ash European                         d.q.c.t.w.x.    Tall vigorous tree.                                    OG 2m+ 7.00
      Golden (grafted)               d.fo.w.         Gold leaves and stems.                                 OG 2m 16.00
      Claret (grafted)               d.a.q.fo.w.c. Upright, spreads with age, claret aut colours, 8m. OG 2m 16.00
Beech copper                         d.h.fo.         Large tree, dark purple foliage.              OG 1m 7.00 1.4m 9.00
Beech european               d.a.h.t.x.b.            Tall, spreading tree,                               OG 1.2 -1.5m 7.00
(Fagus sylvatica)                                    golden autumn colours, 25m.                                1.8m+ 8.00
Berberis thunbergii Rosey Glow                       Striking bright red/purple foliage, prickles, 1m.           PB3 4.50
                         Atropurpurea                Foliage deeper purple, 1.2m.
Birch Japanese white                 a.d.q.          Fastgrowing graceful tree, pure white bark.            OG 1.8m+ 8.00
  ermani (Russian Rock birch)                         Peeling white bark tinged yellow to reddish brown. OG 1.5m 8.00
                 These 2 species are very similar to silver birch but more rust resistant.                     1.7m+ 10.00
  Paper Bark                                         White bark peels in thin layers to pinkish orange trunk. 3m+ 10.00
  Weeping birch (Betula pendula Youngii) Weeping form.                                                     OG 80cm 7.00
Carya illinoinensis Pecan                             Pecan edible nuts aut, massive trunk,                      PB5 8.50
          from selected seed                         yellow foliage autumn, 25m. eventually. OG 1.5m 7.50 or $70/10
Cercis canadensis Forest Pansy a.d.b.fl.fo. Redbud cultivar, spectacular red/purple heart shaped leaves,
                                                     small pink flower on bare branches, shrubby tree, 3m.       OG 19.50
      C. silaquastrum (Judas Tree)                   Spreading tree, masses of mauve pea-like flowers OG 1.5m 8.50
                                                     before leaves emerge, 5m+
Chestnut horse                       d.fl.           Tree, large digit-like leaves, white/pink              OG 1.5m 7.50
(Aesculus)                                           flowers mid to late summer.
Chestnut European                                    Sweet or Spanish chestnut, large spreading tree,        OG 2m+ $7.50
(Castanea sativa)                                     autumn nuts inside prickly case, 20m.                          $65/10
Clematis montana snowflake fl.d.sc.                  Hardy vigorous vine, masses of white flowers.               PB3 4.50
                        rubens                       Scented pink form, spring flowers.                          PB3 4.50
Cornus controversa                   d.fl.b.a.       Elegant small tree, branches in horizontal tiers,      OG 1.7m 7.50
(Table Dogwood)                                      white spr.flowers, berries autumn blue/black, 10m.          2m+ 10.00
Cornus florida                       d.fl.a.b.       Shrub with deep red purple autumn foliage,             OG 2m+ 9.00
(Flowering Dogwood)                                  white and pink spring flowers, 4m.                         1.4m 7.00
           florida rubra                             Rose pink flowers, 4m.                                  OG 2m 10.00
Cornus kousa (Japanese Dogwood) b.                   Spreading tree,white fl red fruit,purplish/red aut, 4m. OG 1.5m 8.00
Corylopsis glandulifera                               Prolific golden hanging scented flowers,                   PB8 8.50
(Chinese Winterhazel)                                 on bare branches, 2m.                                 OG 1m      7.50
Cotinus coggyria Royal Purple                   Deep wine paddle shaped leaf sum,orange scarlet aut. OG 1.2m+ 8.00
(Smoke Bush)                                    greyish pinky mauve fl. in smokey haze, poor soil, 2.5m.
Crabapple Flowering (Malus)                          Seedlings - mixed fruit types & flowers.               OG 1.7m 8.00
      Malus Jack Humm (Grafted)                       Rounded tree, holds glossy red fruit well during      OG 2m+ 22.00
                                                      winter, single white flower, 4m.
Currant Flowering Red                d.flsc..        Currant leafed bush, masses of golden yellow                PB5 5.50
             Yellow - (Ribes odoratum)               or red scented spring flowers.                              PB5 5.50

Te Kahuri (the sapling)                                        1                               2011 Deciduous plant list i
Dawn redwood                       t.d.w.a.q.       Timber tree, grows well on low-lying                  OG 2m+ 10.00
(Metasequoia glyptostroboides)                      sites, autumn colour yellow / pink / red.
Elm Chinese (Ulmus parvifolia) Shelter tree on exposed sites, tolerates sealed carparks, 10m+. OG 2m+ 8.00
      Golden                                        Golden foliage, stunning specimen, 6m.          OG 1.5 - 2.5m 16.00
      Hollandica Lobel                              Tall erect habit, very wind hardy, 15m.            OG 1.8m       8.00
      Variegated                                    Cream & green.                                  OG 1.5 - 1.7m 15.00
Flowering cherries (Prunus) b.fl.d.a.be.x. Grafted tree, pink or white blossoms spring, lovely autumn colours.
                                                                                    Sizes 1m - 2.2m    OG 12.00 - 25.00
       Accolade                       Rich pink semi-double 4cm flowers Sept,compact round form.
       Awanui                         Masses of pale pink flowers before leaf, stunning show.
       Campanulata superba b. Cerise bell shaped fls, upright,Tui food, thrive in warm climes.
       Kanzan                         Narrow vase shape, double pink flowers in droopy clusters, hardy.
       Pink perfection                Erect spreading tree, rosy pink dble fls in droopy clusters.
       Mount Fuji                 sc. White semi-double flowers, spreader, hardy.
       Shimidsu sakura                Pale pink double flowers, spreading habit.
       Tai haku                   sc. Tall spreader,single white fls,copper/red new growth, thrives in warm.
       Ukon                           Lge semi-dble primrose/green spr flowers, robust semi-spreader.
Seedlings: Andean Bird Cherry (Prunus salicifolia) Broadly columnar ,semi-evergreen, purple/red berry,
                                      fragrant white flower timber for furniture & turning, 9-12m.     OG 1.5m 8.00
Ginkgo biloba                     d.fo.a. Graceful tree with fan-like leaves,                          OG       60cm 7.50
(Maidenhair tree)                          striking gold autumn colour.
Gleditsia triacanthos             d.fd.fo. Broad headed tree with long edible pods,                    OG 1.7m+ 6.00
(Honey locust)                             variety ‘inermis”, no spines, 20m+.
   “       “ Sunburst                      Lime yellow to fresh green foliage.                         OG 1.7m 16.50
Hornbeam European                          Broad spreader, tough hedge-row woody tree, pleaching, OG 2m+ 10.00
(Carpinus betulus)                         trimmed formal hedge, hard timber, yellow autumn, 15m+. 1m 8.00 $70/10
Hydrangea macrophylla fl.d.sh.x.r. Shade & wind tolerant shrub, grand summer-autumn flower display.
                                           Flowers tend to red in alkaline soil, to blue in acid soil.         / PB3 5.00
        Birgit Blue                        Deep blue, opens creamy blue, compact, 70cm.                        \ PB5 6.00
        General Patton                     Rosey red tight heads, red keeps well, violet in very acid soil, 1m.
        Hadfield Rose                      Rich pink flowers, mophead, 1m+
        Libelle                            Lacecap white (sterile), blue (fertile), 1m.
        Nightingale                        Deepest blue lacecap flower, dark green leaf, 1.5m.
        Piamina                            Dwarf variety, pink / red flower, 60cm.
        Renate Steiniger                   Mid blue / mauve flower, mophead, good form, 1.5m
        Rose Supreme                       Large deep rose pink flower, mophead, 1.2 -1.8m
        variegata                          Soft cream edge to grey/lichen green leaf, blue / white flower 1.2m.
        White Wave                         Lacecap, small pink/blue encircled by large pearly white florettes, 1.5m+
Idesia polycarpa            b.d.be.        Broad Chinese/Japanese tree, tiered branches,                OG 1.7m+ 8.50
(seedlings)                                females only have waxy bright red berries through winter.
Japanese Pagoda tree d.fl.n.               Close kowhai relative, long lacelike seed pods                        PB5 6.00
(Sophora japonica)                         white fl. clusters,ideal lawn shade tree. 6-12m.
Judas Tree                                 Refer to Cercis
Lemon Verbena               sc.fl.         Deliciously lemon scented shrub, makes refreshing cup of tea.         PB3 5.00
Lilac                       d.fl.sc.       Strongly scented lilac flowers, shrub.                      OG 50cm 5.00
Liriodendron tulipifera d.fl.fo.a.sc.q. Broad tree, gold autumn, large beautiful                       OG 1.7m 8.00
(Tulip tree)                               green summer foliage, tulip shaped flowers.                          2m+ 10.00
Liquidamber             d.t.w.a.fo. Brilliant autumn foliage, fine timber (satin walnut).              OG 1.5m 8.00
Magnolia campbellii          d.fl     Large grand tree, giant pink/ white tulip-like                   OG 1m         7.00
(Pink Tulip Tree)                     flowers on naked spring branches, 7m.
     c. Star Wars                     Outstanding display, rose pink, flowers after 3yrs, 5m.          OG 1.3m 15.00
 Mag. sieboldii Fl buds like Jap lanterns,creamy white cupshaped fragrant,crimson fruit, 3m. OG 1.5m 7.50
 Mag. soulangeana                     Saucer magnolia, hybrid, flowers rosy purple with                OG 1.5m 8.00
                                      white interior, blooms at less than 1m high, 5m.                        2m+ 10.00
         s. Rustica Rubra             Selected soulangeana type,more tree like,hardy vigorous,7m. OG 1.8m 15.50
 Mag. stellata (Star magnolia)        Twiggy bush,white fragrant star flowers spring, 2m.               OG 90cm 7.00
      st. King Rose           Soft rose pink buds open to white/pale pink star flowers, 2m.             OG 90cm 14.50
      st. Leonard Messel Small tree, fragrant, lavender pink large flowers, 4m.                                     15.50
      st. Royal Star          Pale pink buds open to pure white flowers,darker fol, hardy 2m.                       15.50
      st. waterlily           Pale pink buds open white, more erect shrub,vigorous,compact, 2m. OG 70cm 14.50
Magnolia Iolanthe       Jury hybrid, palest pink deepens to rose, lightly scented, free flowering, 6-9m. 1.8m 16.00

Te Kahuri Nurseries                                    2                                     2011 Deciduous plant list i
Nyssa sylvatica (Black Tupelo) d.w.a. Brilliant deepest dark red autumn fol.                                OG 1m+ 7.50
Oak English                   d.t.fd.a.b.c. Handsome broadspreading tree.                         OG 1.5m 6.00 2m+ 8.00
      English (fastigiate) d.t.fd.b.c.           Columnar form of English oak.                              OG 1.8m+ 8.00
      Pinoak (palustris) w.d.t.fd.a.b.c. Brilliant red autumn colour, marsh loving, 8x6m.                   OG 2m+ 8.00
      Turkey (cerris)         d.x.fd.b.c.        Fastest, upright, wind hardy,”mossy cup oak” 10x6m. 1m $6 1.5m 8.00
      Red     (rubra)         d.t.a.b.c.         Gold/red autumn colour, 10x7m.                             OG 1.5m+ 8.00
      Scarlet (coccinea) b.d.t.a.c.              Brilliant scarlet autumn colour, 7x5m.                     OG       2m 8.00
Paulownia elongata              sc.t.d.fl.fd.c.q.fo. Scented purple flowers, very large leaves,             OG 1.5m+ 7.50
(Chinese Empress tree)                                  vigorous growth, to 15m.
Persimon seedlings                              Spreading USA tree, stunning orange edible fruit, 10-20m. OG 2m 8.00
Philadelphus coronarius              d.fl.sc.           Erect shrub, fragrant creamy / white                       PB5     6.00
(Mock orange / French orange blossom)                   cap shaped single flowers, 2m.
Plane tree London                    d.q.c.             Leaves up to 25cm, large hardy avenue tree,30m. OG / 1m            6.50
             Oriental                                   Leaves 10-20cm,more incised, 25m.                         \ 2.5m 8.50
Poplar Golden(Manawatu gold) d.q.fo.c.                  Pale golden foliage all year round, large tree.     OG 1.7m 6.00
         Chinese                   a.d.q.fo.x.c.        Larger glossy foliage, late leaf fall.
         Crow’s nest                                    Narrow Lombardi type.                               OG 1.7m 4.50
Rose “Rosa Alberic Barbier”                             Climber, gold buds open to fragrant cream flowers.         PB5     6.50
Sorbus aria devonensis               fo.be.             Wind hardy, brownish speckled berries,              OG 1.8m        7.50
(Rowan - whitebeam)                                     dark green leaf grey underside.
Sorbus aucuparia                     d.b.be.            Prolific red berries autumn / winter.                    1.7m+ 7.00
(Rowan - mountain ash)
Taxodium distichum                   d.f.t.w.fo.        Cypress of the everglades, tall, tolerates          OG 1m          7.00
(Swamp cypress)                                         wet sites, rich brown autumn colour.                OG 1.5m        8.50
Tilia platyphyllos                   d.fl.sc.           Tall tree, broad leaves, broadly columnar,          OG 2m 10.00
(Broad leaved lime)                                     yellow in autumn, small fragrant flowers, 25-30m.
    Europea (common lime) Linden                        Broadly columnar, 25-35m.                           OG 1.5m        8.00
Viburnum x burkwoodii                fl.d.sc.           Sparsely foliaged shrub, bold clusters of deliciously      PB3     5.00
                                                        scented pink & white flowers, winter/spring.
    plicatum Lanarth                 fl.d.be.           Tiered horizontal branches, profuse saucer shaped          PB5     6.50
                                                        white flowers spring, brilliant red purple autumn leaves, hardy, 2.5m.
    opulus       Hardy,sterile,maple like deep green fol, purple aut, prolific 7cm clusters white fl. 3m. PB3              5.00
  Black Walnut          d.t.fd                          Requires shelter, non edible,               OG 1m+     6.50     $60/10
  (Juglans nigra)                                       high value timber tree.                                 1.7m+      8.00
  English Walnut                                        Needs free draining soil, sweet edible nuts,         OG 70cm $6.50
  (Juglans regia)                                       seedlings bear in 8 to 12 yrs.                                  $60/10
  White or Butternut walnut, Oilnut                     Nuts used in baking or for eating, pleasant flavour,     OG 2m 7.00
  (Juglans cinerea)                                     oily texture, eventually grows up to 20m.                       $65/10
Willow tortured                      d.q.x.             Hardy, fast growing tall tree,                      OG 1.7m+ 6.00
     weeping                                            green or golden trunked varieties,                       1.8m+ 7.50
     upright                                            Matsudana/ 1040, used for shelter.                  OG 1.7m+ 4.50
     Basket Willow (Salix viminalis - Osier)            Highly ornamental, yellow catkins spring,           OG      2m     6.00
                      yellow reddish brown new growth, likes deep watering, prune for utility 3-6m.                     $50/10
Winter sweet            i.fl.sc.d.l.         Sweet scent, yellow fl. winter,Chinese spreading shrub,2-5m. OG 90cm 6.50
Wisteria sinensis           d.fl.sc.         Vigorous climber, scented attractive mauve                            PB5     6.00
                                             flower droops on bare branche, spectacular..                          PB8     7.50
Witch hazel - hybrid                         Broadly spreading, small spidery yellow orange or red            OG 1m        7.50
(Hamamelis x intermedia)                     flowers winter, dull purple,green to red autumn colour, 1-3m.

                      NB: Plant prices and grades as listed are subject to change without notice.

                                               New Season’s plant lists published April

             Note:     OG (open ground - bare rooted) plants are available from July through to late August only

               Largest plant size for courier 1.7m. Freight trucks can take larger grades to some locations & depots.

                  Limited numbers are available as potted trees outside the dormant season. Add $2.50 for potted trees
                            up to 1.5m and add $3 for a 1.8 metre tree. These are unsuitable for mail order.

                      Plants can be ordered in advance and delivered the following year on confirmation of order.

Te Kahuri Nurseries                                        3                                        2011 Deciduous plant list i

                      a    coloured autumn foliage                  n       nitrogen fixing
                      b    provides bird food                       q       fast growing
                      be   attractive berries/ fruits               r       salt wind tolerant
                      c    coppicing                                s       shelter
                      d    deciduous                                sc      scented flowers or foliage
                      e    erosion control                          sh      shade tolerant
                      f    firewood                                 t       timber
                      fd   fodder tree                              w       tolerates wet sites
                      fl   attractive flowers or catkins            x       tolerates a very exposed site
                      fo   attractive or colourful foliage          HP1 1 litre hard plastic pot
                      h    trimmed hedging                          OG      grown in the field, bare rooted
                      i    native, indigenous                       PB      grown in plastic planter bag
                      l    low growing hedge or border              RT      grown in root trainers
                                                                    S/O sold out for this season
                       PVR     protected from duplication by Plant Variety Rights & incurs a royalty fee.

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                                    at 510 Eltham Road, Mangatoki, in South Taranaki.
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                                             OPEN 7 DAYS June - November

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Te Kahuri Nurseries                                      4                                        2011 Deciduous plant list i

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