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A good reading corner and collection of books that helps the students and
teachers for research and reference.
Our library consists of a good collection of books and CDs on various
titles such as:

Colliers’ Encyclopedia (25 volumes)
Young people’s Science Encyclopedia (22 volumes)
Science in our world – Brian Knapp (30 Volumes)
TIME LIFE – Understanding Science & Nature (20 volumes)
Childrens’ Illustrations (Science) by Nicholas Harris (9 Volumes)
1000 things you should know about modern History
1000 things you should know about ancient History
500 things you should know about Science by MILES KELLY
Collins Children Illustrated dictionary by Penny hands
Inventions & discoveries (9 volumes)
Oxford English Language Reference (4 volumes)
Britannica Ready Reference (with CD)
DK Oxford Illustrated English Dictionary
300 Science and History Projects by HERMES HOUSE
and many more…

And Islamic books such as:

Saheeh Bukharee (9 volumes)
Islamic Jurisprudence (2 volumes)
Kutub as-sittah (Arabic)
Word to word meaning of the Noble Qur’aan (3 volumes)
The History of Islam (3 volumes)
Riyaad-us-Saliheen (2 volumes)
A Biography of the Prophet of Islam (2 volumes)
Zaad al-Ma’ad (Provisions for the Hereafter)
Commentary on the Forty Hadeeth of Imam Nawawi (2 volumes)
Guide to the sound creed
Concise commentary on the book of Tawhid
and many more…

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