FT-NIR by keralaguest


									                                                  (PRICE RS. 250/-)



                        BANGALORE – 560 003



DATE AND TIME OF OPENING OF THE TENDER:       02-02-2010 at 3:00 pm
                 18TH CROSS, MALLESWARAM, BANGALORE - 560 003

Tender Due on 02-02-2010 upto 01:00pm
Cost of tender Rs. 250/- (non-refundable)

Name of the Item:      Supply and installation of FT-NIR at Institute of Wood Science and
                       Technology, 18th Cross, Malleswaram, Bangalore - 560 003


 Sl.No.                            Description                                Page No
    1      Notice Inviting tender                                                 1
    2      Technical Specifications                                             1-2
    3      Forwarding letter                                                      3
    4      Form – A                                                               4
    5      Terms and Conditions                                                 5-6
    6      Security deposit                                                       7
    7      Procedure for obtaining the Tender form                              8-10
    7      Certificate of acceptance of Terms & Conditions                       11

          NOTE: Bidder should confirm that they have received all the above papers.

TENDER COPY ISSUED TO: ___________________________________________



                                    Telephone No.

                              INSTITUTE OF WOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY
                                          BANGALORE - 560 003.
                                            Page 1

                18TH CROSS, MALLESWARAM, BANGALORE-560 003.
                       ( Tel Nos. 22190100 -200; Fax 23340529.)

                              NOTICE INVITING TENDERS

Sealed tenders are invited by the undersigned, for and on behalf of Indian Council of Forestry
Research and Education, for the supply and installation FT-NIR ( Fourier Transform Near
Infrared) at Institute of Wood Science & Technology, 18th Cross, Malleswaram, Bangalore – 560
003. Karnataka. The detailed specifications of the equipment are as follows:

                               FT-NIR Specifications
FT- NIR spectrometer/analyzer with sealed and desiccated optics for the analysis of wood and
related products. The optical system should be equipped with an internal integrating sphere for
the measurement of solids-wood samples in diffuse reflection. The sampling area should allow
reproducible analysis of inhomogeneous samples or samples with large particle size.

        The diameter of the sampling area should be a minimum of 15 mm. Internal, software
selectable reference position to enable background measurements without removing samples.

Optical specifications:
      Spectral Range: 760nm-2600nm or 12,800 - 3,600cm-1
      Measuring Speed: Up to 5 scans/sec at 8cm-1 resolution
      Resolution: Minimum 2cm-1
      Wave number Reproducibility: Better than 0.04cm-1
      Wave number Accuracy: Better than 0.1cm-1
      Photometric Accuracy: 0.1% T
      Housing: Rugged, compact, sealed and desiccated optics housing
      Interferometer: RockSolid, permanently aligned, vibration insensitive, high stability
      IR Source: Air cooled NIR source
      Laser Class: Class 1
      Beamsplitter: Quartz substrate with proprietary coating
      Detector: High sensitivity PBS detector with non-linearity correction
      Validation: IVU - internal validation unit for performance qualification (PQ)
      Measurement Device: Horizontal measurement position through quartz window. Large
      Integrating sphere, gold coated, measurement area approx. 15mm diameter; including
      Internal,software selectable background position (diffuse gold reference)
Sampling accessories:
      For solid wood samples, powder and granular samples, inhomogeneous solids, liquids
      Data Aquisition: Integrated acquisition processor for PC-independent data acquisition,
      24 bit A/D converter. Unlimited distance to data system.
      Automation: Microprocessor controlled optical bench, digital speed control,
      automatic gain selection, aperture changer, advanced system check,
      remote control of optional automatic sample rotators

      Power Requirements:
          - 220-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 100W
Operating Environment:
      Temperature: 5°C to 35°C (41°F to 95°F)
      Protection class: optional NEMA 4
      Humidity: < 70% non-condensing
       Permanent on line diagnostics,
       Real time display of instrument status
       Software should have peak picking, band location, Simultaneous evaluation of multiple
        spectra. Should have facility to check bands and chemical structure. Data utilities should
        have integration, comparison
       Quantification with different calibration models (linear and polynomial). Lorentzian,
        Gaussian and mixed curve shape selection. Self deconvolution for resolving intrinsically
        overlapped bands
       Setup, validation and use of hierarchical identification libraries, including statistics for
        individual materials.
       Multivariate quantification based on PLS (Partial Least Squares) calibrations, including
        optimization tools.

Computer with Printer
     A latest configuration computer with Colour LaserJet Printer
Optional (please quote separately):
       Fibre optical probe for solid sample with 1.5-2 m length optical fibre cable with
        validation standards if required.
       Also quote for Fibre optical probe for liquid samples.
       Spare parts and essential accessories (other than supplied free of cost along with the
        Instrument) for trouble free operation for at least next five years.

The bidders should be competent enough to supply the FT-NIR and must have all kinds of
registrations under appropriate authorities. They should also produce enough documents to prove
their good track records in the field of manufacturing and supply of similar equipments.

Sale of Tender Schedule:
Last date and time for receipt of sealed tenders: 02-02-2010 upto 01:00 pm
Date and time of opening of sealed tenders:       02-02-2010 at 3:00 pm

The cost of the Tender Schedule is Rs. 250/- in person and Rs. 300./- if required by post. The cost
has to be remitted by way of crossed demand draft, drawn in any nationalized bank, in favour of
the Director, Institute of Wood Science & Technology, payable at Bangalore.

                                                  Institute of wood Science & Technology,

                                        Forwarding Letter
                             (To be filled in by the tendering party)

        The Director
        Institute of Wood Science & Technology
        18th Cross, Malleswaram
        Bangalore – 560 003.

SUB: Supply and installation of FT-NIR at Institute of Wood Science & Technology,
Bangalore – reg.

Ref: Your Tender Notice dated………

        We are submitting herewith our tender for Supply and installation of FT-NIR at Institute
of Wood Science and Technology, Bangalore-3 as specified in your tender and as laid down in
your tender document.
        We have read and understood all the terms and conditions governing the tender. We
agree to abide by these terms and conditions.
        We are endorsing our receipt No. ________________ dated __________________ as a
proof of having purchased the non-transferable tender form.

We are submitting our rates for the following items:

Sl.            Name of the equipment              Qty        Amount (Rs)
1      Supply and installation of FT-NIR at       1 No.
       Institute of Wood Science &                           In figures:
       Technology, Bangalore
                                                             In words:

       Accordingly we are enclosing herewith our earnest money deposit in form of Bank Draft
number ____________________ dated ____________ for Rs. ____________ (Rupees
__________________________________________________) payable to the Director, Institute
of Wood Science & Technology, Bangalore.

        All pages of the tender document together with the ‘Terms and Conditions” contained
herewith have been duly signed.

                                                                  Yours sincerely,

                                                                  (Stamps and Signature of the
                                                                  Authorized           signatory)

                                                          Complete address:
                               FORM - A

   1. Bidder’s Name ( in Block letters):

   2. Bidder’s fathers name:

   3. Permanent address:

   4. Description of item


   5. Details of Earnest money:

        Amount Rs. ________________ Bank Draft No. ________________________

        Name of the Bank___________________________________ Dated__________

   6. I accept the terms and conditions given in the tender form.

Place                                          Bidder’s Signature with date and seal

1. Original manufacturer or only the authorized distributors / dealers / resellers are eligible
   to bid. In case, dealers/agents are bidding, the authorization certificate to this effect,
   issued by principals should be submitted along with the tender.
2. The instrument FT-NIR shall carry minimum one years of comprehensive warranty from
   the date of installation of the equipment. Warranty shall include free maintenance of the
   whole equipment supplied including free replacement of parts. The defects, if any, shall
   be attended to on immediate basis but in no case any the defect should be attended within
   three days. The comprehensive warranty includes onsite warranty with parts.
3. The defects, if any, during the guarantee/warranty period are to be rectified free of charge
   by arranging free replacement wherever necessary. This includes cost, insurance, freight,
   custom duty, octroi, local taxes if any should be borne by the beneficiary or his agent. A
   clear confirmation should be given for this item.
4. The bidder shall assure the supply of spare parts after warranty is over for maintenance of
   the equipment supplied if and when required for a period of 10 years from the date of
   supply of equipment on payment basis.
5. The principal vendor must have a local logistics support in India in the form of
   service/support centre manned by the principal vendor’s technical support engineers. This
   is to ensure prompt service and delivery of spares parts from principal vendor of the
6. Training on the FT-NIR to be provided at the place and time of installation for
   the team and for subsequent up-gradations.
7. No sub-contracting is allowed with regard to installation, commissioning,
   training, warranty maintenance and after sales service. This is the sole
   responsibility of the Principals’/their authorized agents.
8. FT-NIR should be of the same manufacturer/brand what is mentioned in the quotation.
9. The Machine/item are required to be delivered and installed in full within three months
    from the date of receipt of the supply order.
10. Full details of business terms and conditions, eg. packing and forwarding charges,
    insurance, delivery period, sales tax (whether provincial or central) other taxes/charges, if
    any, the validity period of quotations, discount, free delivery, packing or any other
    information relevant to supply may please be given. Form C/D or DSIR certificate for
    claiming custom duty exemption will be issued by this office.
11. The machine/item supplied should be as per our specifications.
12. Full specifications, technical details and information regarding the item such as make,
    model, size etc. to be supplied should be enclosed with the tender document.
13. Compliance sheet with deviation if any with reference to the terms and specifications
    should be enclosed with the document. The technical specifications should be clearly
    mentioned in the printed literature technical catalog/product brochure of the product
14. The manufacturer/supplier should have an experience of minimum 5 years in the field of
    manufacturing/supplying similar instrument. A proper certificate should be submitted in
    this respect. The purchaser shall have the right to reject any goods that are not of
    specified make, though they are of similar quality.
15. The bidder should have supplied atleast 10 instruments of same make and similar
    specifications in India in last 5 years. List of organizations/firms etc. where similar
instruments have been installed should be enclosed with relevant documents along with the
16. The price quoted should be on F.O.R. destination basis.
17. A soft copy of the tender in WORD or EXCEL format, must be submitted without fail
     along with the quotation.
18. The tender documents must be accompanied by Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) of Rs.
     54,000/- (Rs. fifty four Thousand only) in the form of a Demand Draft drawn on any
     Scheduled/Nationalized Bank in favour of the Director, Institute of wood science and
     technology, Bangalore. The EMD can be submitted by the Bidder himself or by his
     Indian Agent. Without the EMD the tender will summarily be rejected.
19. The EMD will be returned to the bidders(s)/Agents whose offer is not accepted by IWST,
     Bangalore within one month from the date of the placing of the final order on the selected
     bidder. In case of the bidder whose offer is accepted the EMD will be returned on
     submission of Bank Guarantee as Security Deposit (SD). However, if the return of EMD
     is delayed for any reason, no interest / penalty shall be payable to the bidders.
20. The normal terms of payment will be 100% payment after receipt and acceptance of
     goods in good condition and on satisfactory installation and commissioning.
21. Customs duty/Excise duty/Levies may be quoted separately.
22. The item is required to be delivered to the consignee. The consignee's address is given as
         The Director
         Institute of Wood Science and Technology
         18th Cross, Malleswaram,
        Bangalore-560 003.
23. The rate should be quoted in the tender document itself. Also indicate The Sales Tax
    Registration Number, DGS & D Registration Number, Telex Number                 Telephone
    Number etc.
24. The tender should be sent in a sealed cover addressed to the Director, Institute of Wood
    Science and Technology,18th Cross, Malleswaram, Bangalore-560 003 and should
      reach on or before 2-02-2010 upto 01:00 pm
           a. The envelope containing quotations should be clearly marked “Quotation
               for FT-NIR Spectrometer”
           b. The name and address of Bidder firm should not appear on the envelope.
25.   The machine/item on no account should be supplied without enclosing the manufacturer's
      test and standard warranty Certificate.
26.   Inspecting officer is consignee or his authorized representative.
27.   Corrupt or Fraudulent Practices.
           a. IWST Bangalore requires that the bidders who wish to bid for this project have
               highest standards of ethics.
           b. IWST Bangalore will reject a bid if it determines that the Bidder recommended
               for award has engaged in corrupt or fraudulent practices while competing for this
           c. IWST Bangalore may declare a vendor ineligible, either indefinitely or for a
               stated duration, to be awarded a contract if it at any time determines that the
               vendor has engaged in corrupt and fraudulent practices during the execution of
28.   The Tenders will be opened on 02-02-2010 at 3:00 pm in the Lecture Hall of this
      Institute. The decision of the DIRECTOR will be final in the acceptance or rejection of
      any or all quotations.
Security Deposit:

The successful bidder, on award of contract / order, must send the contract /order acceptance in
writing, within 7 days of award of contract / order failing which the EMD will be forfeited.

Successful bidder will be required to furnish refundable ‘Security Deposit amounting to 10% of
the total value of the contract. Security Deposit shall be refundable back to the bidder only after
supply and successful installation of the equipment and training of the staff.

Security Deposit shall be furnished in the form of a bank guarantee payable to the Director,
Institute of Wood Science and Technology, Bangalore at any nationalized/scheduled bank located
at Bangalore.

No interest shall be payable on the Security Deposit.

Taxes, if any, applicable under any rule for the time being under force shall be deducted from the
passed bill of the contractor.

                                                           Institute of Wood Science and Technology

Procedure for obtaining the Tender form

Tender form along with detailed specifications may be obtained from the office of the Director,
IWST, Bangalore, on payment of Rs 250/- (Rupees Two Hundred and Fifty) or Rs. 300/- (Rs.
Three Hundred) if required by Post, either in cash or by crossed Bank draft payable to the
Director, Institute of Wood Science and Technology, Bangalore.

Sale of tender form:

Last date and time for receipt of Completed tenders:              02-02-2010 upto 01:00 pm
Opening of tender:                                                02-02-2010 at 3:00 pm

This Institute shall not be responsible for any postal delays, in sending tender through post or
courier. No plea on tender reaching late, due to accident, traffic jam etc. shall be entertained.

Procedure for filling in the Tender Form

Tender should be neatly typed or hand written. Overwriting in tender are strictly forbidden, and
tenders containing doubt figures will be rejected. Cutting and corrections in the tender should be
attested by the bidder with date and full signature. Tender must be submitted in prescribed forms
failing which they are liable to be rejected. Tender submitted on plain paper or unauthorized
copies of our tender document booklet will be invalid and shall be summarily rejected.

NB. Quoting / quoting options on a photocopy of the tender form is also not allowed. The
tendering parties risk disqualification and forfeiture of the EMD if this condition is violated.

Any tender or offer which fails short of these specifications shall be rejected summarily.

Submission of Tender:

Tender shall be submitted by hand or by post. Envelope containing tender shall be sealed. IWST
shall not be responsible for any late receipt of the tender due to postal delay or any other reason

The completed tender should reach the office of the Director, Institute of Wood Science and
Technology, Bangalore within the due time and date prescribed. Tenders received after the due
time and date shall not be accepted or entertained because the tender box shall be sealed
immediately after due time on the due date. No plea for delay of a minute or two shall be
entertained. Tendering parties are, therefore, advised to deposit their tenders well before closing

Complete tenders shall contain following documents.
                Duly filled tender booklet
                EMD in form of bank draft only
                The documents of this tender
                    Receipt of foil issued by this office as proof of having purchased the tender
                     document booklet and
                    A covering letter on tendering parties authorized letter head with their
                     complete address together with telephone and fax numbers.

All these should be secured fully and put into a sufficiently large envelop. The envelop be sealed
and super scribed with.

“Tenders for the supply and installation of FT-NIR at IWST, Bangalore, due to be opened on
102-02-2010 at 3:00 pm
The envelop containing the completed tender should be addressed to, the Director, Institute of
Wood Science and Technology, 18th Cross, Malleswaram (PO), Bangalore 560 003.

Opening of Tenders

                a. Tenders will be opened in the Lecture hall, IWST, Bangalore on 02-02-2010
                    at 3:00 pm. Tenders will be opened in the presence of the representatives of
                    the tendering parties, who wish to remain present.
                b. Tenders shall be read out one by one. Polite queries about the rates etc. can
                    be re-read on request. Parties are however to desist from making comments.
                c. Representatives of the tendering parties are required to be available at
                    Bangalore for any clarification that may be necessary eventually.
                d. Director, IWST, Bangalore reserves the right to: -
                     i.    Accept or reject whole or any part of any offer.
                    ii.    Reject all or any offer partly or wholly.
                   iii.    Cancel or withdraw the tender notice.
                   iv.     Reject or accept any tender or part thereof.
                    v.     Accept or reject any deviation from these conditions without assigning
                           any reason.

Validity of Offer:

                a. Offer(s) made in the tender shall have to be valid for acceptance for a period
                   of six months from the date of the opening the tender.
                b. Any unsolicited correspondence after the last date and time for receipt of
                   tenders is liable to render the tender / offer as invalid. Tendering parties are,
                   therefore, advised in their own interest, to desist from filing any uninvited
                   correspondence after the notified time.
                c. Tender Document booklet is non-transferable. Parties purchasing one tender
                   Document Booklet should be the same as the ones filling a completed tender
                   or making the offer.
                d. All offers have to be made clearly in English only. There should be no
                   cuttings. If a striking out is resorted to, it should be duly signed. No
                   alterations or amendments shall be allowed after opening of the tenders.
                e. Offers submitted by telex, telegram or fax shall not be considered.
                f. For a tender to be valid, the individuals signing the tender document must
                   specify whether they are signing as a sole proprietor / manufacturers /
                   partners / attorney (with proof provided) or as authorized dealers /
                   representative (with proof provided). Tenders not accompanied with
                   letters of authority, in cases required, are liable to be rejected.
                g. On award of the supply order to the successful bidder, he shall furnish letter
                   of acceptance of the supply order and sign necessary agreement within the
                   time period as mentioned in the letter awarding the order. In the absence of
                   the confirmation of acceptance and signing of agreement, the supply order
                   may be issued to the party quoting next higher rate at the cost and risk of the
                   party quoting lowest rates.

In case of breach of any terms and conditions stated above by the contractor, the Director, IWST,
Bangalore may forfeit Earnest Money Deposit and / or blacklist the bidder.

All pages of the tender document together with the copy of `Terms and Conditions’ contained in
the tender booklet should be duly signed by the bidder.

Acceptance signing of the tender form and the terms and condition shall be deemed as the final
acceptance of these terms and conditions.

In case of any dispute as to the interpretation of any of the terms and conditions or to decide on
any other matter not included in the terms and conditions, matter shall be referred to the Director,
IWST, whose decision shall be final and binding on the Supplier


    I/ We have read and full understood the terms and conditions as laid down above in
respect of tender for the supply and installation of FT-NIR at Institute of Wood Science
and Technology, Bangalore-3. I/We agree to abide by the same.

I/We have signed all the pages of the tender document booklet as laid down

                                                         Signature and seal of the Tendering
                                                          Party or his Authorized signatory.

                                  Dated:   ________________________




                   Telephone No. _____________________________

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