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Advocates for Indigenous California Language Survival
(707) 644-6575;
Fosters the restoration of indigenous California languages by offering language classes,
teacher training and other education programs.

American Indian Activity Group/Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
(925) 423-7846
Promotes awareness and appreciation of Native American culture through special events
at the lab and at various local venues; promotes higher education for American Indian
students through scholarships.

American Indian Resources Institute/Indian Law Reporter
(209) 460-0924;
Publishes Indian Law Reporter, a unique and comprehensive monthly information journal
for practitioners and others involved in Indian law.

Bay Area American Indian Two Spirits
(415) 865-5616;
Restores and recovers the role of two-spirit people within the American Indian
community by creating forums for their spiritual, cultural and artistic expression.

Black Native American Association
(510) 536-1715;
An intertribal group of people who are of both African American and Native American
heritage that honors the world's indigenous peoples.

California Indian Legal Services
(510) 835-0284, (800) 829-0284;
Founded in 1967 by California Indians; provides free and low-cost legal
assistance to Native American individuals and tribes.

Department of Veterans Affairs: Native American Program
(650) 493-5000, ext. 64374
Ensures that the Department of Veterans Affairs addresses the unique circumstances and
needs of Native American veterans of the U.S. military. This particular program is geared
primarily for Native American employees of the Palo Alto VA healthcare system, but its
staff are able to answer a wide range of questions and make referrals.

International Indian Treaty Council
(415) 641-4482;
An organization of indigenous people from North, Central and South America and the
Pacific; works for the sovereignty and self-determination of indigenous peoples and for
the recognition of indigenous rights, treaties, cultures and sacred lands.
Intertribal Council of California
(916) 973-9581;
A consortium of 42 tribes that develops programs to help tribes take care of themselves.

Marin American Indian Alliance
(415) 342-2049;
Publishes a quarterly newsletter and organizes cultural and educational gatherings to
promote and maintain connections among American Indians living in Marin County.

National Congress of American Indians
(202) 466-7767;
Serves as a forum for consensus-based policy development among its membership of
more than 250 tribal governments; informs the public and the federal government on
tribal self-government, treaty rights and federal policy issues affecting tribal

National Indian Justice Center
(707) 579-5507; 800-966-0662;
An Indian-owned and -operated nonprofit that designs and delivers legal education,
research and technical assistance programs in an effort to improve the administration of

(510) 848-6700;
A community-based Native organization that works toward honest portrayals of Native
Americans by evaluating texts, resource materials and fiction by and about Native
peoples; by conducting teacher workshops; and by distributing children's, young adult
and teacher-training books and materials.

Running Strong for American Indian Youth
(703) 317-9881 (Alexandria, Va.);
Helps American Indians meet their immediate survival needs-food, water and shelter-
while implementing and supporting programs designed to create opportunities for self-
sufficiency and self-esteem, particularly for tribal youth.

United Indian Nations
(510) 763-3410
Serves the economic development needs of the Bay Area's American Indian population
through basic skills training, computer literacy and life skills education, job training and
placement, and housing, legal and other support services.

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American Indian Contemporary Arts
(510) 682-8839;
Supports and promotes the creative expression of Native American artists.

American Indian Film Institute
(415) 554-0525;
A media arts center that fosters understanding of the cultures, traditions and issues of
contemporary Native Americans; encourages Native and non-Native filmmakers to bring
to mainstream media Native voices, viewpoints and stories; works to develop an audience
for such films; and advocates for authentic representation of Indians in the media.

California Indian Basketweavers Association
(530) 668-1332;
Preserves, promotes and perpetuates California Indian basket-weaving traditions by
providing opportunities to study traditional basketry techniques and forms and to
showcase work.

California Indian Museum and Cultural Center
(707) 579-3004;
Educates the public about the history, culture and contemporary life of California Indians
and honors their contributions to civilization.

California Indian Storytellers Association
(510) 793-8208;
Dedicated to the preservation, perpetuation, enlivening and promotion of Indian
storytelling, in both traditional and contemporary form, for California tribes and others.

California State Indian Museum
(916) 324-0971;
Celebrates the proud heritage of California Indian culture, from the traditions of the
ancestors to the work of contemporary Native artists.

CN Gorman Museum, U.C. Davis
(530) 752-6567;
Established in honor of Carl Nelson Gorman-Navajo artist and advocate, World War II
code talker and former faculty member in Native American studies. Changing exhibits
feature contemporary artwork in a wide range of media, reflecting the canon in which
indigenous artists are working today.

Chaw'Se Regional Indian Museum
(209) 296-7488
Located in Indian Grinding Rock State Historic Park (see description under Parks and
Sites); houses outstanding examples of the technology and crafts of the Miwok and other
Sierra Nevada Native American groups. This site has the largest bedrock mortar rocks in
North America.
Gallery of the American West
(916) 446-6662;
Features the work of American Indian potters, jewelers, weavers and carvers. Houses a
large collection of antique California Indian basketry and other American Indian artifacts.

Gathering Tribes
(510) 528-9038;
Showcases arts, crafts and jewelry from tribes across the country.

Grace Hudson Museum and Sun House
(707) 467-2836;
An art, history and anthropology museum with changing interdisciplinary exhibitions and
public programs that feature Western American art, California Indian cultures, histories
of California's diverse North Coast region and the work of contemporary regional artists.

Healdsburg Museum
(707) 431-3325;
A regional museum that records, preserves and fosters an appreciation for the history of
Healdsburg and northern Sonoma County.

Jesse Peter Native American Art Museum
(707) 527-4479;
Houses collections of ethnographic art from the Americas and parts of Africa, Asia and
the Pacific. Closed until spring 2008.

Machu Picchu Gallery and Museum of the Americas
(408) 977-0816;
This gallery and museum, located in a Peruvian restaurant in San Jose, showcases
original Latin American folk art.

Maidu Interpretive Center
(916) 774-5934;
The center consists of an ancient Maidu Indian village site, a Native American museum
and nature learning center; offers old-ways workshops, seasonal nature programs and
hands-on exhibits.

Marin Museum of the American Indian
(415) 897-4064;
Dedicated to cultivating an awareness and understanding of Native American history and
culture; features a lecture series, a native plant garden, and a gallery with rotating exhibits
and demonstrations by Native artists.

Museum of Craft and Folk Art
(415) 227-4888;
Fosters the appreciation and understanding of craft and folk art from diverse cultures and
traditions through exhibitions, educational programs and research publications.

Oakland Museum of California
(510) 238-2200, (888) OAK-MUSE (625-6873);
Provides unique collections, exhibits and educational opportunities designed to generate a
broader and deeper understanding of California's environment, history, art and people.

One Earth, One People Peace Vision Inc.
(831) 623-4771;
Dedicated to celebrating spiritual and cultural diversity and promoting peace through the
living arts; inspires and empowers people to restore respectful relationships between all
living things.

Pacific Western Traders
(916) 985-3851;
Specializing in traditional and contemporary arts of California's Native people; provides
education resource contacts; caters to collectors, students of Indian cultures and Native
Americans in search of traditional supplies.

Phoebe Hearst Museum of Anthropology, U.C. Berkeley
(510) 642-3682;
Collects, preserves, researches and interprets material culture to promote understanding
of the history and diversity of human cultures; houses the Native Californian Cultures

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American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian Program, Stanford University
(650) 725-6944;
Serves a diverse and underrepresented student population by creating programs that
address the factors influencing Native Americans' progress and completion of an
academic degree.

American Indian Culture and Education Program
(925) 313-0430;
Serves as a catalyst to further the educational, social and cultural development of Native
American students and their families in Contra Costa County; programs include
tutoring, scholarships, drumming, dancing and a summer heritage camp.

American Indian Graduate Program, U.C. Berkeley
(510) 642-3228;
Provides individual recruitment and student services to broaden academic and
professional opportunities for American Indians and Alaska Natives through graduate

American Indian Library Service, Oakland Public Library, Diamond Branch
(510) 482-7823;
Its collection includes approximately 1,500 volumes for adults and young readers that
cover Native American history, culture and arts.

American Indian Studies, San Francisco State University
(415) 338-1054 or (415) 405-3928;
Offers academic services to local, regional, national and international American Indian
communities and continues training and education of American Indians both inside and
outside traditional academic realms.

California Department of Education: American Indian Education Office
(916) 319-0506;
Provides an equal opportunity for all students to meet challenging state standards; assists
educators in identifying the needs of American Indian students and in providing them
with high-quality education opportunities.

California Indian Library Collection, California State Library
(916) 654-0176;
Provides resources and historical references on California's Indian population.

American Indian Child resource Center
(510) 208-1870;
Provides individualized tutoring, academic advising, cultural arts, peer support and
educational field trips for American Indian youth. Works to preserve and promote the
integrity and culture of American Indian youth and their families.

Miwok Archeological Preserve of Marin
(415) 479-3281;
Offers classes in California Indian arts for adults, including basketry, bow making, native
plant use and shell-bead making. Seeks to promote accurate knowledge of the Coast
Miwok Indians-the first people of Marin and southern Sonoma counties.

Native American Studies Collection, Ethnic Studies Library, U.C. Berkeley
(510) 643-1234;
Linked to the Native American studies department, U.C. Berkeley; an integral part of the
project to challenge mainstream histories with research that produces educational
resources that are meaningful to Native American communities.

Native American Studies, U.C. Berkeley
(510) 642-6613;
Broadens the understanding of students interested in the history, culture and
contemporary situations of Native Americans in the United States.
Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science
(831) 459-0170;
Encourages Chicano/Latino and Native American students to pursue graduate education
and obtain the advanced degrees necessary for careers in science teaching and research.

Woodfish Institute
(415) 263-0423;
Provides innovative approaches to Native American education and preservation of
indigenous healing methodologies.

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American Indian Child Resource Center
(510) 208-1870;
Preserves and promotes the integrity and culture of American Indian youth and their

Break the Cycle
(800) 246-9410;
Strives to end domestic violence by working proactively with youth and providing
preventive education, free legal services, advocacy and support.

Friendship House Association of American Indians
(415) 865-0964;
Provides recovery services and aftercare programs for American Indians and their
families, including prevention and treatment of alcoholism and other diseases of
addiction; promotes women's health; offers programs targeted to youth and communities,
including housing assistance and job readiness training.

Hintil Kuu Ca Child Development Center
(510) 879-0840
Part of the Oakland Unified School District's Children Centers program; unique child
care program incorporating Native American culture and values.

Indian Child and Family Preservation Program
(707) 463-2644
Represents a consortium of five tribes in court when Indian children are taken from their
families; ensures that the children are put in appropriate foster homes and that the Indian
Child Welfare Law is being exercised.

Indigenous Nations Child and Family Agency
(510) 559-3120
An Indian-managed, Bay Area-based agency that strengthens and unifies American
Indian families through guiding principles that incorporate diverse traditional values and
spiritual beliefs into an American Indian approach to wellness, family and social change.
Provides child care and counseling services and works with foster care agencies to ensure
proper care of Indian youth.

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California Rural Indian Health Board
(916) 929-9761;
Network of tribal health programs devoted to the needs and interests of the Indians of
rural California, controlled and sanctioned by Indian people and their tribal governments.

Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley
(408) 445-3400;
Ensures the survival of American Indian families and individuals by providing
comprehensive health care for the American Indian community.

National Native American
AIDS Prevention Center
(510) 444-2051;
A nonprofit corporation that works to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS and related diseases
among American Indians, Alaska Natives and Native Hawaiians and to improve the
quality of life for members of these communities who are infected and affected by

Native American AIDS Project
(415) 777-4290;
Offers case management, treatment advocacy, peer advocacy, traditional healing and
mental health services to Native Americans living with HIV; offers prevention education
and outreach.

Native American Health Center (NAHC)
Alameda: (510) 747-3030
Fresno: (559) 221-3680
Oakland: (510) 535-4400
Healthy Nations Wellness Center (Oakland): (510) 434-1772
San Francisco: (415) 621-0851
Provides medical/dental services, infant/children programs, a guidance clinic, AIDS
prevention and treatment services, and youth programs for Native Americans and non-

San Francisco AIDS Foundation
Main: (415) 487-3000;
Trilingual hotlines: (415) 863-AIDS (2437), (800) FOR-AIDS (367-2437);
Disseminates critical information about AIDS to the San Francisco community; provides
education and health services and referrals; advocates for public policy.

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Bay Native Circle
KPFA/Berkeley: (510) 848-6767
KFCF/Fresno: (559) 233-2221
A weekly radio show examining Native issues, people, culture and events.

American Indian Film Institute & Indian Cinema Entertainment Destination (ICDE)
(415) 554-0525;
A quarterly journal of Native American cinematic arts that provides education resources,
audience development tools and economic stimuli for the sale and distribution of Indian

Indian Time
KKUP/Cupertino 91.5 FM
This radio program airs Tuesdays from 8 to 10pm. Hosted by Jack Hyatt.

Native Media Resource Center
(707) 875-9835;
Celebrates Native American media and supports programs and producers of the more
than 30 Native-owned-and-operated public radio stations.

News From Native California
(510) 549-2802;
A unique quarterly magazine devoted to the Indian people of California; written and
produced by California Indians and those close to the community; provides a portrait of
traditional and contemporary tribal culture; reports on such topics as health and the

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Coastanoan-Ohlone Indian Canyon Resource
(831) 637-4238;,
Provides resources and traditional lands for ceremonies; situated in the only federally
recognized Indian county in California; construction of a village house is currently under

Coyote Hills Regional Park, Fremont
(510) 795-9385;
Preserves the fascinating archaeological resources of the rich wetlands and shell mound
sites left by the Ohlone Indians-the East Bay's original inhabitants.
Indian Grinding Rock State Historic Park, Pine Grove
(209) 296-7488;
Preserves petroglyphs and Northern Sierra Miwok artifacts; also features celebrations and
demonstrations throughout the year and houses the Chaw'Se Regional Indian Museum.
(See museum description under Arts.)

Kule Loklo Coast Miwok Cultural Exhibit, Point Reyes
(415) 464-5137 or 5100;
Re-creates a Coast Miwok village, where students can learn about Miwok traditions and
land-use ethics. Guided ranger programs are offered Sundays at 2 p.m.

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American Indian Chamber of Commerce of California
(714) 898-6364 (Los Angeles);
Provides American Indian business owners with educational, mentoring and networking

American Indian Science and Engineering Society
(505) 765-1052 (Albuquerque, N.M.);
Nurtures building of community by bridging science and technology with traditional
Native values; provides opportunities for American Indians and Native Alaskans to
pursue studies in science, engineering and business.

Association of American Indian Physicians
(405) 946-7072 (Oklahoma City);
Dedicated to pursuing excellence in Native American health care by promoting education
in the medical disciplines, honoring traditional healing practices and restoring the balance
of mind, body and spirit.

Kathleen Russell Consulting
(415) 459-9211;
A strategic communications and event planning firm assisting Native communities and
others in achieving their social, economic and political goals.
Native American Journalists Association
(405) 436-3744 (University of Oklahoma);
Serves and empowers Native communicators through programs and activities designed to
enrich journalism and promote Native cultures.

North American Indian Information and Trade Center
(520) 622-4900 (Tucson, Ariz.);
Preserves contemporary and traditional Native American arts; provides consulting
services; conducts seminars and workshops; provides referrals; publishes the Native
American Directory.

The Robert Toigo Foundation
(510) 763-5771;
Supports the ongoing advancement of exceptional minority business-degree students and
alumni within the finance industry through fellowships, mentoring, networking,
leadership development and job placement assistance.

Society of American Indian Dentists
(405) 946-7072 (Oklahoma City);
Promotes dental health in the American Indian community; encourages the community's
youth in dentistry careers and serves as a resource for students; supports the unique
concerns of American Indian dentists.

Western American Indian Chamber of Commerce
(303) 620-9292 (Denver, Colo.);
Helps American Indians achieve self-sufficiency through business success.

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California Association for Older Americans
(415) 541-9629
Provides resources for the elderly and publishes the quarterly newsletter Senior Power.

National Indian Council on Aging
(505) 292-2001 (Albuquerque, N.M.); www.nicoa.orgs
Serves as the nation's foremost nonprofit advocate for American Indian and Alaska
Native elders; strives to better the lives of the nation's indigenous seniors through
advocacy, employment training, information and support.

San Jose Indian Elders Group
(408) 294-0519
Sponsors social gatherings and provides resources for American Indian elders in the
South Bay. The group hosts a potluck the third Saturday of every month. Call for details.

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