TEMPLATE OFFER LETTER FOR RA. TA appointments MUST follow the TA
template required by the GEU/MSU agreement which is slightly different than
this one.

Congratulations! You are accepted into the (M or D) program in the Department
of XYZ. We look forward to having you in our program. Your temporary
academic advisor is Dr. XYZ. You can learn more about the program by visiting
our website XX. Classes start on X, an orientation program for all new
(international or domestic) students begins on X, so please make your travel
plans accordingly.          For information on housing, please visit
http://www.hfs.msu.edu/uh/campus/apartments/index.html. (more info for
international students can be provided from OISS).

I am pleased to offer you a [quarter/half/three quarter]-time appointment as a
teaching OR research assistantship in the [unit’s name]. Your appointment will
begin [date] and end [date] {e.g., begin Aug. 16, 2002, and end May 15, 2003}.
The stipend for this period will be [$xxx]. You will be expected to work an
average of [10/20/30] hours a week during the length of the appointment,
including [number] office hours each week. You will receive health insurance
and a tuition waiver equal to [nine credits for the fall and spring semesters; four
credits for the summer session(s)].

You will also receive a summer stipend. It is not necessary to enroll for the
summer semester.

As long as you are making satisfactory academic progress in your program, I
anticipate providing assistantship and/or fellowship support to you for X years
(or until the completion of your program). {LANGUAGE VARIES BY UNIT}

FOR TAS: The Graduate Employee Union contract, available from [name and
title] at our [department/school/college] office, includes a list of TA benefits.

(The Office of the Provost requests that you also provide the information
in the following three paragraphs. It is used in all other temporary
employment appointments at MSU): THIS MAY NOT BE USED FOR TA

Please be aware that this offer is contingent upon continued adequate funding
and satisfactory performance. The [unit’s name] may or may not have funding to
support all or part of the position offered and reserves the right to solely
determine the extent of available funding and, if necessary, withdraw or adjust
the terms of the assistantship. [For continuing appointments: The offer also is
contingent upon the continued satisfactory performance in your present
This appointment provides for a limited employment commitment. All graduate
assistant appointments have a specific termination date. The University has no
obligation to provide reappointment or extension of a graduate assistant
appointment beyond the ending date. You may be dismissed prior to the
expiration of the period set forth above for cause, including but not limited to,
incompetence, serious personal or professional misconduct, failure to carry out
your assigned duties, theft or misuse of University property, acts of moral
turpitude, insubordination, intellectual dishonesty, use of professional authority
to exploit others, or violation of law and/or University rules and regulations.

Your assignment for the [xxx] semester(s) will be [name of course(s), if known; if
not, insert appropriate language.] Dr./Professor [name] has been assigned to
serve as your faculty supervisor. [If the supervisor is unknown at the time the
letter is written: You will be assigned a faculty supervisor.] S/he will outline your
specific duties and responsibilities, including attendance at required TA
orientation and in-service training programs scheduled before and/or after
classes begin on [date; e.g., Aug. XX for fall semester 200]. S/he also will be
responsible for submitting to [name of unit administrator] a written evaluation of
your performance at the end of each semester of your appointment.

To continue your assistantship, the [unit’s name] requires that you maintain a
3.[xxx] GPA, satisfactorily perform your TA/RA duties and responsibilities, and
be making satisfactory progress toward completion of your degree. (See [unit
and/or university] handbook for teaching assistants).

You will have access to the following office/workspace [office number or area
here], and you will have access to [details of employee’s access to unit’s
equipment and supplies, including phones, the Internet, and copy machines].

 Attached you will find a copy of the [unit’s name] Graduate handbook to remind
you of various [unit’s name] and university rules and procedures related to your
duties and responsibilities and your program.

 Please sign the bottom of this form and return to me as soon as possible to
accept this assistantship offer.


XYZ Department Chair/Program or School Director


I accept the offer of this assistantship and agree to abide by the terms stated in

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