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					                                    DISCIPLESHIP RESOURCES ORDER FORM
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Item                                                                     Price in R           Qty              Total
Biblical Confessions - New Updated                                      R       20.00                     R            -
Een tot Een (Afrikaans)                                                 R       10.00                     R            -
One to One (English)                                                    R       10.00                     R            -
Die Pers Boek                                                           R       50.00                     R            -
The Purple Book                                                         R       50.00                     R            -
Every Nation in Our Generation (Rice Brooks)                            R       20.00                     R            -
God Test English (pack of 20)                                           R       60.00                     R            -
God Test Afrikaans (pack of 20)                                         R       60.00                     R            -
Church Plantig School 2011: Week 1 - Leadership Module (Disc) R                100.00                     R            -
Church Plantig School 2011: Full 3 Week School (Disc)         R                150.00                     R            -
Preparing for Victory                                                   R       20.00                     R            -
Experiencing Victory                                                    R       30.00                     R            -
How to be a Real Disciple                                               R       20.00                     R            -
How to Build Strong Faith                                               R       20.00                     R            -
How to Experience New Life                                              R       20.00                     R            -
How to Know God's Will                                                  R       20.00                     R            -
How to Manage God's Money                                               R       20.00                     R            -
How to Walk with God                                                    R       20.00                     R            -
How to Win in Life                                                      R       20.00                     R            -
                                                                                          Order total     R            -
                  Shipping calculated at 15% of normal price of goods (within SA only)      Shipping      R            -
     See more info below                                                 Discount (If applicable)         R            -

                                                                                             Total R               -
* You will receive an invoice upon us receiving your order form. Please confirm the details on the invoice before making payment.
* Your invoice will indicate any discount and final Delivery Charges.
* Delivery charges - May vary according to actual charges which will be communicated beforehand.
* Delivery by Postal Service
* Delivery time approximately 3 weeks (or less)
* Please check the parcel content with your invoice when you receive the goods
(Corrections will only be considered up to 1 week after delivery date)
* Full payment must be received before shipping date

Bank:                 ABSA
Bank Account Name: Every Nation Pretoria Bookshop
Bank Account Number:407 536 5471
Internet Branch Code: 632 005
Reference:            Church / Organisation / Your Full Name & Invoice number
Please fax your proof of payment to 086 664 3111

CONTACT DETAILS:    *    Tel: 012 993 4476     *     Fax: 086 664 3111
                 (Office Hours: Monday-Thursday, 09h00-16h00 and Friday, 09h00-13h00)

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