Credit Card Process Order Form _not wholesale_ by hedongchenchen


									                                                                    Sales Order
Gigis Wholesale Boutique                                                                  Date:                August 16, 2012
An Upscale Boutique with Wholesale Prices                                                 Customer Order # [100]
                                                                                          Customer Name:       [ABC12345]

To:            Sandra Molini                      Ship to:          [Name]
               Gigis Wholesale Boutique                             [Company Name]
               2146 E. Greenlee Ave                                 [Street Address]
               Apache Junction, AZ, 86119                           [City, ST ZIP Code]

                           For Customers not wanting to pay through Paypal and Process
                               Credit Cards through a Virtual Terminal By Chase Bank

Qty            Item            Description                          Unit Price            Discount Price       Line Total
EX: 2 each     satin romper    black zebra                           $            12.00   n/a                  $            24.00

                                                                         Total Discount
                                                                                                    Subtotal $              24.00
                                                                                                   Sales Tax
                                                                                                       Total $              24.00

                       All Credit Card Transactions will be shown as So-Cal Designz LLC
                                          Thank you for your business!

                                      2146 E, Greenlee Ave, Apache Junction, AZ 85119
If its customers 1st order, order # should show as 001

Discounted Prices Will Apply with Orders over $250
(Please see Wholesale Page)

EXAMPLE Line - Please remove text when submitting an order

    Please enter your Credit Card Information here:

    Name on Credit Card:
    Billing Address For Credit Card:
    Experation Date:
    3 Digit Security Code (Located on Back of the Card):
    Card Number:
    Card Type:
    Visa, Master Card, American Express, Etc....

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