Weekly Notices 5 April

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					       St Thomas’, Trowbridge                                                                         Holy Week Worship (6-10 April)

           & St John’s, West Ashton                                                    Mon – Fri     7.00am Meditation & Prayer, Audrey Prentice
  Those who went ahead and those who followed shouted, “Hosanna!” “Blessed is he who
                     comes in the name of the Lord!” Mark 11: 9                                                 theme: The Supremacy of Christ
Welcome to our worship this morning. A Hearing Loop system is installed: please
set hearing aids to ‘T’. Large Print copies of services are often available; please    Mon           8.00pm Prayer for Kingfisher Church at Mead
ask one of the wardens or sidesmen standing near the door. If you have any other       School
special needs, the wardens or sidesmen will try to help.
SUNDAY 5 APRIL                                                   PALM SUNDAY           Wed           2.00pm Holy Communion BCP, St Thomas’
       10.30am           Holy Communion BCP, St John’s
                                                                                       Thurs         7.30pm Maundy Thursday Agapé meal
       10.30am           Church Plant & Bellefield Head Commissing Service,
                                                                St Thomas’                                      (Please sign up for this by Sunday night)
                         Apprentices: Celtic Praise
                         Pathfinders: Extraordinary                                    Good Friday10.00am             United Service at United Church
                         Explorers: The mustard and the yeast
                                                                                                    11.00am March of Witness from United Church to
                         Scramblers & Climbers and Little Glories:
                               Here comes Jesus                                                                 Trowbridge Park (followed by coffee
             6.00pm      Evening Service, St Thomas’
Mon     6    7.00am      Meditations and prayer, Audrey Prentice Room                                     and
             8.00pm      Prayer Evening & Walk, Paxcroft Mead                                                   Hot Cross Buns)
Tue     7    7.00am      Meditations and prayer, Audrey Prentice Room
             7.45pm      Staff meeting
Wed     8    7.00am      Meditations and prayer, Audrey Prentice Room
             2.00pm      Holy Communion BCP, St Thomas’                                            Easter Day Services: see diary on front
Thur    9    7.00am      Meditations and prayer, Audrey Prentice Room
             7.30pm      Maundy Thursday Agapé Meal, St Thomas’
Fri    10    7.00am      Meditations and prayer, Audrey Prentice Room
            10.00am      United Service, United Church,
                                               followed by March of Witness
                                                                                                        Soul Survivor Camp 2009 - Booking Now
SUNDAY 12 APRIL                                                EASTER DAY                  Are you 12 or over? Do you need some time away from the oldies?
        9.00AM           Holy Communion, St Thomas’                                      It’s that time of year to put on your wellies and prepare for sunshine.
       10.30am           Holy Communion, St John’s                                        Worship / Bible Seminars / Sports / Cafe / Gigs and much much more
       10.30am           Family Holy Communion, St Thomas’                                  Soul Survivor Week B (St Thomas’) and Week C (Trowbridge and
                         Coffee: Girls’ Cell                                             Surrounding Area ) group bookings available. If you would you like to
                         Flowers: All flower arrangers, Sat 11 10am please
                                                                                        know more or want to book a place please see Steve Dewar . Check out
             7.30pm      United Celebration at the Civic Hall
                                                                                                for more info
Mon    13                Easter Monday Walk, starting St Thomas’
                                                                                                 Cost £84 pp (if paid before 30th April) £87 from 1st May
                                                                                                     Church support is available to assist with the cost
                                                                                                   Mike Bullock’s book of Christian poems
                                                                                                         Versical Rhymes - Vol. 1
                                                                                                              On sale now £3
                                                                                                           Profits to Send a Cow
Crèche leaders are desperately in need of more help on the rota, due to
                                                                                                         Children’s Christian Summer Camps
the fact that several members are joining Kingfisher Church or moving to          St Thomas’ makes a contribution towards the cost of Children’s Christian Summer Camps,
other Junior Church groups. If you would like to help with this area of           so if you are booking your child on a camp, please let the office know, so that you can claim
church life please contact the Parish Office.                                     your discount. We need to know your child’s name, age (at the time of the camp) and which
                                                                                  camp(s) they are attending.

We shall be decorating the Church for Easter on Saturday 11th
April from 10am onwards. Any gifts of flowers, foliage and hands-
on-help will be most welcome. Please contact Stella Dutton for
more details.

                    Easter Monday Walk
             Starting from St Thomas’ Church
   Approx. 7 miles – easy walking, suitable for pushchairs.
    See Phil Hancock or Ivor Saxby for further details.

                  St Thomas’ APCM 21st April 7.30pm
               Your opportunity to elect 5 church officers.
    There are 3 vacancies on PCC, and 2 Churchwardens to be elected.

Compassion Child Sponsorship will increase to £21.00 per month from
July 2009 for existing sponsors. The reason for this increase is due to
inflation and rising food costs. We believe that we cannot compromise on
support. Any sponsor who would find it difficult to increase their payment will
be able to continue to pay at the current £18.00 sponsorship rate.
Please see Ty Butler if you would like to sponsor a child.
We can change the world - One child at a time.

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