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									Raleigh Chiropractors, Dr. Joshua McDowell And Dr. David Pace Offer Work
Related Injury Therapy

Raleigh, NC, 16-AUGUST-2012 - Premier Chiropractic of Raleigh, NC and
Raleigh chiropractor team members Dr. Joshua McDowell and Dr. David Pace,
D. C., are pleased to announce that help is available for those workers
who have experienced an on-the-job-injury. Such mishaps may be the result
of falls, bumps, repetitive motions, posture or other elements.

When a worker is in pain from an injury, it can linger for months or even
years. Even if the pain goes away after a time, the body systems can be
affected in other ways. Nerve compression, headaches, and poor posture
are just a few of the common longer term results of a work-related

The Raleigh chiropractor team members begin a consultation with a
thorough assessment of the nature and extend of the injury. Questions
about the specific event and also about previous experiences that could
affect the way the body relates are important. More information can be
found through a physical examination. Sometimes imaging studies are

The goal of the therapeutic actions is to help the worker be able to
return to productive work and pain-free life. Even more important, the
chiropractors offer help to companies in preventing certain types of
accidents. Educational seminars, newsletters and workplace ergonomic
surveys are helpful to workers and employers alike.

Learn more about chiropractic methods that have proven to be effective in
preventing and in alleviating pain from workplace injuries by checking
out the web pages at http://www.premierchironc.com today. Members of the
press and others who wish further information to answer questions raised
by this specific press release can contact the doctors at the locations
provided below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Josh McDowell, D. C.

Company Name: Premier Chiropractic

Address: 1600 Ronald Drive #103, Raleigh, NC 27609

Contact Telephone Number: (919) 850-1550

Dr. David Pace, D. C.

Company Name: South Durham Accident & Injury Center

Address: 3825 South Roxboro Street, Suite 115, Durham NC, 27713

Contact Telephone Number: (919-484-4141

Email: info@premierchironc.com

Website: http://www.premierchironc.com/

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